View charging cycles MacBook Air How. We learn the current battery capacity

How to find out the condition of the battery macBook battery is one of the main problems of modern gadgets, including laptops. The resource of such devices is often determined precisely by the battery resource, which may need to be replaced in a few years of use, so that the device further works as usual mode.

It is especially important to pay attention to the state of the MacBook battery when buying a device in the secondary market. In this article we will talk about how to check the condition of the MacBook battery and determine the number of reloading cycles.

Not only autonomous work, but also many other parameters depends on the state of the MacBook battery. In particular, the speed of the computer itself.

How to find out the number of reloading cycles of the MacBook battery

The MacOS operating system makes it possible to diagnose a laptop battery with regular tools. To learn about the number of reloading cycles of the MacBook battery, click in the upper left corner of the operating system to the apple icon and select “About this Mac” item.

Basic information about the laptop will open. To gain access to detailed information, click the “System Report”.

Switch on the left to the “Power Power” section. Here, in the subsection “Information on the degree of serviceability” there will be the paragraph “Number of Crossbound cycles”, which indicates how many times the battery of this MacBook has completed the charge cycle.

How many cycles is the MacBook battery calculated

Most accumulators of modern Apple laptops are designed for about 1000 charge cycles. When approaching this value, the battery will begin to discharge faster, will not hold the maximum container. MacOS itself will report the need to replace.

Some MacBook models may have a battery, which is designed for a smaller number of cycles. So, for example, the MacBook Air battery (mid 2009) will properly last about 500 cycles, and MacBook Pro (15 inches, early 2008) may appear after 300 cycles.

The exact data on the number of cycles in your Mac model can be found on Apple website.

Check the number of charge cycles

MacBook battery diagnosis begins with determining the number of charge cycles. Unlike iOS, MacOS does not hide this information.

To view the number of charge cycles:

Go to the menu . About this Mac. a system report.

Find the power supply section.

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Here you will see the number of battery charge cycles.

How to find out the “health” of the battery?

In order to find out the number of remaining charges, turn on your Mac:

  • Press the Option and enter the Apple menu.
  • Go to the “Review” tab → “System Report”.
  • Next, follow: “hardware” → “power”.

In the paragraph “Information on the battery” you will see the used number of reloading cycles. For each laptop model, the battery life can be different. Determine the model of your device to obtain such information. You can learn more about this from our article.

You can find out information about your Mac resource. When the battery reaches the value below, then we can assume that it is unsuitable and can be replaced:

  • For MacBook since 2009. 1000.
  • For MacBook from 2006 to 2009 300.
  • For models Pro since 2009. 1000.
  • For models Pro 2008. 300.
  • For AIR models since 2010. 1000.
  • For MacBook Air (mid 2009.). 500.
  • For 2008 Air models. 300.

Check the Mac resource to determine the “health” of the battery. If you notice the fast discharge of the gadget, then it is possible that the battery capacity has decreased due to the achievement of the maximum number of charges. If necessary, replace the battery for maximum laptop performance.

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How to extend the battery life

There are some general recommendations of how not to lead to premature development of the resource battery:

    MacBook to recent versions. The use of the battery really depends on which applications and how they work.

  • Use the settings “Energy Saving” in the menu of your laptop. The parameter “maximum performance” leads to increased use.
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen, do not use it without the need for too high brightness.
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi if you do not use it.
  • Avoid the use of MacBook in extreme temperature conditions. Optimal values ​​from 10 to 35 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep the battery charged. If you store it completely discharged, this can lead to the loss of the ability to keep the charge. Storage completely charged can lead to loss of capacity. If you do not use it for more than 6 months, recharge up to 50% and repeat it every six months. Storage conditions should be with low humidity and temperature not higher than 32 degrees Celsius.

These are simple recommendations on how to see the condition of your MacBook battery and save its service life during the number of charging cycles declared by the manufacturer.

Charging MacBook without charging

As we have already said, Apple technique is significantly different from analogues in many respects. This also applies to chargers of laptops: they have a completely different connector and power than laptops of other companies. The question follows from here: how to charge macBook if there is no branded charger at hand?

There are several ways of such charging. Consider the main ones.


Precisely because it is dangerous and when the inexperienced user is interfered simply “kills” the battery, we will not dwell on it in detail. It consists in the fact that it is necessary to connect the contacts of the battery with non.violent wires. If you are a specialist in electronics repair, this method will suit you, we do not advise you to conduct such experiments to everyone else. Curious people can watch a video on this topic on YouTube.


For him, we will need a BattyBox. a portable external rechargeable battery for Apple products with a capacity of 50 watts. With it, the set has a Magsafe corporate cord with a necessary connector. Using this device, you can charge your laptop without charging and even without access to the outlet.

Battlebox. external battery battery

Battybox weighs 300 g, looks almost like an Apple charger, charges using MicroUSB and is designed for 3,000 cycles. that is, at least 3 times more than a laptop battery. Charging time. about 9 hours.

As you can see, it is not difficult to charge MacBook and take care of its batteries. The main thing is to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations and use branded charges, and in their absence. specialized devices. If you still have some interesting information about the proper charging of MacBook-welcome in the commentary!

Proper care for the Battery MacBook

The Internet is full of different rumors about laptop batteries: how to charge them correctly, how to operate and how to extend the lifetime.

In this article, I do not claim the truth to the first instance, but I will only express my opinion based on more than 10 years of experience with MAC and other Apple equipment.

The main misconception. the less I use the battery, the longer it will live. It is not right.

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If your MacBook is constantly hanging on nutrition and does not consume the battery, then this will ultimately ditch the battery or greatly reduce its original volume. Of course, you can make a battery calibration (charge. discharge. charge), but most often it requires replacement of the battery.

It used to reach the point of absurdity: until 2008, the battery could be removed on the MacBook, and people simply took out the battery and sat completely from the network. After that, after 3-4 months, the battery was inserted back and was surprised why it did not work at all, or lost half of its resource.

Chemical elements of even modern batteries are arranged in such a way that they need to work.

I recommend completely charge and discharge the battery at least once a month. This will become 1 charge/discharge cycle. It is not necessary to discharge Mac to zero, discharge to 20-30% and charge up to 100% again.

And do not bother with calculating the reloading cycles. On my experience, the MacBook Pro has more than 500 reloading cycles, and the battery volume has been preserved at 85% and above.

And the “economists of the cycles”, which are constantly sitting from the network, the nickname has only 30 cycles of the reload, and the battery has already been killed more than half.

An important point! During the games on MacBook, always use power from the network.

If the system on the Mac writes “Service”, contact the service center to replace the battery. utility. diagnostics of the battery

To monitor the volume and operation of the battery, I advise you to install one free utility-COCONUTBATTERY (it does not have it on the App Store, you can download from the COCONUT-FLAVOUR

  • Current volume (Current Charge).
  • Full volume after full charging.
  • The initial volume of the battery (Design Capacy).
  • The number of charge/discharge cycles (Cycle Count).

How To Calibrate A Macbook Battery For Better Battery Readings.

Click on Battle Info to view additional information about the battery: manufacturer, age, average temperature.

That all these data give us? You can calculate the wear of the batteries (in my case, it is 7% for 12 cycles of the reload) and draw conclusions on the correct operation of the laptop.

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In the same way, you can diagnose the iPhone battery. IOS Device tab.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, write your vision of the problem of wear on the battery on MacBook and iPhone.

Remember. When you need to change the battery

Bring the iPhone to replace the battery: if the status of the battery in iOS is displayed at the level of 80% and lower or when the number of cycles approaches 500.

Such an iPhone can spontaneously disconnect during the launch of labor.intensive games, will quickly discharge into zero in the cold, and in normal mode. more often demand to connect the charger.

Change the battery on the MacBook you need: when the laptop developed a resource laid by the manufacturer (300, 500 or 1000 cycles), depending on the model.

MacBook with a worn battery will work less than usual. The performance of the laptop will not change.

How much time is left: it is desirable to replace the battery after about 2 years of using the iPhone and after 3-4 years of operation of MacBook. This should be remembered by those who do not change the gadget or purchase devices on the secondary market for a long time.

How to Check Battery Cycle Count in M1 MacBook Pro [Battery Health / Charge Capacity- mAh]

P.S. Do not forget that such a procedure should be carried out in authorized service centers.

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Battery power and charging

If most of the time the computer is used from the power supply, turn it off once every 2-3 days and use it from the battery somewhere to 50% of the charge, after which you can connect the charging again. This will make the electrons move and extend the life of the battery.

Apple does not recommend using MacBook exclusively from an external power source!

There are cases when your battery stops charging at a mark of 93% to 99%. this is normal. Batteries are specially created in such a way to avoid short discharge/charging cycles to extend life.

Upon reaching a full charge, the LED on the charging plot will change its color to green. This indication means that the battery charging is stopped, and the computer works from an external power source with a fully charged battery.

Also, nothing terrible will happen if you leave MacBook connected to the MacBook network.

The life of the battery

Each reloading cycle slightly reduces the battery capacity. But the batteries of your MacBook, iPhone or iPad can be subjected to a fairly large number of cycles until the moment the capacity decreases significantly.

The batteries of the modern MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are designed to perform 1000 full charging and discharge cycles until the capacity of the original is reduced to 80% of the original.

This does not mean that when this mark is reached, the battery will cease to work and its further use is impossible. You can continue to use the battery with 79% of the container and at 1001 cycle, until it holds the charge.

If your MacBook battery does not meet these requirements, it is possible that it is defective. In this case, contact AppleCare with a request to replace it with a new.

We find out the number of cycles

You can find out more detailed information about the battery, remaining cycles, etc. D. To do this, press the apple in the upper left corner → “About this Mac”.

Before you information about the computer and system, and below the “System Report” button. The application will open with detailed information about the computer, the operation of the system, etc. P. We are interested in the item “hardware” → “Power”. All information about the battery’s work is collected here, including reloading cycles.

I want more information!

Okay, if you are not enough, use a special application that provides the entire info about the MacBook battery, including the temperature, its percentage condition and much more. The application is called COCONUTBATTERY, and for obvious reasons it is not in the App Store.

Do not forget to regularly check the condition of your MacBook so that it serves as long as possible. And if it’s time to change the battery, don’t pull with the service.

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How many cycles are left before you lose 20% of the capacity. Or more. In terms of autonomy, MacBook practically does not know equal. But he is not eternal. If your old man hardly lives until dinner, it’s time to replace the battery. Modern poppies easily hold 1000 reloading cycles. That is, it can be completely discharged and charge every day, and in.