What Formats Does iPad Air 2 Support?

I think many will agree with me, the iPad is the perfect tool for watchings. On it you can watchs when you are traveling, sitting somewhere in a cafe or just in bed before going to bed. This is facilitated by a high-quality 9.7-inch screen (7.9 on the iPad Mini) built on a bright and excellent IPS color rendering matrix, and the battery capacity for hours of playback.

But each has its own format. So, which format does the iPad “understand” and which one is difficult to read??

format for iPad:


This format is native to the iPad. The MPEG4 format is very common. It is mainly used for streaming on the Internet, when recording movies on CDs, telephony. Its main advantage is the good compression of digital and sound without loss of image quality. But there is also a small minus, and this is a slightly larger file size compared to the same AVI. Native extensions that iPad will understand without conversion mp4 and m4v

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Avi, MKV and other formats

There are also programs that allow you to watch iPad of other formats, namely AVI and MKV. I think almost all users who download movies or any other content from the Internet are familiar with these formats. And it’s more convenient to use in these formats for viewing on iPad, because you don’t need to look for a converter once again and convert it to MPEG4.

Here are some programs that let you watch AVI and MKV:

Avplayer HD

One of the best players on the App Store. As of November 2014, understands:

I like AVPlayer for its omnivorous nature and its excellent subtitles.


One of the most functional players on the App Store. Perhaps even a better solution than AVPlayer for those users who decide to watch over the network from a computer, with FTP. In terms of network capabilities, nPlayer is superior to AVPlayer, but AVPlayer is friendly.

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I have both of these players. I always use AVPlayer, and nPlayer when AVPlayer fails (very rarely).

Flash (FLV)

Cannot Play FLV on iPad! If the on the site does not play, then most often the problem is that it is in Flash format.

The only way to get around this problem is to install a special browser that is geared towards playing Flash. But I consider such a decision to be a “crutch”. Officially, Apple put the cross on the FLV format for a long time and there will never be support for Flash in iOS.

About Full HD

A lot of people ask a question about, Can iPad Play Full HD? (i.E. 1920 × 1080).

Answer: the first iPad (and partially iPad 2, iPad Mini 1) do not have such an opportunity due to poor technical characteristics. And the screen size they have is only 1024 × 768, so there isn’t much point in Full HD. In iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3, the screen resolution is 2048 × 1536 and the inside is more serious: therefore, these models have the ability to play Full HD.

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The information in the article is relevant for both the iPad and the iPhone and iPod Touch.