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What is Smart Option

Not all users know exactly what the Smart TV function is for and what, in fact, it is. In fact, in simple terms, this is a standard set of programs with which the TV can be connected to the Internet. Professionals have a more capacious definition, which is the most accurate, because it is a real operating system designed specifically for television devices. It can be compared to an OS for smartphones and tablets or laptops and desktops. It is divided into several types, so LG Smart TV is usually installed on LG TV.

Update Samsung Tv

Many have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of this system, while you should know in advance what a browser for Smart TV is, since it is almost impossible to do without it. Typically, there are two ways to connect such a system. If you choose the first option, then for this you will need to purchase a special modern TV, but often its purchase is not required. Manufacturers release dedicated digital receivers with built-in Smart platforms that connect perfectly to all Blu-ray players and game consoles.

With the help of this innovative and user-friendly technology, every receiver or TV owner will be able to access a huge amount of information posted on the Internet. It can be music, movies, games and much more, which will be displayed on the TV screen just like on a regular computer. Control is carried out using a special remote control, which is very convenient for everyone. Experienced users are often worried about the question of how to update the browser for Smart Tv, but first you should find out how to work with it, and what it is needed for.

Browser for Smart TV Samsung

Smart TV has become a real breakthrough in this area, which has allowed many manufacturers to start producing special devices and receivers for TVs. Thanks to innovative technology, which has already become widespread, modern televisions are no longer just a means for broadcasting on-air programs. Now such a device has become a multimedia platform with which you can access any information at a convenient time.

Features and benefits of browsers

Everyone knows that with the help of standard browser programs you can access the World Wide Web while working on any computer. They allow you to browse pages, get acquainted with multimedia materials and provide tremendous opportunities. The features of the browser for TV are, in fact, the same, they are updated in the same way as on computer devices, and the functionality is slightly more simplified.

Since the most popular TV models are deservedly the brands LG and Samsung, users quite often set up LG Smart TV or an option for Samsung. Each of them has its own advantages, but option number two is especially worth noting. Samsung develops the largest number of interesting applications for TV, and the brand’s specialists have managed to create the most functional browser in comparison with other well-known companies.

The program works using Flash technology, is multitasking enough, which allows you to open a large number of windows during use. In a convenient and compact Samsung browser, you can easily communicate on social networks and watch a movie at the same time. The browser for Samsung Smart TV has its own add-ons, including:

  • Modern Tizen platform;
  • The ability to support the HTML5 protocol;
  • Work on WebKit-based technology.

Download and install

Each remote control sold with the Smart device is equipped with a bright hexagonal button, after pressing it, you can instantly go to this system and start looking for a suitable option. From a large list of proposed options, you can choose the desired browser from the proposed list, or type the required name in the search. Then all that remains is to download the selected application and install it on your Samsung Smart TV.

The download process itself takes place as quickly as possible, after the choice of a suitable program is made, you need to click on the “OK” button on the remote control and read a detailed description of the browser. If its functionality turns out to be suitable, you should select the “Download” command, after its completion you will need to click on “Start” to activate it. After downloading the browser, each device owner will be able to fully appreciate all the benefits and features of the system.

Despite the fact that this technology has not yet become widespread, it is gradually gaining momentum and becoming more popular and constantly evolving. Now each user can create his own account and save individual parameters and settings, connect any mouse and keyboard to the TV, and also enjoy the advantages of the Wi-Fi and LAN system.

How to update the firmware on a Samsung Smart TV

The main ways to update the software (software) for SMART-TV TV from Samsung:

  1. Automatic. Without user intervention using the Internet.
  2. Using the firmware file downloaded from the official site and recorded on a USB drive.

The advantage of the first method is that the user does not need to do anything to flash a Samsung TV. Just indicate the period of checking for updates, and then the TV will do everything itself.

How to flash a TV

The next thing to do to update your Samsung TV is:

  1. Turn on the TV, click on “Source”, go to the “TV” mode, press the “Menu” button and follow the path “Support”. “Software update”. “By USB”.
  2. The scanning procedure will start, after which TV will inform you which version of the software it has found.
  3. If the version of the installed software is lower than the version on the flash drive, you need to flash it. To do this, click “Yes”. Copying files will start, after which the TV will display a message about a successful upgrade.
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You can also familiarize yourself with the Samsung TV firmware.

How to update the firmware of a Samsung Smart TV

To start the procedure, you must:

  1. Press the “Source” button on the remote control, select “TV” as the broadcast source.
  2. Here, press the “Menu” button, and follow the path “Support”. “Software update”.
  3. Select the “Over the network” item. On the right is the number of the current firmware, which you need to remember for the future.
  4. Select “Update in standby mode” and set the desired value.

After that, one thing needs to be noted. Smart TV will check for firmware on the official website two hours after switching to standby mode.

If a new version is found, the device will automatically start the procedure, that is, it will turn on itself, the screen will light up, and after it is updated, it will go back to standby mode.

That is, if the exact time is indicated in the TV settings, for example, two o’clock in the morning, the TV with the software will work exactly at the set time.

Users on forums often write that the TV turns on itself in the middle of the night. In order not to sin on voltage drops. You just need to transfer the value of this menu item to the “Off” position.

How to update a Samsung TV via a USB flash drive


To flash a smart TV, you need a flash drive, respectively, you need to make it so that it can recognize it. To do this, you need to do low-level formatting to the FAT32 file system. The main type of file system supported by TVs. It is better to perform this operation using the “HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool” utility:

  1. Insert a USB drive into the appropriate port, run the utility.
  2. In the upper drop-down list, select your drive, in the second. Select the type of the FAT file system. In the “Volumelabel” field you can set a new name for the flash drive;
  3. Click on the “Start” button, the program will warn you that all data from the drive will be deleted. Confirm by clicking on the option “Yes”.
  1. The formatting process starts.
  1. When finished, a message will be displayed with information about the results.
  1. After that, copy the folder with the firmware to the USB flash drive.

How to update your browser

The browser is getting an update with the release of new firmware. Since this is not always the case, you can go to Smart Hub and check for updates for it, or download a third-party.

Before changing the browser to Chrome or Yandex.Browser, you should make sure that the existing TV model supports one of them.

Which TVs can be updated over the Internet

Smart TVs only. If the TV is not Smart, the firmware is updated via a USB stick.

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Articles on the topic. How to update the firmware on a Samsung TV over the Internet. How to update the TV firmware

Connect your TV to the internet.

Enter the TV menu.

How to enter the menu

Press the “MENU” button on the remote control.

On an R, M, N, Q, LS, K-series TV, press the “HOME” button, swipe left and select “Settings” on the TV screen.

Press the “MENU / 123” button on the J-series smart TV remote control and select “Menu” on the TV screen.

Press the “KEYPAD” button on the H series smart TV remote control and select “Menu” on the TV screen.

On the F-series smart TV remote control, press the “MORE” button and select “Menu” on the TV screen.

Select “Support”.

Select “Software Update”.

If the “Software Update” item is not available, unplug the TV and wait 5 minutes.
Turn on the TV on the source “TV” and try again to open this item.
If the item is still not available, make sure the TV is connected to the Internet.
Then exit the menu (do not turn off the TV), wait 5 minutes and try to open the item again.

Select “Update Now” or “Online”.

The TV will check for new firmware.

If there is a new firmware, a message will appear. Click “Yes”.

Wait for the TV to download the new firmware.

Do not turn off the TV while the firmware is being updated.

When the firmware is updated, the TV will turn off and on again.

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How to understand that a new firmware has been released

  1. Check the firmware version on your TV.
On tvOn the site

What you need to upgrade

  • Computer with internet;
  • USB stick 4 GB or more;
  • Availability of new firmware for TV on Samsung website.

How to update the firmware on a Samsung TV using a USB flash drive. How to update the firmware

Download the installation file.

Format the USB flash drive on your computer to the FAT32 file system.

Copy the firmware file to a USB flash drive.

Open the copied file on the USB flash drive (two clicks with the left mouse button).

Click on the “Extract” button in the window that appears.

Wait until the file is unzipped.

Safely remove the USB stick.

Connect the USB stick to the USB port on the back of the TV.

Open your TV settings.

How to open settings

Press the “MENU” button on the remote control.

On an R, M, N, Q, LS, K-series TV, press the “HOME” button, swipe left and select “Settings” on the TV screen.

Press the “MENU / 123” button on the J-series smart TV remote control and select “Menu” on the TV screen.

Press the “KEYPAD” button on the H series smart TV remote control and select “Menu” on the TV screen.

On the F-series smart TV remote control, press the “MORE” button and select “Menu” on the TV screen.

Select “Software Update”.

If the item “Software update” is inactive, exit the settings and go in 2-3 minutes.

Select “Upgrade Now”.

The TV will prompt you to check the firmware on the flash drive, click “Yes”.

Wait for the TV to detect the firmware on the flash drive.

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Choose “Update” or “Yes”.

Wait for the installation to complete.

Do not pull out the USB stick or turn off the TV while it is updating.

After installing the new version, the TV will automatically turn off and on again.

How to update Smart TV on Samsung TVs

As a rule, the question of how to update Samsung smart TV faces the owners already somewhere, six months after the purchase. Nothing surprising, because technologies do not stand still, but are constantly evolving, because in order to keep pace with the times, you need to periodically update the device, following the firmware upgrades.

How to update a TV via a USB flash drive by downloading the correct firmware

The correct firmware is half the battle when it comes to updating your Samsung Smart TV. Each device has its own set of programs that are suitable for a limited number of TVs. Therefore, before you download something, you need to make sure that the program is suitable. You can find out which software is suitable for a particular model on the official website of the company. Samsung.com.

In addition to knowing the model, you also need to clarify what software is already installed on Samsung. This information will be required to compare with the updated version that was published on the site. If the firmware number, for example, 0. 6, and a person has the fifth version, then the device needs to be upgraded. If the numbers are the same, then the update is not needed.

By the way, before downloading, you must definitely specify the language of the software, otherwise the instructions in Chinese will be difficult to understand. All important information is indicated in the file description.

After the download has been made, the file must be reset to a formatted USB flash drive. And then all the fun begins:

The files need to be unpacked, as they usually come in an archive. Any suitable program will do for this;

Next, the USB stick should be inserted into the Samsung TV via the USB connector;

Go to the Smart TV menu;

The menu has a section “Support”, this is where you need to go;

The next step is to select the “Software update” section;

There are several options, but we are interested in the option through YUSB;

Further, the request will be processed, so you will have to wait a bit. When the system starts updating, you will also have to wait a few minutes. After the reboot occurs, the Samsung TV software will already be installed.

Automatic update via the Internet

Before even thinking about updating the software using the Internet, you need to make sure that the connection will be uninterrupted. There are three ways to provide such a connection:

Using a local wired network via a TV router.

Directly via Wi-Fi, if the Samsung Smart TV has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter.

Using a Wi-Fi router, connecting the device through the menu, and selecting the desired options.

This is a very important point, because if the Internet interrupts the connection, problems may arise that cannot be solved with a few clicks on the remote control. If all is well, you can start:

Open the menu to view the firmware number (it is very important to search for a series of updates);

Go to the “Support” item, where you will select “Software Update“;

Depending on the configuration of the TV, you should select the item “Update now” or “Via network”;

After checking for the availability of a suitable firmware, a message will appear that requires confirmation;

While the firmware is being downloaded and updated, the TV is strictly prohibited to turn off.

When the procedure is over, the system will reboot. But there are also disadvantages. Let this method work for free and it is very simple. But there is a huge risk. If the electricity is cut off in the process, instead of an expensive device there will be just a pile of useless circuits and wiring. However, if everything goes well, the TV will work even better.

Let the regular update of Smart TV bring some inconvenience, but you need to update the system, in particular, in order to be able to synchronize the work of phones, computers and tablets.

Online update

This method is less laborious, but more risky. During the software update, the TV connected to the Internet downloads the new firmware file to the flash drive, then automatically opens and installs it. But network connections are sometimes unstable.

To do this, check the Ethernet cable or the Wi-Fi wireless connection settings (if the TV supports it). Do not use this method in case of unstable connection or low speed Internet.

To update your Samsung Smart TV over the Internet, select in the settings menu:

“Menu” = “Support” = “Software Update”.

This item has two sub-items. “Update now” (in some models it is called “Over the network”), and “Automatic update”. The first sub-item must be selected. The TV will search for an updated firmware version and a message will appear on the screen stating that a new version is available. After pressing the “Yes” button, the TV will start downloading it.

If the update is successful, the TV will automatically turn off and then turn on again.

We treat TV: how to update Samsung Smart TV?

Latest generations of televisions are sophisticated electronic devices like computers. In addition to watching movies, TV shows or sports matches, they help owners communicate with friends on social networks, or, for example, read newspapers online. The built-in operating system controls all processes inside the TV. It is for her that special applications and widgets are written.

Why is it necessary to update the firmware? First of all, the new versions eliminate the errors and shortcomings of the old ones, identified in the process. In addition, some updates improve application performance. And, finally, the newer versions have functionality that the old ones lack. For example, new, specially designed widgets.

The operating system that Samsung uses for Smart TV is called Tizen. It is based on the Linux kernel, and is also installed on other devices from this company. Smart watches or smartphones. Unlike TVs with Android OS, TVs with Tizen have richer functionality and clear settings. The company has also developed its own browser.

  1. How to understand that you need to update Samsung Smart TV
  2. How to find out the current firmware version
  3. How to update the firmware of a Samsung TV
  4. Online update
  5. USB update
  6. What to do if the firmware has flown

USB update

This method takes more time, but is safer than the first. It is useful for those users who have purchased a TV without Internet access, or whose network is temporarily unavailable. First, find out the current version of the software installed on the TV, as well as the model number. How to do it. We described above.

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We also need a computer or laptop connected to the Internet, and a clean USB flash drive for Samsung Smart TV with a capacity of at least 4 GB. It must first be formatted in the FAT32 file system.

Using a computer, visit the support page on the Samsung official website at https://www.Samsung.com/en/support/. In the search box, enter your model number, and go to the desired page.

Click on “Downloads Guides” and scroll down the page.

You will see a list of files with updates and version numbers. Compare your firmware version with the one presented on the website.

Click on the “Downloads” button, which is located opposite the selected version, and save the installation file on your computer. Please note that it is in.Zip format and should be unzipped with any suitable program. Save the unzipped file to a USB flash drive, and insert it into the USB connector on the back of the TV.

Then you need to find the update via USB in the settings:

“Menu” = “Support” = “Software Update” = “Update Now”.

A message will appear prompting you to search for update files on the connected USB device. Click “Yes”.

After finding the files, click “Yes” again to update the firmware. After the update, the TV will automatically restart.

How to find out the current firmware version

Before updating the firmware, you must first find out its version. It is indicated in one of the settings sub-items. In different series of TVs, this sub-item is called differently.

For TVs of the R-, N-, M-, Q-, LS-series, you need to choose the path:

“Menu” = “Settings” = “Support” = “About this TV”.

The last sub-item contains information about the TV. Model code, serial number, MAC address and other information. We are interested in the line “Software version”. If it is not displayed on the screen, press the down arrow to show the missing lines of text.

For K-series TVs:

“Menu” = “Settings” = “Support” = “Contact Samsung“.

See software version similar to previous series.

For TVs J-, H-, F- and E-series:

“Menu” = “Support” = “Contact Samsung”.

See software version similar to previous series.

How to understand that you need to update Samsung Smart TV

Let’s imagine a typical situation. You bought a new TV, brought it home, and plugged it into the network. After a little setup, Smart TV can enjoy the benefits of civilization. Usually, sports channels, YouTube, and online cinemas are the first to appear on the list of popular applications. For men, the classic triad football-basketball-hockey is sometimes diluted with boxing. Representatives of the fair sex prefer viewing culinary blogs, as well as fashion and style channels. Children’s channels are turned on for the younger generation.

But suddenly users begin to notice something unusual.

These signals indicate that it is time to update your Smart TV. In order to do this, special skills are not required, ordinary computer skills will be enough.

How to update the firmware of a Samsung TV

It should be remembered that the TV’s operating system definitely needs upgrading. Flashing Smart TV is not as difficult as it might seem. Any user with experience with a computer and Internet access can handle this. After updating Samsung Smart TV, software flaws are eliminated, system performance is increased, new functions become available.

There are two ways to update Smart TV firmware. Via the network or via USB. Both methods have their pros and cons, but the result will be absolutely identical. After the software update, the stability of the TV is increased, various errors of previous versions are corrected. Consider both of these options.

How to install browser on LG Smart TV?

Downloading third-party applications on LG TVs is performed through a dedicated program LG Smart World.

  1. Open the directory;
  2. Choose your favorite browser from the list;
  3. Open the description of the program with screenshots;
  4. Click “Download”;
  5. After the installation is complete, launch the browser.

Samsung App TV

Most models of this brand have a proprietary browser.

It has many advantages:

  • Stepwise movement between page elements;
  • Installing widgets on the TV directly from the network;
  • Support for 1920 by 1080 expansion;
  • The ability to control from a smartphone synchronized with a TV;
  • Entering information into the search bar directly from the remote control.

If you are not satisfied with this option, you can download another browser.

How to update the browser on Samsung Smart TV?

From time to time, the already installed browser needs to be updated for faster and more correct operation.

You can do this yourself, but the built-in browser is updated only along with the firmware.

Nevertheless, it is possible to do this:

  1. Open the Menu.
  2. Go to the “Support” section.
  3. Find “Software Update”.
  4. If an update is available, click “OK”.

The update is fast, only the speed of the Internet connection can affect the process.

  1. Go to Smart Hub.
  2. Open the directory of downloaded applications.
  3. Find the browser you want.
  4. Run the update.

In fact, updating a browser on a Samsung Smart TV is no more difficult than an app on a smartphone.

Installing and updating the browser on Smart TV

Each TV comes with an operating system on board: Android TV, webOS or others.

They have one significant drawback. Standard browsers are often slow and inconvenient.

In this article, I will show you how to install and update any browser on Smart TV. Consider using the example of Samsung and LG branded shells.

  1. Samsung App TV
  2. How to install browser on Samsung Smart TV?
  3. How to update the browser on Samsung Smart TV?
  4. Lg tv
  5. How to install browser on LG Smart TV?
  6. How to update browser on LG TV?

How to install browser on Samsung Smart TV?

Algorithm for installing a browser on Samsung TVs:

  1. To go to Smart Hub, press the button with the colored logo on the TV remote control.
  2. Find the program you want.
  3. Press “OK” on the remote.
  4. Click “Download”.
  5. Open a new browser via the “Launch” button.

Lg tv

New LG TVs already have a pre-installed browser from the company.

The brand is a pioneer in the part of Smart TV, it began producing devices with this function back in 2009.

LG’s browser offers:

  • Viewing pages in high resolution;
  • Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Picasa and others;
  • Saving pages in “Favorites” with one button on the remote control;
  • Convenient and intuitive web browser menu;
  • Saving visited resources in the Journal.

If the user lacks the capabilities of the “native” browser, you can install an additional.