What Does The Exclamation Mark In The Photo On The Iphone Mean?

What Does The Exclamation Mark In The Photo On The Iphone Mean?

The appearance of an exclamation mark on photos in iPhone. what is it?

Some iPhone users have this question. why are my photos are blurry and substandard?

And an exclamation mark appears under the photograph, what should I do about it? In fact, the answer is not as simple as it seems, because it’s all about iCloud.

That is cloud storage, which allows you to save files for some time in it. Photos are actually saved, but they were sent to him. They have not gone anywhere and you can find them in iCloud itself. But whether you need it, decide for yourself.

Now we will figure out what is the reason

Why an exclamation mark appears under the photo

The answer to this question is very simple. this is the result of such iPhone settings with iCloud synchronization. When a photograph is sent to the “network”, then there is such an opportunity. memory preservation. On the smartphone, the photo remains of poor quality, blurry, without full quality, but in iCloud a high-quality original is loaded. But it doesn’t matter, it can be customized.

To do this, we will need to go to “Settings”, and then go to the item “Photo and camera”. A new window will open in front of us, in which we will need to select the item “ICloud Media Library”. If it is turned on, then each subsequent photo will be sent to the “cloud”, but access to the originals will be possible through any device available at home.

However, this is not the last feature that iCloud has. Also, there are two more functions.

First. Saving the originals. This allows you to save your photos directly to your phone. They will come out of high quality, stored immediately on two sources and will not have an exclamation mark. Theoretically, this is the solution to the question posed today.

The second function. Storage optimization. Here, math is already coming into play, because the computing abilities of a smartphone are needed. If memory begins to run out on it, then optimized images come into play. These are just the photos that have a muddy and blurry tint.

Such photos will be saved on the smartphone, and their quality will be specially spoiled. This is the main reason why photos have an exclamation mark. In this case, the photos do not disappear anywhere, they will be saved in the “cloud” until the moment the user does any action with them.

Besides image will not be lost, how this can happen with main memory.

Whether or not to enable these features is your choice. But now we can answer our question. If an exclamation mark occurs, then at the moment you are not viewing the original photo, but only a compressed copy. This option has both plus and minus. Let’s look at them.

The plus is that this function is maximally saves space on your smartphone. It makes it possible to save the right place. All the photos you need will be saved in the “cloud”, but the phone’s memory will be located to save more meaningful files.

But the minus is much more serious. iCloud is a system that not working without internet. It works only with him and nothing else, but without the Internet you can’t download files. So, you need the Internet without fail.

For example, this situation can happen when a photograph uploaded to a social network. We had a desire to “post” it on our page, but you won’t be able to do this without the Internet. Do not enter the social network, do not upload a photo. And you have to look for the Internet in this case

But what if you do not want to have such a function? Then you need to turn it off. Before you start downloading everything, it is better to save all the data on a computer. Security comes first, be sure to keep files on your computer. Otherwise, they can be lost. Now we proceed to the process of disabling this function.

Need to go to item “Saving Originals”. How to do it? Open “Settings”, and then go to the “Photo and Camera” tab. Then, you need to wait a while for the files to download to your phone. They will be downloaded from iCloud, so for this you need the Internet.

Uploading files will take some time, after which the exclamation mark will disappear from all photos, and high-quality originals will be downloaded back to the phone. Without good internet connection nothing will work, so you need to have a stable internet connection. In addition, you need to free up space for loading.

If you do not have enough, some files will not even load. Simply put, they will be skipped. And after all, when the photos are uploaded, you can remove the “iCloud Media Library” function. It will no longer be needed, all originals will be sent immediately to the phone and the cloud will not be used with the new photo.