Video Does Not Work On Ipad

Using the Safari browser

If your gadget runs on iOS 13 or later, you can downloads via Safari. This requires a dedicated downloader site.

1. Copy the link to the you want to download. For example, we took the URL from YouTube.

Does Not Work On Ipad

2. Launch Safari and open the site of any downloader in it that can downloads from the site you need. The service can be selected from this list. For example, to save from YouTube, will do.

3. Paste the previously copied link into the text box on the downloader site and press “Enter”.

4. When links to different download formats are displayed, select the appropriate one and click the button next to it. If the service then offers a new download button, use it.

5. In the window that appears, select “Download”.

6. In the upper right corner, click on the arrow icon to open the Downloads menu.

7. When downloaded, click on it.

8. After starting the player, use the “Share” button.

9. In the “Share” menu, select “Save”. ​​after that it will appear in the standard “Photos” application.

2 easiest ways to download on iPhone and iPad

Downloads from YouTube, VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook and other popular hosting without a computer.

Using the Documents app

If you have an older version of the OS that Safari can’t download, you can use the free iOS program Documents. It is a file manager with a built-in browser that is capable of downloading files from the internet via a direct link.

1. Copy the link to the you want to download. For example, let’s save the URL from YouTube.

2. Launch Documents and open the built-in browser.

3. Go to the site of any downloader that can download from the desired site. You can choose a suitable service from the Lifehacker’s selection. As an example, we will use the downloader, which can download from YouTube.

4. Paste the previously copied URL into the field on the downloader site and press “Enter”.

5. When links to different download formats are displayed, select the appropriate one and click the button next to it. If the service then offers a new download button, use it.

6. In the window that appears, enter any name for the and click “Finish”.

7. Return to the main Documents menu and open the Downloads folder.

8. After the download is complete, click on the three dots in the corner of the file you just saved.

9. When the context menu appears, tap “Move”.

10. In the window that appears, select “Photo” and click “Move”.

After that, the downloaded file will appear in the standard “Photos” application.

Iphone (iPad) does not play from YouTube and VK [Solution]

Today I faced such a problem. My wife’s iPhone did not want to play from YouTube, VK, and even thes I shot myself.

To play YouTube, we use the PlayTube application, which has a very useful caching function for further offline viewing. It saves a lot if you have a long trip, or just pump up cartoons from YouTube for a child.

Let’s move on to our problem. In this article, I have put together various solutions to let you watch YouTube on iPhone and iPad again.

UPDATE from 09/26/2015: If after updating to iOS 9, the YouTube application displays the message “Error loading. Click to repeat “, read at the very bottom of this article.

  • How to replace the iPhone screen with your own hands. Instructions

How does the problem manifest

So, at one point, the phone began to refuse to play anys in the above program. At the same time, a message like “Failed to connect to the server. Try it in a few minutes. “At first I decided that the problem was in the program itself, but after reinstalling the problem did not disappear.

over, an attempt to play in the standard YouTube application gave the message “Operation failed”. This clearly meant that the problem was not in the application.

Everything fell into place when I “softly” rebooted the phone (hold down the POWER button for 3 seconds, and then swipe across the screen). over, a hard restart (holding the POWER and HOME buttons at the same time) did NOT help.

Apparently, a “piece” of an application is frozen in the iPhone’s memory, or an internal failure has occurred. Anyway, a soft restart restored YouTube to working and playing others on the iPhone.

If you have similar problems and your iPhone (iPad, iPod) does not play from YouTube or VK, just try restarting your gadget. Should help in 90% of cases.

Youtube server crash

Every day I keep track of the statistics of visits to my site, and already a couple of times it happened that this particular article became popular in MEGA within one day. When I talk about mega popularity, I mean a huge number of views, and therefore calls to Google for the corresponding request.

Does this mean anything to you? And does not even suggest an idea? OK! Good! I’ll tell you. If a large number of people suddenly found themselves in a situation at the same time when their iPhone stopped playing on YouTube or any other application (site), then the problem is not in iPhones or in people, but in the service that users are trying to contact. In our case it’s YouTube.

The conclusion follows from this. If YouTube does not work, do not rush to panic. Perhaps the server responsible for mobile YouTube content has fallen. For example, today Twitter has been shut down all over the world, and a similar situation can easily happen to any other Internet giant.

SO! SHOULD WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW. Or try on another device.

“Error loading. Click to redo “

A couple of days ago, there was an official iOS 9.0.1 update, which was aimed at fixing some pretty nasty bugs. As you remember, many users were affected when upgrading to iOS 9 when their phones got stuck on the “Slide to Update” screen.

This problem was solved with grief in half, but judging by the statistics of visits to this page, after the release of iOS 9.0.1, a problem with YouTube was added. In one day, this article was read by more than 2000 people. Apple, what are you doing?!

Symptoms When trying to play on YouTube, an error message appears: Error loading. Click to redo.

Solution 1

No matter how ridiculous it may sound, this problem occurs when the time is incorrectly set on the iOS device. Go to Settings General Date and time, disable Automatic time setting and set the time and date manually.

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Solution 2

If none of the methods helped, write about it in the comments. Specify the application and the error it generates. I will definitely try to find a solution for you.

Main reasons

It happens that instead of playing on the screens of our gadgets, we see a crossed out play icon or a pop-up error notification. Why isn’t YouTube working on an iPad, and why isn’t YouTube working on an iPhone? This could be due to:

  • Not working correctly YouTube application,
  • Incorrectly set time on the device. Do not be surprised, and this is possible,
  • Freezing of some other application,
  • Influence of tweaks.

One of the types of YouTube errors on iPad

These are the main reasons YouTube may not work on ipad or iphone.

Does not work with YouTube

Why doesn’t YouTube work on an iPad, iPhone? Many have faced a similar problem at least once. Although apple technology is renowned for its reliability and quality, some applications do fail.

Is it possible to do something to independently resolve this issue or is it necessary to run to the service center and save an expensive gadget there?

How to troubleshoot?

So, if YouTube does not work on the ipad or iphone due to the incorrect operation of the application itself, then you should not panic and blame your device for everything. Perhaps something happened to the server, and the breakdown will be eliminated in a short time.

Try to run the application on another device, if nothing worked, then the problem is definitely not in the iPad, and not in the iPhone. It remains to be patient and wait until the breakdown is fixed. You can try to reinstall the application of this hosting, sometimes, this method helps.

Incorrectly set time on the device can also cause incorrect hosting. To solve this problem, you need to go to the settings. Basic. Date and time. Here you should disable automatic time setting, and set the date and time manually.

If the performance of the device was affected by the freezing of a part, of some application, then the issue with the not working yuotube on the iphone or ipad can be solved by a regular restart. To do this, hold down the power button for a few seconds. Or refer to a harder reboot: hold down the power and home buttons at the same time.

Hosting application freezing can be triggered by proof, springtomize 2 or SBSetting tweaks.

Proof, usually hides some icons on the home screen. In order to restore YouTube to work, you just need to go to the proof menu, find the hosting application and activate the switch to display the icon.

In the case of springtomize 2, go to the Icons. Hide icons tab and uncheck the YouTube box.

If YouTube does not work on the iPad due to SBSetting, then you need to “fail” in the Hide icons menu and set the switch to the inactive position.

These steps should help restore the hosting application to work, and you can continue to enjoy watchings.

No required codec

Every media player (including the built-in Windows Media Player), every phone and TV is compatible with a specific set of formats. In order for the device to read your files correctly, it needs special codecs. Codecs are programs for compressing and playing media data. Each codec operates with only one format. Lack of suitable codecs is the most common reason that doesn’t work on a computer. To make your player play files in various formats, download the K-Lite Codec Pack. The most popular codec pack. If you need more information, check out our instructions. In them we explain what codecs are and how to install them.

If it does not open, try also updating your media player, because the list of built-in codecs is periodically updated in the players. How to do this, let’s look at the example of one of the most popular players. VLC. To update it, start the player, click on the button Help and select the option Check for updates, as it shown on the picture.

Want to be sure that the software player on your computer or mobile device will play files seamlessly? Just convert to the format your player exactly supports. Movavi Converter is ideal for solving this problem. It converts files to all popular formats, including MKV, AVI, MP4, and also contains ready-made presets for smartphones, including iPhone and Google Nexus, phones and tablets on Android and other devices.

Why does not it play on a computer and how to deal with it?

21 February 2020

Surely you have repeatedly come across the fact that the computer does not play. This is a very common occurrence indeed. There can be two reasons why it does not work on a PC or laptop: the lack of suitable codecs and problems with the card drivers. In this article we will cover both options.

Computer does not show ?

No card drivers

What if installing codecs didn’t help? The computer does not play, but are you sure that you have the necessary codecs installed and your media player is compatible with the format? Perhaps the reason is outdated card drivers or their absence. To install the drivers, you need to know the card model. See which card you have installed: in the menu Start or on the taskbar (if you have a Windows 10 computer) find the search bar, enter device Manager and press Enter.

In the window that opens, expand the option adapters by clicking on the arrow to the left of the corresponding line. In the list of adapters, you will see your card model. If this method fails to find out the model of the card, refer to the documentation for your computer or contact its manufacturer.

You found out which card you have, and now you can easily find the necessary drivers on the Internet. Download drivers from the manufacturer’s official website, run the installation file and install the drivers.

If, despite updating the codecs and drivers for your card, you are unable to reproduce correctly, contact your computer service.

Now you know what to do if it does not boot on your computer. For owners of phones running Android OS, we recommend that you read our article What to do if it does not play on Android.

Problems with playback on computers and mobile devices have a universal solution: you need to convert to a suitable format using Movavi Converter. In this program, you can not only convert media files, but also edit before converting, extract sound from, compress files and much more.

Doesn’t show on the internet

Most of all materials posted on the Internet ares. Therefore, it is very important that the web browser is able to reproduce them correctly. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully view the web.

Sometimes users are faced with the fact that their browser does not show on the Internet. In this article, we will consider a number of the most common reasons that can lead to the inoperability ofs on the Internet.

Reason # 1. Flash Player Issues.

In most cases, Flash technology is used to embed a movie in a web page. Therefore, the most common cause of Internet playback problems is a variety of problems with Flash Player.

Flash Player is a browser add-on that allows you to play Flash objects within web pages. Flash Player can be downloaded absolutely free of charge from

If you don’t have Flash Player installed on your computer, just download it from the official website and install. If Flash Player is installed, you can uninstall and reinstall it. To do this, open Control Panel. Programs. Programs and Features. Here you need to find the Adobe Flash Player program and uninstall it.

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Then you can reinstall Flash Player. In addition, you need to check the Flash Player settings directly in the browser itself. Flash playback may be disabled by settings. For example, Google Chrome has a page chrome: // plugins /. Here you can enable or disable the Flash Player add-on.

Reason # 2. Javascript is disabled.

In addition to Flash technology, the browser must work with JavaScript. If your browser does not show on the Internet, then JavaScript may be disabled in its settings.

For example, in order to check the functionality of JavaScript in the Google Chrome browser, you need to open the settings and click on the “Content Settings” button.

In the window that opens, you can enable or disable JavaScript.

Problem # 3. Slow internet connection speed.

Still not showing online? You may have a problem with the Internet. The speed of the Internet connection, which is necessary for comfortable viewing ofs, depends on the quality of thes themselves. If during viewing you observe twitching, freezing and loading, then most likely this is the problem.

What to do if all else fails.

In some cases, you cannot find the cause of the playback problems. Flash Player is installed and working, JavaScript is also, the connection speed is sufficient. But, nevertheless, it is not reproduced. In such a case, you can give a few tips:

Upside down photos

A common problem with horizontally oriented photographs. When loading such images, they are turned upside down.

This often happens when taking a photo using the volume up button. In this situation, try the following:

  • Take a horizontal photo with the volume down button. This is due to the sensors of the iPhone (iPad) and the way they are programmed to put metadata into the image.
  • You can also edit the picture on your phone to make sure it’s in the correct orientation, or change it on your computer using a photo editor.
  • Third party apps like Camera can fix the metadata encoding issue by making the image orientation always correct. At the same time, such programs do not start so quickly.

Image is blurry or the camera on iPhone or iPad is not focusing

If your images are blurry or out of focus when shooting, do the following:

  • Make sure the camera lenses are clean. If they are stained, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. If dirt or debris gets behind the glass, you need to contact the service center for help.
  • On iPhone models with OIS (iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS / XS Max), this issue may be caused by a metal case or magnetic accessories. Try to remove the accessory, then take a photo and compare with a blurry image.
  • When taking photos, make sure the device is steady while pressing the shutter button or the volume up button. If you can’t hold your smartphone still, consider buying a tripod.

Black screen when launching iPhone or iPad camera

A black screen is displayed when launching the built-in (or third-party) camera application. In this situation, try the following:

  • First, make sure nothing is blocking the camera lens. You may have fitted the case incorrectly, or something is covering the camera hole.
  • Close (unload) the Camera app (swipe up on the app card in the multitasking bar) and then try launching it again.
  • If this method doesn’t work, try restarting your device and restarting the camera. Also try switching between the front and rear cameras to see if a black screen appears on both. If the problem is with only one of them, you may have to take the device to an Apple repair service.

Camera app not found or freezes when switching between cameras

If you’re having trouble finding the Camera app on your home screen, or it freezes when you try to switch between cameras, it might be due to your restriction settings.

Open “Settings” → “General” → “Restrictions”.

Starting with iOS 12 (Settings → Screen Time → Content and Privacy → Content and Privacy → Allowed Programs).

Enter the restriction access code.

Make sure the switch for the camera is on (green).

Basic Methods to Fix Software Issues on iPhone

If your camera is having any problems, it is worth trying to fix the software problems first. These methods are pretty simple and should fix any problems you might have:

Close the application and try to launch it again.

Reboot your device and start the camera again.

If the above methods don’t work, try going to Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings. Please note that you will need to reconfigure your device.

Camera not working on iPhone or iPad: common problems and how to solve them

Most iPhone or iPad owners use them to take great photos. Having a smartphone or tablet with you, you want to be sure that their stock camera won’t let you down at the right time. However, sometimes it happens that the camera in the iPhone or iPad does not work correctly, which may be due to both software and hardware “stuffing” of the device.

Listed below are some common camera problems on iPhone or iPad and how to fix them.

Reason # 1. Ios crashes

While I am writing this manual, another version of the software for iPhone and iPad has been released. And, as usual, some errors were eliminated with her arrival, while others were added. I would not mention this, but the following story just happened to me:

It’s good that everything was cured with the usual hard reboot. But it won’t always be that easy. So here are some more tips for restoring Siri to work in case of software glitches:

  1. Turn off and turn on the voice assistant in the settings.
  2. In the same menu, we perform similar actions on the options “Access with screen lock”, Allow “Hey Siri” and check the appeal language.
  3. Pay attention to internet connection. Offline Siri does not work.
  4. Resetting the network settings (Settings. General. Reset).
  5. Erase all data from iPhone or iPad.
  6. We restore the latest version of iOS via iTunes. After that, we do not use the backup and check if Siri can hear us.

These are the simple (except for the last two) actions. True, there is always the possibility that all this will not help. And that’s why…

“Hey Siri” isn’t working or why she can’t hear your voice?

Hello! Do you use Siri? Although this is a wonderful voice assistant that you can always talk to, I don’t do it that often. After all, he is far from real artificial intelligence. There are drawbacks and it is foolish to deny them. And when her “deafness” is added to all this, then in general “even stand, even fall”. Yes, in some cases Siri starts to have problems recognizing your voice. You can yell on the iPhone as much as you like, but she still won’t hear anything.

Although. Sometimes screaming really helps. But we are cultured and sane people! Therefore, we will not immediately raise our voice and yell at our gadget, but we will try other (calmer) methods to make Siri pay attention to us. Which ones? Now let’s figure it out. One, two, three, burn the Christmas tree. Let’s go!

If we consider the situation “in general”, then there are only two reasons why the voice assistant does not distinguish between our commands:

  1. Software.
  2. Hardware.
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Let’s start with the first.

Reason number 2. Broken microphone

Siri “hears” and recognizes our speech thanks to the microphone. Accordingly, if this detail does not work, then the voice assistant will not respond to our voice and recognize it. How do you know if the microphone is to blame? There are several ways:

  1. Insert headphones and check. If Siri works through them, then the likelihood of “iron” problems increases.
  2. Pay attention to other functions, since “trouble does not come alone.” Speakerphone may not work in Skype or WhatsApp, dictation, voice dialing, etc.
  3. It happens that Siri does not hear you at a distance, but if you shout loudly and do it close to the device, then everything is “OK”.
  4. You can try recording on the front camera and check if the sound is recorded. The only moment you need to speak into the microphone, which is located next to the camera on the front of the device (it is through it that Siri distinguishes the voice). What for? It’s just that when shooting, the iPhone uses all three microphones and otherwise it will be impossible to recognize a non-working one.

So, if during playback (which is recorded on the front camera) noise is heard instead of sound, and all the other problems described above are not alien to your iPhone, then most likely we have found the culprit for Siri. What can be done in this case?

  1. Clean the earpiece mesh. Over time, it becomes “greasy” and grease, dirt, dust accumulate on it.
  2. For some, it helps to press on the screen (do it carefully) in the area of ​​the front camera. They say, the cable connector snaps into place. Relevant in the case when he moved away after a fall or poor-quality repair.
  3. Sometimes you have to replace the entire front cable (it is on it that the camera, earpiece, proximity sensor and microphone for Siri are located).

Of course, if the iPhone or iPad is under warranty, then nothing of this need to be done. It is enough to hand over the device for warranty repair (most likely it will be replaced with a new one).

However, you should not get upset even after the end of the warranty period. Repairs will not be expensive (the price of a loop is small, and the work is not so hard. With proper skill, you can do it yourself).

But I, as usual, believe in the best and hope that Siri will begin to recognize your voice without assembling-disassembling the device and visiting the service center.

Flash Player issues

One of the most common reasons for not working is in Flash Player.

There may be several ways in which you might have problems with this application:

    Flash Player is not installed. Due to the lack of official support from the developer, this player is not included in the system by default and must be installed manually. Most Web sites that provide browsing access work with Flash-based players. To install the program, you need to download its latest version in apk format and run it. After installation, you may need to restart your device.

The requirements for screens and resolution of devices are increasing every day, this also applies to tablet computers. Picture quality and display brightness are highly rated among users. Buying devices for viewing multimedia content, buyers spend a lot of money and want to watch movies only in HD quality. For a normal high-quality display from the Internet, you need not only a modern device with good characteristics, but also a high data transfer rate. First, check: perhaps the entire channel is being used by another program.

If there is no choice and you have to use low-speed traffic, there are still several viewing options:

  1. Some large online resources allow you to change the playback quality. The lower it is, the less traffic the stream consumes, and the better it is reproduced.
  2. Most browsers support buffering or paging functionality. If the or movie slows down, or is displayed in jumps and fragments, pause it and wait a little. While waiting, a movie that has been started and stopped with a pause is loaded into the buffer. This will fix the viewing issues while the next part is loading.
  3. Download what you want to watch. Once downloaded to your computer, you can enjoy it, regardless of the quality of the Internet.

Why does not play on the tablet

Modern mobile devices are much more powerful than they used to be. Their characteristics have grown to match those of personal computers. Following technology, entertainment applications, games and multimedia are also rapidly evolving.

The ability to watchs and films via the Internet plays a very important role for owners of mobile devices, who are mainly used for this. It becomes very annoying when they do not show multimedia content that you want to watch.

There are three main types of problems that arise when watching online movies on your equipment.

Transfer contacts from iphone to iphone. Located here.

Let’s look at the main answers to the question: why does not it show on the tablet ?

  1. Incorrect operation of the player in the browser;
  2. Javascript support is disabled;
  3. Low level of provided Internet traffic.

Next, we will analyze each of the problems and methods for their elimination.

Recommendations for setting up on an android tablet

The android operating system has captured most of the mobile device and technology market. At the moment, it is considered the most popular among users. The most famous devices running android os are tablets and phones.

Due to the huge number of various models and configurations of equipment, as well as a wide variety of software, users often have problems. The most common problem is incorrect display or absence of an image when trying to browse the Internet.

Javascript disabled

To make it clearer what we are talking about, let’s figure out what JavaScript is. First of all, it is a programming language. It is widely used to create many elements of web sites. Previously, a similar service was used to create almost all games and applications.

All existing browsers for Android have support for working with JavaScript. It is enabled by default. If you disable it in the settings, then many site functions will not work. Including the display of the player may not work.

Support can be disabled in the following cases:

  • Incorrect installation of the browser or plugins, as well as add-ons for it (in case of unexpected shutdowns and errors);
  • Installation of new software to maintain the safety of the tablet (during the installation of the antivirus software, the recommendation to disable may be activated, if it is not removed, then JavaScript will be disabled)
  • Modification of browser settings by the user and accidental shutdown.

In any of these cases, you just need to activate Java by checking the box in the browser settings opposite the corresponding item.