What Does An Exclamation Mark On An Iphone Mean?

What Does An Exclamation Mark On An Iphone Mean?

A lot of questions are asked by users in our Vkontakte group regarding optimization of photo storage on iPhone and functions in general from the Photo and Camera settings section. Let’s get it together.

ICloud Media Library

ICloud Music Library is an option that allows you to download your entire iCloud Music Library and access it from any of your devices. You can also view these photos from iCloud.com, just log in using your iCloud account.

Optimize storage on iPhone or save originals?

This option asks a lot of questions. Mostly this comes from ignorance. Here are some of them: “At the bottom of the photo there is some exclamation mark, the photos are muddy, what should I do?”, “The photo can be viewed normally only when connected to the Internet”, etc.

Let’s start with what these settings do. The first (storage optimization on iPhone) uploads the originals of your photos to iCloud, leaving only a low-quality copy on devices, thereby freeing up memory on your device. View such photos in quality is possible only when connected to the Internet. And if there is none, then the photos open blurry, and the exclamation mark below informs you that the original photo is not loaded.

The second option (Saving Originals), on the contrary, leaves all your pictures in original quality on your device. This storage method provides faster access to viewing photos, but at the same time, it does not save memory on your device.

My Photo Stream

The activated My Photo Stream option distributes your photos to all your iCloud devices automatically when connected to Wi-Fi. So if you do not want a bunch of captured photos to appear on your other devices, then safely turn off this option.

ICloud Photo Sharing

ICloud Photo Sharing allows you to create albums where people you share with can see photos. A kind of small social network in the circle of people close to you. These shared albums have commenting and like features.

Photo tab

This setting will allow you to view all photos from all media libraries in the “Photos” tab.


In the Camera column, you can activate the auxiliary grid when shooting photos ands, select the shooting quality and the number of frames per second, and also decide for yourself whether to leave the original photos when shooting in HDR (High Dynamic Range. high dynamic range) mode or not.

Recall that when the HDR mode is activated, the device takes several photos, overlays them and selects the best color and light correction.

We hope that this article has resolved all your questions. And if new ones appear, ask them in our VKontakte group.