What Games Will Pull A Lenovo G500 Laptop

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What Games Will Pull A Lenovo G500 Laptop

A comment:
I have a question, why does it exist? What tasks?
It slows down in any situation, just in the explorer, in the start menu, in the browser, in games (which games are xD). My old ancient laptop (he was under 10 years old, and he was not top-notch when buying, by the way, AMD too), just a rocket against this misunderstanding.
P.S. Subject in good condition, with a newly installed licensed WIN10.
P.P.S. I will add a year later. He was actually lying around doing nothing, because use is not real.
And then I got into the hands of the SSD, which I installed in this laptop. And I can say it affected him very positively, I did not even expect such an increase. Now you can work quite comfortably in Word, Excel and Explorer. It doesn’t sound funny, but for this laptop it’s just not real performance.
So I highly recommend it to all owners.

Appearance, design.
– Keyboard and touchpad.
– There is enough productivity for work (office affairs, various IDEs, AutoCAD, Blender), but no more.
– There is enough internal RAM.
– Linux works well (distributions released after the summer-fall of 2018).

– Cooler. It often makes noise like a vacuum cleaner for periods of 5-15 seconds. From this sound chatter becomes unpleasant: silence, noise, silence. A constant noise would have been nicer.
– Screen. On Windows, flickering is sometimes noticeable at an angle. Under Linux, this is not. Color rendering depends on whether charging is connected.
– Stock HDD. A terrible brake making strange sounds like gurgling. It was replaced by an SSD. the laptop got up and ran.
– The stove. During a long work or game, it will burn your fingers and throttle wildly.
– Discrete graphics card. The performance is almost on par with the integrated one, so it is not clear why it is here. Games like CS: GO go at 45-60 FPS, but the classics of the beginning of the tenth years go fine (see the previous paragraph). GTA V, by the way, like many other games, will not see 2 GB GDDR5 and will swear at a lack of memory.

A comment:
Review of the IdeaPad 320-15ABR model on AMD A12-9720P and Radeon 520 with 8 GB of RAM.

A lot of memory (1TB and a small disk in addition), a convenient convex keyboard (which is also nice to clean), a large screen and light weight. Someone else likes that the lid with the screen is thin. a matter of taste, but also a plus. Quick system startup, good friends with graphic tablets.

Sound. The promised Dolby system at the beginning junked a little, often changing the equalizer of sound during listening.
Screen. As a person who paints, it was important for me to know what colors I paint and what the result is. I adjusted the screen, but still something was not right. The color palette from the phone (/ someone else’s computer) and from the laptop varies greatly. I was afraid all the time to break it when I wipe it, because I feel that I will now pierce a cleanliness hole in it.
Performance? It’s a very controversial issue, because they knew what they were doing when they bought it, but they do it well for their favorite small games ands, so you can not count for minus.