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Ways to update BIOS on a laptop

The leisure and work of a modern person can no longer be imagined without the use of a laptop. The need to repair, change the usual settings and updates occurs often among users. It is sometimes important to know how to update BIOS on a laptop. BIOS (BIOS) is a key input and output system that ensures the loading of operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS). Bios flashing on the laptop removes errors or includes additional support for memory and processors.

Before, how to update the BIOS on your laptop, you need to find out why the program is required to update. There are several factors:

  • No support for new security. Old settings are not suitable for new means, so the petal needs to replace the BIOS version.
  • When installing new programs, the old software “conflict” with them.
  • The installed settings are damaged by viruses.
  • Information on how to flash BIOS will be needed when the flash drive is not read as a loading device.
  • The laptop freezes when some programs or their options are turned on, it is independently rebooted.
  • The motherboard does not detect a large.capacity hard drive, a video adapter (video card) with a high amount of gigabytes.
  • The stability of the leptop is unstable, the computer works weakly due to small software errors.
  • The manufacturer installed only the basic set of functions, which is not enough to operate the computer.

How to go to BIOS on a laptop

Bios launches immediately when the laptop is turned on. If the laptop model is more old, then the letters will be visible in the upper left corner of the display in the first seconds of loading. Next, the operating system is launched, the laptop controls it to it. To find out how to open the BIOS on a laptop, first of all, they recognize the manufacturer and the model of the leptop. To enter the BIOS of the most popular laptop brands, you need to turn on or restart the laptop, then it should be for:

  • HP (EICHPI). keep the F2 or Escape key when laptop starts.
  • Asus (asus). click when you turn on the F2 key.
  • Acer (aser)-press the combination F2-Del or Ctrl-ALT-ESC. Also, the inclusion is made using the F1 key.
  • Dell (Dell)-Del, F2, rarely Ctrl-Anter.
  • Samsung (samsung). at the time of turning on, click the Pace button. The text will appear, you need to find “Press F2 to Enter Setup” in it. The F2 key is replaced by F1, F8, F10, F11, F12, ESC by selecting the necessary. To exit, click Enter. The next stage is the search for the laptop motherboard marking. To find out it, we follow the “Start. Equipment. Device Device. Configuration”. Copy the marking on our sheet, enter in the browser. We add, if desired, “to enter setup/bios”.
  • Lenovo (Lenovo). Classic Del or F2 keys.
  • TOSHIBA (Toshiba). It is worth considering the model of the device. For old Toshiba models, clutch the F2 button when the laptop is turned off, then, holding the key, turn on the laptop. New devices are included according to the instructions “Entrance to Windows. Start. Prevented Programs. BIOS System” (sometimes the name is different, but it necessarily contains the word BIOS).

BIOS update on Acer laptop

Most often, users decide to update for the following reasons:

  • Replacement of a processor, for which a more fresh shell is required;
  • Connecting an outer hard drive with a memory volume exceeding the possibilities of the existing BIOS assembly;
  • In the process of modernization of PC, for the adaptive operation of elements requiring more advanced capabilities of the system;
  • For acceleration of a video card or processor; In case of damage to the current version of the shell.

This article describes the possible methods for conducting BIOS updating on the Acer laptop, the implementation of which you produce at your own risk!

It is worth indicating that such a process should begin with the determination of the current version and the search for a more fresh assembly. In addition, detailed instructions for updating the shell with the recommendations regarding the proper installation of BIOS will further describe.

Determining the installed assembly BIOS

There are several ways to view such information, among which you can choose the most convenient for yourself:

    Open the Start menu, run the command line, enter msinfo32 in it and click Enter. After that, the window “Information about the system” will appear, where you need to find an indication of data about BIOS.

Сброс Bios. Восстановление BIOS секретными кнопками. РЕШЕНИЕ!

Through the same command line you can enter regedit. After which you will be available to the registry editor in which you go to the Hkey_local_machinehardwareDescriptionBios tab. On the right side of the window, the appointment of registers will be displayed, among which it is necessary to click on the line “Biosversion”. Information will appear with your number.

You can use third.party programs that display the characteristics of the portable PC. There are a large number of such utilities, but for example, you can take the Speccy program. After installing and opening, click on the line “Motherboard”, and then general information will open on the right side of the window, where its parameters will be indicated under the inscription “BIOS”.

If it does not find updates

When the utility does not find updates, even if they are available on the Acer website, it is worth updating the current version. You need to download offter.exe and install the program (source).

Before installing it is better to delete the previous version:

Acer Updater in the list of installed applications:

According to reviews, it works unstable. looking for it through time, it happens that it does not show new versions, although they have already come out. Local mode can also write in the title. what it is, it was not possible to find out. Perhaps in the new version of the bugs fixed.

Other Acer branded programs that can be installed

Name Description
Acer Cristal Eye Webcam For a webcam, it includes yourself and the driver, you should not delete.
Acer Gamezone Console Primitive games, if you do not like it, you can delete.
Acer Registration Need for registration. After. you can delete. But it does not take up much place, and PC does not load, so you can leave just in case.
Acer Screensaver If you do not use the screensaver (screensaver) from Acer, you can delete.
Indance Card The owner’s business card, it is not clear why you need. Can be deleted.
Acer Backup Manager Reserve copies manager (backup). Presumably allows you to create backup copies of files/folders/or the entire system and, if necessary, restore. I advise you instead of using the standard Windows recovery (backup). If you do not use, you can delete.

Updaterservice.EXE is a process, presumably under which Acer Updater works:

Should not cause a processor load or use a lot of RAM (RAM).

When checking updates, you can find out the version of the by/driver, the size of the installer, as well as the description (at the bottom). The process of checking the availability of updates:

Council. if the program does not create a recovery point before installing new versions, then I advise you to do it manually. With problems. easily return everything back.

Restoration Acer laptops running abandoned Intel chips. Restoring antique laptops running windows 7

On a note. When buying a laptop/PC Acer, a disk with branded software can be included. After starting the disk. about the Autorun window may appear, in which it will be proposed to install different programs from Acer, including Acer Updater:

In the Start menu, in the Acer folder you can find the rest of the branded software:

WelCOME Center. Apparently the Windows initial setting application when the first turned on. It is installed in this folder: C: \ Program Files (X86) \ Acer \ Welcome Center \ Acer \

Beginning of work

So, the first thing we start updating the renewal procedure is the entrance to BIOS. Different models of laptops inherent in different ways of entering this menu. In our case, we are talking about the gadget Acer Extensa 5220, so we turn it on, and then press the F2 key (on other Acer devices, including some versions of ASPire, you need to press the DEL key). Write a BIOS version on a sheet of paper, which will be displayed in the main menu of the subsystem, as in the figure below. We will need this information in the future, when choosing a new version of BIOS.

The BIOS configuration involves the following opportunities that the owner of the portable computer can use:

Launch BIOS on laptops of different models

BIOS itself begins to work already at the start of the laptop, but you can make various settings or make its update only through a special graphic intese, access to which can also be obtained only at the beginning of the launch of the system.

If you bought your computer in advance, as most people do, then you probably do not know what is under the hood. The only way to make sure that your motherboard is to jump out of the side panel or open the case and look at find the manufacturer, model number and audit number.

The manufacture of the motherboard is printed on the motherboard. Do not get a name from fans. The motherboard model can be printed on the motherboard or in this case on the sticker located on the motherboard.

update, bios, acer, laptop, restoration

You can use it to verify the information you received from the visual inspection of the motherboard, but not as your only source of information.

It is worth remembering that using these keys is necessary when rebooting or turning on a computer. Consider the methods of update for the most popular models from brand manufacturers.

Checking the BIOS version

The use of an outdated version of the utility utility of a manufacturer or tool. It is worth downloading the latest utilities from the manufacturer of the motherboard or computers manufacturer. As a rule, there is a good reason why the new version of the flash program became available. Without following or not understanding the specific directions of the manufacturers of the motherboard. Like me, you probably do not read and do not follow the instructions. This is once when reading and following the instructions of the manufacturer of the motherboard are important. Each motherboard has certain steps that must be performed so that the update is successful.

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P.S. Discussion of luck and failures in the firmware, where to find the desired BIOS file, how to rename the BIOS file from InsydeH2O, and T.D. and t.P. It is better to lead in the corresponding topic of the BIOS forum, questions about the firmware, modification and restoration of BIOS

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How to go to BIOS on a laptop

BIOS starts immediately when turning on. In older models, letters in the upper left corner of the screen are clearly visible immediately after the start of loading. Then they disappear and are replaced by pictures of the OS, since it is she who is transmitted by the control of the laptop.

First you need to determine the laptop model. Here are typical ways for popular brands:

  • Asus: When turning on, hold the F2 key.
  • Acer: also F2, del F2. exotic keys: Ctrl.alt-ESC or F1.
  • Compaq: key F10.
  • Dell: Classical Del, F2, extremely rarely-Ctrl-Anter.
  • HP: F2, ESC keys.
  • Lenovo: del, f2.

The full list would take too much space. Therefore, if none of these combinations helped, contact us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

If you succeed, then about such a window should appear.

Do not forget that you must restart first. BIOS window is only visible in the first seconds of work.

By the way, if you press PAUSE, then the letters in the upper left corner are hardened on the screen. You can see the version and other details of BIOS.

BIOS update procedure

  • Go to the manufacturer’s website and find on the site support page of your model. It is better to use the search. Any leading brand has a list of laptops at least a hundred devices differently the prescription of the release. Below, for example, ASUS support page.The support page usually needs to select the Drivers and Utility section, then specify the operating system. The menu items we need should be called BIOS and BIOS utilities. The first contains information about fresh versions of the base/output system, and in
  • We determine the available version of BIOS. Please note that many manufacturers publish a list of changes that the update. If your problem is not in the list, it is likely that the problem is not in BIOS, but in the installed programs and operating systems
  • Now we determine the current version of the BIOS: launch the MSINFO application, click the Win key and begin to write the first letters of the name of the program. Find a section about BIOS and watch the version.The 216th assembly was installed and only the 216th is also available. If you have a more old version than on the manufacturer’s website, then we go further.
  • Download the BIOS update utility. Previously, only DOS programs were used for firmware. Now everything can be done by a regular application, for example, Winflash right from under Windows.
  • Install the program and run.

Note. Installation files of the utilities and firmware files are usually supplied in an archivated form (zip). They must be pre.unpacked in the C: or D: Catalog created on the disk. And only then run.

  • Download from the site of the manufacturer Fresh BIOS. Be sure to remember the catalog where you unpacked the file.
  • During the launch, the update utility Bio C once requests the path to the file with the firmware. We find the catalog in which we unpacked it, and choose a mouse.
  • Be sure to connect the power supply and convince that the battery charge is at least 20%. Otherwise, the program will not even begin its work. When suits on nutrition, you run the risk of getting instead of a working laptop with an outdated version of BIOS a dead piece of iron and plastic.
  • In the window of the Update utility, in our case Winflash, we will see the installed version again, and the option from the manufacturer’s website. If they match, then the Flash button will not be available. Otherwise, click on Flash and are waiting for the completion of the procedure.

After rebooting, the laptop will work with the new version of the base/output base system. Obvious manifestations of updating should not be sought. Changes are usually invisible. You can confirm the fact of updating the same MSINFO program.

Check the safety of your system

Download and install the Inspectre program. This is a third.party free software that checks computers for the presence of “MeltDown” and “Spectre” vulnerabilities. The Inspectre program scans your system and determines which updates have already been installed, and what else needs to be done for your system to protect it from malicious attacks.

Launch the Inspectre program and determine whether your system is protected from the vulnerabilities of “Meltdown” and “Spectre” or not, and what measures should be taken to protect it. If the installed BIOS update corrected the error, you will see a message that says your system is now protected.

We update the BIOS of the MSI A58M-E33 motherboard from flash drive

As in an example with a netbook, we will reboot the computer and go to the BIOS using the Delete key.

In the main window we’ll switch to the M-Flash tab, after which the BIOS update parameters will open.

For updating from the flash drive, we will choose the item “Update BIOS”, which will open the next window. In the window that opens, select the BIOS file from our flash drive.

After these actions, the process of updating the BIOS microcode will begin.

At this stage, you need to ensure that the power supply to the computer does not turn off, as this can lead to a breakdown of the motherboard, after which it will have to order its restoration in the service center.

Therefore, when updating the BIOS of a stationary computer, it is best to use sources of uninterrupted power.

update, bios, acer, laptop, restoration

From the examples considered it is clear that the update of the BIOS is a very simple task. But when updating, you need to be extremely careful and not allow the computer to turn off during this process.

I also want to remind our reader once again that in no case do not use bios files for firmware from unofficial sources, as this can lead to a breakdown and you will have to do the recovery of a computer in the service center.

We hope that guided by our examples, readers will be able to update BIOS, thereby ensuring the stable work of their PC.

What is BIOS

BIOS (BIOS) deciphens as a basic input-output system. It can be called a computer firmware, it is responsible for the consistent launch of all systems, monitors the operation of components, and allows you to change the basic settings of the device.

BIOS can also be called a computer instructions, because if you understand it, you can partially understand the principle of operation of the device. The BIOS system “sewn” into the motherboard and for all computers and laptops the same. Now, knowing what the system is, you can get an answer to the question of how to open BIOS on the Acer laptop.

The first method of launching BIOS. Key combinations

What is the difference between the entrance to the BIOS on the Acer laptop from its launch on any other laptop, because the system itself is supplied for all devices in a single configuration? The fact is that the launch of the system is different in how hot key was chosen for this by laptop manufacturers. The first thing to try to open BIOS. This is the DEL key when starting the device. If this did not help, then the BIOS on the Acer laptop, you can try to open one of the following key combinations:

  • F1 or F2.
  • Ctrl Alt Esc.
  • Ctrl F2.
  • Delet.
  • Ctrl Alt Del.
  • Ctrl Alt b.
  • Ctrl Alt S.
  • Ctrl Alt Esc.

Press one from the combinations of the keys when starting the device until the operating system is loaded.

BIOS update on Acer laptops

What may be up to update BIOS? The reasons are different, updated versions of the BIOS firmware, contain all kinds of improvements. Now I will try to explain by example in which cases it may be necessary to update:

    The installation of any other version of Windows is not supported. Installed a new processor, and BIOS curses or completely gives out a black screen. It is not possible to load from the USB carriers and in the bios they are not visible. For the appearance of an additional option, for example, in many versions there is no shutdown of Secure Boot or the choice of Legacy instead of UEFI.

The client bought an Acer ES1-132 laptop with Windows 10, but having taken advantage of two years, he realized that he was not convenient for him to work in it. He tried to install Windows 7, but all attempts ended unsuccessfully. And so, I turned to a specialist, that is, to me. After the inspection, it was revealed that BIOS does not support Legacy, it only works in UEFI.

BIOS update in Acer laptop

Before updating BIOS, I strongly recommend connecting a laptop to a power supply network! I would even recommend that the battery charge was at least 25%, in case electricity is disconnected. Incorrect installation of BIOS, can lead to a laptop. In these cases, it will not be possible to solve the problem on your own, and you will have to contact the BIOS service center on the programmer.

In my served laptop model there was a factory firmware version 1.06. You can see your firmware version on the first Bios tab. In order not to guess whether the Legacy will support a more fresh version of BIOS, it was decided to establish the latter. 1.26. To do this, I moved to the manufacturer’s website at https: // www.Acer.COM/AC/RU/RU/Content/Support. I introduced Snid, you can serial number (indicated on the bottom of the laptop), there is also a choice by the model.

From selected software, launched the BIOS/Firmware tab and downloaded the desired version of BIOS.

Unpacked the downloaded archive, launched the program, clicking on it twice.

After preliminary installation, the laptop will automatically go to the reboot. We are waiting for the BIOS to be updated, after which the laptop will be rebooted again. On the screen at the time of update you will see your current version of BIOS and installed new, as in the picture below.

If, after the BIOS update on the ASER laptop, you have properly booted Windows, then the firmware fell without errors. Reload the laptop, and as soon as the Acer logo appears, press F2 (there may be a different key on other models) to get into the BIOS. Here, in the first tab, you will see the System Bios Version line. this is the version of your BIOS.

As for my story I opened the Boot tab, in the hope that the Legacy mode will appear, but no I don’t know what contains an update in myself, but I did not notice any changes visually in the tuning of the BIOS.

update, bios, acer, laptop, restoration

To solve the problem with the installation of Windows 7, I decided to download the image of 2019 through the torrent with UEFI support. Created a bootable flash drive, but here everything froze on the flags. I carried out different manipulations, but came to the conclusion that it is not possible to install Windows 7 on this model of Windows 7. Well, this is a completely different topic.