Waterproof Lee Watch Mi Band 3

Gordeev Artemy July 25, 2016 Reviews

You have probably heard that the new Xiaomi Mi band 2 has been released. This smart bracelet is really good. And the presence of an OLED display makes it one of the cheapest smart watches on the market. But not everyone liked the new Mi band. Like, the design is not very, autonomy will fall and other reasons. In this article, we will compare these two bracelets in detail and arrange everything on the shelves, removing any doubts about this. Go!

Comparison of technical specifications of Xiaomi Mi band 1s (pulse) and Xiaomi Mi band 2 (2016)

Let’s start with a description of the characteristics of the sports bracelets Xiaomi Mi band 1s (pulse) and Xiaomi Mi band 2 (2016):

Waterproof Lee Watch Mi Band 3

But the most important change is far from autonomy, strap or size. The main innovation is the OLED display, which displays time. Now, the Xiaomi Mi band 2 fitness bracelet can safely be called the smart watch Mi Band 2, the cheapest smart watch on the portable technology market.

Actually contrast fitness tracker-smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi band 2. OLED display.

Autonomy of sports bracelets Mi band 1s and Mi band 2. 20 days. This is an excellent indicator that few manufacturers of smart wearable technology can boast of today. The same, Samsung Gear Fit 2 is able to hold a charge of only 3 days (at best), which narrows the applicability of the bracelet in everyday life. over, the experience of using the Mi band suggests that even if you lose charging to the device, then charging a friend’s bracelet once every 20 days is not so difficult and problematic.

Xiaomi Mi band 1s (pulse) and Xiaomi Mi band 2 (2016) bracelets compatible with operating systems Android (not lower than 4.4) and iOS (not lower than version 7) through a special application.

Application for Android / iOS Xiaomi Mi band 1s pulse and Xiaomi Mi band 2

Any Mi Band sports bracelet, starting from the first Xiaomi Mi band, released in 2014, ending with the new Xiaomi Mi band 2, use one application for Android and iOS. It is called Mi Fit, A detailed analysis of the application features and a description of the Xiaomi Mi band 2 / 1s pulse settings with screenshots you can read in this article.

But, it is worth noting that the Mi Fit application for Android has more features. So, for example, you can receive alerts from other applications and SMS. But honestly, I’ll say that you can do without it. The most valuable: activity statistics, call alert and smart alarm in the iOS version of the application for Mi Band saved. By the way, the Xiaomi Mi band 2 / 1s smart alarm clock works equally well with both the iPhone and Android devices.

You can download the official Mi Fit app for Android and iOS in the Play Market or AppStore via the QR code in the instructions for your Mi Band.

Features and possibilities of using Xiaomi Mi Band 1s pulse and Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in comparison. Functions

The differences between the Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 1s sports bracelets are only in the OLED display installed in the Xiaomi Mi band 2, and all other changes in the design, size and larger battery are just a consequence. Based on this, Xiaomi Mi band 2 has a little more application possibilities.

As already mentioned above, Mi band 2 can act as a watch, and on the new generation sports bracelet, you can immediately see the number of steps that have been completed in a day, which potentially minimizes the failure to fulfill the goals of activity.

But the main functions of Xiaomi Mi band 1s (pulse) and Xiaomi Mi band 2 (2016) are the same. Among them:

  • Sleep Phase Tracking
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Activity control

Actually, if you use Xiaomi Mi band 1s and Xiaomi Mi band 2 exclusively as a fitness bracelet-tracker for running, then you will not feel the difference between them.


Where to use Mi band and what’s the use of it? The question is quite relevant. The possibilities of using Mi Band 2, 1s for the most part come down to health control. So, for example, sleep graphs will help you track your phases of sleep and choose the most favorable time for the end, and the goals set for activity. do not forget that you need to go out at least a little bit.

Here are the main features of Xiaomi Mi band 1s (pulse) and Xiaomi Mi band 2 (2016) in everyday life, which are very useful:

  • Smart alarm clock (wake up in the right phase of sleep)
  • Alerts about an incoming call, SMS or from the application
  • Versatility (thanks to waterproof and hypoallergenic strap, Mi Band can not be removed for weeks)

Also, the fitness bracelet shows itself perfectly in sports:

  • Not afraid of water, which means it can be taken to the pool
  • Accurately counts the number of steps and mileage, which is useful when running
  • Almost not afraid of body scratches and bumps (more relevant for Xiaomi Mi band 1s)

Add to this the synchronization of Mi band 1s and Mi band 2 with Google Fit or Health on the iPhone and your sports achievements will not be lost.

What to choose Xiaomi Mi Band 2 or 1s pulse?

The choice of Xiaomi Mi band 1s vs Mi band 2 is quite relevant this year. After all, Mi band 1s will become even cheaper without the OLED display in Mi band 2, in principle, you can do. Well, from the financial point of view, the Xiaomi Mi band 1s will definitely be a more justified purchase.

But Xiaomi Mi band 2 can be an outlet for those who are looking for a cheap smart watch. In a budget of 20, you will not find smart watches that would be able to accurately count the steps, wake you up in the right phase of sleep, measure your pulse and are not afraid of water.

To summarize: The autonomy and filling of the Mi band 2 and Mi Band 1s bracelets is very similar. The function of the bracelets will be the same. And the price of Xiaomi Mi band 2 will be absolutely the same as it was on Mi band 1s and will be 20.

But a significant advantage in buying Xiaomi Mi band 2 will be the presence of the display. Indeed, many today’s owners of Mi band wear them with a watch, which is not very convenient, and a 0.42-inch display will fix this.

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