What does edge mean on iPhone

How to disable the WAP access point in the phone?

To disable wap on your mobile phone, go to the connection settings menu and open the connection that uses this profile. Remove it from the list or just erase the data in the APN (access point).

What are GSM devices?

GSM is an abbreviation for Groupe Special Mobile, in Runet it is found under the abbreviation SPS-900. Means a worldwide standard for communication through mobile cellular devices, in which channels are divided into: TDMA by time. Frequency FDMA May 25, 2019.

What is the Difference Between 4G and LTE?

LTE and 4G mean the same thing, and there is no technical difference between the terms. LTE refers to mobile communication technologies that enable data rates of up to 100 Mbps. The term 4G only means that the fourth generation of cellular standards is used.

What is GPRS in a mobile phone?

General Packet Radio Service. “general packet radio communication”) is an add-on over the GSM mobile communication technology, which carries out packet data transmission. … GPRS allows the user of a cellular network to exchange data with other devices in the GSM network and with external networks, including the Internet.

Apple’s iPhone XR Problem

What is EDGE in a mobile phone?

EDGE (EGPRS) (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) is a digital technology for wireless data transmission for mobile communications, which functions as an add-on over 2G and 2.5G (GPRS) networks. This technology works in TDMA and GSM networks.

What is EDGE on iPhone?

To the surprise of most commentators, the first generation iPhone does not support 3G network access. Instead of 3G, the phone uses the EDGE standard (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution, that is, an extended data transmission level for GSM).

What is LTE network mode?

Long-Term Evolution is a long-term development, often referred to as 4G LTE) is a wireless high-speed data transmission standard for mobile phones and other data terminals. LTE is a natural upgrade for both GSM / UMTS and CDMA2000 operators.

How to activate GPRS service?

The GPRS / EDGE service is not available for any reason, you can activate it by dialing the command 11118 # on the phone, through the MTS Internet Assistant. https://ihelper.mts.ru/selfcare/ or send an SMS with the code 715 to number 1771.

Seamless surfing

Microsoft has officially announced the final commercial versions of its Microsoft Edge browser for mobile devices running Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. For the first time, no-version of the corresponding applications were presented by the company at the beginning of October 2017.

Similar to the well-known desktop version of Microsoft Edge, mobile versions of the browser provide bookmark and browsing history sharing, cross-device password sharing, and voice search and private mode. The browser provides seamless access to browse a web page open on a smartphone, you can continue on a PC or on another device on the same account.

Microsoft separately notes that a number of features in the new version of Microsoft Edge are implemented based on user requests. These include, in particular, the Roaming Passwords option, which allows you to save a new password on your smartphone and then use it in the desktop version of the browser, as well as the popular Dark Theme design, which is also available in mobile browser version.

does, edge, mean, iphone

The release of mobile versions of the Edge browser is one of the key components of the company’s new mobile strategy. Following Microsoft’s refusal to market its own smartphones, pushing proprietary technologies such as the Cortana voice assistant or the Edge browser to custom iOS and Android markets should help Windows 10 users, by design, make it easier to share smartphones and desktops.

Not without a fly in the ointment

At the time of the official announcement, the mobile version of Microsoft Edge was presented with a limited list of language support in a limited number of countries.

For example, Microsoft Edge for iOS is available in English (US, UK), Simplified Chinese (China), and French (France).

Microsoft Edge for Android is available in English (US, UK, India, Canada, Australia), French (France, Canada), and Simplified Chinese (China).

On the thematic portal 9to5Mac, dedicated to Apple products, they have already noticed that despite the possibility of installing Microsoft Edge on various iPhone models, the presented version of the browser is not optimized for some Apple devices.

In particular, 9to5Mac notes, the browser window on the iPhone X screen does not open to its full width and looks like a “box”. The Microsoft Edge browser is not optimized for iPad at all, so lovers of “apple” tablets and Microsoft browsers will have to “juggle with two browsers” at best, conclude in 9to5Mac.

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Localization Perspectives and Download Access

The porting of MS Edge to iOS and Android to additional markets and languages ​​has already been promised, but Microsoft has not announced any specific timelines yet.

To download the mobile version of Microsoft Edge for free in the languages ​​already presented, a special page opens on the company’s website where you can get a link to download the appropriate version to your smartphone or mailbox.

How to disable EDGE network on iPhone

Even overseas company ATT uses EDGE network in an area where 3G signal is not strong enough to support data connection. EDGE network provides slower data transfer and can be connected in case you do not intend to use data transfer. ATT charges roaming charges if you accidentally use the EDGE network or are out of the area or out of the country. So, to avoid overpayment, you should turn off the EDGE network on your iPhone.

Setting: How to Disable EDGE on iPhone.

If you are using a phone outside of Russia, contact ATT customer service by dialing 611 from your iPhone and ask them to turn off Edge network access to your iPhone. Be persistent if they hesitate in this matter. It is possible to disable the Edge network. In case of refusal to change the settings, ask to speak with the manager.

Alternative how to set up and how to enable or disable EDGE on iPhone.

There are sites to help disable the network. But no test was done (be careful). The instruction is as follows, using a wireless Wi-Fi network, open the Safari browser on the iPhone and go to the site providing this option. Click Disable EDGE / 3G, then click Install. Click “Install Now” to complete the installation.

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Useful advice for a traveler, I used to wonder how to turn off gprs in the iPhone, more precisely, how to turn off roaming when I went abroad on a personal business trip and did not want to have unnecessary roaming bills. Guys, shake your mustache. 😉

Thank you) You know, I figured out these settings very quickly. Great!

Another “Giant Thank You” to your piggy bank. The tip about disconnecting the Edge network on the iPhone turned out to be useful to me!

Welcome all! I read a little about EDGE and I can share additional information, if anyone is interested in networks. For example, as far as I understand, EDGE is like an add-on to GPRS and can work in any network, well, in which GPRS is deployed, of course, provided that the telecom operator has done the necessary equipment modernization.

I am pleased to take note of another tip for setting up an iPhone, thanks for the information.!

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Switching between EDGE / 3G / LTE in iPhone 5S / 5C (jailbreak)

Finally, it happened, Apple has included the ability to use LTE for all Russian subscribers of Megafon, MTS, Beeline on iPhone 5S / 5C (http://www.iphones.ru/iNotes/346250). Previously, only Beeline subscribers could officially use LTE on the iPhone (http://www.iphones.ru/iNotes/336762).

New technologies are, of course, good, but there is a nuance. As you know, Russian realities are such that 3G and LTE coverage wants the best, and many (like me) are more important about the duration of the iPhone and the stability of the network than the LTE speeds, which may someday be in the future, and in some places, even LTE in the near future. perspective doesn’t even smell.

The nuance is that when the operator’s settings are updated, it becomes impossible to turn off 3G. Even turning off data transfer completely, the phone still jumps between 2G and 3G with new settings. At my home, for example, 3G is very poorly caught and constantly jumps between 3G and EDGE. If 3G is turned on, problems with voice calls begin, people stop calling me the first time, and so on. It also has a big impact on the battery, as it constantly switches between 2G / 3G. I think many people understand what I’m talking about.

I personally solved this problem for myself and want to share the solution with everyone. I bought my iPhone 5S model A1530 for the possible use of LTE from MTS, but I did not suspect about the impossibility of turning off 3G. With the release of Jailbreak for iOS 7, I began to explore the possibilities of firstly enabling LTE, without waiting for the official announcement, and secondly, the possibility of switching between 2G / 3G / LTE. Unfortunately, as Google has shown, at the moment there is no stable tweak that would allow you to quickly and easily switch between 2G / 3G / LTE. I started to invent my own way.

So, my way of switching is quite brutal and requires some minimal knowledge and skills related to jailbreak. The way is that I created a script that switches Carrier Bundle (roughly speaking, operator settings) from the old version, which only includes 3G to the new one and vice versa.

I want to say right away that the method was tested on the iPhone 5S A1530 on the MTS operator. I do not know how it will work on 5C and other operators, but I tried to make the most secure and stable universal script

For implementation you will need:

  • Jailbreak iPhone 5S / 5C
  • Console interface tool (optional)
  • MobileTerminal from sidia. From the pros. the easiest way to install and use. But of the minuses. you will need to enter the command manually each time.
  • OpenSSH SSH client that can save settings and immediately run a command when connecting (I chose and bought iSSH, because it is ideal enough for working with the console and has the necessary functions)
  • Bash and commands dirname, Echo, cat, grep, killall, cp, rm. in theory, they should be installed automatically when installing Cydia, but I’m not sure
  • The afc2add package from Cydia to access the full iOS file system (not needed to work in theory, but at the time of installation it may be needed at least for backup)
  • iFunBox or something similar to access the iOS FS for manual script installation
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After implementing points 1 and 4, be sure to backup the operator settings using the tool from point 5 or using your own folder method (depending on your operator): / System / Library / Carrier Bundles / iPhone / MTS_ru.bundle / System / Library / Carrier Bundles / iPhone /MegaFon_ru.bundle / System / Library / Carrier Bundles / iPhone / VimpelCom_ru.bundle and / private / var / mobile / Library / Carrier Bundles / iPhone / MTS_ru.bundle / private / var / mobile / Library / Carrier Bundles / iPhone / MegaFon_ru.bundle / private / var / mobile / Library / Carrier Bundles / iPhone / VimpelCom_ru.bundle The last folders may not be there or they may appear after updating the carrier settings. If something goes wrong, you will need to return the contents of these folders back.

Further files for implementation:

  • www.mafet.ru/lte/lteswitch.zip This archive contains a script with autodetection of the current operator, as well as a set of Carrier Bundle for three operators for 2G / 3G only mode and for LTE
  • www.mafet.ru/lte/services After clicking on the link, you just need to save this file to disk without changes. This will be needed for a new SSH instance (details below)
  • www.mafet.ru/lte/com.openssh.sshd2.plist This is the file for launching the second SSH instance (more details below)
  • www.mafet.ru/lte/lteswitch_all.zip All files in one archive

My method assumes relatively convenient control over the toggle functions through the iOS interface, so I personally use iSSH for the toggle. The switching interface looks like this:

Let’s start installing the script.

  • It is necessary to unpack the archive from point 1 and place it in the / var / root folder (or any other folder, this is not very important) using the iFunBox I mentioned, but anything can be. the main thing is the result. You should get something like:
  • Since the zip archive and copied files are unlikely to preserve the executable attribute of the file, just in case, you need to go to the lteswitch folder through the terminal and assign the executable flag. A small educational program: Moving through folders in unix systems is done using cd path separators. the usual slash /, as opposed to the screw backward \. Those. the path is written as / var / root So. Go to a folder like cd / private / var / root / lteswitch / and type chmod x lteswitch.sh
  • In principle, everything is ready for the switch to work, but not very convenient. To check, you can execute commands (the path may be different, depending on where you copy the script) Switching to 2G / 3G only mode: /private/var/root/lteswitch/lteswitch.sh 3G the result will be something like: Switching to LTE mode: /private/var/root/lteswitch/lteswitch.sh LTE the result will be something like:
  • It would be necessary to make everything comfortable. Unfortunately, I never found a working way to run scripts using the SpringBoard icon and therefore I do it through iSSH, as a software that can run commands when connected via SSH, but for this I need to prepare SSHd. If someone knows a way to run scripts from the SpringBoard icon. I really look forward to it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will rewrite the article and there will be much less hemorrhoids with SSH.
  • The services file must be placed in the / etc folder, or manually add the line to this file: sshalt 8022 / tcp # SSH Remote Login Protocol With this line, we add a description of port 8022 for a new SSH instance.This is necessary so that you can connect to SSH from localhost I do not know why, but since firmware 7 Apple has banned the ability to connect to ports below 1024 locally. If anyone knows how to fix this. again, I’m really looking forward to it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.
  • Again, as part of raising SSH on port 8022, you need to copy the com.openssh.sshd2.plist file to the / Library / LaunchDaemons / folder and restart the iPhone so that the service starts.
  • The final stage, you need to configure iSSH (or similar software) to easily run the script. To do this, you need to add two configurations with the following parameters: To switch to 2G / 3G
  • Colored oval status bar icons

    On iPhone X and later, you may see colored oval icons with a time indicator. On iPhone 8 and previous models, a color indicator stretches across the entire status bar. This color is also informative, this is what it means:

    Blue indicator. Your iPhone is in tethering mode, Screen Replay, or the app is actively using your location. On iPhone 8 and earlier in tethering mode, the number of devices connected to the smartphone will be displayed. In this case, an icon for activating this mode will be shown in the status bar.

    Green indicator. You are currently on a phone call.

    Red indicator. Your iPhone is currently recording sound or screen.

    Explanation of all icons in the status bar (status bar) iPhone

    The status bar of the iPhone (this is the place at the top of the display where the operator’s name, clock, wireless and other services and activity of functions are displayed) sometimes appear very strange service icons that you might not know about. In this article, we want to show these icons and tell what they mean.

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    What are the status icons on the iPhone

    This icon indicates that the user is within the coverage area of ​​his cellular network, which allows him to receive and make calls. If there is no signal, the status “No network” will be shown.

    This icon can be seen on a dual SIM iPhone. It shows the location of the device in the network coverage area, which makes it possible to make and receive calls. If there is no signal, the status “No network” will be shown.

    The smartphone has access to the operator’s LTE network, which makes it possible to access the Internet through it. This feature is available on iPhone 5 and later, but not in all regions.

    Your operator allows you to work through the 5G E network and connect through it to the Internet. This feature is compatible with iPhone 8 and later, but does not work in all regions.

    This icon indicates the presence of a 3G UMTS (for GSM) or EV-DO (for CDMA) network of the operator in use, through which you can connect to the Internet.

    This icon indicates the presence of your operator’s 4G UMTS (for GSM) or EV-DO network for CDMA, through which you can connect to the Internet. However, this option is not available in all regions.

    How to Fix iPhone stuck on EDGE / 2G Problem

    Your operator allows you to work in the GPRS (for GSM) or 1xRTT (for CDMA) networks and connect to the Internet through them.

    It is possible to connect to your operator’s GSM EDGE network and work through it on the Internet.

    It is possible to use the Wi-Fi Calling feature. The name of the service provider will also be shown next to this icon.

    Your iPhone is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network.

    You are connected to the network via VPN.

    The icon indicates that the iPhone is connected to a Virtual Private Network. Thanks to this channel, the smartphone securely transfers confidential information. Encrypted data transmission can be carried out both via Wi-Fi and via a cellular data network. You can configure VPN by going to Settings → General → VPN.

    There is currently no VPN connection to the network.

    An application or site uses geolocation services in its work. If the icon is empty, it means that the application can receive information about your location only under certain circumstances.

    Airplane mode is activated. Cellular Calls Not Possible.

    A teletypewriter (TTY) is a special device that is used by people with disabilities, or more precisely, partial or even complete hearing loss.

    This feature provides the ability to send texts using a regular telephone line. After all, any entered text will automatically be converted to audio. The received sound is decoded in the same way into text. This is how, in TTY mode, someone with any hearing impairment can receive and answer calls using the screen and keyboard.

    The device orientation lock is activated. In this mode, the screen orientation will not change when the phone is rotated.

    The icon means that the orientation lock function of the iPhone or iPad is activated. A very convenient thing when, for example, you lie on your side in bed and read a book or surf the net, so that the device does not automatically expand the picture to landscape mode.

    Do not disturb mode is activated. It will not play sounds for calls, alerts, and notifications. But you can still hear the alarm signals.

    You can read more about how to configure the function here, and about the operation of the mechanisms of the “Do not disturb” mode and what happens to calls and SMS when the device is in this mode, read here.

    IPhone is syncing with your computer (iTunes, Finder, or Music app).

    Your iPhone is locked. You can remove protection using Touch ID, FaceID or by entering a password.

    Your iPhone is paired with a wireless headset, in-ear headphones, or simple earbuds.

    With this icon, you can check the battery charge level. If the icon is yellow, then this indicates the activation of the power saving mode. The red color of the icon indicates that the battery level of the smartphone is less than 20%.

    You can see the battery level of a device connected to iPhone via Bluetooth.

    Your iPhone is connected to the Internet thanks to the Hotspot feature activated on another iOS device.

    Your iPhone battery is currently charging.

    Where are the status icons located

    You can see these icons in the status bar (status bar) of the iPhone. However, for models with Face ID, the icons are located to the right and left of the cutout on the screen.

    If you do not see these elements on your screen, then open the “Control Center”, for this you need to swipe the screen down from the upper right corner.

    Models with Touch ID have icons on the top line.

    Green and orange indicator (iOS 14 and newer only)

    A small orange dot in the status bar area at the top of the display indicates that an application is using the iPhone or iPad microphone. If a green dot turns on. iPhone is using the camera (details).