Unlock smart TV Samsung

Samsung‘s reaction

Representatives of Samsung Ukraine write that “the blocking affected the function of devices released for use on the territory of other states or regions.”.

At the same time, the locked functions could not previously be available on devices without manipulating the installed factory settings (for example, unlocking or flashing).

“Good afternoon! TV sets imported to Ukraine by Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company” JSC, developed for distribution on the territory of Ukraine, and accordingly, such models were localized by the manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of existing technical standards and the specifics of providing certain services within the country. technical regulations and national standards You can recognize the official models with the letters UA in the model code and Ukrainian letters on the sticker on the back of the TV.

Television sets designed for other countries and imported into Ukraine by other persons may not work correctly on the territory of Ukraine as a result of improper settings, or such factory settings that should be used in other countries. For questions about the operation of TVs manufactured for delivery and sale in other countries, except Ukraine, we advise you to contact directly the seller where such a device was purchased. If the TV has the letters UA in the model code and Smart TV does not work in it, please contact the hotline 0 800 502 000 “. Recommended by the company.

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What the owners of the deceased Samsung say

The first complaints about blocking devices appeared in February in the official group of the company “Samsung Ukraine” c. Users, when turning on the TVs, observed the message “This TV is not fully functional in this region” (translated from English. “Not all functions of this TV work in this region”).

People write that they first encountered regional TV blocking in 2020. Under various advertising posts of the company, users talk about device blocking.

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Some have staked out the announcements of new TV models with outraged comments and write their messages through the hashtag #BanSamsung (translated from English. “Ban Samsung“).

“Shit on your shovel, not new TVs. I’ve always bought equipment from this brand, but the lockdown of 2020 killed this brand for me. Do you think everyone will rush to buy new TVs at twice as high as in Europe?” written by Roman Petrenko.

�� Samsung Smart TV Error: This TV is not fully functional in this region! How to unlock Smart Hub

Users wonder how such a problem could even arise when they purchase a device through an official distributor. This implies legal import and customs clearance in Ukraine.

Users suspect that all equipment bought by Ukrainians outside their country will be blocked and write that they are declaring a boycott of the company:

Some owners of Samsung TVs report that in some cities of Ukraine (Lviv), specialists can bypass the blocking of functionality for 200 hryvnia.

“I hope that the moron who came up with the idea of ​​banning SmartTV will soon be fired. Come back, seals. Loyalty is earned for years, but now it flies into the abyss at the moment. Don’t do that!” written by Yuri Stelmakh.

Some write that one unlocking at the service center is not enough. The problem repeats itself, it is necessary to pay for the service to specialists and transport large-sized TVs several times a month.

“I have always had a good opinion of #Samsung until recently, when at the end of December I bought a Samsung Smart TV from a foreign manufacturer, without any second thought, I could not even think that I would face such problems as blocking the region. This month I have already twice Every 2 weeks this thing knocks out and I’m taking it to unlock. Samsung tell me who will reimburse it? What gray TVs, how did I know whether it was gray or white, I bought a TV from a foreign manufacturer. for money and not small. Why should I suffer because of this? What should I do with it now? Throw it away? Will you return the funds to me? What kind of stupid company policy do you have? I hope you will do something about it, because if not. then the Samsung brand will run like the plague. ” writes Galya Yarimovich.

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A similar problem was encountered in neighboring Moldova. On the forums they write that the TV at once became unusable:

Got it through France. there are no apps to run the forkplayer. I know one thing. this is my last Samsung in my life “.

There was a TV set, it became a “brick”. Why Samsung TVs are massively blocked in Ukraine and how to revive them

The restrictions are associated with “gray” supplies of equipment and as a result. incorrect display of the region where the equipment was purchased and where it is used.

Users of Belarus, Russia and Moldova also faced problems with broadcasting.

“Strana” found out what caused the problem, and how to unlock Samsung smart TVs.

How to Remove Region Lock from Samsung TVs

However, if a Samsung TV is nevertheless imported through a “gray” channel to Ukraine and does not have a UA code in its name, the device may not work correctly. Users have already found a solution. unblock the TV using a VPN with the IP address of the country where the TV was purchased.

Зміна регіону, Прошивка, Розблокування Smart TV в телевізор Samsung

You can also remove the lock through the engineering menu of Smart TV settings and VPN connection.

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To unlock Smart-Hub on Samsung TVs, you need a regular (push-button) remote, because you need to change some settings in the service menu. With the TV off, you need to press the following key combination in turn (info, setting, mute, and turn on the TV. The input speed should not be very slow).

Or another way, Mute then numbers 119 and OK. One of the menus should appear. Then we press the buttons 1234 and the service menu should appear.

If this remote control is not available, you can use a smartphone with an infrared port. To do this, you need to install the “RCoid Free” application from the Play Market on your phone. In the application, add a remote control (S. Samsung. Any TV since 2008). Next, turn on the TV, from the phone through “RCoid” press “info” then “factory” to get into the extended service menu, then you can use the usual remote control, the application is no longer needed.

In the service menu, go to the Options section. Before changing the settings in Options, you need to go to the MRT Options and take photos of the existing settings to bring everything back if something goes wrong.

We change these settings using the example of a Samsung TV model QE55Q9:

  • In Options, go to Local Set. Change EU to EU_RS_AFR
  • In Options, go to MRT Options and set: Language Set. CIS; Region. PANUERO; PnP language. Rus; WI-FI Region. Q
  • Next, OFF-ON TV. and voila. No region blocking.

The third sure way. change the region or, in other words, make an IP substitution. At the same time, users are warned that they perform such manipulations at their own peril and risk.

The video contains instructions on how to do this:

Unblocking Smart Hub via IP spoofing. Region. France:

Unblocking Smart Hub via IP spoofing. Region. Poland: