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How to view Instagram stories anonymously (2019)

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Browser extension

To work, you will need to install the Chrome IG Story extension on your PC for the Google Chrome browser. After downloading, you need to open the application in the web version. Then find and click on the crossed-out eye icon, which indicates that you are working anonymously. Then you can view any users of the application directly from your computer. Developers guarantee complete confidentiality.

Telegram bot spy @IGSpyBot

This application is an instant spy that is able to discreetly monitor updates and check your account. Its creator @instabro. The principle of its operation is that the username (with or without @) or the URL of the profile is used for searching. The bot allows you to view the latest posts and stories made by the found user. Also, using this software, you can send your favorite content to other people and to the chats where you are a member. The premium version will allow you to get even more useful features, such as downloading IGTV.

Mobile applications for iOS and Android systems

Gramster is a secure mobile app that lets you stay invisible on Instagram. To use it, you don’t even need registration and authorization.

Story Stalker, Anonymous Stories Viewer for Instagram, Anonymous Story Viewer Pro for Instagram, Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram. these applications are similar in principle to each other. There are many similar servers on the Internet, since from time to time some of them stop working and instead there are analogues.

Fake account

Creating a fake account with a fictitious name will allow you to surf the expanses of Instagram and anonymously check and view other people’s profiles (including closed ones). Just click on your name at the top of the screen, select “Sign in or create an account”, and then click on the “Create new” link. Then just fill in the new registration data. It will take you no more than 1-2 minutes to create a new profile. In mobile applications, you can easily switch between your profiles using the button at the top of the screen.

ways to browse incognito

Previously, in order to look into other people’s stories and not be recognized, you had to create a second account and, using it, already incognito view the publications of the people you are interested in. Now on the Internet there are a lot of sites, programs and services for PCs and smartphones that will help you secretly contemplate other people’s profiles.

Option 2. Anon-stories

The site is no frills, but it works. Just enter the full profile name without the @, and click Find. In addition to the Stories, you will not be able to watch anything, nevertheless it shows them clearly and quickly.

You will be able to view both today’s Stories and those saved in the Actual

How to anonymously view Instagram Stories

We tell you how to spy without pale.

View private Instagram Stories anonymously

Currently, all applications and services make it possible to view other people’s photos and Incognito Stories only if an account is open for public access.

Anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories of a private account in 2021 is not possible. The only way out in this situation is to create a second Instagram account and view from it. Please note that when registering a new account, do not enable Synchronization of your contacts, otherwise everyone will know that it is you.

Services for anonymous viewing of Stories

There are many services for viewing Instagram Stories anonymously. But their lifespan is short. For example, less than half a year has passed since the last update of this article, and three of the four sites that we wrote about earlier are no longer working.

On sites and applications for anonymous Story viewing, you do not need to register or send SMS to access the tool. You just need to enter the name of an interesting profile in the search field.

The creation of interesting commercial content that you want to watch is taught on the course from Instagram Stories for Business 2.0.

Let’s look at free popular services.

Smartphone applications for anonymous viewing of Stories

There are many applications for unobtrusive viewing of Stories, but just like sites, not all live long. Let’s consider working with them using the example of StorySaver.

The application will ask you to log into your account, but you will be viewing the Stories anonymously. Also, using the application, you can download pictures from posts, videos from Stories and from IGTV, as well as save yourself live broadcasts.

All Stories for viewing incognito are located in a separate tab

Bots for anonymous Story browsing

You can discreetly spy on Instagram Stories through telegram bots.

IGSpyBot calls itself an insta spy

Insta spy has two types of access: through their test application and Premium mode. When using their application, you will have to download it, as well as log into Instagram under any of your accounts. When paying for access to the Premium mode, you can make requests to view Stories for the bot directly, as well as subscribe to Stories.

The bot has no Russian language

The advantages of this Telegram bot are its ease of use. It is enough to send the bot a message with the name of the Instagram profile via @, and it will immediately send the main photo of the blog and all the Stories for the last 24 hours in response.

And speaking of the shortcomings, we can note the impossibility of viewing posts. Also, before using, the bot will ask you to subscribe to another channel and put a certain number of likes on publications in it.

Option 1. Insta-stories

Insta-stories. a service for anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories.

When you enter a profile name or a person’s name (if it is specified in the profile), the site will immediately offer you the most popular options

After entering the profile name, in addition to Stories, you can view saved Stories and account photos. Nuance: the site will show only the last 12 photos in the profile.

Photos can be downloaded to your device

The service can be used only through the website. He does not have an application for the phone.

If you want to publish Stories similar to the ones you like, use the built-in Story editor from SMMplanner, where you can find many design templates for every taste and color.

Stories will be opened for viewing and downloading in anonymous mode.

️ With the help of a third-party program, I can view stories anonymously if they are hidden from me?

Yes, if you want to view the public profile of a user who just blocked you from the site. If this is a closed story, then you will not get access to it.

️ What apps allow you to watch stories anonymously?

For Android, a simple StorySaver app is fine. For iOS, you can use Story Reposter for Instagram. In the first one you need to go through authorization, in the second program it will not be required.

Access to posts through spies. Telegram bots

Another interesting way to keep track of user stories while maintaining anonymity is Telegram bots. A new view will appear in the profile statistics, but its author will remain unknown. With bots, you can watch and download videos according to the following scheme:

  • Enter the Telegram search, enter the bot name @IGSpyBot.
  • Send him the nickname of the account whose Stories are of interest.
  • Almost instantly, the bot will send Stories from the profile, added per day in video format.
  • To access the video, download the file to your smartphone.

A similar spy bot is @Instasave_bot. To send it for information to the desired account, you need to enter the user’s nickname in the message. The robot will offer Stories to choose from. You also need to download them before viewing.

Instagram from Zengram

Our favorite project. You can read more in our review. Instashpion from Zengram.

Instagram allows you to find out: who has been liked by this or that Instagram user, his new subscriptions, whom he Комментарии и мнения владельцев and what Комментарии и мнения владельцев he leaves. recently, we have developed the function of anonymous viewing of Stories. not only the current one, but all “stories” for the last 7 days.

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You can get all the information about the desired Instagram social network users (view stories. including) in the Instagram service by pressing 1 button.

IPhone App

Above, we said that the rules of photo hosting do not provide for the monitoring of extraneous incognito records. Therefore, it is impossible to find programs whose main skill is to provide the opportunity for anonymous viewing.

How to anonymously watch Instagram Stories with the Google Chrome extension

The computer version of story monitoring involves installing the IG Story Chrome extension. Now you can mask not only the name of the account from which the content was viewed, but also the very fact of tracking. Chrome IG Story does not require launching the official photo hosting portal, it works when you open an arbitrary source. Incognito prevents activity detection.

Story Saver

The first app featured in the current article runs on Android and is called Story Saver. The current product specification is index 1.7.0 and released on 3.08.2019. Software functions:

  • tracking incognito content;
  • saving video and broadcasts;
  • placing Stories in the Feed.
  • download and install software;
  • open the software and enter the Insta login and password. a list of open and closed profiles that are present in subscriptions and have posted stories will be displayed;
  • tap your account name to view your Instagram Story;
  • anonymous contemplation is realized by clicking on a specific post (a set of images and videos is represented by a grid).

How to view Instagram Stories anonymously: from your phone and computer

By default, Instagram Stories do not allow you to watch anonymously. The site is focused on the open interaction of followers. But if the user wants to bypass such a limitation, there are a number of ways that we will talk about along the way.

Technically, monitoring of outsiders Stories is implemented at an intuitive level, however, like the rest of the functions of the J messenger.It is especially easy to view open Instagram accounts, regardless of the subscription.

But the service is designed so that information about traveling on someone else’s profile is available to the owner. Some users do not intend to “shine” in the corresponding list, and therefore methods of ignoring privacy have appeared:

  • creating a second, fake account;
  • opening records using highly specialized sites;
  • using utilities for different mobile OS;
  • support for Telegram bots.

As a result, we see that there are enough schemes for circumventing the restrictions. It remains to choose the option that suits the complexity. So let’s get started!

Application for Android

Anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories is available thanks to third-party developers. We recommend downloading the latter from the official Play Store website. Application involves the introduction of registration information of the media platform.

Consider also what can and cannot be done according to the instructions of such utilities:

  • download of stories received anonymously is available;
  • repost material;
  • it is not allowed to monitor by means of a PC in stealth mode (we will discuss the removal of the limitation of the computer version later).

How to view Instagram Story anonymously from your phone

The first mentioned method of anonymously viewing Instagram Stories is by setting up a second profile. The new page is devoid of the main photo (avatars), description and photos familiar to the eye. At the same time, such a dummy is allowed to be blocked from prying eyes.

The solution is relevant for people who do not want to be noticed in the stack of those who have looked at other people’s Stories. However, now there is scope for observing interested participants in the photo hosting.

The designated “crutch” method is to use an e-mail or a contact number:

  • leave your open account;
  • initiate the creation of a new page;
  • enter a phone number or “soap”;
  • specify the name of the profile being created;
  • enter a previously invented password;
  • wait for the receipt of the letter to your e-mail or SMS;
  • enter the confirmation code and click “OK”.

The use of the newly-made personal space is based on the principles:

  • three-week duration of limits after registration;
  • the need to fill in information in order to avoid a ban;
  • the list from which it is allowed to go to another account (opened by clicking at the top of the nickname).

On Android

The application for viewing stories anonymously on Android is called “StoryView for Instagramm”. The program copes well with its tasks, but its installation may be unsafe. It is not officially developed social networking software and cannot guarantee the absence of malware.

The second popular option for Androids is the Xinsta app. To run the program, you need to have administrator rights, Xposed Installer and SuperSu and Xposed Installer. The software will not work on the original firmware.

  • Download and install software on your smartphone;
  • When the activation notification appears, you must agree and restart the phone;
  • After downloading, you need to enter the application and enable the Stories Privacy item in the left tab.

Installing the application on a smartphone

The most popular Instagram story tracking app is Repost Stories for Instagramm. With the help of the program, you can watch stories in an invisible mode, use a social network and search by subscribers without authorization. An enhanced version of Repost for Instagram Story is also free. Fees are charged only for certain options. Advanced functionality includes the following features:

  • Saving various content;
  • Synchronization of multiple accounts;
  • Publications in Stories files older than 24 hours.

How to watch an Instagram story without being seen on your phone

Recently, specialized sites began to appear in the Internet space that allow you to view user stories and perform other manipulations in anonymous mode. One of these resources is Gramotool. Among the useful site options, it is worth highlighting:

  • The ability to view Instagram stories in incognito mode;
  • Uploading instagram stories to the smartphone gallery;
  • Full-size view of the avatar;
  • Downloading video and photo content from Instagram;
  • Boost subscribers and likes.

The application offers to watch stories anonymously on Instagram using the following algorithm:

  • It is necessary to go through a simple registration procedure (there is no link to a phone number and e-mail);
  • In the upper left part of the screen, select the required option (history);
  • After redirecting to the anonymous viewing page, in the window that appears in the center of the page, you must enter the username or a link to his page.

Everything is quite simple, so the number of users of the resource is constantly increasing. You can also use a bot from Telegram named @IGSpyBot. To do this, in the Telegram search menu, you need to enter the name of the bot and enter the name of the user whose story you would like to view. You can leave a link to the post. After a while, the bot will send stories in video format. They can also be downloaded to the gallery of your mobile device. In the statistics of stories, the number of views will increase. But the user will not know who exactly viewed the content, since the name of the bot will be reflected. @Instasave_bot works by a similar algorithm.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously

The first way that comes to mind if you want to view other people’s stories anonymously is to create a new account. You don’t need to have any special knowledge and skills for this. Linking to a phone number and email is not required. There is no need to provide any personal information and lead an active social life. Some of the options will be unavailable, but you can watch the story. Simply put, you are creating a fake page. The owner of the profile will be aware that a viewing was carried out from this account, but he will not be able to accurately identify you.

The advantages of this method include the possibility of simultaneous authorization from multiple accounts. There is no need to constantly log out and log in again from different accounts, since they can be linked to each other.

The main disadvantage is that the user can hide the story and make it available only to a specific audience. In this case, you most likely will not be included in the circle of trusted persons, and the story will not be displayed.

Another easy way to watch Instagram Stories anonymously is to use the desktop version. In this case, the mobile application will not show you in the list of viewers even if you visit the profile of the person of interest under your own account.

How to watch an Instagram story without being seen: from phones

With the advent of stories, many users began to worry about how to view a story on Instagram so that they don’t see you. Instagram is one of the most popular smartphone apps at the moment. The social network allows you to share photos, short videos, and rate the visual content of friends and followers. Stories appeared in 2016. They are stored on the server for only 24 hours, so they do not clog the feed with not too important, but interesting publications.

Viewing Stories is possible through the version of the application for smartphones. Their distinguishing feature from the usual post was the ability to find out which of the users was interested in the post and viewed it. The option is available only for the profile owner, but some subscribers would still prefer to watch other people’s stories in incognito mode. It should be noted right away that the official application does not provide for a stealth mode. But third-party developers did not ignore the situation and offered the Instagram audience several alternative options, which will be discussed below.

On iPhone

The problem of how to view the history on Instagram so that nothing is displayed on iOS can be solved using the Story Reposter application. It is distributed through the App Store absolutely free of charge and only carries about 30 megabytes. The only caveat is that the software works only on versions 8.0 and higher. The program has a similar interface to Instagram, but makes viewing the story anonymous.

After launching the application on iPhone or iPad, you need to click the Search icon and enter the name of the users whose history you would like to see in the field that appears. Next, the required account is selected in the search results. By going to it, you will see all the current stories and publications. To save stories, you need to use the Share command and then Save Image. The procedure can be repeated any number of times and with an unlimited number of users. The only rule is that the account should not be protected by privacy settings. Otherwise, the program will not be able to find it.

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Installing the Google Chrom extension

The extension for viewing stories through the Google Chrome browser is called Chrome IG Story. It is distributed free of charge and is installed in the same way as most of such software. How to watch Instagram stories from your computer anonymously?

After installation, you need to open the web version of the social network and log in to your account. In the future, visiting and being on Instagram will be optional. The program will be able to work even through another site.

After installing the software, a button with a recognizable logo will appear on the toolbar. You must click on it. The manipulation will open a list of friends and users who are subscribed to. Stories from people who don’t have a subscription can be found by using the search.

After activating the program, an icon with a crossed-out eye will appear at the top of the screen. This means that incognito mode is enabled. If there is no need for anonymous browsing, the incognito option can be turned off. The stories viewed will differ from the stories on the smartphone:

  • They will not have the option of automatic flipping (you will have to use the navigation keys on the keyboard);
  • The stories of only one user will be available at a time (to go to the story of another subscriber, you must close the profile of the first one).

While you are browsing stories using the anonymous mode of Chrome IG Story, the user will not be able to record your visit. You can check this by visiting Instagram through the official application. The icon of the selected account will remain bright. If view statistics worked, they would turn gray.

ways to keep incognito when viewing other people’s stories:

1) Using the Telegram bot SpyStoriesBot

A lot of interesting and funny stories are published on Instagram every day. Actually, what to do if you like a story, want to keep it for yourself in order to share it with a friend in the future? The Instagram application does not allow you to do this. This telegram bot allows you to anonymously view and download history.

In a couple of minutes, I found several resources with which you can watch both ordinary stories and stories in the current one: enter a link or login, run that the same mechanics here you can spy on the assigned ones

3) Through the application on the phone

On Apple: Story Reposter for Instagram is a free app. 3 functions: viewing, downloading and reposting stories. No registration required. Story. Insta story downloader Profile Viewer

On Android: StorySaver is free. features than the Apple app: viewing, saving stories and live broadcasts. You can also download posts, avatars and videos from IGTV.

4) Through the extension for Google Chrome

Stories for Instagram Hiddengram Chrome IG Story is free. Functions: viewing, searching and downloading stories, watching live broadcasts.

@IGSpyBot will help you go unnoticed: Search for @IGSpyBot. We write him a message with the account login. The bot will send all active account stories. Download the file to your phone (it is in the video file format).

@Instasave_bot is another bot for viewing stories. Before downloading files, you can select the files that you need.

Happy surfing, spy friends. Order SMM promotion only from the best!

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously

08/09/2020 285619 Alla Zhagorina

Instagram is a platform for communication and information exchange. Previously, users posted posts to their profile and they were shown in the feed. Now the format of stories is coming to the fore, and posts in the feed are not so popular.

Stories have their own peculiarities: materials disappear after 24 hours. And most importantly. you can see who viewed the stories.

Many people have a desire to look at someone else’s story, but so that the user does not know who. How to do it?

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How to view your Instagram story anonymously on your computer

How to watch stories anonymously on PC? Here you will also have to use either a fake account or one of the above bots to display.

On iPhone

The creation algorithm is the same as on the phone with the iOS operating system.

Online services for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories

The point is that classic posts on the web do not allow the account owner to see who is viewing them. And “stories” capture the audience, and they can be seen for 24 hours. We draw your attention to the fact that there is no “invisible” profile here, so if you watch them by logging in, then the author of the story will definitely find out about it. And this option is not suitable for everyone, so today they came up with a lot of tricks in order to bypass the system.

Official Instagram does not support the ability to remain invisible, there are alternative options:

  • creating a fake profile in the program;
  • various online services for viewing stories;
  • Google Chrome extensions.

There are a number of programs that expand the usual functionality of your favorite social network:


Due to their format and the expansion of the usual features, these services quickly gained popularity, and are now widely used among advanced users. They are all in the public domain, and work without complex requirements.

How to watch stories anonymously on Instagram: on PC, iOS, Android

How do I watch Instagram stories anonymously? Surely you have asked this question more than once when you wanted to go to another person’s profile and remain incognito. If yes, then this article will definitely be useful to you, in which we will tell you about the possibilities of hidden viewing, special services that allow you to do this, and useful “spy” tricks in this social network.

On Android

In order to create a new page, leave the current one, or click “Add new account”. Further, instead of “Login”, click on the inscription “Registration”, and fill in all the empty fields. The procedure usually takes about 5 minutes.

How to view an Instagram story anonymously from your phone

To do this, it is better to use the method of creating a fake page. It is better to create one that does not have a real name, surname, or photographs. It is better to create some kind of “salesperson” that no one will suspect.

Apps to view Instagram stories anonymously

Let’s make a short overview of the top three most popular sources that allow you to watch Instagram stories anonymously from your phone:

  • enter the profile name without the doggy sign in the search field and click on the magnifying glass icon. After a short processing, all the stories of this profile that have been published within the last 24 hours will open for you;
  • the peculiarity of this program is that you get access not only to current publications, but also the contents of the “Actual” section; when you hover the cursor over the cover of the story, the exact publication date, possible hashtags, geolocation, signature are displayed for you;
  • also enter a nickname without the doggy icon, and click on the search icon.

Browser extensions

There is a special extension “Chrome IG Story” for Google Chrome, which will solve your problem of spying on the pages of others absolutely free of charge. The only obvious disadvantage of this method is that it only works on a PC. Even in the mobile version of Chrome on smartphones, such an extension will not work.

With the help of Chrome IG Storey, you get the opportunity not only to view stories in the browser incognito, but also to search for them, download, watch Instagram Live.

To prevent the author of the story from knowing that you are secretly watching his content, click on the eye icon next to the list of stories. When pressed, the message “Anonymous Viewing Enabled” will appear. Social network algorithms do not count you as a viewer, so the author does not know about your visit.

Is it possible to watch someone else’s story on Instagram anonymously?

Can! In this article, we’ll show you how to view people’s Instagram story posts without them knowing about it. This will allow you to look from the outside at the life of other people, while maintaining anonymity.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously through special sites

This method is very convenient and popular, since it is also not tied to the operating system of the devices. You do not need to install additional programs and enter your data there. You just need to open a browser, go to a special site, for example, Insta Stories and insert a link to the profile you are interested in in the required field.

The principles of their work are not very different from each other. After entering the link to the Instagram user profile, you will see a list of all his stories and can view them anonymously.

But this method will only work with public profiles. If the page is closed from viewing by strangers, then the user’s stories cannot be viewed anonymously.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously Browsing anonymously by using a fake account

This method is also simple and solves the task at hand. anonymous viewing of other people’s stories. First, you need to create a new fake profile, this procedure is simple and will take only a few minutes. Already being logged into Instagram, click on the username and select “Add account”.

Then you just need to follow the prompts. In mobile Instagram applications, you can generally switch user profiles on the fly right on your personal page.

In this case, to register a new account, you can enter the same phone number to which the main account is linked. This information will still be hidden. But you shouldn’t tie your profile on social networks (etc.) to the new account, this will reveal your identity. To further protect yourself. make the new account inaccessible to outsiders. But this method, like the previous one, makes it possible to study only open public profiles.

Programs for viewing other people’s stories on Instagram

Most of these applications work on a similar principle: you need to connect your Instagram account in them, find the desired profile using the search box and view user stories.

Using such programs is fraught with risks: transferring your credentials to third-party applications is still not a good idea. As a result, the account can be blocked or hacked. And no one guarantees that one day software developers will not change the concept of their product, and it will no longer provide the required confidentiality. Use these apps with great care when logging into Instagram through them.

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But working with such programs after connecting your account will help you to anonymously view other people’s, even closed from strangers, profiles. Of course, you have to be subscribed to them.

For this program, you just need to connect to your Instagram profile. The Android version of the application will give you the opportunity to watch any stories for free. But in iOS, only the latest stories will be initially available. The ones that are in the “Relevant” section can be seen only in the paid version of the application. It costs 10 a month.

This application stands out from its brethren precisely in that there is no need to connect your account to Instagram. True, there is an opportunity to watch only the latest stories for free. To access the saved ones, you will have to subscribe.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously on iPhone, Android or computer

Every time we view our Friends Stories on Instagram, be it their photos or videos, the page owner knows about it. But surely someone wants to view people’s stories on Instagram without their knowledge. And there are several ways to do this at once.

The issue of anonymity on the Internet is becoming more and more relevant. Many people do not want to demonstrate their actions, as this can be interpreted or perceived in a certain way. Even visiting Instagram for one reason or another may require secrecy. This can be done in several ways, both on computers and on mobile devices.

How to anonymously watch Instagram stories using a Telegram bot

Telegram users can use this service to solve the problem of anonymous viewing of other people’s stories. The special spy bot “insta-spy” @IGSpyBot will help you with this.

He needs to send a name or a link to the profile you are interested in and select the “Stories” item.

But only the latest publications can be viewed for free. Saved stories can be seen after purchasing a premium subscription, whose monthly. It is worth considering that the bot will only show information from public accounts, but this service will not require any binding of its profile.

Through a new profile

Creating a second “fake” profile is the simplest opportunity to watch other people’s stories, while remaining unnoticed.

You can have several accounts at once, switching between them as needed. At the same time, there is no need to re-enter the password each time.

To do this, just go to the main account in the “Settings” and select the item “Add accounts”, where we enter the password and login from the second profile.

This method has one significant drawback. The user whose video you watched can find you in the statistics of views and change the settings, limiting the number of persons who can see his Stories.

This means that sooner or later your new accounts may be on the “black list”.

Therefore, the most elementary method is not the most reliable.

Online services

There are sites that allow you to view other people’s stories without registering. is a service for anonymous viewing and downloading of Instagram stories. According to the creators of the service, downloads of posts will start soon.

  • Mobile accessibility;
  • Convenient design;
  • No ads;
  • Fast speed of work;
  • Highlights support (pinned stories);
  • The most important thing is that the service is completely anonymous.

This way of viewing stories is much more convenient than phone apps and browser extensions. All you need to work is to go to the address and start using.

Insta-stories is also a popular service. Using it is very simple: just enter the name of the user you are interested in in the appropriate field.

As soon as the profile is loaded, you will see all the user’s posts, including the short videos uploaded by him.

Another popular service is Gramotool. With its help, you can download photos and videos, see the likes received by the user, as well as increase the number of your subscribers, if necessary.

Finally, the service makes it possible to view information in someone else’s profile in incognito mode. Gramotool works both from a computer and from any mobile device.

How to watch other people’s stories on Instagram anonymously

Hello dear readers of! We have already learned to do a lot of interesting things on Instagram. But stories have just learned how to create and download.

You don’t always want to be on the lists of those who viewed other people’s stories. This may be due to personal dislike for the person who posted the post or with other motives.

Therefore, in this article, let’s learn how to watch other people’s stories anonymously, there is nothing more complicated and forbidden here.

What is Instagram Stories

Stories are short videos that users post on social networks. They are usually shown first in the feed. You can record several stories at once, and then they will be shown in turn.

Stickers, inscriptions and all kinds of effects can be applied to Stories to attract even more views and new visitors.

As soon as the user uploads a new video, red next to his avatar lights up red. If there are no stories, the color remains blue.

If there is a live broadcast, then a red “play” button will appear in the feed by the profile icon.

Extensions for Google Chrome

Alternatively, you can view the Stories of other users using the special IG Stories for Instagram extension.

It is enough to install it in the Google Chrome browser. It looks like a mobile version of Instagram with an extended interface.

You can use an analogue: Hiddengram. view insta stories anonymously.

True, the history will not switch automatically in it: the transition is carried out from the keyboard using the arrows.

When you go, you need to close the profile of one person and go to the page of another, which is not very convenient.

This option is suitable exclusively for the web version of the application: Hiddengram does not work on a smartphone, so you will have to use special software to view other people’s profiles in incognito mode.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously

There are five easy ways to see other people’s stories while maintaining your anonymity. Choose the one that seems most convenient to you and start acting.

Via smartphone apps

You can watch videos anonymously using your smartphone. The method of action depends on which platform is installed on your gadget.

For Android users, the Story Saver app for Instagram is suitable.

The app can be installed via Google Play. After installation, you must enter your password and login from Instagram.

When authorization is completed, you will be able to view the materials anonymously by selecting the appropriate option in the program.

The application has several advantages:

  • First, the story can be saved to your hard drive.
  • Secondly, if you wish, you can send records to the cloud storage or by email.

Another popular Android app is Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram.

Story Reposter application developed for iOS.

There is no need to register in it: it is enough to enter the data of the desired profile to see all the information available there, including the stories uploaded by the user.

The application guarantees complete anonymity. However, the video can only be viewed in a reduced format.

Insert your account login into our service

Click on the “Download” button, InstaTake will open all photos and videos from stories in their original size.

Watch story anonymously

Just enter your profile link or username.

What InstaTake Can Do?

As you know, Instagram users can see who has watched their story, so sometimes it needs to be done incognito. InstaTake will allow you to watch stories anonymously from any user on Instagram, online, as well as download files in their original size from the story to a computer or phone (Android / iPhone). The service works for free, without registration, bots, installation of applications and programs, and you do not need to have an Instagram account at all.

Select the user whose story you want to spy on

To view a story on Instagram anonymously, you only need to know the login from your account or have a link to your profile (you can copy it directly from the browser line on your phone or computer) to our service.

How to view history anonymously

Save stories to your devices

Each file will have a “Download” button, by clicking on which:

  • on the phone, both on Android and iPhone, the image will open in full format, hold your finger on it and save it as a regular picture. The video will open directly in the browser, hold your finger on it and save it;
  • on the computer, photos and videos will also open in the current window, it remains to save them.

After saving, all files will appear in your gallery.

Stories on Instagram appeared in mid-2016 and are publications that are strikingly different from the usual post: they are in the main photo, while the profile photo is outlined in a pink frame, have a preview only in the feed, and the most the main difference is that they are kept in the profile for only 24 hours, which is why they cause such interest, especially if the user prefers not to post regular publications often. But there is one nuance, the owner of the story sees the entire list of users who have viewed it, and not only friends are watching it

Where can I view the story anonymously? Right here! One of InstaTake’s features will help you do this anonymously and completely free of charge. The service has a convenient mobile and computer versions, as well as a short guide to use, we did everything for your convenience. Download with InstaTake!

How to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing

The Instatake Service does not provide any service and is not directly related to the Instagram site. This resource does not store photos and videos of users on its pages and does not have access to their personal data. Any photo and video materials are stored on Instagram servers, you cannot use them for your own purposes.