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Understand and forgive. Overview of smart watches Apple Watch

Apple Watch has already been said a lot. The clock was restrained, scolded a lot. Official supplies have not yet begun, and in the “gray” market have decreased to reasonable values. In a word, you can take. But is it necessary? And if necessary, then to whom and why?

Welcome to the future, where each application longs for your attention and requires an immediate reaction. Smartphones have become too large, hardly fit in the Getting a pipe every time it vibrates or makes a sound becomes inconvenient. And here smart watches appear. And so that it does not seem enough, the clock is endowed with the functions of fitness trackers. Before the appearance of Apple Watch, the leading position in the market was occupied by Google with the Android Wear platform. There were independent devices like Pebble, also very successful. However, now Apple has sold more boxes only on prejections than Android Wear for all the time of existence. Something similar was once with the iPad, which was sold better than all other Android planks. Apple magic in action.

The clock is in short supply, when ordering in official stores, delivery expects up to three months (depending on the specific modification). And despite the not very warm reaction from the press, it is obvious that in general, the novelty is greeted hotly and are looking forward to.

Initial data

You, however, already know that the watch exist in two form factors (38 and 42 mm) and in three main versions (Watch Sport, Watch and Watch Edition). In the first case, the body is aluminum, in the second. steel, in the third. golden. Straps and bracelets can also be different. There are a lot of combinations, and the price of is huge: from 349 to 17000. I got a classic version for testing. 42 mm, steel case and bracelet Milanese loop. In the American Apple Store, this model costs 699. In. about 77 thousand.

Apple Watch box is disproportionate to the size of the gadget itself. She is huge. Inside. charger, cable and another box in which the clock is lying. Honestly, even iPhone is sold in more compact packaging. Different versions of the clock have different. For example, Watch Sport is more compact, oblong in shape.

Apple Watch Series 4. review

Good day!

Frankly, I was not going to write a review on Apple Watch, because for a long time I considered them a rather useless thing. But recent events have changed my attitude to this gadget, which I will talk about now.

In this review there will be no photo packaging and other things, all this is on the Internet and on your beloved ayere recommend. I want to share my experience and tell me why for me they became a necessity.

A little about the purchase. The decision to purchase Apple Watch was spontaneous, well, I wanted to and that’s it. Logic and common sense at that time was nervously smoked aside. I ordered my watch in the Svyaznoy online store, I arrived the next day and took. It was all in February 2019. I had never used a “smart clock” before, I had a little experience in operating only a fitness bracelet. At the time of the purchase, my watch was about 33,000. Where is my valerian, for this money you can buy a TV. Or a phone. Or a tablet?

Design. The clock looks great and on their own, but just in case, I also acquired a protective bumper and glass on the entire famous Chinese site. Survived, now glasses, films, etc.D. Even for the clock they were invented when we will be pleased with the nervous nylon tights? Well, this is, thoughts out loud. Actually, this is what Apple Watch looks like on my hand with all this beauty.

The functions are necessary and not very. The clocks can receive calls, though you will talk about them either by speakerphone or in headphones if you have them. Sometimes I take this possibility driving. Also at work, not taking out the iPhone, I see who calls me if the call is not important, I can drop it. Now there are no situations with missed calls from her husband.

All messages come to the clock, including from social.networks. There is a possibility of quick answers, or you can dictate the text yourself

The functions I have often used is to find iPhone. I constantly throw a phone somewhere and then frantically begin to look for it. Now just press the button on the dial and the iPhone begins to saw loudly. Convenient and fast.

Training modes. I don’t visit the gym, there is an exercise bike at home. I turn on the training when I do. But it is interesting that in basic training there is walking on the street, for example. Often a clock write me a workout when I walk with a dog.

Rings of activity follow me. Every hour I get notifications that I need to get up and walk a little, so that in the evening to close the warm.up ring. For all closed rings, the clock praises me, if not closed today, they advise you to move more tomorrow. Well, something like this.

Camera mode. I rarely remember him. But the bottom line is that you can install the phone on a tripod, for example, go and by pressing the clock button, take a picture. I took this opportunity to the company when everyone decided to take a picture together together.

Alarm. If earlier I could calmly oversleep, as I turned off the alarm on the iPhone and slept further, then the Apple Watch now does not allow this to do this. Delicate, but persistent vibration on the wrist works perfectly. Now I get up on time.

Weather. With my hours I always know how many degrees on the street. This is incredibly convenient. But even more surprise is the accuracy of weather forecast. There were no mistakes in my memory. Weather forecasters, note.

There are many more functions, I talked about the most commonly used.

Battery. There is sadness and pain here. I have to charge hours every one and a half days. And for this reason, I even wanted to sell them, buy a fitness bracelet, like my husband, and not think for a week about charging. But one “but”.

This model has the function of determining the fall, if you do not respond to the clock for a certain time, they call an ambulance and send notifications to those contacts that are added to the list in case of an emergency. I did not have to check this function, but cases when the clock saved their lives to their owners, you can find information on the Internet.

I had to check a slightly different function. In the clock settings in the heart section, you can set notifications of a high and low pulse.

The bottom line is that if the heart rhythm is too large or vice versa is small for 10 minutes, then you will receive a notification that is automatically recorded in the health program.

iphone, watches, apple, watch

recently, I fell ill with sinusitis, and it is quite difficult. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic, quite strong, before it was not necessary to take such. In the beginning, I did not pay attention that the condition did not improve, I felt disgusting. And then. Perodically on the clock, I was surprised to receive notifications of a high pulse at rest. That is, when I just sit or lie, or I sleep at all. Given that usually the pulse is in my range of 50-60 beats per minute, this indicator excited. I turned to the doctor, it turned out that I ran into a rare, but extremely dangerous side effect from the antibiotic. the emergence of life.threatening arrhythmias. I stopped taking the drug, gradually everything returns to normal. But I’m afraid to imagine how everything could end if I drank the course until the end.

At the same time, I repeat, I did not associate the deterioration of the general condition with the use of the medicine, but drew attention and took measures when Apple Watch began to notify the alarming feature.

Apple Watch Series 7. review

Fashion dictates our rules every day and we are already on the subconscious level at her. I am not an ardent supporter of Apple products, but after the opening of the Apple Watch Series 7 and the promoted advertising, I wanted to purchase such. Of course I had doubts for a long time to take 6 or 7, or maybe even se. I thought for a long time, pretended and decided to take the last model in the most complete color, which I want to talk a little more about.

The desire for more Apple Watch has changed: Series 7 received a large and convenient screen, now displaying more information than before. At the same time, the clock itself has not changed in size. They remained light, comfortable and compact, but became smarter and faster. Apple Watch S7. This is a 20% larger screen than that of Series 6, and 50% compared to Series 3 models. The joint work of engineers and designers made it possible to reduce the frame along the edges of the Retina display, making the area to display information more. At the same time, the display itself is now brighter and does not go out when you lower your hand. it is constantly turned on and consumes less energy. The strength that has always been with you Series 7 has received the most durable and protected screen among Apple hours: the new Watch generation is not terrible either by blows, cracks, or dusting with dust or immersion in water. With them you can safely swim in the pool and dive at a depth of 50 meters, completely devoting yourself to sports training. We monitor the health display of the time. only one of many functions of smart watches, and not the most important.

(Unlike my iPhone, which I took European and did not even regret it)

Color. The shining star was standing between several colors, because there are five colors in total.

  • “dark night”. Black
  • “shining star”. Silver case with a beautiful strap
  • Green
  • Blue
  • (Product) Red. Red. Probably VSP know that if you take a red phone or watch, then deductions from their sales go to charity to combat AIDS.

Of course it’s a little disappointing that because of the color category is cheaper.

If it talks about packaging, then there is a continuous aesthetics and buzz. Surprisingly, I liked it right away. Minimalism and style that is so nice to hold in your hands and realize that you have new hours. In front of the spilled logo, we see nothing else.

iphone, watches, apple, watch

On the back are stickers with the main information about the product. There is a sticker image and basic characteristics and everything in Russian. This is extremely convenient. On the sides we see “ears”.

For them you need to pull to open the first box-final box and see another 2 boxes inside.

They are quite simple in each there is control of the first autopsy, so here you can be definitely calm that it is not.

A dial is drawn on the first box and this tells us that inside the dial, charging and instructions are inside.

The second box shows the strap and if you open it, we see 3 parts of the belt-one with fasteners, and 2 other parts of different sizes and are suitable for a different volume of the hand.

I certainly will not hide that the clock looks stylish, but when wearing and very comfortable. I do not recommend taking 45 ml to the hand in a volume of 14-16 because it will be extremely inconvenient when wearing. The most optimal option is 41 ml. Yes, it may first seem that it does not look very beautiful, but during operation you will understand that it is convenient to take off your hand, it is convenient to sleep in such hours and do other work. I have a hand 15 cm so you can see how a clock of 41 mm. By the way, it was a very important choice for me and I did not find more than one review where exactly and clearly showed the volume of the hand and diagonal of the watch.

The clock tablet itself is black and we only see the silver window window.On the display, I initially did not glue the film, because it was stated that the screen is resistant to the appearance of scratches of the glass plate, and on the outer surface an additional screen was treated with a special oleophobic coating. In other words, we can say a fat.repellent coating.

My strap is standard, which was included. Selikonovyts. He has a beautiful bodily tint. I generally think that such color gama is perfect for girls and it will be the same for the summer. Such hours will look great in any style, but with for those who want changes you can additionally order another strap. By the way, I note that during operation, as many said before, the hand under his native bracelet does not sweat and walk is quite comfortable. Returning to the description of the watch, we see a speaker on one side.


Apple Watch are not record holders in terms of autonomy in the market, however, against my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, they live much longer. Instead of a day and a half. two and a half. The growth is insignificant, but tangible. Fear for the fact that the clock will be discharged at the most inopportune moment, no more. Plus, regarding the dimensions of Apple Watch, and they are comparable with my previous smart watches, the extra day of autonomous work is an even more significant advantage.


I purchased Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in early August 2019 during a trip to and first of all after purchasing I went to the vastness of the Internet to look for places where you can buy inexpensive straps for them. It’s just that the clock for me is a particularly personal gadget, and walking with a standard strap that the manufacturer provided, for some reason, is difficult for me, it is difficult for me. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active uses standard, hourly mount 20 millimeters wide. Everything would be fine, but finding the straps for this mount remained not the easiest task. In the hope of finding something suitable, I went to the hump and, in general, found nothing, except for a pair of straps from leatherette extremely dubious quality for a tidy price tag. And so I left the capital to my home, the next day I went to Petersburg, where I decided to drop by to Kitay-Gorod.

This is a shopping center, which is, by and large, a covered market with a variety of Chinese goods. from electronics and clothing to all kinds of accessories. And there I also did not find anything under my samsung, but under the Apple Watch what kind of good was not. The same thing with Gorbushkinsky radio market. In general, there is such a situation that the most simply accessories find under smart watches Apple or Xiaomi Mi Band, for other smart watches with a conventional hour fastener, this is much more difficult. Of course, the open spaces of Chinese online hypermarkets are open to everyone, but it’s much easier for me to go to the store and buy a strap for the same hours there, at least a Chinese one, at least some branded. About whether it is worth saving on straps, we will talk to you in one of the future materials.

What are smart watches for

To figure out why Apple Watch is needed, it is necessary to consider the features of their work and the advantages of use. The following points are distinguished on this issue:

  • Smart watches can be used as a standard time notification device. To activate the display, just look at them. If the owner stops using them, the display turns off within a few seconds. Forced shutdown is possible if you cover the display with your palm.
  • Iwatch supports a huge number of functions. Here you can install a calorie, pulse, steps, standard office applications for permanent use, listen to music, radio and much more. Smart hours will work only at the request of its owner-what will be established, will function.
  • Tablets and smartphones can cost a lot of money, and their use is not always convenient in a hurry or at an important meeting. Another thing is smart watches that look like a standard accessory and, if necessary, will give answers to many questions. When loading individual applications, questions are needed by Apple Watch watches, they fall away automatically.

Providing Smart hours does not provide for the user notification of the changes in a particular application. You can forget about the vibration and sound signals of the tablet and smartphone. Therefore, office workers have long understood why the Apple Watch is needed, because now they can read private letters from email or SMS messages without sound signals and secretly from a serious boss.

How Apple Watch

To be able to work with Apple Watch. there is nothing easier. Even people who can hardly master new technology will figure it out here. It is enough to use the following recommendations:

  • First you should activate the Apple Watch, combining them with the iPhone or smartphone. If there are no such devices, you will not have to buy them. It is enough to use the LTE system, which does all the work of autonomous. The launch occurs automatically. after the recognition of the iPhone device or the use of the attached “flash drive” from LTE.
  • Each device is presented in the form of standard hours. On the side there are two details. a wheel and a large elongated button. With their help, owners can receive new information.
  • The large key turns on smart watches, turns off, restarts. The number of presses on the button indicates the necessary actions.
  • The wheel has practically no differences from the standard watches. But here you can use messages with its help, view photos and other actions.

note! The download of the new application is carried out on a smartphone or iPhone, and then it is activated in smart watches. If necessary, the required expansion is selected and used for its intended purpose.

Instructions for setting up and using Apple Watch

The kit includes instructions for setting SMART hours. She is very simple and detailed.

Gestures and “hand turn” on Apple Watch

Force Touch allows you to use gestures to control the device. This modern technology determines the force of touching the screen. The latest hours of hours can respond to gestures. Their number is not so great, but manufacturers promise to expand this spectrum.

There are at the moment there are gestures such as turning the hand with your hand down or patting. a deviation of the incoming call. Raising or lowering the hand with a palm facing down can increase or decrease the volume.

note! With a wave of your hand to the side, you can easily turn over the pages of the e.book.

Phone control using Smart watches

Smart watches can take on some iPhone functions. Capable of calling and accepting incoming from the phone.

Apple Watch may show notifications and SMS messages on the screen. You can answer already a finished template or enter messages. The built.in assistant has a high level of recognition of voice text.

Smart watches are able to play musical compositions with iPhone. You can download music for running. With their help they look at photos and control the smartphone camera.

Call setting via Apple Watch

Smart hours can make outgoing calls from selected contacts. The choice takes place with a side button Digital Crown.

Note! If you need to make a call by the number that is not specified in the contacts, go to the “phone” application and select the specified number. As an alternative, they give a voice command Siri (on devices of the latest episodes).

Calls via Apple Watch are possible for all contacts

Digital Crown wheel functionality

Digital Crown’s functionality is huge. It is thanks to him that there is navigation throughout the Interais and the transition to the home screen of the watch to make a choice of another application. With the help of a wheel, they change the scale of display on the screen and call a voice assistant.

Introducing Apple Watch Ultra | Apple

Turn on Apple Pay

Modern models of Smart hours have compatibility with Apple Pay-contactless payment. For activation, do the following:

To add a new card, press the “Add card”. Authorization undergoes. The system checks all the data and gives access in case of their reliability.

How to use siri

Siri is an assistant who facilitates the use of the device. He can ask him a variety of questions, ask to open the desired program. The latest models have the opportunity to contact with a wireless headset, as the assistant answers aloud.

Important! In the early models you will have to read messages on the display.

Starting with 3 models and then you can not pronounce the greeting “Hello, siri”. It is enough to raise your hand so that the clock wakes up, bring it to your mouth and make a request.

If the screen supports Siri, you can add this extension and run it by clicking.

Smart watches Apple Watch with detailed instructions will give great pleasure when operating. Intuitive integral integral design, multifunctionality will not leave anyone indifferent.

What time is it?

The first thing Apple Watch is for is to view the time, as on the usual watch. The manufacturer made a function as convenient as possible. When moving the wrist, the backlight is activated, that is, in the dark, the information on the screen will be visible, it can also be turned off.

There is a setting of dials, there is a choice between classic arrows and displaying time, as on electronic watches. if desired. This Apple Watch function will allow you to change the design of the watch from sports to business. depending on the needs of the client.

Health and sport

Consider why the Apple watch is needed an athlete or just a person who controls the state of his health. A smart gadget can calculate and save the parameters in the background:

The results are preserved in the application, after which they can be analyzed. Achievements for convenience are grouped in 3 categories: General activity, time spent on the legs, and reinforced training. Thanks to these hints, the user will be able to determine how effective the training turned out to be and understand when you need to take a break from work.

When playing sports, the use of Apple Watch will be useful because the device sets the physical activity mode: running, cycling, swimming, etc.D. The latest opportunity is inherent in the second generation of smart watches, they are more resistant to moisture, with them you can go to the pool without fear. During swimming in the Apple Watch Sport version, the number of rings and overcome circles is calculated.

Another distinguishing characteristic is the quality control and duration of sleep. A person does not always follow whether he lay down in time, and even more so he can’t determine how effective the rest turned out to be. But the well.being depends on the quality of sleep and the ability to work quickly and productively. Now monitor the indicators will be Sleep for Apple Watch. The next morning it will show:

In the program you can install a smart alarm clock that will ring at the right time, when the body is ready to shake the mountains.

If you install the Workout App app, then the functionality of the gadget will expand significantly. In addition to the presence of statistics, there is an opportunity to set goals, and the device will remind of those to which the user has not yet begun. Plus, Workout App has developed training programs for 7 days, a month or more for those who play sports without an instructor.

Apple Watch Fix Forgot Passcode. RESET NO iPHONE

The results achieved can not only be proud, but also share them with friends.

Smart watches Apple Watch SE. review

Almost a year passed, as I bought myself the first estims in the kit for my iPhone 11.

Before their acquisition, I had many doubts and none of these Smart hours could intelligibly explain what kind of advantages in them. Except as “respond to calls without a phone”.I will make a review on the most important functions (but even it will be capacious in content), since I can talk endlessly about all the chips and pluses of Apple Watch Se. And I’ll tell you why it is worth choosing this particular watch model from Apple.According to my recommendation, a friend also took SE herself. I am sure that you will also be delighted with them if you start using the watch to the maximum, and not as an expensive accessory.

Powerful functions with which it is even easier to lead an active lifestyle, monitor health, remain in touch and feel safe. Apple Watch SE is the clock with which you will evaluate every second.

I want to note that in the summer the cost on Apple Watch Se was much lower. I bring to familiarize the price for this time for these Smart hours:

I was lucky to get them at half the price, since I had a lot of points on the store’s map, so my purchase was as profitable as possible.

Characteristics, selection of size and appearance

You can familiarize yourself with all the Apple Watch SE characteristics:

I have a thin wrist, so I chose the size of 40 mm. Before buying, I measured two possible sizes. But the clock with a 44 mm case looked very bulky on my hand and the strap from the clock did not fit his hand to the hand.

Of the three possible colors of Apple Watch SE 40 MM, I liked the color “gray space” most of all (aka Space Grey).

I will show the contents of the box from my forth.

Needless to say, and the quality and convenience of Apple begins even with the packaging itself. easy and pleasant to open:

The kit includes only a charger, which is a charging cable with a magnetic mount. Its length is 1 meter. There is no adapter. This company principle is pretty confused for me.

In my case, with the clock there was a classic black sporting strap made of silicone (later I bought a similar red, you already saw it above). Quality is adjacent to the status of a brand. It is perfect!

The belt from the clock has two sizes. S/m and m/l. I use the smallest. And he sits perfectly even on my thin wrist.

As for the clock itself. Excellent performance. There are practically no fingerprints, like scratches after almost a year I have no. My watch has an OLED display, with backlight and due to this it is very bright and it is clearly visible regardless of how I turn my hand. But it turns on precisely when lifting the hand.

The rest of the time it is black.Why don’t I use protective glass, I wear my estimates without protective glass now. My attempt to carefully stick the most expensive glass fell on Smart hours. And I discarded this venture, having studied in detail many reviews on the network. The display does not scratch with ordinary wear and in my opinion it looks great without glass. But only if you, of course, will not forcefully check it for strength, subjecting to aggressive mechanical effects.

Why did I choose the Apple Watch SE

Left. My Apple Watch Se 40 Mm Space Grey, and on the right. The earlier third series of these watches. You can see the difference in the display. Also from the inside my SE has a sensor. from ceramics, and the third series of hours it is made of a composite (why many of my friends have a lot of my friends and scratch).

At the first turned on the Smart hours, they proposed to create a couple with my iPhone. This is done quickly and will not cause difficulties.My watch has only one button. She is responsible for inclusion, emergency calls and allows you to get quick access to the medical record (it can be done on the iPhone). There is also a scrolling wheel.

Otherwise, my watches are fully controlled due to the sensory display. It has a great response, does not freeze at all and for me it is very convenient.

To charge hours every day I use a magnetic charger from the kit. At the opposite end. the usual USB-3 connector, which I can put both in the computer and in the adapter.

In addition to the need to charge Smart hours daily for me personally, there are no minuses in them.

The first day

First of all I am trying new infograph series. they work only on new Apple Watch. I stop at the modular. For quick access, I put on the training dial, activity rings, a timer (in the kitchen), a detailed weather forecast There is one slot left. I want to put the “reminders” application (it is convenient to make lists for going to the store), but I find that in his list is not. How so? It turns out that not all full.time applications can be put on a new dial. Strange, but okay, drove.

Trying to chat with a voice assistant Siri. Previously, it could be caused by a long click on the Digital Crown wheel or raising his hand with the clock and saying “Hello, siri!”But in the new version of the operating system of the watch there is a new way. just raise your hand and bring it closer to the face, then the command can be pronounced immediately.

“What time is it?”. I ask the watch. The clock is silent. “What time is it?”. I repeat irritably. “Time 15 hours!”. colleagues respond. No, it won’t work. I climb in Google. Oh! It turns out that there is no need to wait until the screen lights up, you need to say right away how I brought the clock to my mouth. Now everything turns out, but the request “tell the joke” puts Siri at a dead end. Soon she ceases to answer other questions. What the hell is this? I unscrew and re.synchronize the clock. Now, now everything is in order.

Second day

The next morning I wake up, I take my children to the garden and go to the gym. Oh yeah! Finally, do not worry that the old clock will show overwhelming 200 beats per minute or crawl to 60 on an exercise bike. The pulse is monitored uninterruptedly, the burned calories are considered regular.

I’m trying to check a new function. in theory, the clock should understand that you started training and ask if you want to run the exercises tracking? Alas, this function is almost useless, since the notification comes, it seems, only when running or doing the stepper, and even then five to six minutes after the start of classes. And although these same five to six minutes are taken into account in statistics, there was not a single case so that I did not launch the corresponding application two to three minutes after the start.

The function of automatic completion of training is more useful. It works when the pulse decreases to dormancy indicators. On the other hand, even if I forget to complete the tracking of classes, I still re.wrap it earlier than Apple Watch does it.

iphone, watches, apple, watch

Strange, but Apple still does not allow to track strength training in its full.time application. It would seem that everything is already there: yoga, swimming, and even hiking, and the most popular type of activity still has to be fixed using the category of “other”. You can, of course, use the programs of third.party developers, but they are all too complex, for each approach you have to choose the weight and type of exercise. In short, you need to specifically confuse, but I don’t want.

In the store, I’m trying to include a shopping list with a familiar gesture, but I remember that it is not on the new dial, and the old one no longer wants to use it. Closing, getting into the list of applications and starting it from there, and then I notice that the sleeve of the jacket, in contact with the glass of the display, has already managed to put several ticks near the positions that I have not yet taken. Strange, it seems that this did not happen with the last watch.