What does fastboot mean on Xiaomi redmi

Fastboot on Xiaomi: what is it?

Many Xiaomi smartphone users have never heard of Fastboot mode. over, most will never hear about him. But it happens that you put your smartphone in your bag, take it out and see an incomprehensible inscription on the device screen. Fastboot. What is this anyway?

Fastboot is a special mode on Xiaomi smartphones, with which you can reflash the device, unlock the bootloader, etc. There are other ways to flash a smartphone, but in some cases it is necessary to use Fastboot mode, including to return to the firmware version installed earlier.

In this mode, the user observes the following:

At the same time, there are no menu items in Fastboot mode.

To open Fastboot, you need to turn off your smartphone. First, you must press and hold the power key until the menu appears on the screen.

In the menu, you must select the item “Shutdown” or Power off.

The smartphone will be turned off. Now press the volume down key and, while holding it, press the power key.

When the smartphone shows the first signs of life, you can remove your finger from the power key, but the volume down button should be held until you see the Fastboot inscription.

To exit this mode, you must press the shutdown key and hold it until the screen turns off.

After the device should be rebooted normally.

A simple example of Fastboot firmware

You will need an application to install the firmware. this application is MiFlash.

Launch the application and connect your smartphone to your computer or laptop in Fastboot mode. Click on the Refresh button.

The next step is to unpack the firmware intended for installation in Fastboot mode (there are firmwares for the recovery menu, do not confuse). After unpacking using the Browse button, add it to the MiFlash application. Now you need to press the Flash button to install the firmware. it will be installed automatically, you just need to wait. In case of problems MiFlash should show an error.

There is one important nuance. at the bottom of the application there is a choice: Flash All, Flash all except storage or Flash all except data and storage. Usually, the second option is used, since it does not delete data, but if you select the first, then all data from the smartphone will be deleted. So reflash your smartphone more carefully.

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Entering fastboot mode

There is only one way inclusions fastboot tool on Xiaomi. You need to press the volume down and power buttons at the same time.

Hold them for 5-7 seconds until a vibration response appears and the fastboot screen itself.

Through the Recovery menu

Recovery allows you to return the phone to factory settings without having to launch it to the desktop, start the installation of a new firmware version, delete all data on the memory card.

To fix software glitches and stop fastboot from being turned on all the time, follow these instructions:

  • In the window of the included fastboot, simultaneously press the volume down button and the power button. Hold them for 10-15 seconds;
  • Then the phone will start to reboot for a long time. This procedure usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. The main thing is not to try to remove the battery;
  • After rebooting, you will see the system recovery menu screen. Select the Wipe Data field and click on it. In the new window, click on Factory Reset. Use the volume buttons to navigate up and down. To select a command, you need to press the power button.

After turning on the gadget, the factory version of MIUI will be available for your smartphone model.

To update your OS to the latest version, connect to Wi-Fi or 4G.

Go to the window “Settings”. “About system”. “Check for updates”.

Wait for the scan to complete and a notification about the new system version appears. Click on the install key.

Ways to turn off the tool

There are three methods for exiting the fastboot on Xiaomi:

  • Standard method. Works on most smartphones and does not require connection to other devices;
  • Through the Recovery menu. Option for advanced users who understand how System Recovery works. Also, this method is recommended to be used if the gadget hangs during the installation of a new OS;
  • Using a computer. This method is guaranteed to work on all gadgets. However, it is better to use it only when all the previous methods did not work.
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Fastboot tool in Xiaomi. what it is and what it is for

The fastboot window in Xiaomi gadgets is a special service mode of operation, which is needed to install the official or custom firmware, reset the settings to the factory parameters.

Let’s consider how to enable / disable this tool on all models of Xiaomi smartphones.

How to Boot the Xiaomi Redmi 4 into Fastboot Mode?

Many users confuse Fastboot and Recovery modes.

Fastboot Stuck Problem Solved of any Xiaomi phone

However, the way they are turned on is different. The appearance of the fastboot screen is shown in the figure below.

Standard method

A simple method to disable fastboot is to press the power button. Please note that you need to hold it for about 20-30 seconds.

If nothing has happened on the screen during this time, your model does not support this way of managing the system service.

It is not recommended to forcibly exit the fastboot in such cases:

  • The phone is frozen at the stage of flashing;
  • The gadget crashed and after trying to reboot the fastboot window appeared;
  • As a result of the installation of a program infected with a virus, the phone turned off and at startup only the service mode appears.

For all the situations described above, the usual exit from the fastboot will not return the smartphone to work. Use the Recovery menu.

Why does the fastboot window appear?

When flashing the phone, sometimes the gadget may hang on the fastboot window. As a result, the user cannot reboot the device in a standard way.

Also, fastboot can often be started by accident (due to random key presses in your ).

Usually the fastboot window will close automatically after 5 minutes of user inactivity. To quickly deactivate the mode, simply remove the battery and restart the phone.

If the battery is non-removable, the mode is a little more difficult to work with. Below is a detailed description of how to disable the tool for all Xiaomi models.

Using a computer

To disable fastboot using a computer, you need the following files and tools:

  • Any PC or laptop on Windows 7, 8, 10;
  • USB cable;
  • Fastboot drivers. They can be downloaded from;
  • Custom firmware image. You independently choose the version of the mobile OS and download its image in IMG format to your PC;
  • Android ADB Tool.

Connect your phone to your PC. Then install all previously downloaded drivers on your computer. Unpack the ADB.zip archive and open the file with the EXE extension.

Wait while the program recognizes your phone. Then open the image of the operating system in the application and wait for the installation to complete.

Fastboot error on Xiaomi: reasons and what to do if the phone won’t turn on

The phone writes F astboot and Xiaomi does not turn on. such troubles are not a cause for concern. Usually, fastboot mode is turned on as a result of incorrect settings or after careless user actions, so it is not difficult to disable it. Less often, the opening of the mentioned menu signals a system failure that requires the timely intervention of the owner of the smartphone.

In each of these cases, you can easily restore the operation of the device using the standard methods of exiting the fastboot mode. There are several of them, so if the most accessible method does not allow you to deal with problems and access Android. it is enough to take a different approach. In the most difficult cases, when it is impossible to return the phone to its usual state, you will have to contact the employees of the service centers. But usually nothing of the kind is required, since recovery is as simple as possible.

does, fastboot, mean, xiaomi, redmi

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the information below is relevant for all Xiaomi models. including Mi. Redmi and others.

Fastboot on Xiaomi: what it means, how to remove it?

Fastboot on Xiaomi is a special mode of smartphone operation. The service is used to install software on the phone and change installed programs, system settings and files. With it, users can install firmware and update existing components.

An important feature of the mode is its interaction with computers. With the help of the specified service, the PC defines the connected phone not as a standard storage device or external storage, but as a full-fledged working terminal that can be controlled. Management takes place using the command line. As a result, using the service is the easiest way to restore device operation after a failure or problem. True, inexperienced users are not recommended to perform such manipulations, since the firmware can not only increase the performance of the device, but also lead to serious problems, which only employees of repair shops and service centers can cope with.

does, fastboot, mean, xiaomi, redmi


There are several reasons leading to the fastboot “error” on Xiaomi. But before considering the possible sources of the mentioned menu, it should be clarified that fastboot is not an error, but an important mode available for use even when the smartphone does not have Android (or other software).

  • accidental opening of the mode by the user (by simultaneously pressing the power on and volume down buttons);
  • unexpected phone failure;
  • inclusion in the “fast boot” settings;
  • incorrectly installed firmware;
  • getting a virus or a dangerous malicious file on the gadget;
  • an incorrectly installed or mistakenly removed program.
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From the list presented, it is clear that most often careless or rash actions of users lead to the opening of the mode. Other reasons are becoming the exception rather than the norm, therefore, in order not to face difficulties, it is enough to be careful with the technique and not rush to make frivolous decisions.

Xiaomi does not turn on after F astboot

There are several ways to exit the described mode:

  • reboot the phone;
  • enabling the recovery menu;
  • disabling the “fast boot” function;
  • factory reset smartphone.

The easiest and most convenient way is to reboot. To use this approach, you need to hold down the power button for 20 seconds and wait. Usually such actions are enough.

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If the proposed option helps, but after a while the error repeats, it is recommended to go to the gadget settings and disable the fast bootloader. As a result, the involuntary opening of the fastboot will stop.

If after rebooting the smartphone does not come out of the inconvenient mode, it is worth opening the Recovery menu (pressing the power button and increasing the volume at the same time) and pressing the “Wipe Data” button. It is important to emphasize that the last instruction should be used in the most extreme cases, since the described actions will lead to the destruction of all information stored on the phone. It will be impossible to restore it later, therefore, in order not to face such difficulties, it is recommended to make backups in advance or store important files in the cloud storage.

What to do if the Xiaomi phone does not turn on and it says F astboot ?

If the above steps do not help, it remains to install the firmware via the computer. For this you will need:

  • download and install on the PC a special program for interacting with the service (fastboot mode);
  • connect the phone to the computer using the cable supplied with the equipment;
  • run the previously installed utility;
  • follow the instructions on the screen and prepare the file for the firmware;
  • reflash software.

If the user, on the contrary, does not turn on fastboot Xiaomi. it is recommended to immediately contact the service center. Especially if the device is under warranty. Independent attempts to restore the software and return the service to a working state can lead to the emergence of new difficulties and problems. Therefore, it is wiser to immediately grant the right to carry out repairs to experienced craftsmen.

How to enter Recovery?

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • We hold down the volume up button and power. We hold until the download starts.

Navigation through this menu is performed using the volume keys. Confirmation of the selection. with the power button. Custom Recovery also supports touch.

Recovery and Fastboot modes on Xiaomi. How to enter and exit them?

experienced users of Xiaomi devices running Android already know what Recovery and Fastboot modes are and what they are for. Therefore, this manual is aimed rather at beginners who want to learn a little more about the technical side of the device, or have decided on the firmware. So, what are Recovery and Fastboot on Xiaomi, how to turn them on and off?

Stock Recovery

Installed with the official, factory firmware. It is rather scarce in its capabilities. Usually there are only 3 functions: Reboot (reboot the smartphone), Wipe Data (clearing the Data section) and connection with the Mi-assistant (Connect with MIAssistant).

How to log into Fastboot?

In order to enter fastboot mode on Xiaomi smartphones, you must:

  • Turn off device
  • Press the volume down and power button. Wait for the smartphone to vibrate and release them. A rabbit in a hat with earflaps should appear.

Fastboot mode

Fastboot mode. required to connect your device to a PC for the purpose of flashing, installing custom Recovery, etc. We can say technical mode for deeper work with a smartphone.

How to exit Recovery?

  • We find the item Reboot, select it and confirm with the power button.
  • If, for some reason, the first point did not work, then just hold the power button for a long time.

Custom Recovery or TWRP

This is Recovey from third party developers. It is installed by you yourself, instead of the stock one (sometimes, sellers install non-official firmware, for example, from MIUI Pro and therefore, most likely, you already have a custom Recovery).

It looks completely different. Usually, when loading into it, the language selection menu first appears, in which there is, including English. Actually, you need to choose it, unless, of course, you speak Chinese. The selection might look like this:

Or like this (here we can perform several tests, as well as immediately get into recovery or fastboot):

Further, you will see the recovery mode itself, which already has much more functions than in the stock.

There are wipes of various sections (Wipe), and the ability to create a backup (Backup) of any information on your smartphone (including IMEI), and most importantly, what it is used for most often is the firmware (Install). And in general, there is still a lot of interesting things. We will not dwell in detail, since this topic is very broad. Perhaps we will make a separate instruction for it.

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Recovery Mode

Recovery mode, or recovery mode, is a special menu that allows you to perform some actions with your smartphone. There are two types of them: stock and custom.

What is Fastboot on Xiaomi and why is it needed

Fastboot mode is a special mode for controlling a smartphone using the functionality of a computer, based on the sequential input of an extensive list of commands through the command line and the use of the capabilities of some adapted programs. In most cases, owners of Xiaomi smartphones enable Fastboot mode on their own. in order to unlock or lock the bootloader, replace the phone’s firmware version and change some parameters of the smartphones used.

If the phone is switched to Fastboot mode, then the computer does not perceive it as an external device, but as part of the system. Due to this, it becomes possible to direct control through specialized commands and, as a result, unlock new capabilities of the mobile gadget. Many advanced users know well what Xiaomi Fastboot is and periodically use the mode’s capabilities to solve various tasks using Xiaomi mobile devices.

How to enable Fastboot Xiaomi

First, you need to turn off the phone in the standard way. hold down the shutdown button, wait for the shutdown menu to appear, and then press the corresponding button (Shutdown or Power Off). When the screen turns off, you need to hold down the sound reduction key and after a second do the same with the phone’s power button. When the smartphone starts to come to life, the shutdown key will need to be released. But the sound reduction button can be squeezed out only after a picture with a rabbit in a hat appears. The appearance of such an image indicates the successful activation of the required mode. If this is your first time getting to this menu, notice that there are no buttons or panels. These elements are not required for operations.

How to exit Fastboot Xiaomi

If once you took out your phone and saw a cute repairman animal on the screen and do not know what to do, then use the instructions given. She will tell you how to get out of Xiaomi Fastboot without nerves and much effort.

So, to exit Fastboot Xiaomi, you need to hold the shutdown button for about 25 seconds. until the display turns off. Then you should wait a little and turn on the device in the standard way. After these manipulations, the rabbit screensaver should disappear. If the method does not help, then disassemble the phone and disconnect the battery for 5-7 seconds (only if the battery is removable!). Then assemble the smartphone, turn it on and wait for the standard system boot.

By the way, you can accidentally activate the mode even on the best Xiaomi 2020 smartphones, so it’s definitely not worth “sinning” about the “old age” of the model or OS version.

What is Fastboot mode in Xiaomi: definition, ways to enable and disable the mode

Many owners of Xiaomi gadgets have repeatedly come across the mention of the term “Fastboot” (often in articles on the firmware of smartphones), but only roughly imagine what Fastboot Xiaomi is and what exactly is the purpose of this mode. In today’s article, we will briefly talk about the concept of “Fastboot” and provide a brief instruction on how to enable this mode when it becomes necessary to make changes to the smartphone settings. Additionally, we will provide verified information on how to quickly exit the Xiaomi Fastboot mode and avoid problems associated with its periodic activation.

How to quit Xiaomi Fastboot when it boots cyclically

From time to time it happens that the previous methods do not help. This usually happens after an unsuccessful attempt to install the firmware (for example, due to a misunderstanding of the differences between the global and Chinese versions of Xiaomi). A person makes a critical mistake and does not know how to remove Fastboot from the Xiaomi screen, because this mode is activated after each reboot.

The question is solved quite easily. To remove Fastboot Xiaomi from the display and prevent it from reappearing, you need to enable Recovery mode and restart the device. To activate the recovery mode, turn off the phone by holding the power button for about 25 seconds, and then (immediately after the picture disappears) hold down the volume up key. After a few minutes, the Recovery menu will launch. The user will have to select English (for ease of navigation, the default is Chinese), and then sequentially activate the Reboot and Reboot to system commands. As a result of these actions, Fastboot is deactivated, and the phone will restart in standard mode. Using this method, it will be quite easy to exit Fastboot Mode, and without the use of specialized Xiaomi software and the development of third-party programmers.