Ways To Install Play Market On Maize

Ways To Install Play Market On Maize

In 2016, Meizu refused to preinstall Google Services, so users began to wonder how to install the Play Market on Meizu phones. There are two ways to do this: using the integrated Google Services installer or the application’s APK file.

Built-in installer

If you have Meizu M3 Note or Meizu 5, then you can install Google Play services as follows:

  1. Locate the Best or Hot Apps application on the screen.
  2. A list of programs opens in which you need to find Google Services and click the “Install” button.

To download the Google Play Market on Meizu, you need an internet connection. The type of connection does not matter: it can be 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi. The application installs quickly enough, and it weighs a little, so even when using mobile Internet a lot of traffic will not go away. After the application is installed, a window appears on the screen of Meizu M3 Note or another model with a request to restart.

APK file

Some Meizu users may have problems using the Google Services installer, so for them the question of how to install Google Play suggests another option. It consists in using the APK-file of the application, which is downloaded to the computer, transferred to the phone’s memory, and then the Services are installed.

So you put the Play Market manually, so that any malfunctioning of the built-in installer does not hurt. After installing the program, the installer can be deleted from the phone’s memory.

Problems in the Play Market

If the Play Market after installation does not open on Meizu, try reinstalling the application.

  1. Launch Hot Apps and find “Google Installer” through the search bar.
  2. Install the Google installer on your phone.
  3. Launch Google Installer. Since the application is already installed, only uninstalling it will be available. Run it by clicking “Uninstall”.
  4. After the uninstallation is completed, start the program installation by clicking “A key to install”.

On some models, the default prohibition on the use of mobile traffic when downloading programs. If the phone does not download applications on the Play Market:

  1. Open the “Applications” section in the settings.
  2. Go to the “Download Manager” on the “All” tab.
  3. Clear the memory by clicking Erase Data.

After erasing the data, make sure that the Play Market downloads games and programs to internal storage or to a memory card.

With the release of new updates to Flyme (the OS that is installed on Meizu devices), other errors in the Play Market may appear. Usually they are eliminated by the developers themselves, who quickly roll out the corrected updates, but sometimes you have to resort to radical measures: backup, reset the settings and configure the phone again.