Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi Redmi 4 X

  • February 2017
  • 165 g, 8.45 mm
  • Android 6.0
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 MSM8953

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

    Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi Redmi 4 X

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Detailed instructions for obtaining permission to unlock the bootloader and the unlock procedure on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global Edition (Mido).

  • Download file MiFlashUnlock.zip
  • Download file MiPhoneSetup.zip
  • Download file MiFlash.zip
  • Download adb-fastboot.zip file

Neither the administration of PDALIFE.info, nor the author of the instructions are responsible for your actions and results. Everything that you do. you do only at your own peril and risk.

Installation Instructions

Make backup copies of all necessary data and files and save them to a computer, removable media or cloud.

Go to the MIUI website and click on the “Unlock Now” button in the center of the screen.

Enter the username and password for your Mi-account.
If the account has been registered by phone number, then the code must be entered starting with “7” and not “8”. Then press the orange button.

On the next page, enter your name (in English), select your country, enter the phone number with the operator code and the reason why you need to unlock the bootloader. As a basis, you can write: “To install a localized version of the firmware”, which in English sounds something like this: “To install a localized version of the firmware”. Then agree to the terms and click the green button “Apply Now”.

An SMS with a code will come to the entered phone number, which must be entered on the next page, and then click on the “Next” button.

Now you need to be patient and wait for permission to unlock the bootloader. Typically, the waiting time is from 12 hours to 15 days.

Installing firmware for developers is not necessary, unlocking the bootloader is possible on a stable version of the firmware, as well as on the “Vietnamese” (unofficial firmware from the seller).

After obtaining permission (and it is best to take this step in advance), you need to bind your phone to the Mi-account for which permission to unlock was requested / obtained, and perform any action with this account. For example, back up data to the cloud or find your phone on this site.

Create a folder named “Android” in the root of the C: \ drive.

Download the adb-fastboot.zip archive and unzip all the files in the “Android” folder.

Disable driver authentication on the PC.
Windows 7
When you turn on the computer, after loading the BIOS, you must press the F8 key. In the menu that appears, “Advanced Download Options”, select “Disable Mandatory Driver Signing.” This method may not work the first time, so you should repeat the action or open a command line as administrator and enter two commands:
“Bcdedit.exe / set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS”
“Bcdedit.exe / set TESTSIGNING ON
Windows 8
You need to press the WinI key combination, hold down the Shift key and select “Shutdown” “Reboot”. When you turn on the computer, select “Diagnostics” “Extra options” “Download Options” Reboot. When booting, select the “Disable mandatory driver signature verification” mode by pressing F7.
Windows 10
You need to hold down the Shift key and select the Start menu “Shutdown” “Reboot”. After downloading, select “Troubleshooting” “Extra options” “Download Options” Reboot. Then select “Disable mandatory driver signature verification” by pressing F7.

Download and run the MiFlash application for installing drivers.
If Mi PC Suite is already installed, you can skip this step.

Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool to PC.

Activate the items “USB debugging” and “Factory unlock” on the smartphone in the “For Developers” section (located in “Settings” → “Advanced”).
To open this section, you need to go to “Settings” → “About Phone” and several times click on the item “MIUI Version”.

Add your MI account to the “Mi Unlock Status” menu.
To do this, go to the “For Developers” menu and click on the “Add Account and Device” button.
In the absence of the item “Mi Unlock Status”, you need to update the firmware to the latest version according to this instruction. If the extreme version is already installed, you will need to install the firmware for the developers.
If error 10008 occurs, you need to install any VPN client from Google Play (for example, PlexVPN), connect to the China server and then try again.
If error 86006 occurs, this instruction will help in solving it.

Launch the Mi Unlock Tool and upon starting the program agree to the conditions by clicking on the “Agree” button. Then enter the username and password from the Mi-account and click the “Sign In” button.

Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable and change the connection type from “Charging only” to “File transfer (MTP)”.
It is recommended to use an original or good quality cable, as well as a USB 2.0 port located on the motherboard (for PC).

Open the command line and go to the created Android folder with the command “cd c: \ Android \” (commands are written without quotes).

Make sure that the computer finds the device via ADB.
To do this, enter “adb devices” in the command line. On the appeared request on the phone for permission to debug via ADB on this computer, you need to click “Ok”, while selecting “Always allow from this computer.” If the device is visible, then the text “List of devices attached” and a list of all devices (for example, xxxxxxx device) are displayed. If instead of “device” it says “offline” or the list is empty, then you need to update ADB, check the driver / cable, change the USB port / computer.

Restart your smartphone to Fastboot mode.
To do this, enter “adb reboot bootloader” on the command line or turn it off, then turn it on with the Volume Down key held down. The screen should display a hare in a cap with earflaps.

Make sure that the computer finds the device in Fastboot mode.
To do this, enter the command “fastboot devices”. If the response displays “xxxxxxx fastboot”, then the phone is connected correctly. If “waiting for device” is displayed or nothing at all, you need to check the status of the USB connection or reinstall the drivers.

If the phone is displayed correctly in bootloader mode, in the Mi Flash Unlock program, click on the “Unlock” button. The bootloader unlock process will begin.

If everything is done correctly, the text “Green Unlocking Successful” will appear on the screen in green, after which you can click the “Restart the phone” button or hold down the Power key for about 10 seconds to exit bootloader mode.
If a 50% error occurs, you must perform the steps described in step 8, wait a few days (without reinstalling the firmware) and try again.
If the account for the device in paragraph 15 was added less than three days ago, the program displays the message “Binding time is too short, Less than 72 hours” or “After XX hours of trying to unlock the device”. In this case, you need to wait 72 hours and try to unlock the bootloader again. At the same time, you can’t leave your account or update the firmware, otherwise the counter will be reset.