What apps can be uninstalled on Xiaomi

MiUI 11 remove unnecessary applications

Cleaning MiUI 11 from unnecessary applications. which applications can be removed from MiUI 11 and how to do it.

Redmi Note 10 (Pro): How to delete/remove/uninstall an app? Tutorial for removing apps

Today I conducted a small experiment to clean the MiUI 11 shell from unnecessary programs and bring MiUI 11 to a state as close as possible to stock Android in terms of software content. As I have said many times in my smartphone reviews, I personally hate stock Android, firstly, because of its poor appearance, and secondly, because of the lack of my usual settings in the MiUI shell (and some others), without which it was no longer quite comfortable. In other words, I tried to make a kind of combination and remove all unnecessary programs from MiUI 11, as it is implemented in stock Android, but at the same time leaving all the settings and chips of the shell itself.

Not only do unnecessary applications in the Xiaomi shell take up extra memory, it is not uncommon for them to eat up RAM, working in the background, and consume traffic. To do this, you do not need an unlocked bootloader and do not need ROOT rights.

To carry out this operation, we need a PC that normally sees your smartphone and a USB cable for connection. If you have all this, then you need to take two small steps:

  • Unlock the developer menu and activate USB debugging;
  • Download this archive [20 MB] and unpack it to any folder on your PC (not on your smartphone).

How to unlock developer menu on MiUI 11? It’s very simple, you need to go to the settings, find the item “MiUI version” and tap several times in a row, you will see a pop-up notification that you have become a developer. The MiUI version in MiUI11 is located at: “Settings. Device. All parameters “. Having received the developer, go to “Settings. Advanced settings. For developers. Turn on the item USB Debugging “.

  • We connect the smartphone to your PC as usual (not transferring files) and unlock the screen;
  • It is possible that you will receive such a request on a smartphone (photo below). we allow this PC to debug via USB;
  • Run the XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar file (I hope you have a Java virtual machine installed, if not, go here and install it: https://java.com/ru/download/);
  • The file may take a few seconds to launch and may not be instantaneous;
  • After the program has started, it will scan the connected device and display the result in the form of a list of installed programs.

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USB debugging permission for PC.

In my case, this is a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 smartphone, by the way, just an awesome device, do not pay attention that I have an unlocked bootloader, you do not need ROOT at all (clickable photo):

On the left, purely for information, your smartphone is displayed: serial number, code name (this is what custom recovery is usually searched for), bootloader status and in my case Camera2 is activated, you may not have this.

On the right, you see a list of exactly those programs that you can remove.

The peculiarity of this program is that programs can not only be deleted, but also restored and even disabled. If someone does not understand again, in the first tab (Uninstaller) there is a list of everything that can be deleted, in the second tab (Reinstaller) this is a list of what has already been deleted and what can be restored back.

To remove unnecessary applications from MiUI 11, you need to select them and click on the Uninstall button below. After the uninstallation is complete, disconnect the phone from the PC and reboot. If you did not delete anything critical, the phone will boot normally in normal mode. Again, let me remind you that everything that you deleted you can restore back from the second tab.

If this program does not start or does not work for you, then try the second option, just below I wrote about it.

Let’s briefly go through the list of everything that I personally deleted from myself:

Here are a few more applications, some of which do not need to be removed:

That’s all. You can uninstall the following programs from Google (you may not have them at all) without worry:

Second cleaning program

Many of you are complaining that the above program won’t start or your computer doesn‘t support it. I found another, older version, which is also suitable for cleaning MiUI 10. The procedure is similar:

  • Download the program, unpack it;
  • Unlock the developer menu and activate USB debugging, if you haven’t already;
  • Run the program (works on Windows 7 as well);
  • We connect the smartphone to the PC and select the file transfer mode;
  • In the program, select the Debloader mode.

Choosing Debloader.

After selecting the Debloader mode in the program, it reads the list of installed programs for some time and gives a result where you can check the unnecessary programs with checkmarks:

List of installed applications.

After selecting the checkboxes, click on the Uninstall button, the uninstallation process will be visible in the left window of the program. After the uninstallation is completed, click on Reboot into System, the phone will reboot and be ready to work.

It can be seen that you can remove some applications from Google, in general, everything that is there can be safely removed without harming the phone. But all the same, I would not do this, many applications are needed in the system and you need to delete knowing what you are deleting. For example, I tested this program on Black Shark Pro and I got this list for Google:

Google Apps.

The disadvantage of the second program is that everything deleted is as easy as in the first program to be restored, plus. it works on older systems.

Program for uninstalling system applications on Xiaomi

In most cases, preinstalled applications are protected by the system, that is, it is not always possible to remove them just like that. This also raises doubts among many users. is it possible to delete an application that cannot be deactivated in the usual way? A program called Xiaomi adb fastboot tools has been developed especially for Xiaomi. With its help, you can deactivate system applications from your smartphone that were preinstalled there. In order to do this, you need a computer, a USB cable for your smartphone, and a stable USB connection.

But before you start, you need to prepare your smartphone, namely enable developer mode. This mode does not void your phone warranty at all if you have a brand new one, as opposed to getting root access. Therefore, it is recommended to use this method, despite this, there are several more options using root rights.

How to enable developer mode on Xiaomi

So, to enable developer mode, do the following:

  • Open the section “Settings”.
  • Go to the “System”.
  • Tap here on “About device”.
  • And then 8-10 times (depending on the firmware version) touch the inscription “MUI version”. As a result, you should see a message stating that “Developer options are open” (or similar).
  • Now go back.
  • And go to the “Advanced” section.
  • Then open the new section “For Developers”.
  • And enable the “USB Debugging” option. This option will allow you to fully work with the Xiaomi adb fastboot tools program. Now your phone is ready to uninstall unnecessary programs.

You can start installing the Xiaomi adb fastboot tools program itself, which will help you painlessly remove all unnecessary applications on your smartphone. But even here you need to first prepare the computer. The program is not as simple as it seems.

Uninstall MIUI System Apps For Any Xiaomi Device | Remove Unwanted Apps Redmi Devices ����

  • This application is in.jar format. and not the usual Windows.exe. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is download and install Java software on your computer and you can do this by following this link https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-downloads.html.
  • Scroll down the page and select your operating system. Let’s show it using an example with Windows. It looks about the same on other systems. For Windows, you need to click on the link opposite “Windows x64 Installer”.
  • After downloading, start Java. Click “Next”.
  • Then again “Next”.
  • Wait for the installation of the Java program to complete and click “Close”.
  • Your computer is now ready to work with Xiaomi adb fastboot tools.
  • Download the program from the official developer Github. Choose the latest version. At the time of this writing, the latest version was from August 31, 2020. Click on the link “XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar” and the.jar file will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Use a cable to connect your smartphone to your computer.
  • If you have installed Java correctly in the steps above, then the downloaded.jar file will have an icon like in the screenshot below. Open it to run.
  • The program will scan all USB ports and find your smartphone. A message appears on the smartphone asking if you want to enable the snooze mode. Should agree.
  • And finally, you will see the program interface in which you can remove all unnecessary system applications using your computer completely painlessly from your Xiaomi phone. To uninstall programs, mark them with a checkmark in the list in the central part of the interface, and then click “Uninstall” at the bottom.

Apps that can be painlessly removed from your smartphone

Consider the applications that you can safely deactivate from your Xiaomi smartphone:

This is a list of applications that cannot be uninstalled in the standard way, but can be uninstalled using the Xiaomi adb fastboot tools program. Any of those applications that can be uninstalled directly from the smartphone in a standard way can be removed painlessly, it does not harm the operation of the smartphone.

  • To uninstall any application in the standard way, find its icon and hold on it until a trash can icon appears at the top of the screen.
  • Then drag the program icon to the trash with your finger.
  • And confirm the action.

What apps can be painlessly uninstalled on Xiaomi

Xiaomi managed to quickly conquer the world with its budget, but quite productive smartphones. Thanks to them, everyone can afford a phone with almost flagship features at an affordable price. Today it is one of the most bought brands.

Like absolutely all manufacturers, Xiaomi supplies its products with pre-installed applications, which, according to the developers, are necessary for everyone. However, almost every user of a modern smartphone can confidently say that they do not use even half of these applications in their daily activities. But they take up space on the phone, which could be used for something useful. And those programs that run constantly in the background will also take up processor and RAM resources, which slows down the device.

It would seem that uninstalling these programs would be the right solution. But it’s not clear whether they are needed for normal phone operation. Suddenly, some of them perform some important functions for the operating system of the phone, and as a result, after removal, it will stop working normally or work altogether. In this article, we analyze which applications can be painlessly and safely removed on your Xiaomi smartphone so as not to turn it into a brick.

What apps can be uninstalled on Xiaomi

If you use a Xiaomi or Redmi phone, you already know about the many pre-installed apps that come with these Chinese phones. The problem is that they are installed as “system apps”, so it is not easy to uninstall or disable them.

These pre-installed apps cannot be disabled or uninstalled, however there is a little trick that can help you remove this software from MIUI. So, we have created this guide to help you clean your phone of unnecessary apps without Root or unlocking the bootloader.

Remove pre-installed software on Xiaomi or Redmi devices without Root rights

Before proceeding, make sure that you only uninstall the pre-installed software or those MIUI apps that you no longer need. If your phone is not working properly after uninstalling one of the apps, you can reinstall those apps back by going to the Reinstaller tab.

  • The first step to uninstalling preinstalled software is to enable developer options.
  • To do this, open the “Settings” phone.
  • Go to the “About phone” section and click on the MIUI version, keep clicking until you see “You have become a developer!”.
  • Developer options are included. Now we need to enable USB debugging.
  • Go to Settings Advanced Settings For Developers and enable USB debugging.

Uninstall System App from Xiaomi/Redmi Phones | Remove Bloatware from Any Xiaomi Phones | NO ROOT

USB debugging is enabled. Now you need to follow a few simple steps on your computer.

  • Download the latest Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools and also make sure your computer has the latest Java SE.
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • When prompted, enable USB debugging on your phone.
  • Open Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools and you will see a list of installed apps including system apps on your phone.
  • You can uninstall system apps from the Uninstaller tab. If you are not sure which application to keep and which to uninstall, you can disable these applications in the Disabler tab.
  • Even if you uninstall one of the critical system apps, you can easily reinstall it back from the Reinstaller tab.

Please be aware that if you uninstall certain applications, some features may stop working, such as Quick ball, App Vault, Compass, etc. These features may not be useful for some people, but for other users they may be necessary on the phone.

That’s all. Now you know how you can uninstall and disable the pre-installed MIUI software and apps on your Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone.

Method 2. Removal via Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools

To successfully complete all the necessary steps, you will need a personal computer or laptop, a driver for your Xiaomi smartphone, an original USB cable and a special program. You can download this link.

If the program displays an error code 0xc000007b when launched on a computer, install or update DirectX and Net Framework. Also, in some cases, updating the video card driver helps.

On your smartphone, enable the USB Debugging option. If you have never used this system tool before, then to enable it, you must first activate the “Developer Mode”. Go to “Settings”, then open the section “About phone”, several times in a row click on the item “MIUI version” or “Build number”. The system will inform you that “You have become a developer”.

Now in the “Settings” find a new menu item “For Developers”. As a rule, it is located in the “System” or “Advanced settings” section.

Scroll down to the Debugging section. Here enable debug mode when connecting your Xiaomi or Redmi to PC via USB.

Connect your device to your computer and open the notification shade. Instead of “Charging via USB” (or on some models “No data transfer”), select the “File transfer” mode.

Now let’s move on to the actions on the PC. Launch ADB Fastboot Tools. Click “Debloater”. After a few seconds, the “Status” window will display information about your mobile device. After that, a window will automatically appear on the phone with a proposal to enable USB debugging. Check the box “Always allow this computer” and click “OK”.

Then press the Debloater button again. A list of system Mi and Google programs that can potentially be present in the memory of a Xiaomi smartphone will appear. For example, we will select several for deletion at once. Compass, Downloads, Google Maps, Scanner, Yellow Pages.

Then click the “Uninstall” button. In the “Status” window you can watch the deletion process.

When finished, click “Reboot into System”.

Now you can disconnect your smartphone from your computer.

Should I uninstall system apps??

This is a very sensible step in terms of cleaning up the device’s memory. Only you need to approach the issue with intelligence and caution. Indeed, if an important system application for the Android operating system is removed, the operation of the mobile device may be disrupted. As a result, some functions may not work correctly, and various kinds of errors will appear.

If you remove built-in apps that are not responsible for the vital functions of your smartphone, you will gain several benefits:

  • The built-in and RAM will be freed, which will affect the speed of the gadget;
  • It will be possible to use more functional and convenient third-party applications instead of standard ones;
  • Since some of the preinstalled programs run in the background, your Xiaomi’s battery consumption is significantly saved.

The procedure for disabling or even completely removing it does not require ROOT rights. There are two ways to solve the problem. through the Xiaomi settings and using the functionality of a special application for a computer. Next, let’s take a look at each of them.

Removing pre-installed apps on any Xiaomi and Redmi

By default, Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones that run Android and MIUI shell have a lot of Google and Mi apps built in. Often, users decide to remove unnecessary system programs, because some of them are automatically loaded when the smartphone is turned on, take up permanent and RAM memory, or even use the Internet connection. You can get the desired result only with the use of additional software. There is nothing super complicated in this, if you follow all the steps of our instructions correctly.

Method 1. Disable via MIUI settings

If by default this option is available on your Xiaomi or Redmi device, then just go to “Settings”, select “Apps and notifications”, then “Show all applications”. In the window that appears, find the one you need. As an example, we will disable the built-in Google Play Music service. Just click “Disable App”.

On some Xiaomi, the shutdown button is missing. In this case, try running “Settings” and in the “Search for settings” field enter “Change system settings”. Select the section with the same name, and then “All applications”, then disable unnecessary in the list.

Also for this task, you can use the special application “Redmi System manager (No Root)”.

This way, you can disable many system applications, but not all. But the following method allows you to completely remove (if necessary, restore later) any built-in Google and Mi application.

What apps can be removed on Xiaomi without consequences?

Below you will find built-in applications, the removal of which will not affect the stable operation of a Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone. Each is accompanied by a short description to understand what you are dealing with. If you do not use this or that program, then you can safely erase.