Unlock Sony Xperia

For all users of Sony‘s smartphones and tablets running on Android OS, first of all, before you get Root rights, you need to Unlock Sony Bootloader. You can read how to do this in this article.

For users of Windows 8.1! If you have problems with device invisibility or inability to install the driver, visit the article. Usb device not recognized.

This article provides 3 Ways to Unlock Sony Bootlloader:

  1. The official way with data loss;
  2. Unofficial, no data loss;

Method number 1 of 2 (official with data loss)

If you have important data, before you start, save it in a safe place or synchronize it.

Tools Needed Unlock Bootloader Sony

  1. Pc with internet;
  2. Sony Fastboot drivers;
  3. Download and install the Adb Run program;
  4. Android device manufacturer Sony;
  5. Battery charge at least 50%;
  6. The original, intact USB cable (the original means the one that came in the kit).
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Sony Bootloader Unlock Instructions

Get unlock file

  1. On a PC, go to the Sony Unlocking the bootloader website:
  2. Select your Android smartphone or tablet model and click “Continue”;
  3. Enter your email in the field and click “Continue”:
    Unlock Sony Xperia

    and open your email, and select the email you sent:

  4. Enter your IMEI (dial # 06 # in the dialer) and press “Continue“: On the next page you will be presented with an unlock file:

Unlock Sony

  1. Turn off your Sony device;
  2. Run an already installed program Adb run;
  3. Must be put into Bootloader mode. On the device turned off, press and hold the search button (or “Menu” or hold down the “volume down” button), and then connect it to the PC with a USB cable. [Spoiler title = “If you don’t get to go to Bootloader”] If you were unable to go into bootloader mode with:

Then do this:

  • Sony device is turned on and connected to the computer
  • Run the ADB RUN program
  • Go to ADB RUN. Manual Command and Unlock Bootloader. ADB
  • Recruit team

Adb reboot bootloader

[/ spoiler]

  • Wait for the full installation of the Sony USB driver;
  • In ADB Run you need to go to the menu:
  • Manual Command and Unlock Bootloader. Unlock Sony / Sony Ericsson

  • Check if device is connected Sony. Attached if the opposite answer was received 0.3 it means Android is connected correctly and you did everything correctly in the previous steps of the instruction (if there was no answer, repeat the earlier steps).
    If you have a message on the command line:fastboot
    1. Perhaps you do not have a driver installed or you need to reinstall it
    2. The smartphone is not in bootloader mode and it is worth rebooting the smartphone again
    3. Plug the smartphone into another USB port
    4. [/ spoiler]

    5. Select an item in the Adb Run program menu. Unlock bootloader and enter the code you received earlier to unlock Sony bootloader and press Enter.
    6. Reboot your Sony device;
    7. Now Bootloader is unlocked, now you can proceed to the next step. Getting Root rights.
    8. That’s all! Successfully unlock and receive Root Rights on your Android device!