What Is Apple ID On iPhone

System requirements for Activation Lock to work?

Activation Lock works only on iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is available only on iOS 7 and above.

Feature not available on iMac and MacBook desktop systems running OS X.

What Is Apple ID On iPhone

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone?

Is there a way to bypass Activation Lock? An employee of the German company Security Research Labs Ben Schlabs showed a real way to bypass Activation Lock and completely unlock an iPhone. The method is not easy, but 100% working.

Suppose your iPhone is in idle mode, the lock screen is active, and you need to enter a passcode to unlock it. Neither the lock password nor the Apple ID with a password are known to us.

  • From the Control Center on the lock screen, activate Airplane Mode or simply remove the SIM card from the iPhone to disconnect the device from the cellular network and, as a result, cut off the connection to the Internet. This will give time to select a lock password and make a fingerprint of the owner of the phone;
  • Pick a 4-digit lock password (10,000 combinations) or, if possible, make a fingerprint left by the previous owner on the iPhone screen;
  • Unlock iPhone and go to Settings. iCloud. Account. record, write down the value of the “Apple ID” field, this will be the Apple ID to which the device is linked;
  • On the official Apple website (iforgot.apple.com), initiate the Apple ID password recovery procedure;
  • Connect iPhone to the Internet via Wi-Fi for a few seconds and launch the mail client. After an email arrives on iPhone with a link to the password recovery page, copy it into your notes and rewrite it. Don’t forget to disconnect iPhone from the Internet;
  • Paste the link received in the letter into the address bar of your Internet browser on your computer and create a new Apple ID password;
  • In the iCloud settings on the iPhone, delete the account to which the device is linked. Find My iPhone will be disabled and Activation Lock will be disabled with it;
  • Restore iPhone to Official Firmware and Set it Up as a New Device.

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone

The other day we talked about the extremely useful application for iPhone / iPad and Mac computers “Find iPhone” (aka Find My iPhone) and its capabilities. In the instructions, we mentioned a great feature of this application, which is called “Activation Lock”. It is designed to protect iOS and OSX devices from unauthorized use. However, in some cases, even the rightful owner can turn his device into a “brick”. And it is Activation Lock that is to blame.

How to bypass activation lock using the iPhone example, read “under the cut”.

  • What is Activation Lock?
  • What Activation Lock can do?
  • Why Activation Lock is dangerous for the rightful owner of the iPhone?
  • System Requirements For Activation Lock?
  • How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone?
  • Video tutorial to bypass iPhone activation lock
  • How to protect your iPhone from theft and unauthorized use?

As a reminder, the Activation Lock function starts automatically when you enable Find My iPhone in the Device Settings in the iCloud section and is active until Find My iPhone is disabled or the device is unlinked from the existing Apple ID.

What is Activation Lock?

Activation Lock is a feature in iOS version 7.x.x that makes it difficult to sell and unauthorized use of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if it is lost or stolen.

With Activation Lock turned on, Apple ID and password must be entered every time:

  • disabling Find My iPhone in the device settings;
  • Sign out of iCloud on your device
  • when erasing data and reactivating the device.

Video tutorial to bypass iPhone activation lock

For you to understand us correctly, we considered the possibility of bypassing Activation Lock on the iPhone from the perspective of an attacker in order to develop security measures that will help the legitimate owners of iOS devices protect against unauthorized use of their devices.

Activation Lock: How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone. Forgot apple ID and password what to do upon activation

Why Activation Lock is dangerous for the rightful owner of iPhone?

If your iPhone runs on iOS 7 or higher, its settings have the Find iPhone function enabled and, as a result, the Activation Lock function was automatically activated and you forgot your Apple ID or password, neither disable Find iPhone and Activation Lock, nor delete your iCloud account. neither erase your personal data, nor, most importantly, you can no longer activate the iPhone after flashing. Even contacting Support Apple will not help and you will have an electronic “brick”.

You can try to recover your Apple ID password if you have access to an email that is registered as an Apple ID, but there are cases when it was not possible to recover the password.

When you turn on Find My iPhone, remember and write down the Apple ID and password that is specified in the iCloud account settings on your iOS device, make a backup copy of the note.

What is an Apple ID for

Creating an Apple ID is not only desirable, but essential, and here’s why.

An Apple ID account allows you to:

And that’s not all.

Without an Apple ID, it is not possible to fully manage and use all Apple services available for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

Everything you need to know about Apple ID (what is Apple ID, what it is for, what data it stores and how to restore access to it)

If you still do not know what Apple ID is, what it is for, what data it contains about the user and how to restore access to it, the information “under the cut” is just for you.

What user data is stored in Apple ID

  • Name, Surname (Patronymic is optional);
  • Apple ID in the form of an email address to which the account and password are registered;
  • Security Questions and Answers (to regain control of Apple ID);
  • Date of Birth;
  • Backup e-mail to restore access to Apple ID;
  • Mailing address.

Apple ID myths

  • Apple account registration is paid.
    An iTunes account (aka Apple ID) is registered absolutely free, if you are offered to create an Apple ID for money, for example, when buying a new iPhone, feel free to refuse, even a schoolboy can register a new Apple ID on his own.
  • Credit card required to create Apple ID.
    There is a way to register Apple ID without a credit card.
  • Can’t change Apple ID.
    You can change the Apple ID at any time from any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device, WP device), all you need is access to the Internet.
  • On the Manage Apple ID page, click on “Manage Apple ID”.
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  • Enter your ID (email address to which the account was registered) and password.
  • Next to the Apple ID and primary email, click on “Change” and enter your new email address. Access to the e-mail box is required, you will need to confirm the changes.
  • Forgot Apple ID. throw away your iOS, OSX device.
    Never throw away or sell your iPhone if you have forgotten your Apple ID and do not have access to the mailbox to which it was registered. Access to Apple ID can be easily restored by contacting Support (link). It is enough to indicate the data entered during registration, the support will do the rest for you.

    What is Apple ID?

    In the language of an ordinary user, Apple ID is a single account that is used to identify a user in all Apple services: iTunes Store, Apple Store, iCloud, iMessage, iChat, FaceTime.

    Useful links for creating, editing, recovering Apple ID

    • registration of a new Apple ID;
    • Apple account management (data creation and editing);
    • restoring access to a forgotten Apple ID;
    • reset Apple ID password.

    If in our article you did not find the information that you need, ask in the comments, we will try to provide all the necessary information.

    How to find your Apple ID on a Windows computer?

    • Launch iTunes, in the main menu of the program go to the line “iTunes Store” (if the main menu of iTunes is not displayed, press the Alt key). If you are signed in to your account, your Apple ID will be displayed in the View Account (your ID) line.

    Launch iCloud for Windows. If you’re signed in to your account, your Apple ID will be displayed in the main application window on the left.

    If you’re not signed into your iTunes and iCloud for Windows account:

      Launch iTunes, go to the “Applications” menu and select “My Programs”. you will see a list of programs downloaded to iTunes. Right-click on the icon of any application and click on “Details” in the context menu.

    In the window with the description of the application, go to the “File” tab. The identifier with which it was downloaded will be displayed in the “Buyer” line, for example, “Alexander Varakin (i4negeek@gmail.com)”.

    If iTunes is empty or no apps downloaded using your Apple ID, use the Apple ID search form on the Find Apple ID page. enter your First Name, Last Name, and email address that you might have registered for your account. If the data is correct, you will see the message: “Found Apple ID”.

    Forgot Apple ID and so what??

    The most dangerous thing that this can lead to is Activation Lock, which will prevent you from activating your iPhone, iPad or Mac without an Apple ID password. As a result, you will not be able to use your device. A problem arises. how to remember the Apple ID password, if you do not remember which mail it was registered with?

    When the device is activated, the Apple ID name is published encrypted. only the first character of the identifier and the domain of the mail service are displayed, for example, i@gmail.com is displayed instead of i4negeek@gmail.com. The number of “asterisks” does not correspond to the real number of hidden characters, that is, there are 5 tokens, and there can be 3, 7, and 10 characters. So chances are that you will remember your Apple ID by the first character and mail domain (@) few.

    Fortunately, you can find your Apple ID in plain text:

    • on iPhone / iPad;
    • on Windows and Mac computer.

    How to find Apple ID on iPhone / iPad?

    ITunes Store app on the Music, Movies, or Sounds page (scroll to the bottom).

    Podcasts App on Featured Page (Scroll to bottom).

    If you connected your Apple ID in iPhone / iPad Settings, you can find your Apple ID in:

      ICloud Menu.

    App Store, iTunes Store menu.

    Menu “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” in the iCloud account.

    Messages Menu. Send / Receive.

    Music menu in Home Sharing.

    Video menu under Home Sharing.

    Game Center menu.

    If you’ve signed in to your account in Find My iPhone at least once, your Apple ID is available in the login window.

    If your iPhone or iPad is passcode locked, won’t turn on, or you activate your device, your Apple ID can be identified using your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

    How to find your Apple ID on Mac?

    If you’re signed in to your iTunes and Mac App Store account:

      Launch iTunes and go to the Store menu. Your Apple ID will be displayed on the View Account (your ID) line.

    Or in the main iTunes window to the left of the search bar, click on the icon with an avatar and a down arrow. In the window that appears, you will see your Apple ID.

    Launch the Mac App Store and go to the Store menu. Your Apple ID will be displayed on the View Account (your ID) line.

    Or on the “Featured” page in the “Quick Links” side menu, click on the “Account” label. you will see your ID in the authorization window.

    If you are not signed in to your iTunes account:

      Launch iTunes, go to the “Applications” menu and select “My Programs”. you will see a list of programs downloaded to iTunes. Right-click on the icon of any application and click on “Details” in the context menu.

    Click on the “File” tab. The identifier with which this application was downloaded will be displayed in the “Buyer” line, for example, “Alexander Varakin (i4negeek@gmail.com)”.

    Also, Apple ID can be found in:

      “System Preferences. iCloud” (if iCloud is connected).

    “System Preferences. Internet Accounts. iCloud Account” (if connected).

    In Safari, at http://icloud.com if AutoFill for Web Forms is turned on and you’ve signed in to the iCloud web interface using Safari at least once.

    If you haven’t signed in to iTunes and the Mac App Store with your Apple ID, and haven’t connected iCloud in OS X System Preferences, you can identify your Apple ID using a special prompt. For this:

      In a web browser such as Safari, go to the Apple ID Management page and click Forgot Apple ID or Password, or follow the link.

    Click on the “Forgot Apple ID”. the “Find Apple ID” page will load. enter the Name, Surname and email address that you may have used when registering an account.

    Practice shows that Apple ID search does not work by Name, Surname, aliases (alternative e-mail) and even by a backup e-mail address. Why such a search is needed for me a mystery.

    The cherished message “Found Apple ID” will appear only when you enter the correct First Name, Last Name and the main email address to which the account was registered.

    Yes, the Mac is good in everything, but very expensive, for example, the for the 11-inch MacBook Air in the Russian Apple Store start at 69,990.00 rubles (you can find it cheaper). Every home has a Windows computer.

    In case nothing comes out

    If your iPhone / iPad:

    • locked with a password;
    • defective;
    • does not turn on;
    • not activated;
    • The Windows or Mac computer it synced with is not signed in to your iTunes and Mac App Store account.
    • iTunes has no downloaded apps;
    • your hacked Apple ID

    One thing remains. find the receipt for the purchase of the official device and contact Support Apple. There are no other ways to recover Apple ID.

    Forgot Apple ID. What to do? How to find your Apple ID?

    The main thing. do not despair. there is always a way out! Find it under the cut.

    We talked about what Apple ID is and what it is for here. How to create it. here. I will not repeat myself.

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    Despite the fact that the Apple ID is the email address to which the account is registered, for example, i4negeek@gmail.com, there are times when users, along with the password, forget it. How so?

    If you use email only for registration, for example, on. Odnoklassinka, or Instagram, after a month you won’t remember your e-mail. What can I say if a new mailbox is created randomly with each new registration? Write how you forgot your Apple ID in the comments. So the question is:

    From all of the above, the following conclusions can be drawn:

    • If you use your Apple ID to download games, apps, music, movies, iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime, you’ll either never forget it or find it easily.
    • Even if your iPhone / iPad does not turn on, is locked with a password or is not activated, you can find your Apple ID using your computer in iTunes.
    • Finding Apple ID by First Name, Last Name, and Email Address on the Find Apple ID page is useless.
    • If you have an official iPhone / iPad and have a purchase receipt, Apple Support can help you recover your Apple ID.

    Do you still have questions, are there any additions or comments on the text? Write in the comments. we will certainly answer.

    Go through previous options

    It is worth checking all the previously listed methods again. if the former owner did not manage to deauthorize, the Apple ID will remain in the “Settings” menu. In addition, if an e-mail address was indicated in the sale announcement or the communication was carried out via e-mail, you should try to find the Apple ID on the manufacturer’s website, indicating the last name and first name of the seller. Did not help? Then there is only one way that does not compromise the personal data of the new owner and does not threaten his wallet.

    In the iTunes Store

    Contact Support

    Apple ID is firmly tied to the iPhone, and you won’t be able to reset it by flashing it. The user will have to write and call Support Apple, convince the specialists by all available means that he really has the right to own the device and, accordingly, to change the account. How much time and effort it will take is impossible to predict; that is why it is not recommended to purchase an iPhone from an individual, even if the previous owner inspires complete confidence.

    Contact Support Apple Inc. as follows:

    • Go to the official website of the manufacturer apple.com and click on the “Support”.
    • Going down on the new page, click on located in the section “Want to talk?” the link “Contact Support Apple”. “Community” next door will definitely not help with the removal of restrictions on Apple ID.
    • On the new page, click the Apple ID item.
    • Next. “Other sections on Apple ID”.
    • By selecting the item “Delete account” on the new page, the user will be able to proceed to communication with a specialist.
    • Following the first link will not bring any results. it is best to immediately select a call to the operator.
    • In the window that opens, the owner of the phone must indicate his name, surname, contact number and email address, and then click on “Continue”. a free specialist will call in a few minutes.

    The new owner of the phone should get ready for the most detailed questions: when, where and from whom he bought his phone. You will have to give the last name, first name and number of the previous owner, as well as prepare data about the device. perhaps the IMEI will come in handy. You cannot count on an instant result: even with the most optimistic development of events, it will take at least one to two weeks to delete an Apple ID.

    In settings”

    The easiest way to see your Apple ID is to go to the iPhone Settings menu. You won’t be able to recover Apple ID here, but finding information is easy; in order not to lose it again, it is recommended to write down the login on a piece of paper or store it in the “Notes” of the device.

    To find your Apple ID, you need:

    • Go from the iPhone main menu to the “Settings” section.
    • Tap on the username. in the window that opens, in addition to the Apple ID, information about the connected services will appear.
    • Going down a little lower on the page, go to the subsection “iTunes Store and App Store”.
    • The required data will be located at the very top of the window that opens.
    • In the same way, information can be obtained in the subsection “Passwords and accounts”.
    • Here, in the “Accounts” menu, is the user’s Apple ID. provided that the device is registered in iCloud.
    • You can also find out your Apple ID in the subsection “About this device”. it is all in the same section “Settings”.

    On the official website of the manufacturer

    Another way to find the Apple ID of a locked iPhone is to use the convenient form on the Apple Inc. For this you need:

    • Go to the manufacturer’s portal at apple.com and, after waiting for the main page to load, click on the tablet icon in the upper right corner.
    • In the list that opens, select the line “Login”.
    • Follow the link Forgot your Apple ID or password?
    • Click in the next window on the link “Find it” in the field “If you forgot Apple ID.”.
    • In the online form that opens, enter your name, surname and e-mail address to which the account was supposedly created, then click on the “Continue” button. the required information will appear on a new page.

    How to find Apple ID on a locked iPhone?

    A user who decides to lock the iPhone and does not have the ability to unlock it back, for obvious reasons, will not be able to find out his Apple ID directly on the device. However, do not be upset: there are alternative and equally convenient methods. We will talk about the two simplest.

    How to find your Apple ID?

    Apple ID is the account assigned to the iPhone owner when registering with Apple Inc. Without it, the user will have to limit himself to the minimum set of functions: he can make a screen on the iPhone, call and listen to music, but it will no longer be possible to synchronize the data; will not come out and upload files to iCloud. How to find out the Apple ID of your device without unnecessary difficulties. let’s try to figure it out.

    On the App Store

    For the owner of a device who has forgotten the password on the iPhone, neither the first nor the previous methods will help. simply because in order to access the menu items, you must first unlock the iPhone.

    In iTunes on a computer

    To find out your Apple ID on a personal computer, you need to follow the following algorithm:

    • Connect iPhone or iPad to PC or laptop using a USB cable or wirelessly and launch the program.
    • Left-click once on the inscription “Account”. the Apple ID will be presented in the topmost line of the drop-down list.

    Similarly, you can view your Apple ID using the iCloud desktop app. or Find My iPhone if you’ve used it at least once.

    Reset Apple ID: step-by-step instructions on how to work and set up, tips and tricks

    At the moment, gadgets have a fairly high level of protection. This is especially true for Apple phones and tablets. This manufacturer made sure that in case of loss or theft of devices, it was possible to reset data and lock devices. But not everyone knows how to cope with such a task. Usually an Apple ID is used for this. Unfortunately, this item requires a password and e-mail. And this information is sometimes forgotten by the owner of the “apple” device. Today we will be interested in resetting Apple ID. Why and when is such an operation used? What if someone forgot their Apple ID, password, or security questions? How to fix the situation? And is it possible to cope with such a task at all? In the end, every owner of an “apple” device should be able to understand all this.

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    Recovery form

    What if you need to reset your Apple ID without a password? Can this be done? Yes, but you have to try. Typically, this scenario is called resetting an account password or recovering data for authorization. You can carry out the appropriate manipulations both from a smartphone and from a computer. Let’s focus on the second technique. It is considered more convenient.

    To reset your iPhone (Apple ID) password, you will need:

    • Open Apple Home Page.
    • Click on the “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
    • Specify the email address to which your Apple account is linked.
    • Choose a data recovery method. The system will offer to carry out the procedure by e-mail or through control questions. Let’s start with the first deal.
    • Open the mail that is used to sign in to the “Apple ID”.
    • Read the letter from Apple tech support. It will have a hyperlink that says “Reset Password”. You need to click on it.

    A new tab will open in the browser. It will display the form for resetting the “password”. You need to specify a new password for the account and repeat it.

    test questions

    You will have to act somewhat differently if you need to reset Apple ID through security questions. Usually the user needs:

    • Repeat the first three steps from the previous tutorial.
    • Check the box next to the “Test questions”.
    • Provide answers to a few questions asked.
    • Send a request for processing.
    • Come up with a new password, and then write it twice in a specially created recovery form.

    Fast, simple and very convenient. Only this technique is not used too often.

    Find iPhone option.

    For example, you can use the Find iPhone service. If this option was initially enabled on a mobile device, a person will be able to remotely reset their ID. This technique helps to avoid data theft if your phone / tablet is lost.

    The instructions for resetting Apple ID via iCloud look like this:

    • Go to iCloud.com.
    • Pass authorization in the system.
    • Click on the button labeled “Find iPhone“.
    • Select your “apple” device in the list at the top of the screen.
    • Click on the “Erase.”.
    • Confirm actions by entering the password from “Apple ID”.
    • Wait for the operation to complete.

    As practice shows, after that, the data on the switched on device will be erased. Nothing is incomprehensible, difficult or supernatural. The main thing is to enable the “Find iPhone” function on your Apple device in advance.

    Reset questions

    The data for authorization in “Apple ID” must be remembered. Otherwise, the user will have serious problems, especially when trying to restore the account. Resetting Apple ID Issues is the operation we’ll take a look at next. It will help to always maintain at least one way to restore the “password” if necessary. There is nothing difficult in achieving the desired goal. As with password recovery, you can reset Apple ID security questions from both your phone and computer.

    In order to achieve the desired goal using a PC, you will have to:

    • Take a look at the official Apple ID website and select the “Forgot your password?”.
    • Specify Apple ID.
    • Check the box next to “I want to reset security questions”.
    • Click on the continue button.
    • Enter your Apple ID password in the field that appears.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen. Corresponding actions will help to identify the user.
    • Select new control questions in the form that appears, and then give certain answers to them.
    • Press the “Continue” button.

    At this point, you can complete the procedure for resetting your Apple ID security questions. If it was not possible to identify a person in the process of bringing the idea to life, it will not work to cope with the task at hand. This is quite normal.

    Changing the settings. working with the site

    Resetting Apple ID can be done by unlinking the account from the selected e-mail. In this case, the old email is freed from the “apple” identifier. This means that you can re-register “Apple ID” at one or another address.

    To reassign Apple ID, you can use either the official Apple page or iTunes. Let’s start with the first scenario. It is considered the least problematic.

    The instructions for changing the e-mail from Apple ID looks like this:

    • Open the official “Apple” page in any Internet browser.
    • Sign in to your “Apple ID”.
    • Click on the inscription “Manage.”.
    • Scroll through the account settings and click on the “Change” link next to the email address.
    • Specify a new e-mail for binding.
    • Confirm actions.

    That’s all. Now it’s clear how you can free up email for the new “Apple ID”.

    We write in support

    Resetting an iPhone without an Apple ID is practically possible. Especially if you prepare in advance for this operation. Suppose a person bought an “apple” device and only then discovered that someone else’s account was enabled on the device.

    In this case, it is recommended to write to Apple technical support. For example, through the feedback form on the website or by email. Consider the second sentence.

    To reset your Apple account using support, you need:

    • Take a photo of the receipt for the purchase of the device.
    • Take a photo, which will show a smartphone / tablet, as well as a box from it (sticker up) and a receipt for payment for the device.
    • Create a letter for technical support, in the text of which you will have to describe the situation in detail.
    • Upload the taken photos to the message.
    • Send a Reset Request to Apple Support.
    • Wait for an answer.

    Now it remains to await a response letter from technical support. It usually comes within 10-15 days. If you can prove that the phone belongs to the applicant, you can reset the Apple ID.

    Rebinding with iTunes

    As already mentioned, Apple ID re-linking can be done using iTunes. Typically, such an operation takes place if a person remembers the password and email address from the “apple” account. In the course of the actions taken, the “Apple ID” will be unlinked from the e-mail. This is a very useful and convenient option.

    In order to use it, a person has to:

    • Connect the Apple device to the PC. For example, using a USB cable.
    • Turn on iTunes and wait for the devices to sync.
    • Go to the iTunes Store and select one or another account.
    • Click on “Details.”.
    • Change in the corresponding field the address used for authorization email.

    As soon as the settings are saved, you can use the new data to authorize your Apple ID. This is a kind of reset of the “apple” account.

    Apple ID is.

    But what is an “Apple ID”? This, as already mentioned, is an extremely important component for working with Apple products.

    Apple ID is the name of the “apple” account. It is used to work with the options of Apple smartphones and tablets. Without it, you can neither get a purchase, nor enter the cloud service, nor protect your device from theft.

    To work with Apple ID, you need to register a new profile. It will store your account data and settings. To pass authorization in the system, you will have to use a password and e-mail. Unfortunately, this information is sometimes forgotten. And in such cases, you have to reset the Apple ID settings. How to activate a similar option?