Underwater Photography Iphone 6

Using iPhone to produce low-budget has become a kind of trend among directors. As it turned out, thes shot on the “apple” smartphone are very worthy. Take at least the Kanye West clip for the song by British singer Kate Nash, performed with Paul McCartney, shot on iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s, respectively.

Underwater Photography Iphone 6

German photographer and maker Sven Drisbach used the iPhone 6s to create a music for the Dark Waves song by Berlin-based electronics engineer Robert Koch and singer Delhia de France. Melancholy, very atmospheric music goes well with slow-motion shooting of a surfer riding on the coast of Southern California. The combination of surface and underwater shooting allowed the director to create a very emotional sequence with the slo-mo effect (120 frames per second with a resolution of 1080p).

“The Dark Waves was shot for three days in the early morning when the water is most clear and best suited for surfing. Each of the three filming sessions lasted from one to three hours, ”Drisbach told Mashable Australia.

To prevent the iPhone from deteriorating underwater, the director used a protective case from Watershot. Image stabilization was carried out using the Beastgrip system, which allows you to remove jitter during manual shooting. The director also used a wide-angle lens and a fisheye lens from Beastgrip and Watershot. As for the software, Drisbach gave preference to the Filmic Pro application, which, according to him, “gives full control over manual exposure settings”.

Unlike expensive professional equipment, iPhone provided the director with greater freedom of action during filming.

To create a four-minute, Drisbach had to watch long hours of slow motion, which made the editing process very painful. According to the director, because of the insufficiently wide dynamic range of the iPhone 6s camera, he had to carefully monitor so that the frames did not turn out to be overexposed or too dark.

“Fortunately, the color profile in the new iPhone displays great quality frames that do not require significant adjustments,” Drisbach said.

The iPhone 6s, protective and stabilization equipment, as well as the Filmic Pro editing application provided the director with a huge field of experimentation to achieve the desired result.

“Filming any action on the water requires practice. In many cases, it’s almost impossible to see what you’re shooting, especially when the waves are constantly rising around you. For a few seconds, you don’t even know when you will again be on the surface, ”Drisbach shared his impressions.

The result was impressive. The experience of the German clip maker shows that anyone with certain skills can do something similar.

“In the end, the camera doesn’t matter. People value the result. I think the turned out great, given that the budget was small, ”the director said.