What Is A Graphics Tablet And For What Purpose Is It Used

What Is A Graphics Tablet And For What Purpose Is It Used

A graphic tablet is a device for entering data into a computer using a sensitive area and pen. If you draw parallels, it’s like a pen or pencil, brush or other similar device that comes with a sheet of paper, but in this case it’s all in the form of electronic devices. As before, you can use them as a pen and area for writing or drawing, but the results will appear on your computer screen.

Tablet PCs are used to perform tasks in various fields of activity

With this description, most users immediately conclude that such a device is intended for artists or designers. This is true, this tool is very useful in their work, but it can also be useful for many other purposes.

Let’s dwell in more detail on what a graphic tablet for drawing is, how it is used and what characteristics you need to pay attention to if you decide to purchase such a device.

How it works?

The tablet itself is a workspace that transfers the result of touching it to a computer monitor. Using the pen, you perform actions similar to the commands of a simple computer mouse, but at the same time you have an incomparably greater number of possibilities when it comes to drawing or writing.

So, with the mouse you will not work out so precisely the thickness of the lines or the force of pressing, which is directly displayed in the form of a picture. It turns out that you use the pen as a complete control tool, draw as if you were doing it on plain paper. However, the result is immediately transferred to the monitor.

We note another useful nuance. For example, in order to more accurately draw a certain area, a sheet of paper you cannot physically scale, but you can easily do this with the image on the screen.

The only difficulty that all users face is getting used to the fact that you perform pen movements on the tablet, and the result is displayed only on the monitor. That is, you need to raise your head to the screen every time.

High-quality models of electronic pens or pens respond to the force of pressing the pen, the angle of inclination, and to many other little things that are important when drawing. By the way, there are tablets that are combined with the display, on them you can immediately see the result of their activities. But now we will only talk about devices with a sensitive area, since the rest of the equipment belongs to a separate category.

Who needs a graphics tablet and why?

So, graphic tablets are used by people of various specialties:

  1. Artists and designers. Naturally, they are the first in the list of potential buyers of graphic tablets, as their activity is directly related to drawing. As for web designers, their job is precisely to create art on a computer. Of course, graphic drawing with a pen on a digitized sheet of paper makes the process much easier, more pleasant and more accurate than using a computer mouse. We can say that it turns out more natural. as if the work done with a brush on an easel, only in digital form.
  1. Photographers. A similar device is also useful to them. In particular, for processing with a photo pen, any errors can be eliminated, a frame can be corrected to each individual pixel.
  2. Businessmen and office employees are all those who deal with documents. The first thing a graphic tablet comes in handy for any businessman is the creation of an electronic signature that can be made with a pen. Naturally, just for this, buying such a device is irrational, but it has other tasks. For example, on a tablet it’s convenient to edit documents, make edits, make presentations and other work.
  1. Children and youth. Yes, it’s much better when a child uses real paint and paper, but you also need to master modern technologies. Confident use of graphic tools will allow not only to add variety to the child’s leisure. he can draw on real paper and on graphic equipment, but also come in handy in the future. And it, as you know, is entirely dependent on the rapid development of technology.
  1. Personalities striving for development and those who spend a lot of time at the computer. For those who wish to expand their knowledge and abilities, to reveal their personal potential, it will be useful to use a graphic tablet. Suppose you are not a designer, but your work involves the constant use of a computer. In this case, this device will allow you to perform it in a new way, resting from the mouse or keyboard. Another graphic tablet will be a great entertainment for those who just like to draw, and use this activity in virtual life.

In general, as you can see, a tablet can be useful to every user. Naturally, someone needs it without fail for their professional activities, but for others it will simply provide a pleasant pastime. If you decide to purchase such equipment, let’s figure out how to choose it.

Choose a graphics tablet

When buying a graphics tablet, pay attention to the following options:

  • The size. It is measured in the same format as sheets of paper. A4, A5 and so on. The larger the sensitive area, the better for the one who draws on it. However, as the size of the device increases, the price of the tablet rises immediately. And if professionals need a device with a format of at least A4, then an ordinary user may well get by with a more compact model.
  • Proportions. It is desirable that the aspect ratio of the tablet coincides with the same indicator of your monitor. Naturally, now there are drivers that automatically adjust the size to the width of the monitor, but if it is wide and the tablet does not (or vice versa), then one of the areas of the graphics device may turn out to be inactive. That is, you will overpay for a size that will not be used to the maximum. Of course, you can stretch the image, but in this case the aspect ratio will change and the picture will be distorted. So it’s better to choose a tablet model for an existing monitor.
  • Resolution. The number of dots per inch determines how accurately the tablet will perceive the slightest touch of the pen. Accordingly, the higher this parameter, the better, but, again, high performance is an expensive pleasure. We only note that the number of dots in the amount of two thousand per inch is more than enough for home use, and professional equipment can have much higher rates. for example, 5080 dpi.
  • Sensitivity to pressure. This parameter shows how many pressures differing in pressure can be recognized by the device. For normal use, 512 pressures are sufficient; for professionals, the optimal figure is 1024.
  • Some users will need a feature such as tilt angle sensitivity. But the presence of a wireless mouse in the kit, as a rule, is almost the last factor that interests buyers. few people use it.
  • A way to connect to a computer. The graphics tablet can connect via USB, Bluetooth or wireless interfaces. Therefore, when choosing this option, each focuses on their personal preferences.

That’s all! Now you know what a graphics tablet is, how to choose it, and for what purpose it is used. If you decide to purchase a similar device, you can do it based on the above parameters. We hope that you will choose the model that has a good price-quality ratio and can satisfy all your needs.