Use Phone As Speakers For Computer

Use Phone As Speakers For Computer

Many people wonder what to do if the speakers from a computer or laptop are broken. After all, a repair or replacement can take quite a while, and I don’t really want to limit myself to listening to music or games. Read on about how to use your phone as speakers for your computer.

Can I use the phone as a computer speaker

You can make a full-fledged speaker from almost any phone. It can be either an old unnecessary or a completely new device. Of course, for music lovers the sound will not be perfect, but it is quite suitable for ordinary users. The sound quality will be good if there is no wave interference from other wireless devices in the room.

IMPORTANT! You can connect the gadget to a computer via a wireless connection, without using a cable, which is very convenient.

How to connect a phone instead of a speaker

To connect a smartphone, you must install additional software on it and on the computer. This will allow you to use your smartphone instead of a speaker at any time. Follow these steps:

  • Download and install the SoundWire app first for the computer and then for the smartphone.
  • Turn on the program on two devices at the same time and wait for the contact to be established between them. This usually takes from 30 seconds to a minute. To connect via wi-fi, they must be on the same network.
  • In the program on the computer, check the box for the selected sound source. For the Windows 7 (8) operating system, select “default multimedia device”, for XP it is advisable to dwell on “stereo mix”, “wave out mix”, “what u hear”. For Linux, a special document is attached with a detailed explanation.
  • Sound control is also done in the application through the SoundWire Server tab.
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Installation and configuration is complete. Music from the computer will be redirected to the phone and you can listen to it both through external speakers and through connected headphones.

ATTENTION! SoundWire is a free program, but it runs ads at intervals of 45 minutes. The full version costs about three dollars and there will be no such inconvenience.

Is there any harm to the phone from such use

Many people mistakenly believe that when using the device as a speaker, it will be more prone to wear. Indeed, if the phone is connected via a USB port, this will lead to constant charging and discharging of the battery. Further, battery malfunctions may occur and the quality of charging will decrease. In addition, the phone will occupy one of the computer ports, and this is not convenient in the case of a small number of connectors.

However, thanks to the emergence of programs such as Airfoil Speakers, WiFi Speaker, SoundWire and others, it became possible to transfer sound from a computer to a phone via a wi-fi network. Therefore, externally, the devices do not touch and the phone will not be harmed by using it as a speaker.

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What is the maximum sound the phone can play?

Manufacturers are constantly improving the quality and volume of sound on mobile devices. The average volume of high-tech smartphones is about 85 decibels. In addition, there are many ways to improve the performance and sound volume. Installing a third-party player with advanced sound adjustment resources may help. So, Poweramp has 10 bands in the equalizer, allowing you to make individual settings.

Another way to maximize sound is to install the Volume app from Google Play. The undoubted advantage is that the program has separate columns for configuring external devices, headphones and Bluetooth headsets. Therefore, it is possible to increase the sound volume, as well as adjust it. Much depends on the model of the phone and its capabilities.

REFERENCE! The undoubted advantage of Volume is the presence of a “virtual room”, 20 adjustment levels and 5 equalizer bands. The version can be installed both on a paid, on and on a free basis.

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Using the phone as an external speaker for a computer is very convenient in case of malfunctions or replacing a standard sound source. We hope that this article will be useful and will help resolve the issue of listening to audio files.