Volume Up Meizu U10 Headphones

An engineering menu is available on every android device. It serves as source of comprehensive technical information about the hardware component of the device. The ability to view the list of “iron” components, change (if necessary) their settings and test the quality of the sensors, touch screen, wireless modules, etc. this is what the engineering menu is for.

Volume Up Meizu U10 Headphones

2 ways to enter the engineering menu

  1. You can open the service (engineering) menu using a special code that the user types in the application “Phone”. “Dialing”

Usually, this way you enter the phone number that the user is going to make a call to. However, this is not the only use case for this tab. Here you can type the so-called “secret codes” or USSD commands.

To enter the engineering menu on the Meizu phone, you need to dial this code:

After the code is dialed, press the “Call” button (green handset). Since almost all Meizu models are assembled by the manufacturer on the basis of MediaTek processors (including Meizu M5, M5 Note, M3 Note, M6, Pro 6, U10), there are no problems with the input. If the device has a Qualcomm processor, then the engineering menu either does not open, or it has a very stripped-down look.

Sometimes after typing the above code, nothing happens. In this case, we recommend that you try to enter these combinations:

  • You can enter the engineering menu in Meiza using a separate application. In fact, there are several such applications. The most popular are Mobileuncle, MTK Engineering Mode and MTK Engineering Menu, CEO-Menu.
  • The CEO-Menu app is worth it to dwell on it separately. Its main advantage is that it allows you to enter the engineering menus of devices running both processors from MediaTek and Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. This means that after installing the CEO-Menu on Meizu Pro 6 Plus (Samsung Exynos 8 Octa), Meizu M6S (Samsung Exynos 5 Hexa) or Meizu M6 Note (Qualcomm Snapdragon 625), you can take full advantage of the service menu.

    Some applications will not start if there are no root privileges. For Mobileuncle, for example, this is a must. Keep in mind that upon receipt of the root will be executed discharge settings stored on the phone information may be irretrievably lost.

    If you already have a root, you must do the following:

    • Launch the Mobileuncle app on your smartphone.
    • The application opens, a list of available functions appears on the screen. Among them, select the “Engineer Mode” option.
    • Clicking on “Engineer Mode” will open the engineering menu.

    And then the user will be able to select those parameters that need to be changed / optimized.

    What is in the engineering menu

    If we consider this issue in more detail, then the set of useful functions on different Meisu models in this menu may vary. However, the standard set consists of the following items:

    • Telephony (Telephony). Features: management of the parameters of the mobile network to which the smartphone is connected; checking the compatibility of the device with a specific mobile operator; setting to automatically receive an incoming call; network band management; reset all settings to factory settings;
    • Connectivity Features: checking Wi-Fi and bluetooth module, the function of turning off the display when using Wi-Fi Display, and so on;
    • Hardware Testing Opportunities: checking the sound volume through the connected headset, increasing the volume, checking the screen and other sensors and modules that the Meizu phone is equipped with;
    • Location Features: location check. disable detection via A-GPS and other options;
    • Log Debugging Possibilities: availability of links to utilities and tests from MediaTek and from those vendors that supply other components;
    • Others. Features: settings and tests. Here, for example, you can adjust the size of the fonts used on the phone.

    Additionally, through the menu you can perform the following:

    Change phone mac address

    If the mac address of your device is accidentally or intentionally blocked, and it is impossible to connect to the wireless network for this reason, just go to the engineering menu of your smartphone and change this parameter. With the new mac address, you can use the wireless network again.

    Change IMEI phone

    IMEI is information of particular importance. No mobile phone can be used for its intended purpose, if for some reason (for example, after unsuccessful flashing) the IMEI number was lost. precisely, not a single SIM card will work without it. But the engineering menu makes it possible to re-register IMEI by entering special commands.

    Customization of camera modules and Bluetooth

    Using the engineering menu, you can optimize the operation of modules such as Bluetooth and the camera.

    Increase sound volume

    If the sound coming from the speakers of the android device is not as loud as we would like, you can adjust the corresponding parameters. If desired, you can set the volume level to the maximum value, which is usually 225.

    CPU control

    It is possible to optimize the settings of the processor unit.

    Configure Wi-Fi module settings

    The menu allows for the better to change the operation of the Wifi-module.

    Automatic battery data logging

    A battery performance recorder is a very useful option. From the entries in the magazine you can find out everything about the battery of an android device. status, status, temperature and other data. Battery statistics are also kept.

    Important Note:

    First of all, the engineering menu is intended for developers, that is, specialists who know for sure why this or that parameter is needed. If you are not sure what to do with the settings, do not touch anything and leave it as it is. Entering incorrect data can disable the smartphone.