What Applications Exist For Processing Photos And Videos For Iphone

What Applications Exist For Processing Photos Ands For Iphone

Bad photos ands can come from both novice operators and professionals. In such cases, special programs come to the rescue that help you edit failed photos ands.

The latest iPhone models are equipped with good cameras. However, this does not mean that the photos will always turn out to be high-quality and the does not have to be edited. Many users of social networks before posting a photo or on their page resort to the help of an editor. There are many such programs. They will help you crop a photo or mount a, remove various flaws, cut out bad moments, adjust the color scheme and add music. About the best applications for processing photos on iPhone is described later in the article.

Features of mobile photo and editors

I would like to highlight the standard features of photo and editors, which will be discussed later. Some of them are better developed and offer the owner of the iPhone wide functionality, while some are not.

However, they all provide certain opportunities:

  • adjust color, brightness, sharpness and warmth. This can be done manually or using special templates;
  • brushes for adjusting the thickness;
  • a function that writes text, moves it, rotates in different directions and makes the text color;
  • cropping a picture;
  • removal of various defects (acne, red eyes, wrinkles, etc.);
  • rotates the photo at any degree.

Photo Editors for iPhone. Adobe Photoshop Fix

This program was created by Adobe. Photoshop Fix is ​​made according to the type of desktop Photoshop, which is designed to retouch portraits and ordinary pictures on a mobile phone. The application has a large number of necessary tools for removing defects in the image. In addition, with the help of the editor you can change the face shape of a person in a photo, mask imperfections on the skin, adjust tons, etc. Editing photos is quite convenient even on the iPhone’s small screen.

The application for iPhone for processing photos is available for download for free. If the user has a Creative Cloud profile, he can synchronize all the corrections in Photoshop Fix with the version of Photoshop.

Advanced programs for iPhone . Pichop

The iPhone photo editing application has standard features. Like other programs, it adjusts color, crop photos. However, it is not customary to use it for this. PicShop is designed to create a variety of collages, frames, and photo alignment. Thanks to this editor, you can add various accessories to the photo or make a frame. In addition, with PicShop it is possible to remove defects in the picture and faces (wrinkles, red eyes, other irregularities).


This program was created for smartphones on Android. But soon it was introduced on iOS. On iPhones, this editor may not be known to everyone, but in vain. Snapseed has a feature such as adding light or shadows to specific areas of photos. This helps to make certain places brighter, and some darken on the contrary. Thus, the image is given the effect of bright or dark lights.

In addition, after a certain area in the picture is highlighted, you can use filters specifically for it, without affecting the entire photo. The program functions are designed in a very interesting shell. Settings are made using swipe (on the screen up / down, right / left). Therefore, a beautiful background is created in just a few minutes.


Enlight is the best photo editing app on the iPhone. That editor has everything you need. A wide variety of features. Of the main ones in Enlight, the following are distinguished:

  • the ability to add text;
  • do deep editing;
  • painting;
  • cleaning the image from all unnecessary;
  • light correction (adding and reducing light and dark areas).

Thanks to the available features, you can end up with a deep and vibrant image. You can write and manage text, remove unnecessary episodes, use filters and other functions.

DarkroomPhoto Editor

The usual program for iPhone. The editor lacks a camera, masks, collages and other tools. However, there is a function to control various instruments. In Darkroom – Photo Editor you can select a specific filter and make your own. For this, italics of brightness, balance of light and dark, contrast, etc. are used.

Best iPhone Processing Software . Video Trim Cut

This application was created exclusively for the iPhone. However, it has several differences compared to other programs. In Trim Cut can not apply ready-made templates and add filters to mount the movie. All tools in the editor are intended only for shortening the captured. But there are good points. this is a high-quality and fast application. The program itself was created in English and everyone can understand it. Simple and intuitive interface and necessary functions. The editor can be downloaded for free and installed on the phone.


iMovie is a well-known processing application. The editor does not need to be downloaded, since it is a standard program and already exists in iPhones. All you need is to start the program and start using it. The user will easily master all the editing processes. In the program, you can mount clips on your own or use ready-made templates. They will automatically select the most interesting moments from all the recorded material, lay down the music and, if necessary, edit the color scheme.

Fly Video Editor

The program is available to iPhone owners for free. It allows you to quickly and efficiently mount the. The editor features cropping, adding music, setting the smooth transition of the frame on the frame and other interesting tools. This application for processing on iPhone is the most popular of all provided, so it will accurately cope with all the tasks.