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10 facts you need to know about Apple Watch

There are still debates about what the Apple Watch is: a new breakthrough in the field of gadgets or a rather mediocre device. There is still half a year before the release of Apple’s watches, but we already have a huge amount of information about what they will be like. We’ve selected a few basic facts to help you understand what the Apple Watch is.

Not protected from water

walkie-talkie, Apple, watch

Sweat, rain, hand washing. this will not be a problem. But you can’t shower, swim, or dive in Apple Watch. It’s a pity, but the watch is not waterproof.

Universal access

For people with disabilities, Apple has introduced most of the iOS accessibility features. The same vibration allows you to interact with the watch without looking or hearing it. Plus to this voice control, which allows you to control the Apple Watch with your voice.

Remote and Continuity

Apple Watch has its own version of the Remote app that lets you control your Apple TV and iTunes. In addition, they can also be used to control the iPhone camera and switch music on it. The watch also supports Continuity, so you can start writing a message on your Apple Watch (by voice), continue on your iPhone, and finish on your Mac. I know you do this a lot.

Can be used separately from iPhone

But not always. For actions that need an Internet connection, the Apple Watch will require an iPhone, since they do not have the Internet. They also lack GPS, so the best you can count on is listening to music without an iPhone.

Even more protection

Apple Watch may not have Touch ID, but there is something cooler. Sensors on the back of the watch ensure that the watch has constant skin contact. As soon as it is interrupted, the watch immediately blocks the ability to pay for purchases using Apple Pay. Unfortunately, not too relevant for us.

New vibration options

Apple didn’t bother putting a vibration sensor into the iPad, but the Apple Watch is one of the highlights. The sensor is used to its fullest here. It can vibrate when you need to turn a route or your friends can send you a vibration when they get to their destination.

Well, how can we forget about the heartbeat chip. The sensor will vibrate in time with the heartbeat of your significant other.

What are the system requirements for the application

Simple installation of the utility does not allow you to talk to the subscriber. For everything to work out, you must comply with several conditions:

  • Each interlocutor must have an Apple Watch tied to an iPhone updated to the latest firmware version of the operating system.
  • Smart device must function under the heel of WatchOS.
  • The smartphone must be constantly connected to a mobile or wireless connection.
  • Both need to set up and connect the FaceTime program.

Important! The Walkie Talkie app on iPhone is not functional in all countries or regions. Before installing, you need to make sure that the program is functional. through the technical support of the company.

Walki-Talki is available on any chronometer from the first series (Series 1). For the sake of this functionality, you do not have to update the gadget. Communication through it does not take place through a mobile connection, but only through an Internet connection. A separate application fee is not required if the operator’s package provides for unlimited data transfer.

Apple Watch “Walkie-talkie”. how to set up and use the program

Many owners of prestigious gadgets are seriously interested in what the Apple Watch “Walkie-talkie” is and what functions this application can perform. The program is considered one of the best ideas for the fifth operating system, but users often face the problem that there is no one to talk to about it.

What is Apple Watch “Walkie-talkie

“Walkie-talkie” on Apple Watch allows you to conditionally turn a chronometer into a radio that helps you communicate with other owners of smart watches. This method is suitable for those who do not have long conversations and who have enough of a few phrases with which they can exchange with their interlocutor without touching the phone.

The convenience of the utility lies in the ability to find relatives and friends in the crowd when visiting public places. The connection is established with one touch and does not require a long connection. The program will work stably both in a noisy place and at home.

Important! The utility is completely mobile or wireless dependent and has nothing to do with radio signals.

The company turned off the specified functionality for almost a month. The problem was related to a malfunction in the software that allows listening to other people’s conversations. During July 2019, the issue was resolved, but many users began to mistrust the incompletely finalized program.

How “Walkie-talkie” works on Apple Watch

The functionality was first demonstrated at WWDC in 2018, where it was presented under the original name “Walkie-Talkie”. The application implies that two Apple Watch owners can alternately send short voice messages using a button on the screen with a yellow walkie-talkie.

Communication takes place unilaterally: a simultaneous conversation will not work, the interlocutor can only say something after listening to the sent notification. Voice sound is transmitted only when pressing the virtual button on the chronometer. The second can receive information through the Apple Watch, whether the original headphones that are connected to a smartphone or watch device.

For your information! The functionality is a stripped-down version of the FaceTime program: when using any audio call, it helps two people talk at the same time, and not alternately, as when using the “Walkie-talkie”.

Users should remember some of the features of the utility:

  • One conversation session is limited to a time interval of 10 seconds. It is impossible to press the key and endlessly pour out your thoughts. after the specified period, the connection will automatically be interrupted to allow the second subscriber to answer.
  • When invited from a friend to go to a conversation through the app, a stable connection is established between the two devices. This approach helps the conversation without interruption, creating the effect of real-time conversation.
  • If there is no activity between the subscribers for five minutes, the existing connection is automatically terminated. For the entire specified period, the program does not spend traffic, does not go online.

Important! To start a dialogue, just select a suitable contact located in the chronometer’s notebook. The interlocutor has the right to accept or decline the invitation to chat.

How to add or remove a contact, interlocutor

To add or remove contact information, take the following steps:

  • Open an app on Apple Watch.
  • Look for the inscription “Add friends”, and select a contact.
  • They are waiting for the person to accept the invitation. until that moment, the subscriber’s shortcut will be grayed out and displayed in the “Invited friends” register.
  • After receiving consent to the conversation, the interlocutor’s card will change its shade to yellow, and immediately after that you can start a conversation.

To delete contact information, just open the “Walkie-talkie” program and move the label of the desired subscriber to the left side. A Delete icon appears next to it. After confirming the system request, the interlocutor will be deleted from the list.

The second option for erasing unnecessary contacts goes through the smartphone and the application: from the “Walkie-talkie” they go to the “Change” block and click on the shortcut with the “Minus” sign. Then click on the “Delete” button.

Important! When you receive a notification about an invitation to a conversation, you must click on the “Always allow” button. If the message was missed, then all information is saved in the “Notification Center”.

Secondary prompts are displayed directly in the utility itself.

How to start using Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch

Before the first launch, you need to configure the FaceTime utility. The procedure follows the standard aLGorithm:

  • After opening the app, they sign in with their Apple ID. The process is carried out through the “Settings” block with the transition to “FaceTime”.
  • The application automatically registers the mobile number.
  • To enter information about e-mail, you need to go this way: from the main menu to “FaceTime”, then move to “Your Apple ID for FaceTime”. There is a secondary entrance through the ID number.

Important! If you do not make these changes, the “Walkie-talkie” functionality will not work.

How to set up “Walkie-talkie” on Apple Watch

Working with the Walkie-talkie app on Apple Watch begins with opening it and activating the shortcut located in the Control Center. The utility can be turned on or off. if you try to contact when it is unavailable, the display will show a corresponding request.

The program has several options for working:

  • “Silently”. regardless of its work, the user will continue to hear sound signals and the subscriber’s voice.
  • “Theater”. makes it inaccessible for communication through the specified functionality.
  • “Do not disturb”. makes a copy of the settings installed on the smartphone, so in it you can choose which notifications can be displayed and at what time.
  • “Available”. allows you to communicate without restrictions.

Important! Switching from the available option to the “Busy” system is carried out in the “Walkie-talkie” application on the chronometer. It is enough to scroll down the list and turn off the corresponding toggle switch. After disabling it, people from your contact list will not be able to send voice messages.

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How to add a buddy to Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch?

If the above conditions are met, then your contact should be invited to the conversation. How to do it yourself:

  • Launch the Walkie-Talkie app on Apple Watch.
  • Select from the list of contacts who you would like to invite to the conversation. To do this, tap on the plus sign and select a number.
  • The invitation is sent. Wait for the contact to accept it.

To accept a request from another person, click on the alert and allow access.

Features of using Walkie-Talkie (Walkie-talkie) on Apple Watch

Just install the application and you won’t be able to call. There are several requirements to be met. The conditions must be met by both interlocutors, if there is no Walkie Talkie app on Apple Watch:

  • Naturally, both must have an Apple Watch tied to an iPhone, updated to the latest firmware (counts from a clean 12 iOS).
  • The smart watch itself also needs to be updated to the latest WatchOS, since it was on 5 that Walkie-Talkie appeared.
  • The smartphone must be connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.
  • You and the other person must have FaceTime set up.
  • In the application, you can set the status “available” or “busy” if you do not want to hear someone screaming at you from the clock. To do this, you need to open the walkie-talkie mode on the Apple Watch and scroll down. Turn off the toggle switch “available” and now your contacts will not be able to send you voice messages.

The good news is that Walki-Talki is available on any watch from Series 1. So you don’t have to update your device for this feature.

Walkie-Talkie: How to Use Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch?

In the fifth operating system, a new Walkie-Talkie feature has been added to the Apple Watch. Some users are worried about the question: “What is a Walkie Talkie”? From English, the word is translated as “walkie-talkie”. The most interesting thing is that this option really fulfills the radio options. Only technologically sophisticated and better. Watch owners can communicate with each other not only from different parts of the city, but also on the other side of the world! In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Walkie Talkie app on Apple Watch.

How to talk on Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch?

  • To talk with the selected contact, go to the program “Walkie-talkie”.
  • Next. hold down the yellow button and speak.
  • Release your finger when you finish talking.
  • If the screen says “Connect”, then wait until the program is configured and connected.

Doesn’t it look like anything? No wonder the innovation is called a walkie-talkie!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make a call in this way. the program does not work in live mode. It will be similar to a real conversation if the interlocutor simultaneously uses the Apple Watch and is in the “Walkie-talkie” application.

Walkie-Talkie is built on the same principle as sending voice messages in iMessage. The only difference is that the message is played automatically, and not at will.

Do you have to pay for this feature? Works in Russia?

If you have at least once called other iPhone owners via FaceTime, video, or just audio, then rest assured: the “Walkie-talkie” function will work between you and the interlocutor.

The following conditions are required:

  • You and the other person must have an iPhone with iOS 12 on board
  • You and the other person must have an Apple Watch with WatchOS 5 firmware (AW Series 1 or newer)
  • Both you and your interlocutor’s iPhone must be connected to a mobile Internet or Wi-Fi hotspot

You also need to be able to make and receive audio FaceTime calls.

Accordingly, communication takes place not through a cellular connection, but through an Internet connection. So no separate fee is required, this is just the transfer of packet data according to your connected Internet tariff on the SIM card.

How the walkie-talkie works in Apple Watch. It is legal?

With the release of the new firmware for Apple Watch, we got the opportunity to talk with each other in the “Walkie-talkie” mode.

How is the connection with the interlocutor carried out? How much do you need to pay for the ability to communicate using a smartwatch? Is it safe to communicate in this way and can the “Walkie-talkie” mode replace a regular call??

Everything about a new way of communication. in this article.

Features of communication using the “Walkie-talkie

It is important to remember that one conversation session is not endless, but limited to 10 seconds. You cannot hold down the virtual button and dictate to the interlocutor a 10-minute monologue. after 10 seconds, the connection will be interrupted, allowing the interlocutor to answer you.

As soon as one interlocutor invites the second to use the “walkie-talkie” mode, a permanent connection is established between them. This is done to ensure that voice messages are transmitted without delay, almost in real time.

If both interlocutors are inactive for 5 minutes, the connection is terminated. During these 5 minutes, you do not waste your megabytes if you do not talk with your interlocutor.

To start a conversation, you need to select a contact from your notebook directly on your Apple Watch. The interlocutor can accept the invitation to chat, or can decline it.

How the “Walkie-talkie” function works?

This new feature was first demonstrated at WWDC 2018, under the original name “Walkie-Talkie”: two Apple Watch owners with WatchOS 5 firmware installed can take turns to send each other short audio messages by pressing a special yellow on-screen button with a walkie-talkie image.

Communication is one-sided, that is, the interlocutors cannot talk to each other at the same time, only in turn. The voice of one interlocutor is transmitted to another only while the speaker has a virtual button clamped on his Apple Watch.

The second interlocutor hears the speaker’s voice only from his Apple Watch, or through Airpods that are connected to an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The Walkie Talkie feature is a stripped-down version of FaceTime. Cut down. because in the case of FaceTime, an audio call allows 2 subscribers to communicate at the same time, and in the case of the “Walkie-talkie”. communication takes place in turn.

Yes, a walkie-talkie is just a familiar word that denotes the principle of communication (pressed the button-said-released the button), but not the technical capabilities of real walkie-talkies.

Why do you need a walkie-talkie on your wrist?

Very little time was devoted to the presentation of new firmwares for this function and the speaker did not talk about practical examples of using this new WatchOS chip.

In general, I recommend considering the “Walkie-talkie” mode as an instant connection with family and friends, when there is no need to talk on the phone for a long time.

Only in the case of Apple Watch, the delivery time and listening to voice messages are instant.

I use this feature when I need to coordinate with colleagues or quickly ask something from my family who also own an Apple Watch. Alas, the owners of the very first Apple Watch series 0 are in flight. the Watch OS 5 firmware is not available to them, which means they have no walkie-talkie.

And here are examples of Apple Watch that supports WatchOS 5:

Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4 40 mm. RUB 31,990.
Apple Watch Series 4 44 mm. 33,990 rubles.

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3 38 mm. 22,990 rubles.
Apple Watch Series 3 42 mm. 24,990 rubles.

I have already upgraded to the 4th series. Keep up with πŸ™‚

How to start a conversation in the Walkie-talkie app on Apple Watch

To start “negotiations”, in the Walkie-Talkie application, select the contact of the friend you want to dial / scare / surprise. Press and hold the big yellow chat button and then say what you want. Let her go only after you have said everything you wanted to. Done. now it’s your interlocutor’s turn.

The walkie-talkie does not work in live mode, like ordinary walkie-talkie radio stations. the application simply “pushes” voice messages (that is, it does about the same thing as Messages on the iPhone / iPad, when you do not send your thoughts through them) text, but voice). While your interlocutor is wearing a watch, the “Walkie-talkie” application will notify him that you want to chat. True, there is one difference from Messages. the received voice message is played on the recipient’s Apple Watch automatically, and not at will.

In the case when the message “Connection” is displayed on the clock display, wait while the “Walkie-talkie” application sets up the connection.

To reply to a message, do the same as the first time. press and hold the talk button to record your message, and then release it.

How to remove a user from the Walkie-talkie app on Apple Watch

To delete a user, swipe the desired contact to the left and click “Delete”.

The same can be done on the iPhone in the Watch application along the path section “Walkie-talkie” β†’ “Edit”, click the minus icon, and then. the “Delete” button.

How to add a user to the Walkie Talkie app on Apple Watch

As mentioned above, the Walkie Talkie app is compatible with any Apple Watch starting from Series 1 (i.e. second generation) devices. This is great news. most people won’t have to buy a new watch.

Hands-on with Walkie-Talkie for Apple Watch! ⌚

What’s next? We will call! You won’t be able to type just like that. first you need to invite another person to the conversation. To do this, open the Walkie Talkie app.

Click on the yellow plus sign and select the desired contact from the list. A gray badge with the words “invited” will appear next to the contact. Once the invitation is accepted, the contact will turn yellow and you can start a conversation.

In order to accept the invitation from the Walkie-talkie, click on the notification and select the Allow always option.

Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch: how to use the app

One of the most interesting features of watchOS 5 is the Walkie-Talkie program (in the Russian version. Walkie-talkie). Now, if one of your acquaintances has an Apple Smartwatch, hold your Watch to your mouth and say a few words to him. just like a special agent from the 1950s.!

In fact, Apple’s new app works even better than traditional walkie-talkies, because smartwatches have no distance limit. You can communicate with people on the other side of the city. but what is there. on the other side of the world!

What is needed for the Walkie-Talkie app to work on Apple Watch

  • The watch (yours and the interlocutor’s) must be “tied” to an iPhone with iOS 12 or newer.
  • The watch (yours and the other person’s) must have WatchOS 5 or later firmware installed ((Watch Series 1 or later are supported).
  • iPhone (yours and the other person’s) must be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.
  • FaceTime must be activated on the iPhone (yours and the other person’s) (instructions).

How to make yourself inaccessible for messages from the Walkie-talkie

Don’t want to exchange voice messages with colleagues, friends and family? No problem! Just open the Walkie-talkie and find the Available option, and then put it in the inactive position.

Now, if someone sends you a message, you just get a notification about it. Apple’s support page says that in silent mode, the Apple Watch owner will still receive beeps and hear a friend’s voice. But when the “Theater” or “Do not disturb” mode is on, you automatically become unavailable for communication.

The general concept of smartwatches

Let’s start with how this device was implemented. It was traditionally represented by Tim Cook for Apple. head of the company. at a general conference. The device was shown in action, listed its advantages and emphasized that the Apple Watch will show customers what a model of this class can be.

That is, in the words of an Apple representative, there really is information that the company intends to bring Smart-watches to a new level of popularity, to make them a sold accessory and a popular gadget in every life. In this it is possible for Honor to understand that previous attempts to release such a device, which were undertaken by Samsung and other representatives of the electronics market, can be called not entirely successful. Indeed, there really are not so many people using smartwatches now, while the brightest representative of products in this segment remains the Apple Watch, the characteristics of which we will present in the article.

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Therefore, obviously, the “Apple” corporation seriously intends to restore the reputation of Smart-watches in the eyes of the buyer and make this device a kind of must-have.

The cost

In general, the range of is as follows: the cost of Sport starts at 349; simple Apple Watch (the technical characteristics of which are not much different). from 549; and the luxury Watch Edition. from 10 thousand dollars. The given are valid when purchasing from the official website of the company. Of course, this is true for the United States and other developed English-speaking countries.

If we talk about how much the Apple Watch costs in Russia, then Sport will cost at least 30 thousand rubles, the regular version. 60 thousand, and Edition. 1.2 million rubles. As you can see, the cost is slightly higher than with a simple conversion rate.

Version comparison

Key features

You ask: “What can this watch do? What are the features of the Apple Watch? ” We answer: this is a universal electronic device operating on the basis of OS Apple Watch. By its logic, the latter is similar to the operating system of modern smartphones. you can install add-ons on it in the form of various applications. Thus, again, you can expand the capabilities of smartwatches.

Owner health

Special attention is paid here to health monitoring. As already mentioned, the watch is able to calculate the rhythm of a person’s heart and respiration, to determine the pressure. With these capabilities, the Apple Watch, which can be loaded with sports apps like Nike Run, can be a great workout companion. With them, you can monitor your health even more carefully, determining your well-being and adjusting the pace of your workouts. And this is the effective development of your body and health promotion.

Device screen

Apple Watch (below for specifications) has a touchscreen. It is quite sensitive to touch, since it reacts not only to touch, but also to pressure. This is very useful for some applications.

Since a watch is a thing that must be protected from the influence of any factors, it is not surprising that the screen here is also covered with different types of protective glass (depending on the watch model). It is either Sapphire Glass or Ion-X Glass. It, as you might guess, is also not subject to scratches and abrasions, so you shouldn’t worry about its quality and service life.

Since, as noted, the screen of the Apple Watch (in Russia and around the world) is touch-sensitive, it has special protection against accidental touches. We are talking now about the display lock, which is removed automatically in the event that a person sharply raises his hand. The developers implemented this function precisely in order to be able to check the time without delay.

The lineup

By the way, let’s not forget about individualization. This is another strong point of the Apple Watch device. Reviews indicate that there are a huge number of different models of this brand. They all differ in color, design and features. In particular, if there are only three versions. just Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Watch Edition, then there are (ultimately) dozens of color options with them. This is good because it allows you to choose a model that perfectly suits all your wishes.

For even more variety, Apple has released two versions of watches with different displays (we are talking about 38- and 42-mm screens). Thanks to this, the Smartwatch can be liked by even more people.

What is PAI?

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence or Personal Activity Index) is a special aLGorithm developed by a Canadian company called PAI Health (until December 2017, known as Mio Global).

The essence of the PAI aLGorithm is as follows. A fitness tracker or Smartwatch continuously measures your heart rate throughout the day. The pulse at rest is also determined and the reaction of the heart to various types of loads is taken into account. Using this data, as well as personal information (gender, age, weight), the aLGorithm calculates one single number, which displays the personal activity index.

Every day, the aLGorithm calculates a new PAI value and adds to what was obtained earlier. That is, when calculating the total PAI value, data obtained only in the last 7 days are taken into account.

For example, on November 19, PAI will be displayed calculated for the period from November 13 to November 19, the next day PAI will take into account data received from November 14 to 20, etc.

When using the Amazfit GTS Smartwatch, the PAI value on the smartphone will be displayed as follows:

Above, we see in orange the total value obtained for the last 7 days, and below (purple icon). PAI for the current day.

Also, every Apple Watch owner can install PAI on their watch for free and track this indicator (download from the App Store). The PAI value can be displayed on any watch face or analyzed in the application:

Additionally, PAI is available on the following fitness trackers from Fitbit:

  • Fitbit blaze
  • Fitbit Charge 2/3
  • Fitbit Ionic
  • Fitbit Surge
  • FiTVit Versa / Versa Lite
  • FitBit Inspire HR

You can also register in the web version of the service at portal.paihealth.com and track your performance through the browser of any computer or tablet:

It is necessary to evaluate and track your physical fitness solely by the PAI value for 7 days, not taking into account the intermediate values ​​for each day.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know the exact aLGorithm for calculating PAI, since it is, in fact, the main product of PAI Health, which licenses it to other fitness tracker manufacturers and insurance companies. But it can be assumed that the PAI value is directly related to another important indicator. the maximum oxygen consumption, which we have already described in detail in previous materials.

It is important to understand that the PAI value will only increase with intense exercise. Accordingly, if your heart rate has not risen strongly enough during the walk, the PAI will not increase. In addition, for this function to work, it is necessary that a continuous heart rate measurement is working on the bracelet and smart watch (for Amazfit smart watches, this means every minute measurement).

To earn 100 PAI, you need to keep your heart rate at 85% of the maximum for 40 minutes (the maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age) or for 1 hour. at 75% of the maximum.

How to understand the value of PAI and can you trust this indicator?

The beauty of this indicator lies in its simplicity. You only need to make sure that the PAI value (for 7 days) is always above 100 points.

The PAI score is also convenient because the user does not need to exercise or be very active on a daily basis. For example, if you sit at the computer all day, it will not negatively affect your health as long as your PAI exceeds 100 points per week.

If the PAI falls below 100 points, you need to raise this value by engaging in physical exercise or any other activity, for example, playing tennis. But you shouldn’t think that you can do nothing for 6 days and earn 100 PAI on the seventh day.

The aLGorithm works in such a way that it is very difficult to score that many points in one day. over, for each specific person, the PAI calculation will be made in accordance with his physical form. An athlete will have to put in much more effort than an office worker to get the same number of points. Some people may get PAI points for a walk, while for others, even a light run will not greatly increase this indicator.

Talking about the benefits of keeping PAI at a high level, some interesting information can be cited from the Amazfit app:

Research from the HUNT Fitness Study has shown that people with a PAI above 100 are least at risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. than 45,000 people participated in the study.

PAI Health adds that a PAI score greater than 100 reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25% and also increases life expectancy by an average of 5 years.

What are these claims based on and what is the essence of the HUNT study??

HUNT is a research center in Norway that has conducted the above study for 25 years. Of course, 25 years ago, there were neither Amazfit, Fitbit or PAI Health itself, nor devices like fitness trackers or smartwatches (in the modern sense of these words). Accordingly, none of the 45 thousand participants wore bracelets with the PAI calculation function.

In fact, everything was much more prosaic. People filled out a questionnaire with various questions about their health status and habits, in particular, attention was paid to the amount and intensity of exercise.

Of course, the respondents did not know their heart rate during sports, so as an answer to the question “What is the intensity of your training?” there were the following options: “I do not sweat, my breathing does not quicken”, “rapid breathing and a little sweat” or “I exercise to the last drop of sweat”.

The following information was also mentioned in the questionnaire of each participant:

  • The presence of hypertension
  • Bad habits (smoking, alcoholism)
  • Body mass index
  • Exercise per week
  • Average duration of each exercise, etc.

All participants were divided into groups by age and gender. During the study, 10,062 deaths were recorded, including 3,867 deaths (2207 men and 1,660 women) from cardiovascular diseases. This data was also included in the report.

How to use Walkie Talkie on your Apple Watch β€” Apple Support

And here PAI, you ask? According to PAI Health, 100 PAI points roughly correspond to 40 minutes of high-intensity workouts at which the heart rate is 85% of the maximum value or 60 minutes of moderate-intensity workouts per week (it was based on this data that the example was given above for a set of 100 PAIs).

Accordingly, by applying the PAI aLGorithm to a huge amount of data obtained over 25 years of research, PAI Health made all the above conclusions. That is, the aLGorithm was applied not on humans, but on already collected data. And the data itself was collected through a survey, which means that it could contain many inaccuracies.

But, be that as it may, the correlation of the data obtained during the study with the results of the PAI aLGorithm suggests that it is better to try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

What is PAI on Amazfit, Fitbit and Apple Watch? Or how to extend life by 5 years!

Modern fitness trackers and smartwatches provide a wide variety of information about the physical condition of their owner. In addition to displaying the banal number of steps taken, you can monitor your heart rate and its variability, analyze the quality of sleep or get an estimate of VO2 max and even make an electrocardiogram.!

But the main problem with all these indicators is that the user often does not understand how to interpret them. Well, Apple Watch showed you your heart rate variability equal to 47 milliseconds or VO2max equal to 50 ml / kg / min and what next? Good or bad?

Should you sound the alarm if your heart rate drops to 45 beats per minute during sleep, or is this a good indicator??

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Another problem is associated with a lack of understanding of these terms and the principle of the body’s work. Many users do not know exactly what to do to keep their body in good physical shape. For example, is it enough to take the proverbial 10,000 steps a day to avoid heart problems??

10,000 steps or 30 minutes of activity?

Popular goals such as “walk 10,000 steps a day” or “be active for 30 minutes a day” are associated by many users with a healthy lifestyle and a guarantee of the absence of cardiovascular problems in the future, from which, by the way, the vast majority of people die. on the planet.

In fact, these goals only mislead users, since neither the distance traveled, nor the number of steps, or even the time of activity say anything about the body’s response to all these actions. The detailed evidence base for this statement was published in the medical journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise in July 2011.

The only way to track the body’s response to any activity, regardless of the type of activity, is to continuously analyze the heart rate.

If during the day the heart worked in a calm rhythm, which is quite possible even with prolonged walking, this in no way improved its work and did not make your body stronger and more enduring.

The PAI indicator is based on this principle.

The essence of the PAI aLGorithm is not to prove the obvious things (it is better to play sports than to sit at the computer for days), but to help the user very easily track useful activity.

Instead of counting the number of steps taken that still don’t talk about anything, it is much more efficient and easier to monitor your PAI so that it does not fall below 100 points.

Many do not understand why they even need to continuously monitor their heart rate on fitness bracelets or smartwatches. For these people, PAI is another interesting attempt to turn a huge amount of “useless” heart rate data into an understandable health metric.

What is VO2 max on Apple Watch, Garmin, Xiaomi and other fitness bracelets?

You may have different attitudes towards fitness bracelets and smartwatches, but one cannot fail to notice an obvious trend. from a simple “backup notifications” from a smartphone, these devices turn into a device for health diagnostics.

We have already published interesting materials on the pages of Deep-Review many times about the many useful functions of fitness bracelets related to health. Here is some of them:

But today we will talk about one of the most interesting and important parameters that wearable devices have learned to measure. VO2 max.!

Determination of VO2 max using a fitness bracelet or smartwatch

First of all, it should be clearly understood that an oxygen mask is the only way to accurately measure. Fitness trackers give only a rough estimate, which, however, becomes more accurate the longer and more stable you use the device.

The fact is that measuring VO2 max on bracelets and watches is inextricably linked with measuring heart rate. In particular, the device needs to know your resting heart rate, for which it needs to continuously measure your heart rate in 24/7 mode.

Having determined this value, the tracker begins to actively monitor the heart rate and movement speed during training or walking. It also takes into account weight, gender and age, which the user usually indicates in the corresponding application.

What fitness bracelets or watches can determine VO2 max?

And here an interesting surprise awaits you. Despite the huge number of devices that can calculate VO2 max, there are not many companies on the market that develop these aLGorithms.

If you swap your Garmin or Huawei fitness tracker for a Suunto sports watch, you probably won’t see any difference, as all of these brands use the same technology from Finnish company Firstbeat.

For example, the new Huawei GT 2 watch uses a set of 8 features from Firstbeat, including:

  • VO2 max
  • The effect of aerobic exercise
  • The effect of anaerobic training
  • Time to recover the body
  • Counting Calories Burned
  • The load on the body during training, etc.

And Garmin Vivosmart 4 features 5 features from Firstbeat, including VO2 max.

It is rather difficult to list all wearable devices that can determine VO2 max, as it will take too much space and time, but some can be called.

The following trackers support VO2 max:

  • Apple Watch (with watchOS 4 and later)
  • Amazfit stratos
  • Garmin Fenix ​​(2/3/5/6 / Chronos)
  • Garmin Forerunner (200/300/400/600/700/900 series)
  • Garmin Vivoactive (3/4 / 4S)
  • Garmin Vivosmart (3/4)
  • Huawei Band (2/3/3 Pro)
  • Huawei Watch (2 / GT / GT 2)
  • Honor watch magic
  • Suunto 3/5/9
  • Withings Steel HR Sport
  • Xiaomi Mi Watch
  • other

Unfortunately, Samsung’s popular smartwatches, including the most recent Galaxy Watch Active 2, do not display VO2 max. And many FitBit trackers show Cardio Fitness instead of VO2 max, which is essentially the same.

Why Knowing Your VO2max Is Important?

If you read carefully, you might notice how many organs and body parameters are involved in assessing VO2max. Previously, this indicator was actively used to assess the endurance of athletes. A person with a higher VO2 max was automatically considered a more enduring athlete.

For comparison, the average person at the age of 30 has a VO2 max of about 40 ml / kg / min. And, for example, the eight-time Olympic champion Bjorn Daly has a VO2 max of 96 ml / kg / min.!

However, not only every athlete, but also every person who cares about their health should know their VO2 max. A huge body of research and publications suggests that low VO2 max is associated with an increased risk of premature death from many diseases, including cardiovascular.

The higher your VO2 max, the lower your risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and various types of cancer.

Since 2016, the American Heart Association recommends regularly assessing VO2 max as a clinical indicator of human vital activity. A detailed report of this organization can be read here (though only in English).

How to measure your VO2 max?

To get an accurate estimate of VO2 max, you need to have special equipment, which neither a fitness bracelet nor a smartwatch are. Typically, the measurement takes place on a treadmill, where the subject puts on an oxygen mask. Then the speed and incline of the track increases, in parallel, the amount of oxygen that the person inhales is measured.

But, as we all well know, fitness bracelets or smartwatches do not come with any oxygen masks. Is it possible in this case to find out your VO2 max?

Many modern fitness trackers can actually measure VO2 max. But how do they do it and can these values ​​be trusted?

How to understand VO2 max?

Indeed, what does 55 ml / kg / min mean? Is it good or bad? For example, here’s what the VO2 max report looks like on the Huawei Band 3 Pro fitness bracelet:

And this is how VO2max is shown by Apple Watch:

First of all, it should be remembered that the VO2 max value depends on gender and age. in men it is higher than in women, and in older people it is much lower than in young people. Additionally, VO2 max may be influenced by human genetics.

To assess the VO2max values ​​obtained by a fitness bracelet or Smartwatch, you can use special tables:

What is VO2 max?

Before giving a boring and confusing definition, let me start with the obvious. For example, with the statement that we all need energy to live. Right?

But where does this energy come from? The principle itself is very simple. reactions constantly occur in cells, during which carbohydrates and other organic compounds are oxidized, which is accompanied by the release of energy.

This process has by-products. If oxygen is used as an oxidizing agent, the byproducts are essentially harmless. carbon dioxide and water, which leave our body with every breath and drop of sweat. Such loads increase endurance and generally develop the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

But, if instead of oxygen, certain molecules of the body are used, then lactic acid is a byproduct, which can cause severe muscle pain.

Bonus: Access to the Notification Center from different locations

Since we’re already talking about notifications and how to better manage them here, you might be interested to know that in watchOS 5 Apple only allows you to access the Notification Center when you’re on the watch face, in watchOS 6 you can access to the notification bar no matter where you are.

If you’re on the watch face, you can simply swipe down from the top to get to the notification center. However, if you’re inside an app like a third-party Apple Watch app like WatchChat, all you have to do is press and hold the top edge of the screen until the handle appears. Then you can simply drag it down to open the Action Center on your Apple Watch. Pretty neat, right?

By the way, this works for the Control Center too, so you can access it from within apps too if you ever need.

How to remove the red dot from Apple Watch

Now I personally don’t mind the red dot appearing on my watch. However, if you’re looking for a way to get rid of the little icon permanently, luckily there is an easy way to remove the red dot in watchOS 6. Here’s what you need to do.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap on ‘Notifications’. Turn off the switch next to ‘Notification indicator,

That’s it, your Apple Watch will no longer show a red dot on its watch face when you have unread notifications. Don’t worry if you later feel that the red dot is what you would like to have, just turn on the Notification Indicator toggle and put it back.

What is a red dot on Apple Watch and how to remove it

1 min

I started using Apple Watch a little over a month ago and it has helped me in more ways than one. You know, notifications, fitness tracking (which I usually never use, but the Apple Watch makes it so much more fun when I’m active), calls and calls are all about it. Heck, I even use WhatsApp on my Apple Watch these days. However, there are some things that sometimes get annoying in watchOS 6; such as certain symbols and icons. Case in point: a tiny red dot at the top of the screen.

What is the red dot on Apple Watch?

Wondering what is that red dot on the Apple Watch? Well, it’s basically a notification that you have unread notifications. Basically, if you haven’t read, answered, or dismissed the notification on your Apple Watch, that little red dot appears at the top of the watch face, above where the 12-digit mark is on the watch, to indicate that there are pending notifications. that may require your attention.

Keep your watch out of the mess

So, now that you know the meaning of the red dot on your Apple Watch, you can go ahead and turn it off if you feel like it is cluttering the watch face with unnecessary information. So, are you annoyed by the red dot appearing on the Apple Watch screen from time to time, or are you like me and prefer it to be on? Also, do you know about the long press to access the notification center and control center function? Because I didn’t and quite accidentally discovered it while playing Dare the Monkey, which is one of my favorite Apple Watch games of all time.