What Does The Android Image With An Exclamation Mark Signal?

What Does The Android Image With An Exclamation Mark Signal?

If an android with an exclamation mark appears on the screen, this means that an unsuccessful experiment was conducted with the software of the device. Perhaps this happened due to the installation of an unlicensed program or after the transition from the original firmware to custom.

Hardware reset

You must disconnect the device. Best if the battery is fully charged. For most gadgets, the following button combinations are suitable for calling up the menu:

  1. The volume down (or volume up) key is held down and held together with the power button.
  2. Both sound control keys are clamped and held, and then the power key is pressed.
  3. 3 buttons are simultaneously held: the main screen, increase volume and power.
  4. The Home key is pressed together with the sound control key down, then the power key is pressed. You must wait until the manufacturer’s splash screen appears, and release the power button. After the image of the robot appears on the screen, you can release everything and wait for the engineering menu to appear.
  5. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, then hold down the sound control keys and the power button, hold until a special menu appears.

After that, the gadget will either restart and return to the factory settings on its own, or the engineering menu will appear. For information, the touch screen does not work in this mode, all menu navigation is carried out with the sound control keys, and the power button or the Home button serves as the selection button. You must select the item “Wipe data / Factory reset”.

The display will show several lines and the question (“delete all data from your device?”). You must answer with consent, after which the device memory will be cleared.

Reset on different devices

On smartphones and tablets manufactured by Samsung, the engineering menu is accessed by pressing 3 buttons at the same time: the gadget main screen call key, the volume up key and the power button. Resetting to the initial settings is done using the Wipe data / Factory reset item and further rebooting.

HTC devices, when an android appears on the display with a red exclamation mark, you can return to life by pressing and holding the power and sound control buttons. When Warning appears on the display, you can release everything and press the volume up key. On some models, hold down the volume button and press the power key and hold until the android robot appears on the screen. After it appears, the buttons can be released and the volume key down again. A menu will appear in which you must select “Restore Original Settings”.

On Acer smartphones, the settings are reset by pressing and holding the volume key up and the power button. A menu will appear on the screen where you need to select Recovery Mode and press the volume key down. An android will appear with an exclamation mark. Now you need to press the power button. A menu will appear where you need to select Wipe data / Factory reset.

And on the tablets of this company, you need to move the screen lock lever to the left position, hold and hold the power button and sound control keys. When the tablet starts to vibrate, you need to change the position of the screen lock lever several times until Erasing Userdata and Erasing Cache appear on the display. From this moment, the deletion of settings will begin.

To return to the factory settings, the Asus device must be transferred to the engineering menu by pressing the volume down key and holding the power button for 3 seconds.

After the time has passed, you can release the power button, and hold the volume down key until a special menu appears. There you need to select Enter recovery mode, then Wipe data / Factory reset.

Device firmware

If a hardware reset did not help, a complete software replacement is required. But there is a formality: the firmware will help only if the “USB Debugging” function has been enabled in the device’s settings. This method is quite risky and, at the slightest violation of the instructions, can lead to damage to the device.

Here it’s worth considering: should I try to restore the device myself or trust the professionals? But if you decide to flash the gadget yourself, you should carefully study all the available information on this issue. Models from different manufacturers have significant differences and features regarding software changes.

What should be done after restoring the device?

The main disadvantage of resetting the settings is the loss of information stored in the gadget: photos,s, applications, music, contacts, etc. Therefore, it is best to regularly synchronize your smartphone or tablet with Google.

This gives very great opportunities. For example, if you take a browser, then synchronizing with it will allow you to access your saved passwords, bookmarks and other useful things in any gadgets.

Thus, synchronization with a Google account is necessary for the convenience of using various services and applications. You can also sync contacts on your mobile phone with Google contacts.

If synchronization with Google has not been carried out, then it is better to do it immediately after the gadget is restored to working condition. The first thing to do is add a Google account. If you already have an account, enter the email address and password and click OK. After that, you will be prompted to backup and restore, which will allow you to back up the data of this device in your Google account. Pressing the “OK” key should confirm the synchronization and wait a few minutes.

After the process is completed, you need to click on the email address, where it will be seen that all services have been updated. You will receive a notification that you have received new messages and that the photos, Google Chrome browser, Google drive, calendar and contacts have been synchronized. It’s best to sync your tablet or smartphone with Google as often as possible.