What google playii at Huawei. Is there any Google app store on Huawei Mate 30 Pro?

Google Play apps for Huawei

When purchasing Huawei brand phones, users observe a sad picture. they do not have Google and Play Market services. Questions arise-whether it is worth using such a device or there are some options for solving the problem.

The main reason is the current sanctions. Oddly enough, such a measure of influence is relevant not only in the political sphere, but also applies to many ordinary companies. Despite the fact that the manufacturer Huawei is considered quite prosperous, he had to feel the sanctions measures that were imposed on him by America in the spring of 2019. The US president currently said that the protection of national security in the field of information communications is required. The decision made made it impossible to further cooperate with Huawei.

Oddly enough, China was guilty of everything, since the company directly conducts its activities according to Chinese law, which is in doubt and leads to the fact of cooperation with China’s intelligence.

As a result, Huawei lost the opportunity to get products not only Google, but also many other American firms. The sanctions also fell under the subsidiary of Honor. It also lost access to Android OS and Google services.

Services Huawei Mobile Services

Services are an internal filling of the phone. This includes programs and services located in the category “preinstalled”. They simplify the operation of the device.

What kind of services the company presents:

  • Appgallery. represents a store where you can find paid and free programs for the device;
  • Huawei Browser is a great search engine that is not much different from those that Samsung or Apple gadget are used to using;
  • Mobile Cloud is a kind of mobile cloud where you can load files for storage, they will always be at hand, being in full safety, even if access to the phone is lost;
  • Themes. opens access to the stylish and functional design of the main screen of the device;
  • Music is an excellent player where the musical archive is assembled;
  • Video. modern formats of files transmitted in high quality are available;
  • Reader. Service opens various formats for working with text documents.

An excellent assistant in the gadget management is the Assistant service.

If the necessary applications are not in the store, you need to look for in the APK file, through the search engine and loaded with a browser. Download safety depends on the selected store. Before loading any application, a check for viruses is made. When choosing a store, it is better to look at the rating and give preference to the most popular.

Some users think about whether it is realistic to live without Google services. It is difficult to answer for sure. Probably not. Many people admit that Google settled too deep into ordinary life and it is almost impossible to do without it. Currently, in order to fully use Google applications, you need to download large.scale updates on your own. This option is not suitable for all users, since many just want to turn on the phone and immediately start using it, without unnecessary troubles.

The name of the program Advantages Flaws
Appgallery Excellent intense Not all programs are located
Huawei Browser Convenience and safety when using Not
Mobile Cloud There is no need to think over the storage of a large number of files It is required to have constant access to the network if the data is lost. it will not be possible to restore them

Through a built.in app?

If the owner of the owner does not have a pre.installed Play Market application store, then its device is intended for the Chinese market. At the same time, the owner of the device can include Russian in the settings and calmly use the smartphone. And to download your favorite applications, you need to study a simple way to install Google services on “Chinese”. Any smartphone even on Chinese firmware has its own application store. It must be on Xiaomi, Meizu, Hyawei, ZTE and devices of other companies. In order to put Google Services on Android for free, you need to open an integrated application store and enter the Google Installer request.

After that, it remains to press the “Download” button opposite the page of the services, and then you will work to install Google services without PC. A Play Market will appear on the desktop, as well as other applications of the American company.

Installation of google services manually

If the built.in application store does not allow to solve the issue with how to install the Google Play Store, you can use another option. To do this, you will need to download Google Mobile Services by link to a computer, to a tablet or phone, and then open an APK file directly on a device where there are no GAPPS.

google, huawei, there, store

For users of Huawei Honor smartphones, there is an additional (native) version of convenient services. https: // huaweimobileservices.com/ru/.

Before installing Google Play services on the phone, it is necessary to confirm the installation of third.party programs in the settings of the device. The desired option is in the “Security” section. Then it remains to open the agricultural file and press the coveted “Install” button, after which the Google applications will appear on the desktop.

Manually through Recovery

If you can’t install the Google Play service using a standard smartphone integer, you can try to perform the operation using an engineering menu (recovery). To do this, throw the installation file into the device memory, and then turn off the phone.

This will require the transition to recovery. Depending on the smartphone, a specific key combination is used:

If everything is done correctly, an engineering menu in English will appear on the screen. Here it will be necessary to select the “Install Zip From SDCARD” item, specify the path to the file updated earlier and press the Install button. Next, it remains to restart the phone, and Play Market will appear on the main screen.

Via Open Gapps Manager

For ease of installation on Android Play Market and other Google services, the Open Gapps Manager (OGM) application is provided. It needs to be downloaded and installed on the phone via an apk file.

This program allows you to easily figure out how to install Google on Android services. But if difficulties arise in the process, the instruction will come to the rescue:

  • Open the OGM application.
  • Choose the processor architecture (determined automatically).
  • Indicate the Android version.
  • Mark the Stock package option.
  • Click the “Download” button.

After loading the package, click on “install” by confirming the use of administrator rights. As soon as these actions are performed, the phone will be rebooted and the system will automatically offer to enter Google account data at the next time.

Installation of Google Play on Honor and Huawei smartphones

On Honor and Huawei, the problem with how to install Google services arises for a different reason than on Xiaomi or Meizu. The devices of this Chinese company are simply not certified by Google due to problems with sanctions, and therefore to install Google Play services on Android will not work in the standard way.

How to install Google services on Huawei and Honor

Popular models such as Honor 9A, Honor 9C, Honor 30i, Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Lite are supplied without Google services due.

To install GAPPS on these and other smartphones, it is necessary to act according to the instructions, but it is possible that even it will not help to roll Google Mobile Services due to the policy of the American company regarding Huawei:

  • Download and install Microg on the phone.
  • Through Microg, pass the authorization in your Google account and make sure that it has displayed in the device settings.
  • Download and install GAM Fixed.
  • Delete Microg (required).
  • Install Google applications alternately: 1. 2. 3. four. 5. 6. All files are downloaded to Yandex disk and do not contain anything dangerous.

After installing Google services, a market for P40, P40 Lite or other Huawei smartphone is not necessary. If problems arise in the process, it is recommended to roll back the firmware of the smartphone to an earlier version. You can also try to use files for “treatment”: 1. 2. 3.

How to use Huawei and Honor without Google Play

If you could not figure out how to install the Google Play Store on Huawei or Honor, you can continue to use the smartphone and without GAPPS. In this case, third.party applications stores will come in handy.

Most programs available on Android can be found in Appgallery. This is a standard application store Huawei and Honor. Outwardly, it looks like Google Play, so it’s not difficult to understand its functionality.

Alternative app stores can be used to install the necessary software. For example, APKPURE APKCOMBO or APKMIROROR. Unlike Appgallery, those programs that are not in a standard Huawei application store are popular and common in the Google Play Store. And to install YouTube without Google Services and other programs, you will need a bootloader of the agro.industrial complex of combo. It can be downloaded from the official website of the developers, having previously selected the type of device and the version of the operating system.

And if with how to install applications without Google Play on Huawei the situation more or less clarified, then the problem may arise with accounts. The fact is that some applications (for example, WhatsApp) use Google Drive to download a backup copy. Therefore, to restore this and other accounts will have to be different:

  • Download and install Huawei Phone Clone on an old smartphone.
  • Launch the application on the new device and select the type of device (Huawei, Android, iPhone).
  • Count the QR code from the screen of the old phone.
  • Disconnect the Internet on the previous device and connect to the local network of the new device.
  • On the old gadget, select information for transfer.

Now the applications accounts using Google data storage will be fully transferred to Huawei Honor, Meizu, Xiaomi or any other Chinese smartphone working on Android.

https: // opartnerke.ru/kak-ustanovit-home-play-huawei-honor-Android/https: // Opartnerke.ru/WP-Content/Uploads/2020/11/kak_utanovit_google_Servisy_na_telefon_kitajskij.jpg https: // opartnerke.ru/WP-Content/Uploads/2020/11/kak_utanovit_google_Servisy_na_telefon_kitajskij.JPG 2021-02-07T16: 16: 2906: 00 Alexander Smartphones Google Play, Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi, Applications, Smartphones today cannot imagine a smartphone on Android without Google services. GAPPS is preinstalled even on Chinese devices, because otherwise the owner will not be able to download such popular applications such as YouTube or Instagram. But it happens that the user receives a phone on the firmware for the Chinese market, and then you have to figure out how to install Google Play. Problem. Alexander Alexander Alksandr1973@gmail.com administrator Smartphone reviews and Internet services

Pros and cons of phones without Google

Obviously, smartphones without supporting Google services have a number of disadvantages. But at the same time, they have advantages in comparison with the older Huawei models, which Google work on. We offer to familiarize yourself with all the secretions and minuses.

In the end, it turns out that even more pluses. But everything is not as clear as it might seem at first glance. Firstly, in this case, advantages are presented in comparison with other Huawei smartphones that have Google support. They are slightly more expensive and are not updated.

But, if we compare Huawei smartphones without Google with competitors (for example, Xiaomi or Samsung), then the opponent will definitely win the confrontation. After all, on the devices Huawei will not be available to the vast majority of important applications, and the owner will have problems with the transfer of a backup copy.

How Appsallery works

Instead of Google Play, Huawei offers its customers to use Appgallery Applications store. According to the Chinese corporation, it contains all the necessary programs that users may need.

Appgallery is part of the top 3 of the most popular app stores and takes 3rd place after Google Play and App Store.

The App Gallery icon can be found on the desktop of the Huawei smartphone without Google services. It is painted red and immediately catches the eye. In addition, even on the packaging of the device, information is given that the device has a pre.installed application store of its own production.

It turns out that without Google you can safely use the Huawei smartphone? Unfortunately no. Yes, Appgallery has a pleasant integration in which even a beginner easily orientes. All programs from the application store support the air updates. And this is really a plus. But at the same time, Appgallery does not have a large number of very important programs.

Installation methods

Despite the lack of Google Mobile Services by default, they can still be installed on the Huawei smartphone and continue to use the device as if nothing had happened. But before that it is important to talk about another brand of mobile technology, which is closely related to Huawei.

“Honor” is the Sub.Brand Huawei, oriented to the Western market. Like the main division of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, it fell under US sanctions in 2020. But literally a year later he was able to get out of this situation, thanks to a fictitious sale of the unit. Therefore, the Honor gadgets, released from 2020 to 2021, are deprived of Google services, and they have received on sale later have them.

The described intricacies prevent an ordinary buyer from understanding whether he will face the problem of the absence of GMS if he buys the Huawei or Honor smartphone now. To prevent this from happening, before buying it is important to clarify the information from the seller of the consultant or to study information about the device on the manufacturer’s website.

If you see the inscription “With Huawei Mobile Services”, then the gadget you like is deprived of the certification of Google. But, even if you accidentally buy a smartphone without a Play Market, you can get around the restrictions using one of the means of the forced installation of Google Mobile Services, which we will discuss later.

google, huawei, there, store


Before we consider the first method of the GMS forced installation on the phone of Huawei (Honor), it is important to make a remark that not every option can work in practice. The reason for this is the constant elimination of “laser” by the manufacturer who does not want to pay multimillion.dollar fines.

So, as the first option, it is proposed to use the Googlefier application. It was specially designed for Chinese devices deprived of Google certification, and you will need: to solve the problem with GMD:

The disadvantage of this method is that it works only on smartphones with the old version of the firmware (to EMUI 11).

The developers promise support for more new assemblies, but do not announce a specific date when this will happen, in connection with which the need to consider alternative options may arise.


Another way to launch on Huawei or Honor Play Market is to install the VMOS Pro application. It is available for download on the manufacturer’s website located at VMOS.com. As in the case of the previous program, the installation is carried out through the APK file, and therefore in the instructions you need to issue the corresponding resolution. At the end of the installation, you need to act according to the following algorithm:

  • Launch VMOS Pro.
  • Accept the user agreement.
  • Check out the features of the application, and then, in turn, press the buttons “Enter VMOS PRO” and “One-Click Authorization”.
  • Press the Enter Now button and wait for the loading end.
  • If everything is done correctly, the standard desktop of your smartphone will be replaced by a third.party LONS. On the main screen you will see the Settings application, which should be launched.

In the case of proper operation, the long.awaited Play Market will appear on the desktop. However, do not forget that the method will turn out to be workers only if the version of the firmware of the smartphone is supported by the supported assembly VMOS Pro.


Finally, to return Google services, you can contact the GSPACE application. Unlike the two previous programs, it is available for downloading not only by APK files on the developer’s website, but also through the standard appgallery store for Huawei and Honor. After installation, you need to act according to the instructions:

Despite the apparent simplicity, this method is also not universal. It is not the fact that GSPACE will continue to remain to download through App Gallery, and its further blocking is not excluded. Therefore, it is important to have time to establish all the necessary Google services, without waiting for a forced access restriction.

Is it necessary at all Google Play

Google Mobile Services described above have a lot of restrictions and difficulties that can be encountered when performing the operation. In this regard, ordinary owners of the Huawei smartphones have a reasonable question, but is it really necessary for the Play Market.

Play Market is the largest, but far from the only android application store. So, on the Huawei and Honor devices that are not.defined by Google, an alternative service is installed. App Gallery. He also has a huge library of programs, but not all games and utilities are presented here.

Therefore, you will be able to download far from all applications that you are used to using earlier. However, in such a situation there is a bypass option involving the installation of another software store. In extreme cases, you can always use the manual installation of applications through the APK file, when you must first download the distribution, and then complete the installation by opening the file.

Service alternatives

App Gallery is the main but not the only Play alternative to the markete. If you are ready to spend a few minutes to find the APK file of another application store, you can pay attention to the following options:

Choosing an alternative application store that is not provided by default software developers for Huawei and Honor, you may also encounter the problem of lack of necessary games and utilities. But in this case, there is always an option to install software through an APK file, which always works without fail.

How to install a Play market on Huawei

There are several ways to set the Play Market on Huawei. Further, they will be considered in more detail. If some of them do not lead to the desired result, it is necessary to use other of them.


You can install Play Market manually. How to install Play Market on Huawei tells later:

  • In the Huawei mobile phone, you need to go to the settings.
  • Open the section “Additional settings”.
  • Go to the Security unit.
  • It is necessary to activate the option “Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources”.
  • You need to upload APK files to install Google Play Store. Google Play Services and Google Services Framework.
  • It is necessary to install programs in the indicated order.
  • After that, the Google Play application will become available as one of the programs installed on the gadget. To work with him, it will be necessary to first enter your Google account.

After this Play, the market will become available on the Huawei smartphone without any restrictions.

Through Google Apps Installer

A special Google Apps Installer utility was developed, which allows you to install services on a Chinese manufacturer’s phones. It was originally created for meizu smartphones. This program searches, download and install Google services in automatic mode. To take advantage of this way, you need to do the following:

  • Download application from a company store or other sources, for example from a page.
  • After the installation procedure is completed, the application must be launched.
  • First, an automatic check of the availability of Google services will occur. If they have an outdated version, they will be proposed to be removed first, and then install in the latest version.
  • After reinstalling, the user can install any Google services, including Play Market.

The installation procedure requires stable Internet access throughout the procedure under consideration.

Via Open Gapps Manager and Recovery

In order to get the opportunity to work with Google Play, you can use various ways. Most of them do not require Root access. It should be borne in mind that the effectiveness of various options depends on the model of the smartphone and the version of the operating system. The method using recovery requires the following actions:

  • To obtain Root rights, you need to go to the recave mode, then pump and set TWRP. This application is available for downloading from the site. If you first get a ROOT rights, the installation will occur in automatic mode.
  • After that, you need to download and install Open Gapps Manager, which is available on the page.
  • After starting it, they grant the rights of the super sexman.
  • Next, it is required to indicate the architecture of the processor.
  • It should be noted the version of the operating system.
  • The list of available options note the desired set of Google Services.
  • Next, start loading services. After it is completed, installation will occur.

Next, the user can use the Google app store and other installed services.

Using the Google installer

The use of the Google installer is available to install the application store. To apply this method, you need to take such steps:

  • First, in the settings, you must go to the “Additional Settings” section. The Safety subsection activates the option “Resolution of installation from unknown sources”.
  • Then you need to download the APK file of the installer Google.
  • It must be launched in order to install the program on a smartphone. When it ends, the application must be launched.
  • After that, the main page will open. On it at the bottom you need to slip through a round blue button with the inscription “Install”.
  • Next, click on the yellow circle.
  • Next, Google Services Framework is installed on the smartphone used.
  • To do this, it will be necessary to slip through the red button and provide the permits that are necessary for work.
  • Now you can install the application store.

Next, you can install and use any Google services.

Using the VMOS application

To take advantage of this method, do the following:

  • Required to go to the VMOS website.
  • You need to click on the “VMOS PRO Download” button. Then you need to wait for the completion of the download of the APK file.
  • Next, it must be opened and installed by the application.
  • After that, the program is launched. After that, there is a short presentation of its capabilities. When it ends, you need to slip through the “Enter VMOS Pro” button.
  • To complete the task, the application must be obtained from the user several permits. They will be listed on the open page. To put permission using one action, it will be enough to press the “One-Click Authorization” button, located at the bottom of the screen. As a result, all the necessary permits will be established.
  • The result will be shown a virtual desktop phone. You should go to the settings by clicking on the VM Settings button.
  • On the next page you can see the menu. It needs to find the line “Google Services”. The switch on the right must be installed in an active position. After that, the installation of the necessary updates begins. You need to wait for its end.
  • It is required to click on the icon located on the right side of the screen in the center of the page. After that, a menu will appear in which you will need to select “Shutdown”.
  • After that, the program will be touched. Then you need to start it again. On the page opened, the option “File Transfer” is selected. Further note the option “I Want to Import”.
  • Next, a list of applications for installation will be opened. You need to choose the program “Aurora Store”.

After that, the Play Market icon will be open on the desktop. To work with him, you will need to enter your Google account. Next, you can install any programs from there in the usual way. When using this installation method, there is no need to use Root rights.

Possible problems

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

If you carry out the installation without the use of the corresponding methods that were discussed above, then as a result you can get a message that the device is not certified to use Google Play.

It will be proposed to contact the manufacturer and ask him about the device that meets the requirements of Google. However, this problem has a different way to solve. To do this, you will need to use the Chat Partner application:

  • Downloading and installing the APK program will require pre.indicate in the settings permission to use extraneous sources to obtain such files.
  • After the launch of the APK, the main page of the installer will open, which will indicate what rights the program is required to work. Here you need to click on the “Install” button. It is necessary to wait for the installation to complete.
  • Next, you will need to click on the “Open” button in order to start the program. It will be proposed to conduct authorization, but there is no need for this. Now you need to slip through the Detect Device button. After that, the application for further work will require the availability of Google services. Since they are not installed now, it will be proposed to start the process of their installation. To continue slipping according to the “Repair Now” button.
  • For installation it will be necessary to give the program the administrator right. To do this, it is enough on the next page to give the command to “activate”.
  • How to install Google will be shown later. It will pass in automatic mode. You need to wait for its completion. After it, you will need to enter the existing Google account or create a new. This will be necessary for the work of Google Services.
  • After that, the application will announce that it finished installing Google Play on the phone.
  • After that, the installation of Google Play services will be available in normal mode.

HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G: Easy steps to install Google services and apps

After this procedure, the use of Google applications in question will produce almost without restrictions. The only exception is that payment via NFC on Google Pay on Huawei smartphones will not work. However, the user instead of it1 will be able to use a similar Huawei Pay service.

Which Honor support Google

Here is the list that Honor support Google Play and on which all “essentials” applications have already been installed:

  • Honor 7a. 2018 gadget with Play Market. At the moment, it has technical characteristics below the average, NFC is not equipped.
  • Models 8s and 8a are good gadgets of the middle price category and average characteristics. On the device “s” there is no NFC, on “a” this chip is.
  • Model 9x Lite, which is a rebranding Honor 8x.
  • Honor 9x. the best.selling in the end of 2020, with the established markete. This is a phone with a whole and frameless screen, without a cut out for a lens.
  • Honor 10 Lite. with good technical characteristics, fingerprint scanner, NFC setting, double camera. Refers to the apparatus of 2019, but was re.released in 2020, so there are also Google services on these Honor phones.
  • Models 20, 20 Lite. devices with a flagship chip, a good camera and a battery. Naturally, these Honor phones also have a Play Market.
  • Huawei P30 Pro is not quite a Honor, but this is the last flagship of Huawei with a pre.installed markete, released before the ban. It was produced in 2019 and 2020.

The list of models above may not be 100%full, for example, due to modifications of devices, rebranding and similar points. But you can determine on your own in which Honoras there is no Play Market, according to the following signs:

google, huawei, there, store
  • Release date: Smartphone was produced until the spring of 2019 or after spring 2021. Some models issued in 2019 or 2020 can also have Google services “on board”, but if the device does not belong to the 2019-2020 range, then they definitely are there;
  • Check the phones manually. look through the list of installed applications. If they have Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Google Maps, there are no problems with the market. then these Honor models support Google Play and services;
  • To study the characteristics on the brand website or in online stores to find out which Honoras there are Google Play. However, it is worth considering that the information specified in the description of the goods is not always accurate;
  • for services indicates the OS Android 9.0 if it is installed on a smartphone. However, this is also not a guarantee that this is a device with a Play markete. It is worth using additional checks specified above.

What to do if the phone does not support Google

If, nevertheless, your device is not a device with a Play markete, then you can resort to one of the following methods:

  • Use the built.in Huawei Market. Appgallery Applications store and install alternatives to familiar programs. For example, Google Pay can be replaced by the “Wallet” program. For many applications, you do not need to look for what to put instead of them. they are available for installation. For example, these are Yandex and Mail Ru services. In general, the programs in Appgallery are thousands, and you will definitely pick up a set for yourself.
  • Install the alternative store adapted for Huawei applications in Honor without Play. APKPURE. This is, in fact, an automated process of installing APK files, and you know for sure that you will not install the version with the virus. In addition, all applications can be updated to the latest version, which will not come out with a simple installation of APK.
  • Manipulations with the device-flashing, FRP-blocking, manual installation of services and similar actions. They can help if there is no Play Market in Honor models, but they are not suitable for all devices and not in all cases. Before making a decision on such an operation, you need to weigh everything “for” and “against”.

Now you know how to determine which smartphones Honor have a Play Market. Typically, the price of devices without Google services is lower. this is due to both the license fee and in less demand. I am sure that using this instruction you can choose the right smartphone on which you can install all the programs you need.

Infinix Note 11 NFC

Infinix Note 11 NFC is the most affordable smartphone with the AMOLED screen, which can be bought for only 18,000. At this price, the model has excellent characteristics: large 6.A 7-inch screen with high resolution and brightness up to 650 threads, a fresh MediaTek Helio G88 processor, a decent memory volume of 128 GB with the possibility of expansion.

The model received the same camera as Infinix Hot 11s, but due to the new firmware it removes better in poor lighting conditions. Both the main and selfie camera use AI algorithms, the front-line also has a double flash. A 5000 mAh battery supports a fast charging 33 W. the corresponding adapter is complete with a smartphone. Note a new design: the smartphone has a matte back that does not collect fingerprints.

The brand also has a NOTE 11 Pro model-but she has IPS, not an amoled screen.

How to install a Play Market on Honor 10 Lite using VMOS application

allows you to create a virtual phone on our Honor 10 Lite with your own Android OS. By creating a similar one, we can install on it the Google applications we need, including Play Market.

  • Download the VMOS application from any convenient source (for example, with Trashbox.ru);
  • After downloading the application, click on “install”. “open”;
  • Next, slip on Enter VMOS PRO;
  • Then on the “One Click Autorization” button;
  • Next, click on Set Up Now;
  • Activate the option “on top of other applications”;
  • A request for a permits will appear. Click on “Allow everything”;
  • Next, the “Add Virtual Machine” menu will appear. Select “Rom 7.1 64BIT ”and click on“ Add ”(this will install the virtual OS Android version 7.one). Wait until the firmware is installed;
  • A new desktop will open. Here, slip on the VM Settings button; Press the VM Settings button
  • In the menu that opens, select the VM Settings button again;
  • In the next menu, move the Google Services option to the right, and in the menu that appears on “confirm”;
  • Leave the application and reboot the phone;
  • After the phone restart, start the VM PROS program again;
  • Click on the Play icon;
  • Google Play Market will be displayed on the program desktop. Tap on it, log in using your login and password in Google, and you can use its capabilities.

This will come in handy: how to clean the cache on the Honor smartphone.

Which smartphones do not support Google Play

The first from Google Play was the Huawei brand and its subsidiary Honor. True, not of your own free will. Smartphones have lost a whole ecosystem due to changes in US legislation, which literally banned a Chinese manufacturer.


Among the last top smartphones from Honor on the market without Google services, it is worth allocating 9x, 10i and 30 Pro Plus.

The first device leads in the number of sales in the market. The user notes the rapid speed of the gadget, the quality of the pictures and the stylish design. Good characteristics can be obtained at a pleasant price.

Honor 10i is a stylish smartphone with a wide.angle camera that allows you to take high.quality pictures even in the evening. In addition, the gadget received a corporate design corresponding to all the latest trends. The device works quickly and clearly. without bugs and sagging.

The third gadget without Google’s support was Honor 30 Pro Plus. a top model of the flagship line with an excellent camera and perfect technical solutions. The device takes high.quality pictures with the most natural color reproduction at any time of the day, thanks to the main block of cameras consisting of three lenses. The model supports 5G.


The sanctions could not circumvent the main company in the Chinese smartphone market. Huawei. The restrictions affected the popular models P Smart Z and P40 Lite. Both gadgets work on the Android version 10.0 and on the 8-core processor Kirin.

Huawei P Smart Z has a retractable front camera, thanks to which it was possible to increase the useful area of ​​its frameless display.

The block of the main chamber is equipped with two lenses for 16 and 2 megapixels. The pictures are quite high quality, but do not reach the photo taken on the flagship models of the brand. The rest of the gadget is not much different from smartphones in its segment, with the exception of those inconveniences that accompanied the absence of Google.

Huawei P40 LITE is significantly different from the flagship models, but at the same time copes well with the basic tasks, being the youngest apparatus in the new line p. Users value it for a convenient large display, high.quality and fast processor and fast charge, despite the capacious battery.

In design, the device did not receive new solutions that would allocate it from other brand smartphones.

Is it worth buying smartphones without Google Play

The lack of Google Play for many modern users Android becomes a decisive factor when choosing a smartphone. The operating system is simply not perceived without Google products. And no wonder, because over the years of close cooperation, Google and Android managed to become almost one whole.

over, all basic applications are downloaded directly from the company’s company shopping store. It is difficult to even assume that the device will work adequately without the Google ecosystem. However, it all depends on the request.

Users who operate a smartphone exclusively for calls, Internet set and communication in messengers-the absence of these applications will not be a problem. All popular social networks and messengers can be used in web versions or downloaded from the official websites of the developer.

In addition, Microsoft Office has already been built into the phone system. Smartphones also have an email of personal development, which is friends with Google addresses.

A list of alternative applications that are in Huawei branded stores is not yet complete, but the brand is working hard on high.quality import substitution. And things are especially difficult to deal with cards and navigators for drivers. You can use Google Maps only through a browser. A similar rule applies to the popular YouTube video service.

New applications, mobile banking, catalogs and other software that can replace Google products appear almost daily in Appgallery. They may be quite enough if the user does not depend on the Google account.

Some, in view of their profession or lifestyle, cannot imagine a comfortable use of a gadget, deprived of the Google ecosystem and its cloud storage. Meanwhile, the company plans to create its own cloud service, which will synchronize with Microsoft products.

How to install Google services on Huawei Mate 30 Pro

A couple of days after the release of the smartphone, a fairly simple and convenient way to add services from Google to the operating system appeared. This is done as follows:

Attention! You perform all the actions described in this instructions at your own peril and risk.

In a standard browser on a smartphone, we go to the site LZPLAY.Net

Press the blue button for loading the installation bag.

Run the downloaded file and confirm the installation of all components.

We launch Google Applications store and enter under our account. If you fail to enter, reboot the smartphone.

The installed Chinese application can be removed. Previously, do not forget to take away the full rights from him along the setting path. safety. additional settings. administrators of the device.

After successful authorization, you will receive workable services, as on Android smartphones of other manufacturers. All familiar applications, navigation, YouTube, synchronization of mail and contacts will work. Even the Google Pay service with contactless payment is launched.

What is eventually waiting for the buyer of such a smartphone Huawei

In terms of technical characteristics, Huawei Mate 30 Pro turned out to be powerful and interesting. Productive iron and one of the best mobile cameras on the market allow you to compete for the title of top smartphone of the year.

On the other hand, the device does not have the main thing. supporting Google services.

In Huawei “out of the box” you will not find:

▪️ A phone book, Google calendar and contacts Gmail ▪️ Search application Google and Chrome Browser ▪️ Clients of YouTube, YouTube Music and Google Play Music services

▪️ Cloud application Google Drive ▪️ GOOGLE GOOGLE Card ▪️ Google photo application ▪️ GOOGLE PAY Payment System

▪️ Other programs from Google or application with company API ▪️ Any applications with authorization or synchronization through the Google account ▪️ Google Play store, where can you download these programs or their analogues ▪️ Push notifications will receive only applications whose developers connected to Huawei Mobile Services

Google support support is somehow turned on through the “crutches”. But buy a smartphone with a price tag from 80 thousand. and then hope that the loophole will not be covered, not everyone will want.

How to behave downloaded applications and games from an unofficially installed application store? How much will this scheme work, whether user data will fall into the hands of third parties? How will Android be updated on new Huawei smartphones? Answers to all these questions are not yet available.

At the moment, the new Huawei smartphones look like a purchase for those who are ready to start everything from scratch. No synchronization of contacts, notes and reminders, there are no usual postal services, customers of social networks, applications and games.

Huawei Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro. How to Install Google Apps and Play Store 2020 ! 100% Working!

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