What Camera On Iphone 6 How Many Megapixels

Main camera

I’d like to know right away by looking at the iPhone 6 how many megapixels the camera has. Has their number increased compared to previous brand models? Unfortunately for many, the number of pixels in the main optics, called iSight, remains the same. 8. But it has long been known that the number of pixels is far from the most basic indicator of shooting quality, since a good shot also depends on a number of other important parameters.

The iPhone 6 has an enhanced sensor and f / 2.2 aperture lens. This innovation, along with pixels with a size of 1.5 microns, will give owners unique shooting opportunities. Other useful features include autofocus, a hybrid infrared filter, a face recognition function, a 5-element lens system, an HDR mechanical inclusion system, and an optical image stabilizer. What kind of pixels can we talk about when there are such sophisticated options in the arsenal? Now let’s talk in more detail about the optics of the iPhone 6 device: which camera, how many megapixels it has.

Image Quality

Photos in reality are very bright and attractive. White balance is normal, the stabilizer works fine, and focusing using Focus Pixel technology takes place in a matter of moments: an order of magnitude faster than in previous models of this line of smartphones. Pictures on a bright sunny day are clear, high-quality and unlit. Small problems are observed during macro photography, especially when focusing on moving objects. In such conditions, tap on the screen is not the most convenient solution to manage. In this aspect, the iPhone 6 is inferior to the Sony Xperia Z3, which has a more convenient two-position hardware key.

Night shots

Now let’s talk about night shooting using an iPhone 6 smartphone. A camera, no matter how many megapixels it may have, is not valuable without a high-quality flash. True Tone LED flash allows you to take good pictures even in low light or in the dark. The picture comes out many times worse than the analogue made with plenty of lighting, but still the quality is quite decent. Photos turn out to be slightly darker than the same Z3, which has 20.7 megapixels in stock, but there is a little less noise in the pictures of the apple smartphone.


Smartphone owners can record Full HD at 240 FPS. It is worth noting that thes are almost perfect: the movements are smooth, the color reproduction is amazing, the focus is excellent. In the arsenal of the camcorder there is an interesting HDslow function that allows you to shoot in slow motion. the quality does not drop at all when this option is activated. An interesting fact is that in the speed of focusing and as the illumination of photographed objects, the iPhone 6 model slightly outperforms its brother with a larger screen diagonal. What caused this is incomprehensible.

What Camera On Iphone 6 How Many Megapixels


Next in the review of the optics of the smartphone iPhone 6 is the front camera: how many megapixels it has and what capabilities it has, we will analyze in this part of the article. Front optics FaceTime received 1.2 megapixels and aperture f / 2.2. The low number of pixels should not be particularly embarrassing, since the creators of the apple smartphone claim that they are quite enough for high-quality shooting. Of the main options of the front camera, one can single out serial shooting and the face recognition function, which may well come in handy. Also, the selfie camera can shoots with a resolution of 720p. Therefore, this optics is not only suitable for photos, but also for conferencing.

Design flaws

How the iPhone 6 camera turned out, how many megapixels it has, it became clear, but now it’s worth noting the location of the main lens. The camera eye in this model turned out to be somewhat bulging. The developers explain this by the fact that it is impossible to achieve a perfectly smooth body with an abundance of various functionalities for photo and shooting, which the new flagship has. This is a slight flaw. Now, to put the phone straight, you need to put it solely on the surface of the screen. Also, the camera is easy to touch, which is fraught with damage to the lens. Plus, the fact that dust and various debris constantly collects around the eye is upsetting. However, the American brand produces many interesting cases for its users, with the help of which it will be possible to protect the optics from pollution and mechanical damage.


Although fans of Apple didn’t wait for the abundance of megapixels, the camera surprised me with many other interesting features: an updated aperture, an optical image stabilizer, high-quality autofocus and an abundance of other lotions make the flagship an excellent alternative to a digital camera.

A slight drawback of the device iPhone 6 is the front camera. How many megapixels do you need for a high-quality picture? At least 5. There are only 1.2. But to place pictures, for example, on social networks, the front camera will fit.

filing deserves flattering words, which is implemented here at the highest level. Once again, it is worth noting that the optics of the iPhone 6 behaves somewhat better in some situations than the iPhone 6 plus. The camera (how many megapixels in it. Is indicated above) in the Sony Xperia Z3 does not win much due to a number of interesting and convenient functions, but in some aspects even it is inferior to the apple smartphone.

As a result, the and cameras of the new flagship live up to all expectations. The abundance of various functionalities supported by innovative technologies allows us to achieve extraordinary quality of photos ands, which was previously inaccessible to smartphones. The race for megapixels over time will sink into oblivion, giving way to more interesting decisions of developers when creating cameras for mobile devices. iPhone 6 is a direct confirmation of this.