What Is Better Iphone Or Samsung Compare Smartphones And Draw Conclusions

What Is Better Iphone Or Samsung Compare Smartphones And Draw Conclusions

Many people regularly ask themselves: iPhone or Samsung, which smartphone should I buy? And if at the beginning of the 2010s the answer was known in advance, now the situation has changed. Now, on the move, it is impossible to advise a South Korean or American product. Let’s do a little research and decide if a bitten apple or a green robot will win?

Briefly about iPhone and Samsung brands

To begin with, you should understand that the iPhone is made by Apple (if not to talk about Chinese copies, which some dim-witted people also take for some reason to be iPhone). The head office of this corporation is located in the United States, and more specifically in Cupertino. The very first iPhone was invented by Steve Jobs. the legendary leader, about whom several feature films have already been made and a biographical book has been written. It is believed that after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s splendor disappeared from Apple products, some great spirit. But this is only an opinion. in fact, new devices are the result of the work of a mass of engineers, designers and Tim Cook himself, who is now the president of the company.

The assembly of smartphones takes place in the Chinese factory Foxconn. Believe me, similar devices of many other companies are also collected there. So the iPhone in this regard does not stand out. These Siemens mobile phones were once assembled in Germany. Apple products have not been manufactured by Americans for a long time, because they require a huge salary. And in terms of build quality, Chinese products no longer cause negative emotions.

The history of the South Korean company Samsung Electronics is no less eventful. But basically this brand has become known for its TVs, DVD players and other similar equipment. In the early 2000s, South Koreans began to produce simple cell phones. And no one then expected that in the future it would result in a multi-million dollar business. With the development of smartphones based on the Android operating system, a sort of sub-brand Galaxy was formed. It is under it that almost all Samsung smartphones and tablets are now released. And if Apple produces only a few models a year, then the assortment of South Koreans is much wider. from very cheap devices to flagships. As they say, you can choose a smartphone with any thickness of the wallet.

Samsung and iPhone Smartphone Software

If you forget about the appearance of smartphones, then what else do they differ the most? Of course, the operating system. South Koreans set Android, while the iPhone is running iOS. In terms of the number of applications, both of these firmwares are approximately equal.

If you decide to compare Samsung and iPhone in functionality, then get ready to face one problem. The fact is that the breadth of maturities of all modern smartphones is about the same. Of course, in iOS there is the possibility of shooting “live photos”. But Samsung has an answer in the form of unlocking by scanning the retina. And there are a lot of such minor differences between the two operating systems. It is impossible to give victory to any one company at the expense of them.

And yet we need to identify the winner. To do this, let’s compare how long companies support the software of their smartphones. For example, iPhone 5S was released in 2013. Three and a half years later, he got iOS 10! Of course, with truncated functionality, and it works under the control of this operating system not so fast. But got it! What about Samsung? In the same year, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was born. The update of its operating system is long over. the South Koreans settled on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.

A point in favor of Apple, which is hard to argue

Which smartphones are better?

All devices, as mentioned above, are assembled in China. However, this does not mean that they have the same build quality. As a rule, it is impossible to find fault with the iPhone in this regard. Yes, we remember the problems with receiving a signal with a certain grip. We remember the paint that fades over time. But all this is in the distant past. in recent years, almost ideals have left the assembly line.

Samsung S8 or iPhone 7? If the question is posed like this, then the competitors are equal. But we compare the products of the two companies as a whole. And in this case, Apple gets the point.


Direct comparison of smartphones of the two largest manufacturers with a benchmark is stupid. The fact is that they operate under the control of completely different operating systems, so the results will be biased, whatever the creators of the benchmarks would say. So let’s just look at the characteristics of the latest flagships.

For the first time, a 10-nanometer processor is built into the Galaxy S8, and the amount of RAM is brought up to 4 GB. If we talk about the iPhone 7, then its chipset is much simpler. But then a better graphics accelerator is used here, which comes to the rescue in games. The amount of RAM here is 2 GB (3 GB for the iPhone 7 Plus version). Practice shows that iOS is quite enough. Of course, the South Korean processor turned out to be more miniature and much more energy efficient. But a separate point of our comparison will be devoted to energy consumption.

In terms of performance, smartphones are approximately equal, but we will give the iPhone a score, as it shows itself better in games.

Battery life

There were times when the iPhone was the longest running smartphone. The Android operating system was poorly optimized, which is why I had to use a charger every night. Now the situation has changed. Firstly, everything is in order with the “green robot”. it received adequate energy-saving modes. Secondly, South Koreans embed a screen created on Super AMOLED technology in their smartphones. It does not have a separate backlit layer. It turns out that the more black colors there are on the displayed image, the less energy is consumed.

What is the result. who gets the score, iPhone or Samsung? This time, the South Korean company wins. its smartphones have been working longer lately.

IPhone or Samsung. Whose screen is better?

Apple is constantly improving the display built into the iPhone. It has long had maximum viewing angles. Color reproduction is very good, although not perfect. Surprisingly, the “apple” corporation is trying to keep the diagonal at the not the highest level. this allows you to easily reach your finger with your thumb to any corner of the display. The flip side of this solution is the relatively low resolution (the standard screen of the iPhone 7 has a resolution of 1334 × 750 pixels). It turns out that you will not watch films in the best quality.

As for Samsung, its smartphones stand out from the competition with a display. Now AMOLED screens get even budget devices! And such a display has not only high energy efficiency, but also rich color reproduction (most likely, the iPhone 8 will get a similar screen, but we are talking about the summer of 2017). If we consider the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 (resolution 2960 × 1440 pixels), then it can also boast of a frameless design. The rounded side edges of the display are simply gorgeous! In a word, you already understood to whom the next point leaves.

Of course, the question is, Samsung S8 or iPhone 7, is not here. The score is South Koreans!