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Rating of colored laser printers for the office of 2022

In print offices, not only monochrome office equipment is used, but also color. This solution allows you to create color prints of certain materials in the shortest possible time. Advertising leaflets, badges, business cards, envelopes, labels and this is only a small list of what at any time you can need to print in color to an office employee. And for this it is required to use printing equipment that can create prints of the corresponding type. Among those, definitely include colored laser printers for the office. It is about them that will be discussed in this article. We will tell you how to choose a colored laser printer, which is better a colored laser printer, and also provide a rating of good colored laser printers for the office.

How to choose a colored laser printer in the office

In the work of the office of any company, the speed and accuracy of the tasks set are important. In order not to bring down the pace, the equipment must also correspond to the level of work of the office as a whole. The same applies to laser printers. Therefore, when buying such a device to the office, pay attention to the following:

  • Press speed. It is important to pay attention not only to the meaning itself, but also to the accompanying parameters. For example, on the speed of warming up and release of the first print. Knowing them, you can guaranteed to choose the best color laser printer for the company’s office.
  • Monthly load. This parameter shows how much prints can create prints per month, subject to the standard operation of the printing apparatus. It is better to buy a colored laser printer for the office, which is able to withstand the load several times higher.
  • Cartridge resource. It is important that there are enough toner in the cartridges. If the consumables end quickly, then the company will undergo many financial expenses for the purchase of new. Even if the cartridge is analog or revised, it will also have to spend time and money on its replacement/maintenance.

It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the availability of cartridges. If in order to buy a cartridge for a laser printer, you need to order it from another country and wait long for delivery, then it is better not to purchase such a device for the office.

What is it and what is needed for?

Printer. a device designed to print documents, belongs to the category of peripheral devices connected to PC. Depending on the purpose, such a technique can produce low.cost creation of information files in the form of a text or graphic image on paper, film. The resolution in the case of photo printing depends on the type of printer and its size. Compared to the All-In-One Printer, such devices have less the number of functions performed: there is no scanner, a copy block, but they are affordable and retain their popularity, despite the appearance of more multi-seasonal equipment.

Printers also differ from professional printing equipment. Primarily the speed and volume of print. Depending on performance, it is customary to highlight home, universal and office models. Modern printers can work not only when connecting to a PC through a wire connection.

The presence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, slots for USB flash drives and Microsd, memory cards can significantly expand the list of available ways to obtain data.

History of creation

For the first time, the idea of ​​creating printed devices for documents, by analogy with typographic machines, arose back in 1835, but did not receive development due to the imperfection of the technical capabilities of that time. After almost 120 years, in 1953, dreams of portable printing machines have come to life. With the advent of portable computers, engineers had to look for ways to connect traditional mechanical printing with modern electronics. So appeared petal printers or Uniprinter, developed by Remington-Rand.

The print speed in these machines reached record indicators. The first samples could print up to 78,000 signs within 1 minute. In the future, this quality was improved, almost completely depriving ordinary engineers of work. The seal became faster. the prints literally flew out of the tray, they had to be caught and collected.

colored, printer, office, manual

Matrix printers allowed printing devices more miniature. The head for the formation of the print was significantly inferior to the petals in size, and to change the type of font it was not necessary to make efforts. this significantly affected the popularity of devices. Officially, the invention was registered by Seiko Epson, but pretty soon the leadership in the market captured the Centronics Data Computer brand.

Thermal printing printers were invented in 1981, they were monochrome. The jet Canon BJ-80 entered the commercial sale 4 years later.

Color printers operating using thermal printing technology went into serial production in 1988. The first such model supported the A2 printing format and a resolution of 400 DPI.

Laser printing technology was ahead of its time, its prototype. electrography or xerography. was developed in 1938. The design of the equipment of that time already had a photo bus, a shorter or charge shaft. The first developments of modern versions were performed by Xerox in 1971. In production for commercial enterprises, they were launched by the end of the 70s of the last century, and mass models appeared only in 1984. The pioneer in this direction was the company Hewlett-Packard, which created the legendary HP Laserjet model.

Review of species

There are many types of printers. The very first of them. matrix. was invented in 1964 in Japan. However, it makes no sense to consider it: matrix devices print only b/w images and text, now they are used only in the banking sector. But in offices and houses, other three types are used: LED, jet and laser units.


Inexpensive devices in which the image or text is applied by printing heads. The picture is transmitted to paper pointwise by mixing 4 main dyes. Liquid paint is used, which allows you to achieve a bright image: dyes mix with each other and form new shades. But there are shortcomings:

  • relatively slow seal;
  • The paint is lubricated immediately after printing, it needs to be allowed to dry;
  • cartridges in which paint is supplied are expensive;
  • If the printer does not use for a long time, the paint on the head will dry out, you have to clean it.

There is nothing to do with the slow seal, but other problems can be solved. To reduce the costs of replacing cartridges, many owners set the SNPC. a continuous supply system of ink. This is an additional block, which consists of several containers. From them directly to the print head are tubes, along which the dye is supplied.

  • You can choose the ink yourself, therefore, save on their purchase (maximum savings. 70 times);
  • less risk of drying the dye on the head;
  • you can carry out continuous printing without a waste of time replacing cartridges.

Previously, the SNPC had to install it independently. Now there are devices with an already pre.installed option.

For the home most often bought jet printers of A4 format. They are inexpensive. And also precisely the jet models most often become mini-all-in-on-“Printer: compact devices that easily fit on a computer table. However, when buying, it is still worth checking the dimensions, because large units are also produced for photo printing in professional conditions.


Laser devices are more universal than jet. Advantages:

  • high speed;
  • clear printing of the text;
  • drawing images on any paper, film;
  • The dye is not lubricated, not afraid of water;
  • cheaper in maintenance.

Savings and other advantages are achieved due to the new print technology. Liquid dyes are not used in laser models. Instead, toner is taken. dry coloring powder. It is fixed on paper by pressure from a special drum and heating, which is achieved due to the action of the laser.

Although laser printers are cheaper in maintenance, since they do not require the purchase of expensive original cartridges, the equipment itself is more expensive when buying. Another minus is not such a bright and voluminous picture as in inkjet printers.

The toner is not so mixed, so it is better to engage in photo printing with the previous type of device.


LED All-in-One Printer-a new word in modern press. Their principle is similar to the action of laser technology, only instead of one beam, whole streams are used, which are obtained due to the activation of many LEDs. As a result, the seal becomes faster, 40 pages per minute. a standard indicator for such models. But we must not forget about the price, and it is several times higher than that of jet devices.

Rating of the best models

Consider the top 3 printers at the moment. The ranking contains both budget versions with economical consumables, and more expensive variations.

HP Color Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M180N

Laser printer of the middle price category Reliable manufacturer, print technology allows you to use the device at home and in the office. All-In-One Printer M180N will provide a quick printing of documents, presentations and reports, cope with colorful images. The kit is already in branded cartridges, so you can connect the unit and start using it immediately after the purchase.

There are other features.

  • Automatic shutdown system. In case of prolonged inaction, the printer shuts off. This allows you to save energy even in cases where an employee or owner forget about the technique.
  • The possibility of autonomous work. The device can perform all its functions without connecting to a PC or laptop. A convenient display is built on the top panel, with which control is carried out.
  • File transfer wirelessly from any device. Owners of smartphones can install a special application and send images and documents to the printer through it. A convenient solution for small offices, where not all workers work for PC, some use only tablets or phones.
colored, printer, office, manual

Although most of the functions will come in handy for the office, thanks to small dimensions, the model is suitable for home use.

She will like professional photographers and all those who often work with documents and pictures.

Epson L3150

This model is an order of magnitude cheaper: although on average, in some stores, the device offers the device for 12-13 thousand. The manufacturer, like HP, is tested by time. L3150 is a jet printer that has already been preinstalled by SNPC. Thanks to the continuous supply system, the cost of consumables is several times decreased, and the reserve reserve increases. The manufacturer claims that the initial set of ink (there is a set of containers in the kit) is enough for 7,500 color documents or 4,500 hours/b sheets.

Any print format. up to A4. Thanks to the jet technology at the output, bright images are obtained. You can print photos, presentations. Other advantages include several characteristics.

  • Printing right from a smartphone without connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Even without using a router from the phone, you can convey pictures and documentation. And if you install an additional application, it will be possible to track the state of the print and the level of ink in containers.
  • Different spouts for refueling in containers with different ink. This simple option will avoid incorrect refueling, which often leads to non.professionals to dirty press. It will not be possible to confuse the containers physically.
  • Reliable protection against containers. Even if they are turned upside down, the Ink Lock system will not allow the contents to spill.

The model is perfect for those who want to save on consumables, but at the same time get a quality print.

Canon Pixma G3411

Another inkjet printer with a built.in SNPH option. It is recommended to buy for the home: the print quality is excellent, the color rendering is on top, but due to the jet technology, the speed is lame. Volumetric documentation in offices will be hard to print.

Like many other modern printers, the Canon Pixma G3411 is equipped with containers in the front of the case. The walls of the containers are translucent, so the owner can track the level of ink, without even looking into the technical characteristics of the device. This arrangement of containers also reduces the risk of importing, extends the life of the equipment.

Canon know how bright detailed images are important. The seal here additionally improves the technology of hybrid ink feed technology. It provides the maximum variety of shades.

  • Three containers with colored ink and 2 containers with black dye in the kit. Enough for 6,000 color or 7000 hours/b documents.
  • Printing of documentation from cloud storage and smartphones.

If the seal is scheduled for at night, the owner can activate the function of silent work. Performance falls, but the technique practically does not make sounds when the head moves.

It is very convenient to refuel the printer, and it is optional to use original ink. Consumables will cost a penny if you choose a budget version of dye. Non.original ink is not inferior in quality to branded, the only difference is the manufacturer.

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LED printers

Such printers are more resistant to wear, they are almost noisy when working and give the highest quality result, but are more expensive than inkjet and laser.

The following three printers support A4 paper format:

The last two models support A3 paper format, operate at a speed of 35 pages/min, support printing on a local network and are equipped with a built.in memory of 2 GB. this is Versalink C7000N and C7000DN with a bilateral print function.

The ability to print on specific types of media

Depending on the specifics of the tasks performed for the selected printer model, additional requirements can be presented. in particular, the possibility of printing on specific types of carriers. Many models of modern laser printers allow you to print not only on plain paper, but also on stickers, envelopes, transparent films, blanks for business cards, etc.D. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only the potential capabilities of the printing device, but also the availability of appropriate consumables in nearby stores.

For example, for Oki Printing Solutions models, C3000, C5000 and C9000 series are produced special carriers for making business cards.

On one sheet of such a carrier there are ten pre.cut cards pasted on a paper base. Thanks to this decision, finished cards have the same size and even cut edge, and there are no traces of toner on their back.

Estimated print volume

Starting to choose a printing device, it is necessary to at least approximately represent the estimated volume of work for which it will be used. These data should be compared with the characteristics of the printer as the maximum (recommended) monthly load and the general resource.

When conducting calculations, it makes sense to initially lay a certain “margin of strength”. for example, with real needs in print 5 thousand. Pages per month better choose a model withstanding a monthly load of at least 710 thousand. pages. Do not forget that the constant operation of the printer with the maximum load increases the risk of various kinds of malfunctions and malfunctions, as well as the premature failure of the printer.

Why a printer in the office? About refueling cartridges

Printers play such an important role in offices, first of all, because they have two most important functions. The first is due to the fact that the visualization of any material or document on paper is often perceived much more efficiently and settles faster than the same on a computer image. Despite the fact that all the documents are now being prepared using computers, it is the printer copy that is considered the document that will receive the signature and wet seal, and will ultimately become the fact that he will certify the transaction, confirm the availability of goods, etc. D. In most states of the former USSR, with the exception of Estonia, documents are still officially considered only paper documents, so the presence of a printer is critical for conducting almost any kind of business.

The second important function of the printer is the visualization of data in a convenient form to provide. It is much easier to distribute to those who should get the necessary documents, they are printed than to send electronic copies, for viewing which you need to have in your hands any device on which they can be opened and read. Also, a paper copy may be needed in order to maintain the confidentiality of the exchange of information: it is easier to read and destroy, hide, or present only to those who should familiarize themselves with this document. The document can only be issued for reading or familiarization, and then pick it up, which will make it possible to maintain the confidentiality of the proposed information.

Printers work with cartridges, which in most cases need to be replaced with a sequence of a couple of months. Most of the offices for printing documents are equipped with laser printers, whose cartridges not only serve much longer, but can also be effectively crossed, which increases the service time of one cartridge several times. Refueling laser printers is provided by Kiev-STSERVICE.com. Matrix printers are no longer used now, and jet prints are more effective in color printing if it is carried out in small portions or in small quantities. However, the re.reference of cartridges, which quickly end, is less effective than for laser printers for which dry printed material is used. In the vast majority of cases, both types of printers are used in offices, which makes it possible to use the advantages of both of them. For this, specialists in replacing or re.reference of cartridges are invited, which allow the office to save on prints up to 40. 45%.


The first thing to do is to find out how many pages of documents have to be printed per day. You can install this quite simply. look at the paper consumption. Basically, all of it goes to these needs, because even a vacation application today is filled out and submitted in a printed form.

From this parameter it is worth starting. If we underestimate the volumes, the device will quickly fail, as it will work at the limit of its capabilities. Overestimate. waste money on a powerful office printer, which the main part of the time will be just its decoration.

Manufacturers always indicate the recommended and maximum monthly load on the device. It is desirable that the print volume you need is written out in the value of the recommended. Constant work on maximum capacities will lead to the speedy wear of the parts and the failure of the printer.

In the technical characteristics in the load, as a rule, the number of black and white sheets with a filling of about 5% is written (this means “o”). Laser monochrome printers have the largest resource. The usual model is ready to give up to six thousand pages per month, professional. twice as many. But the cost of such a device is rather large. In most models. this value varies from 1,500 to 2000 pages per month.

colored, printer, office, manual

If you have finances, then it is possible to buy more than one supermant apparatus, but spend on two low.power devices the best option. Due to the possibility of parallel printing, the queues of employees for documents will be reduced, which will positively affect the speed of their work.

What else to pay attention to when choosing printers and All-in-One Printer?

Important characteristics that can greatly facilitate the work are the following.

  • Press speed. It is measured by the number of pages printed per minute: the higher it is, the less employees will have to wait for the documents. The first laser printers in this parameter. They are able to withdraw up to 60 printouts per minute, that is, one per second. Inflastic ones are already slower, if we talk about black and white printing, then this is a maximum of 40 pages per minute and only 8-9 color images.
  • The location of the printer. According to this parameter, they are divided into desktop and floor. The latter more powerful and productive. They are well suited for offices where there are a lot of people. If there are only two or three people in the room and there are few places, then it is better not to clutter up the place and do a table modification. She will also cost cheaper.
  • The presence of a sorter. This is the function of sorting copies of printouts. Thanks to her, each new batch of copies shifts slightly relative to the previous one, which allows you not to waste time sorting through all sheets. you can immediately take and fasten the pages of the document.
  • Bilateral scanning and printing. It is not necessary to manually turn the document for scanning on both sides or a sheet of paper during printing, which also significantly saves the time of employees. And also it protects from confusion. Very often the document is turned over in the wrong side and, in the end, the image is printed upside down.
  • The size of the tray. It is desirable that the amount of paper placed there is enough for at least one working day. For a small office, printers and All-In-One Printer with a tray are suitable, in which you can put 100-150 sheets, for medium-330-500, for a large one from 1000.
  • Built-in print server. Allows you to connect any local network to the printer via a USB port for instant printing. No need to additionally install drivers and produce other settings of the device.
  • Airprint. If the Apple technique is mainly installed in your office, then this function must be in purchased printers or All-In-One Printer. It allows you to print documents and images (including photographs) from the apple company through a wire connection without installing additional drivers or by Wi-Fi network.

What is the integration?

And so we smoothly approached how high.tech your printer should be in terms of connecting and transmitting data.

  • USB is the easiest and most popular integration for connecting print media to a computer or laptop;
  • NFC is a technology that allows you to transmit data at a distance of ten centimeters and print from various gadgets, simply bringing them to NFC lane;
  • Ethernet. allows you to connect the printer to a local office network;
  • RJ-11 connector-there is in All-In-One Printer with the function of the facsimile apparatus to connect to the telephone network;
  • Wi-Fi-allows you to send documents to all employees who are configured by Wi-Fi, not only with PC, but also from phones and tablets;
  • Bluetooth. also allows you to send documents for printing from mobile devices.

The ports COM and LPT (consistent and parallel) are currently considered outdated and are practically not used. The printer can also support memory cards. In this case, they can be inserted into the device and immediately print information from them.

The main types of printers and their characteristics

Today there are more than ten different classifications of printing devices. In addition, each class has its own division into types. As a result, it comes out that there are an innumerable number of different printers. But for a more comfortable determination of printer belonging, they are classified according to the following parameters:

  • Type of printing: alphanumeric and graphic.
  • The principle of creating a print: shock and unstressed.
  • Press color: monochrome and multicolor.
  • Connection source: wired and wireless.
  • Printing format: printer, plotter, xerox, fax and risograph.
  • Printing technology: matrix, laser, jet, offset, thermal, photon and 3D printer.
  • Type of dye: photo printer, sublimation, photon, hard.dull, ink and toner.
  • Availability of functions: a regular printer and All-In-One Printer.

It is worth knowing that part of office equipment has not been used for a long time, and some devices exist only in future projects.

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Printers that are most often found in operation

As mentioned above, there are many varieties of these peripheral devices, but not everything can be purchased in the store and bring it to your home or to the office. The most popular and most often encountered matrix, laser, jet, thermal-dawn and 3D printers are considered. Each of them has its own distinctive features, in some ways superior or inferior to each other.

Matrix printer is the best option for commercial printing

A matrix printer is a device that creates prints at the expense of a matrix of needles, constructively moving along a paper sheet. Appreciated for the very low cost of prints. Such devices can no longer be bought in a peripheral store. They were popular more than 20 years ago. But you can observe the principle of printing actually daily by visiting a regular grocery store. After all, the work of absolutely all cash registers, banking terminals and other devices issuing a check is based on the principle of matrix printing. Of the shortcomings, a high noise level can be distinguished during operation.

Laser printer is the best option for office black and white printing

A laser printer is a printing apparatus, the principle of operation of which is based on electrostatic transfer of dry powder toner. From the first days, as soon as this type of office equipment has become available to everyone, and until today, the laser printer is an integral part of any office. The reasons for this were high speed and excellent print quality in black and white mode. Such an average device can print about 20 pages of materials per minute (regardless of printing mode). In addition, laser printers are characterized by a good stock of coloring substance in the toner cartridge, which is enough for a long time. However, “laserns” not in the best way have established themselves in the color printing of images and photos. It is also worth noting that the refueling of consumables is not very convenient, expensive, and sometimes it is not at all possible.

Inkjet printer. the best option for home print

A jet printer is a device that creates imprints of the highest quality due to the heating of the ink and passing it through the dozes of the print head. Compared to the previous type of office equipment, the jet printer prints more slowly, and most importantly has low resource cartridges. But in return, the material printed with its help is always high.quality, especially if it is a color format. You can’t find a better device for printing photos. In addition, such devices usually are multifunctional in nature, which, given the relative cheapness of consumables, makes them indispensable for use at home. In addition, in order not to be distracted regularly for refueling cartridges, you can install a system of continuous supply of ink or immediately buy a printer with SNPCh. True, such All-in-One Printer is much more expensive, ordinary jet printers. But in the long run, they will save on consumables.

Sublimation printer is the best option for printing photos

A sublimation printer is an office equipment that can print images and photos with high resolution without losing their quality. The principle of operation is based on the extension of the tape, with a multi.colored solid dye, between two special rollers. At this moment, a printing head with a heater is supplied to the desired color. The dye evaporates and goes into a gas.like cloud, from which the image is formed on paper. The quality of the print is incredibly clear, bright and saturated. However, they have one very unpleasant property, the materials printed with their help are very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

A hard.dull printer is the best option for office color printing

A hard.dull printer is a unique type of office equipment that uses ink briquettes as a coloring substance. When the device is turned on, part of the ink is melted and merges into a special container. Then the print head applies ink to a special drum through which a heated paper sheet stretches. Thus, an imprint is created using this type of printer. The hard.dull device is very reliable and durable in operation. But too expensive. Today, such office equipment is quite rare. Only Xerox is engaged in its production (series Colorqube and Phaser).

Copy apparatus (Xerox). the best option for a copy Center

Copy apparatus (Xerox) is a printing device used to obtain copies of two.dimensional prints. Such products are famous for the great performance and good print quality. However, they have quite large overall dimensions. Xeroxes are great for copy centers providing photocopying services for documentation and other materials. Nevertheless, as a separate device, these devices have long outlived themselves (sometimes found), as they became part of multifunctional printers.

Facing apparatus (fax) is the best option for transmitting information

Facing apparatus (fax) is a printer and a phone in one device. Its main purpose is to transmit text and graphic information on telephone communications, followed by its output on a paper sheet. Depending on the type of communication, it is divided into two types: telefax and Datafax. A facsimile apparatus can be bought both by a separate device and as part of a multifunctional printer. Most often used in enterprises and state institutions.

It is profitable to buy a colored printer

It is easy to buy peripheral device. After all, they are full in every specialized store. However, due to a huge variety of office equipment, it is sometimes difficult to decide on the choice of a particular product, especially if you need it for color printing. In this article we will talk about what you should pay attention to when buying a modern color printing device.

When buying a printing apparatus for color printing, be sure to turn your gaze to the following:

  • Resolution. This indicator should not be below 300 dpi. After all, the quality of the printed materials depends on him. Implies a density of points by one inch by.
  • Performance. This refers to the maximum number of prints created for a certain period of time. If you often print photos, then this value should be about 10 photos/1 minute for laser and 3-6 cards/minute for jerks.
  • Suitable types of paper. Standards for such devices are used A4-format with a density of 50-300 g/m 2. Paper 80 g/m 2 is suitable for ordinary printing. But to print photos, at least 200 g/m 2 is needed.
  • Cartridge resource. It all depends on the frequency of using the device. As a rule, for a comfortable printing, the supply of coloring substance should correspond: in laser 1000-3000 pages, in jerky about 300 pp (using SNPC, the resource increases significantly).
  • Sources and Inte Wees. For printing from one computer, there will be enough USB-sharing. Nevertheless, there is an office equipment with the possibility of printing over the network, from a smartphone or other gadget. This is additionally needed Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB host.
  • The working level of noise. In order not to violate home comfort, or not to be distracted by a print printer during operation, we recommend buying office equipment, which does not exceed 50 dB.

It is also worth noting that the presence of a printer, scanner and a photocopy in one device will greatly facilitate the work with imprinting certain materials.