USB printer is not determined automatically. Useful recommendations

Epson printer does not see a computer. what to do?

As in any other USB device, a malfunction may occur in the Epson printer, leading to the impossibility of determining it by a computer. The reasons for this are many. Some problems can be eliminated independently, others. only with the help of specialists. Among the most common malfunctions leading to the fact that the computer does not respond to connecting the printer, we note:

  • Lack or problem in the operation of the printer driver.
  • Cuts in the software of the computer operating system (in our case, Windows).
  • Dot in the firmware ( software) printer.
  • Damage to the connecting USB cable or the printer USB port and other hardware malfunctions.

Let us consider in more detail the possible causes of these malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

Lack or malfunction in the work of the printer Epson printer

Drivers have always been a weak point of any computer equipment or operating system (who is more convenient). The next Windows update, the installation of a program, connecting a new device-these and other actions can lead to problems in the driver’s operation (and not necessarily from the printer, but in general from any device).

Before you carry out any manipulations with drivers, you need to make sure that it is turned off programmatically in the Windows system:

  • First you need to start the “Dispatch of tasks” application. Press the “Win ​​R” keyboard on the keyboard, then enter the “MSC” command (without quotes) in the displayed window and click the OK button.
  • Find the name of the printer in the list of “Device Manager”. It can be located in the “Printing Queue” section or another place (or maybe there are several). Click on the name with the right mouse button. If the “Turn on the device” item is found in the drop.down menu, then it was still turned off. Select this item to turn on the printer, then try to print something.

If this does not help or in the “Device Manager” does not have the name of the printer, we move on.

The most effective way to eliminate problems with drivers is to reinstall them. But you can start with its update using specialized programs (driver managers). This is the easiest option to eliminate the problem, although not always effective. Drivers’ managers. full. You can use, for example, a free Driverhub drivers manager. It is easy for them to use:

  • We wait for the program to scan the computer. After that, devices will be displayed on the screen whose drivers can be updated (or installed if they are absent).
  • You can enable the “expert mode” and update/install only the driver for the printer. In the screenshot above, the installation of the driver of the first device that came across was selected, but this does not matter.
  • After selecting the device (Epson printer), it remains to click the “Install” button. The program itself downloads and installs the selected driver.

Driverhub manager can also be used to solve problems with EPSON drivers by completely reinstalling them. But if necessary, the required software can also be downloaded from the official site of the manufacturer. Let’s start with this:

  • Follow the link that leads to the electronic catalog of Epson printers.
  • In the upper left part of the page in the “Fast Search of the Product” field, enter the printer model (for example, “Epson L132”). Immediately under the field of input of the search query, a link will be displayed. click on it to get to the page of the desired printer.
  • Under the printer image, follow the link “Drivers, Poe and Manuals”, then open the “Drivers, Utility” unit, select the operating system (usually determined automatically) and click the “Download” button. Reinstalling the driver involves removing the already established, from this and start the procedure:

  • Here we also need the application “Device dispatcher”, which we launched earlier. If, according to the instructions, at the very beginning of this section of the article, the printer was absent in the list of devices, immediately move on to the last step. If the printer was there, take the next step first.
  • Click on the name of the printer with the right button and select the “Delete” item from the menu, then agree with the removal.

Incorrect connection

If you bought new printing equipment or decided to connect an existing printer to another computer, and the latter does not see the connected equipment, check the correctness of the connection.

    USB.The cord should be stuck in a USB slope, which is sometimes confused with Ethernet with a nest. Similar connection errors can lead to a breakdown of all equipment. The second end the wire stuck into the nest on the rear panel of the system unit.

You can not use to connect the printer with USB-shares on the front panel, since they do not connect directly to the mother. Do not connect the printer to the computer via USB-Udlinitors.

Check if the printer is turned on at all. In a number of devices, the on/off button is located behind or from the side, and users forget to click it.

Damaged USB cable

A thorough inspection of the USB cord is carried out for physical damage. He should not be ragged, cut or fucked. Assess the state of its plugs. If the printing device and the computer often work with different equipment, you need to check the condition of their inputs. The connected cable should not stagger in the nest and be stretched. It is necessary to check if the nests are clogged into which the cable is connected. If they have garbage, it needs to be removed and reliable contact between the elements.

If the computer does not see the printer connected via USB, perhaps the reason is the breakdown of the port itself. To check the version, free all the USB connectors from the cables connected to them and alternately connect the printer to them.

Ways to connect a printer to a computer

If the printing device is connected to one PC, the user can choose one of two ways:

When the device is connected to two computers or more, it is recommended to choose a method of connection on a local network.

Wi-Fi connection

This method is not suitable for all All-In-One Printer. Before starting the settings, it is necessary to check whether the device supports this possibility. Such information can be found in accompanying papers or on the manufacturer’s website. And the usual examination of the device can help in this matter. If the printer is connected via Wi-Fi or through the Ethernet network, the corresponding input should be on its case.

If the user has problems when setting up work, he can find full instructions on the Internet, introducing a request “How to connect a printer to a computer via Wi-Fi” and introducing the desired brand.

USB. connection.

USB connection is the most common and simple way to connect a USB printer with PC. The whole process takes place in a few steps:

Connect the device to PC using a cable.

If the LPT cord goes in the kit, the connection algorithm will be similar.

On the local network

To connect the device to several computers, you need to do the following:

The methods of connecting and correcting problems described above will allow everyone to work efficiently with any printing devices.

Step installation of drivers

Checking the absence of drivers on a printing device is quite simple. Follow the chain:

We saw unrecognized printers in the Printing Queen tab? Go to the manufacturer’s support service to download fresh drivers.

Updating drivers is recommended even if the devices are successfully recognized by the operating system. Sometimes loss of visibility may be due to the problem of compatibility of obsolete software with storage updates of Windows.

Step Selection of the Printer by default

Office equipment became readiness and warmed up, but after sending the document nothing happens to the press? Most likely your device is not chosen as a priority.

Cross the control panel. Equipment and sound. devices and printers. Pull the cursor to the required printer model, and then install it by default by opening the context menu with the right mouse button.

We carry out the procedure for reinstalling the driver

If such a device as a printer is not displayed due to problems with drivers, then the instructions below will help to eliminate this problem in a matter of minutes. In order to update the software for the external device, you need:

  • Go to “Start”.
  • Make one press on the right key controller (mice) on the “computer” icon. In the list arose, select “Properties”.

Note! Before you download a package of documents from the site, make sure of its official. If the site is not a confirmed and approved manufacturing company, it is likely that your desktop computer will be infected with malicious programs. This, in turn, can lead to much more serious problems than problems with the printer.

Activation of a special service

For such a function as a print or its turn, a service called the “print manager” is responsible. One of the possible reasons that the PC does not see the printer may be the non.power of the involvement of this software. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the functioning of this application and, if necessary, make some adjustments to its work. To check this, you need:

  • Open the “Start” menu and go to the “control panel”.
  • We find and launch “administration”.

Methods of solving the problem

By indicating the circle of causes that cause problems with the detection of the printing device, you can easily solve the problem. At the same time, you need to act in strict accordance with the instructions described below, so as not to miss any of the factors affecting the correct connection.

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Problems with physical connection

If the printer is not determined by the computer, then first of all you must check the condition of the printing device and PC. Carefully inspect the technique for damage. Any chip can become indirect evidence of hardware problems.

Mandatory check the condition of the cables and the port to which the equipment is connected. It happens that even a new device is not available due to the negligence of the manufacturer who put the faulty wire included. In addition, do not forget about the possible marriage of the device.

On a note. Usually the printer is connected to PC via a USB connector. Try to use a neighboring port, since not all USB standards on a computer are compatible with printing devices.

Печатаем с любого iOS устройства на любой USB принтер

Adding a printing device

If there are no hardware problems, but the device does not work anyway, check if you added it as a printing device. Yes, as a rule, the computer automatically determines external equipment, but in the event of problems, this operation is required to be performed in manual mode:

  • If your equipment is presented in the list, then proceed to the next instruction. If not, click on the “Add printer” button, after connecting the periphery to the PC.

Some users cannot find a printer position in the “control panel”. In such a situation, you just need to change the initially established display mode to “large icons”. The claim will immediately appear in the lower part of the list. If it is not the same, repeat the operation through the “parameters”:

Please note that at the first connection, the device is either determined automatically or is mating with the computer only after entering the name. Try all the methods presented before proceed to the next option to eliminate problems.

Updating the drivers

If the computer still does not have data for connecting the printer, then most likely you have an old driver or software necessary for the operation of the printing device is completely absent. You can solve the problem in several ways. First, consider the standard option:

As additional means of solving the problem, you can recommend a rollback to the old driver and subsequent software installation in manual mode. It is worth doing the same if the device is not displayed in the “Device Manager”. Download current drivers from the official site of the manufacturer and install software using an installer.

Other solutions

The problem when the printer is unavailable can be eliminated automatically, using the means of eliminating problems:

Then Windows 10 will launch the process of automatic search for faults. When they are detected, several options for solving the problem will be proposed. But, most likely, the system will independently correct the error, and you do not have to perform additional actions.

What to do if the printer has stopped printing documents

If you did not have a detection error, and the printer just stopped printing, demonstrating the message “I can’t print a document”, then refer to the following recommendations:

  • Follow the actions specified in the above instructions.
  • Check the presence of paint and paper.
  • Run the computer check for viruses.
  • Clean the print queue.

Most often, users say that they were not able to print a document due to the banal absence of toner or dried paint in the cartridge. The second most frequency reason is a crowded print line. All these problems can be eliminated using the instructions presented in this material.

Possible reasons

Situations where a PC or a laptop does not detect a printer, several reasons starting from the usual inattentive attitude of a person can contribute to a malfunction of the unit itself. If the PC is unable to see the printing device using USB, the situation may be related to several points:

  • Forgot to turn on the printer. The common situation that should be checked first.
  • Incorrect connection of the device to a laptop or a stationary computer. The USB-shnur is not inserted entirely, or the connector/wire is damaged.
  • Another apparatus was configured for printing.
  • Automatic printing service is not included.
  • There are problems with drivers. They can fly off the system or just do not stand on PC.
  • Disconnecting USB controller in BIOS.
  • Viruses.
  • Windows errors due to the fact that damage to system files is observed.
  • The technical component of the unit. In this case, only the repair will help.

What to do

If you use a computer on which Windows 10 or 7 is standing, experts advise initially checking the printer. This will need to start diagnostics. You can use a standard utility that is located in the “control panel”. To launch, you will need to go into the “elimination of problems”, “equipment and sound”, and then go into the “use of the printer”.

You can also use the official software for interaction with which you will need to connect a computer to the Internet and go to the official website of Microsoft. There you can download files for the desired application.


All errors associated with drivers are the most common user complaint that is faced with a problem when the printer is not determined by the computer. On some OS drivers are simply not installed. In most cases, all software for the printer is located on a separate disk, which is complete with the device. If the disk is not nearby, you can use the official portal of the manufacturer.

The necessary files are selected not only for a specific brand with the printer model, but also for a specific operating system.

The newest updates that were released for Windows are convenient in that they independently load the software for all devices attached to PC. This option is not in all cases correctly, and if the OS is outdated, then there is no such function on it. In this case, the easiest way to use the disk. From it, the installation is carried out as follows:

  • The disk should initially start;
  • Then the automatic installer will open;
  • According to the instructions, it is necessary to install drivers on PC;
  • After all the actions are performed, the situation when the computer does not recognize the device will be solved, and in the future, the disk used will not be required, and it can be removed;
  • If there is no disk in the configuration, the packaging with the printer indicates the link to the right software (if there is no link, you need to look for it yourself).

After downloading the necessary files, you need to install the driver. To do this, you can use instructions:

  • You must first check whether the selected software is compatible with the device used by the model and OS.
  • When the installation is completed, PC should be reloaded.
  • After turning on the PC, you need to see if the printer and fax printer and faxes used appeared. This file is located in the “control panels”.

When a personal computer does not find a printer, it may be necessary to reinstall the driver. To do this, several actions should be performed:

  • Go to the “Device Manager” and find “drivers” there. The list will open in which you need to find a connected printer.
  • By pressing it with the right button, you should select “Delete”.
  • Then proceed to install the driver, which is suitable for the model of the device used.
  • After these actions, you need to reload the computer and go to the Printer and Faxes. The system must display the printer.


Sometimes the reason that the PC has stopped seeing the printer, or the device does not want to print, can be banal viral programs. To exclude this option, you will need to resort to scanning. The procedure is performed sequentially using several tools.

The use of antiviruses of different manufacturers allows you to test better.

However, the fact that the device is not connected can also affect the application for combating viruses. The antivirus program is not ideal, so it is able to come into conflict with files that do not carry the danger that are installed on the computer. The printer driver can also be perceived as a dangerous object, even if it was loaded from the official site.

If the PC writes that the printer is not detected, you should try to turn off the antivirus. To do it is quite simple:

  • First you need to go into “administration”. It is located in the “control panel”.
  • After that, you will need to click on the “configuration of the system”.
  • You should choose the sections “Services”, “Automobile” in turn. They need to remove the checkmarks from all places where there is the name of the antivirus program.
  • Then the PC is rebooted, and the problem should be corrected.

We see if everything is connected correctly and if there are physical defects

Before performing any procedures, you need to make sure that the printer and USB printer have no external mechanical defects, as well as that everything is correctly connected:

  • Make sure that the printer is included, if necessary, turn it on (the indicator on the case should light up). If the indicator does not burn, most likely the printer broke. A indicator should burn next to the power button or on it. it means that the printer is turned on
  • Reload your computer, sometimes it can help.
  • Check the contact of the printer cord with PC and a printing device, make sure that the cord plugs are tightly inserted into the corresponding connectors. Correctly connect the wire to the printer and PC
  • Inspect the cord itself for physical damage. Carefully inspect the cord itself and plugs on both sides
  • Also make sure that the USB USB connectors are operational (connect any other device to them), and are not clogged with dust.
  • Try to insert the cord from the printer into another computer port.

If everything is in order with the connections, the indicator is glowing, perhaps the printer drivers flew or some kind of failure in the “Operation”.

We eliminate the problem using the diagnostic agent

Developers from the Microsoft Corporation included in the Ten tool, which is responsible for the solution of various failures in the operation of a connected printer. How to launch and use it, we will describe in detail:

  • The classic launch method. through the “control panel”. You can open it through the “start” or squeeze R and Windows, dial the word CONTROL in an empty line and click on OK. Enter the Control command and click on OK
  • On the panel to find a block dedicated to the elimination of problems. If there are problems with the search, use the line with the icon of the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen. On the panel, open the section “Elimination of problems”
  • Click on the second line on the left to view all categories. Click on “View all categories”
  • Wait for the completion of the search for all the diagnostic programs available for “dozens”. Wait for the system to find all the diagnostic packages
  • Click on the printer utility (is almost at the end of the list) to start the tool. Click on the link “Printer”
  • The same tool in Windows 10 can be opened through the “Parameters” menu. you can run it using a hot combination of I and Windows or through the Start panel (under the image of the profile there is a gear icon). Open the “parameters” through “Start”
  • Go to tiles for updating and configuring security PC. Go to the “Security Update” section
  • The fourth tab will be devoted to the same utilities for diagnosis. Find the line “Printer” in the list. click on it once. Find the line “Printer”
  • Press on a large gray button to start the product. Launch a utility for diagnosing problems with the printer
  • Wait for the utility to complete the primary analysis. Wait for the search for problems
  • If you have several printers, the tool will ask you to indicate for which print device you need to diagnose. Select and click on “Next”. Choose if necessary the printer with which you have a problem
  • If a problem is revealed, the tool will either try to apply the decision on your own, or will first ask you to confirm this decision. click on the link “apply this correction”. Apply the proposed correction
  • As a result, you will see a small report. be sure to familiarize yourself with it. If all the problems are fixed, repeat the sending for printing to check if the printer has earned. Check out the results of the check

We understand the drivers

Drivers are the usual program necessary for the operation of a particular or already computer equipment. Danger for any program is a viruses.

To scan the computer, download the antivirus from the Internet, install and start the check. Remove the found threats and reinstall the driver.

For verification, you can use the free Cureit utility. After scanning and treating infected files, you can start reinstalling.

We go to the “press server”, having made a quick launch through “perform”. At the same time, press Windows and R, then execute the Printui /S command. On the “Drivers” tab, select the printer model in the list and click “Delete”.

If the system gives a message, for example, the “driver is busy”, then you need to temporarily disable the “press dispatcher”. The shutdown is made in the same way as starting/restart. through the context menu of the service.

Then insert the disk into the disc, open the contents of the media and start the installation file (usually called Setup.exe). Following the instructions of the installation master, end the procedure.

When the CD is not included, then the driver must be downloaded from the official site of the manufacturer. The second way to add a printer to Windows is a manual installation with the choice of a driver in the database.

The resumption of drivers in working condition helps to solve problems not only with connecting and turning on the printer. Sometimes, even with good detection, the printer can be crookedly printed, rim, regularly fails and the like. In each case, the drivers may be to blame.

And if the network printer

The network device, as a rule, works through the main computer. That is, there is a computer that is originally configured to joint work with the printer. Then the overall access to this computer and printing technique are made. Then other computers are connected in one of several ways, for example, through a network cable (patch cord).

If the problem is not on the main PC, then it is necessary to check the last one. Act according to the above algorithm. Be sure to check that all computers have the same name of the working group in the system properties of the system. Computer name should be unique for everyone.

Make sure the detection is on, as the computer will not see the printer if access to it is closed. It is made on the “Access” tab in the “Printer properties”.