Tyz headphones are wireless how to connect Bluetooth. No sound in headphones

Why Bluetooth headphones are not connected to the phone

Bluetooth headphones are very popular due to the ability to use a device without wires. Ordinary wired headphones bring a lot of trouble. They are always confused in our Then, instead of enjoying music from a smartphone, we stubbornly analyze this whole ball. But a wireless device can sometimes get us out. In this article you will learn why Bluetooth headphones sometimes do not connect to a mobile phone.

When you connect the headphones to the smartphone or to another Bluetooth device, you may encounter the fact that it does not connect. And although Bluetooth technology is universal, it often happens that users cannot configure the device correctly. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is the level of battery charge. Since wireless headphones work autonomously, they have their own battery. If it is discharged, the connection may not happen.

Despite the fact that the process of connecting headphones in almost all cases is quite simple, some important details can be missed. There may also be a mobile device without proper charge. And it often happens that wireless headphones have already been associated with other devices. And the device will not see them, since there is no radio communications. The devices may include different modes that prevent connection.

Way to correctly connect the device via Bluetooth

So that in the future there is no extra questions about how to synchronize Bluetooth headphones correctly, let’s look at this process.

Most models are connected to smartphones according to one scheme:

    There is an activation button on the headphone housing. As well as an indicator that announces us about the status of the device;

The name of the device should be displayed in the main technology settings window.

To switch to it in Android devices, hold the Bluetooth activation icon in the quick access menu (lowering the curtain).

When you connect headphones or a headset, try turning on the radio or music on the smartphone to check whether you succeed in doing this.

Will the headphones with Bluetooth 5 work.0 on the phone with Bluetooth 4.2

Many novice users who have just begun to discover the world of wireless gadgets ask the same question whether the headphones with Bluetooth 5 will work.0 on the phone that supports only the earlier version of Bluetooth 4.2? Or vice versa, the smartphone has Bluetooth 5.2. Is it possible to connect inexpensive headphones to it, in which only the Bluetooth 4 standard is present.1 or they are not suitable for each other?

Initially, the Bluetooth wireless data transfer standard was conceived to exchange documents between two devices at a short distance. I even remember how my button Nokia could throw the photo on another phone, and this pastor occupied up to half an hour, depending on its size. the time was funny. The current application of Bluetooth in practice for connecting headphones, mouse, keyboard, gamepad, control panel, a devoid column, etc.D.

Like any technology, Bluetooth does not stand still. With a more or less modern Bluetooth 4 standard.0, which are already ten years old, today it has developed to the Bluetooth 5 version.3. Many devices have Bluetooth 4 support.2, 5.0 or 5.2. The following changes were made in each new version:

  • The data transfer speed increased. each subsequent modification was faster than the previous. For example, BT 5.0 2 Mbps, and 4.2. 1 Mbps/c
  • The volume of information exchange. a more fresh Bluetooth can shove more data on the communication channel. This means, for example, that the sound in the headphones will be more voluminous and detailed.
  • Distance for communication between devices. Bluetooth 4.2 had a maximum range up to 60 meters, and 5.2 already 240. Of course, these theoretical figures are in ideal conditions, but still, the tendency is evident.
  • Energy consumption from the battery. gadgets with a more modern Stantart Bluetooth can remain autonomous for a longer time without recharging
  • Support for simultaneous connection to several devices. for example, parallel operation of a laptop with headphones and a column

Bluetooth 4 compatibility.0, 5.0, 5.2, 5.3

Now about the main thing. There is such a misconception among users that if you have a laptop with Bluetooth 4 support.2, and you buy a headset with Bluetooth 5 to him.2, then the headphones will not work. Indeed, a laptop is bought for several years. Headphones can be changed every year to a newer model. How to be? Of course, manufacturers have provided the full compatibility of devices with different specification among themselves.

The only nuance is that the connection between them will be carried out according to the minimum Bluetooth standard.

That is, in our situation it will be impossible to simultaneously connect headphones to two devices or search for headphones from a mobile application. And keep in touch at a great distance that could be if both gadgets equally supported the more modern type Bluetooth.

The same applies to the reverse case. When, for example, the Bluetooth speaker model has a younger version of Bluetooth 4.0, and the same smartphone is already older 5.3. And when listening to music, and when talking on the phone, you will not have any problems. Unless, you will not be able to completely reveal the potential inherent in Bluetooth 5.3, since the tandem will work according to the Bluetooth 4 standard.0. If your smartphone does not see wireless headphones, then the point is not in compatibility, but in some existing problem, the solution of which is devoted to a separate instruction on our website.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the instructions for connecting Bluetooth lungs to the phone

If you have problems or questions about any of these points, then more detailed instructions with illustrations and Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

First, decide exactly what you have headphones. If these are completely wireless TWS hobbys with a charger case, then carefully look at the case, if there are no buttons on it.

See where this button can be placed and how it looks like an example of Apple Airpods:

If there is such a button, then open the case cover and click on this button for 2-3 seconds. You will see how the LED indicator inside the case will begin to quickly flash white. This means that the headphones are in mating mode and are available for connection to any device.

There are such buttons on many models, including:

If there is no such button (Xiaomi Airdots, Sony WF-1000xm3 and others.) or your headphones do not have a charger at all, then:

  • If there is a mechanical button on the headphones, click this button for 7 seconds, until the LED indicator on the headphones begins to flash white
  • With sensory management, clamp the sensors on two headphones at the same time and hold for 5-7 seconds until you see the indicator blinking white color

Now you can move on to the following steps.

Step 3-4. Conjugation of wireless headphones with a smartphone

To connect the Bluetooth hotels to Android smartphones, you need to go to the control of Bluetooth. To do this, either lower the notifications curtain and press the icon in the form of a small gear, or lower the notification curtain and squeeze the Bluetooth icon for 2 seconds:

When you are in the Bluetooth settings, just wait until your headphones appear in the list of available devices and choose them:

After that, the headphones will connect to the smartphone.

IPhone users need to do about the same procedure:

  • Go to iPhone settings
  • Select the Bluetooth item
  • In the section Other devices will appear your headphones
  • Choose them and ready!

Steps 3-5. Or what needs to be done on a computer for connecting Bluetooth nashelds

When the headphones are in mating mode, you need to add them to the Bluetooth device of the computer. To do this, click on the task panel twice on the Bluetooth icon:

In the Bluetooth settings you need to click the Bluetooth Add button or another device:

In the “Add Device” window that appears, select Bluetooth:

When a computer finds your wireless headphones, select them in the list. Then, if necessary, confirm the connection by clicking the button to connect:

On this connection and configuration of the Bluetooth hassle is completed. In the future, headphones will automatically connect to this computer when opening a case or turning on.

The main problem that occurs when connecting wireless headphones to the computer

Apart from rare cases of marriage or breakdown, the only problem is that the user cannot convert Bluetooth lobby to the mating mode. After all, only in this mode can headphones detect other devices and connect to them.

If your headphones do not go into the mating mode according to the instructions given, then look on the Internet or in the instructions for the device, how exactly on it is the interfacing mode (or approval). To do this, enter the phrase “How to convert to a mating mode” into the search line “.

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Wireless headphone

The order of the wireless headset to the smartphone depends on the type of OS. This section presents the menu algorithms that allow you to connect smartphones on Windows, Android, iOS. They contain both external and functional differences (the latter are less critical and, as a rule, intuitively understandable to the user).

Preparation in front of Connect

  • The new headset must be recharged within 30-40 minutes, otherwise it will turn off at the time of the conjugation or after it.
  • At the first connection, the smartphone and headphones should be at a distance of 1-2 meters from each other.
  • On full-sized and overhead models, there may be a button to turn on visibility in the Bluetooth bandage. Without its activation, it will not work to find a device.

The intricacies of connection, interfaces, detection of the device are written in the proprietary instructions that are placed in the box.

How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone

OS iPhone provides a mobile phone user automatic connection to the device. Step-by-step instruction:

  • At the first stage, they check whether the power indicator on the Wireless gadget housing is burning.If the signal is absent, you need to press the battery connection button and hold it for a few seconds. The detection mode will automatically start.
  • In the second step, in the section with the settings of the gadget, the point is chosen through the Bluetooth.Activation can also be carried out in the “Control Center” (for the iOS 7 and higher model, there is no need to first get into the general section of the settings. the user immediately gets to the Bluetooth menu).
  • If the devices are working, synchronization will not be problems. the process will automatically go.The owner of the iPhone selects the name of the accessory in the list of available and sets the connection with a simple touch.

The installation speed depends on what technologies are used in the production of the headset. standard Bluetooth or Airpods. For the last option, just open a case with headphones. audio files can be listened to automatic mode. In the first case, you will have to wait a while.

When the connection needs to be canceled, all actions are performed in the reverse order. You can disable the audio device itself. Additionally, the connection can be interrupted in the general Bluetooth settings (then none of the devices can connect to the iPhone). If there is no desire to completely close access to Bluetooth headset, choose an icon with headphones in the phone menu and turn off them.

Those who wish to maintain the privacy of the settings can delete information about the connection at the corresponding menu item. Otherwise, the connection will automatically be launched on the iPhone through the current channel.

In rare cases, the headset for audio is not detected. To check the serviceability and eliminate possible problems, you need to connect the headphones to another phone. It is possible that the problem is the device itself.

How to connect wireless Chinese headphones if there were no original at hand? In this case, you should not be surprised if the conjugation with the bluetes of the phone passes with a delay, or it will not work out at all. The gadgets of an unknown manufacturer do not always work correctly.

Features of connecting Bluetooth headphones on Android

Android platform is malleable, functional and popular among users. An additional plus is an intuitively understandable system of conjugation with a set, which looks approximately the same on all modern smartphones:

  • Before connecting the headset to the smartphone in the menu, you need to find an icon with the Bluetooth option and activate it.
  • The headphones must also be brought into working condition, holding the button on the case up to 10 seconds.
  • If a gadget is found in the smartphone menu on Android, the inscription of the same name will appear in the section with “Available Devices”. It means that in a couple of seconds the conjugation process will be completed.
  • Further, the name of the headphones appears in the section with “connected devices” with the appropriate status (on the screen the user sees the inscription “connected”).

By analogy with the previous iOS system, Android remembers all the connections of wireless sets to the smartphone. Only rebooting the apparatus can affect this process. in this case, the conjugation is reduced.

Connection of the Bluetooth headset to the phone on Windows

The smartphone with the Windows platform is different from the two previous control circuit. How to configure a Bluetooth headset for a stable job, if you need to use the phone based on Windows, described below:

Transition at menu points. Connection Stages What do we have to do
Turning to the section of quick access To find a section with the settings, you need to enter the menu items and choose an icon with the inscription “All parameters”
Settlement list In the list of settings, you need to select the “device” option
Bluetooth activation on both devices To connect Bluetooth you need to move the flag to the “VCL” mode and perform a similar action for a wireless headset

If the correct operation of the gadget when connecting to the phone is not observed, it is worth repeating the attempt. In the absence of a connection with the set, we can conclude that it is not compatible with Windows OS installed on a smartphone. Possible reasons for the failure of headphones can be found in the last sections of the article.

Is it possible to connect AirPods to Android

Apple Airpods branded headphones can be used with phones on Android. The connection process will, however, differ slightly:

    Place the headphones in the company case for charging the device. Squeeze the button at the bottom of the case to activate the charging.

When the headphones will be charged in a case, open the Android settings and the Bluetooth section. Turn on the technology and select Airpods found devices found. Click on the item and confirm the conjugation.

Tyz headphones are wireless how to connect Bluetooth

Wireless headphones are a small modern device that allows you to feel freedom of movement and mobility anywhere. How to connect wireless. RIA Novosti, 15.ten.2021

15 Sep. RIA Novosti. Wireless headphones are a small modern device that allows you to feel freedom of movement and mobility anywhere. About how to connect wireless headphones to the ktelphone via Bluetooth, how the headset for Android and Apple works and what the main problems are found when connecting Wireless headphones to a smartphone via Bluetooth in the material of RIA Novosti.How wireless headphones work?Today, wireless headphones are the choice of most users. Such a headset is considered the most convenient way of listening to music, changing voice or watching a video with sound. First of all, due to the lack of extra wires and buttons. The principle of operation of such headphones is to receive a signal “by air”. Technologically this works as follows: how to use headphones?The operation of wireless headphones is much easier than in the case of wired ones, but here it is worth adhering to several rules: what is needed to connect?To connect a wireless headset, a device for receiving sound and smartphone are required.Requirements for the telephone number of audio listening through wireless headphones are suitable for any phone model, but with one condition. it must support the work of Bluetooth or NFC (depending on which device was selected). In order to make sure of this, even in the store you can ask the consultant to check the possibility of connecting and configure the devices.How to connect headphones to Android phone?Before setting up the wireless headset on Android, it is important to make sure that it is charged, and then contact the connection scheme recommended by the manufacturer. As a rule, it is standard for most devices.The inclusion and preparation of headphone.open models are turned on automatically as soon as they are extracted from charged boxing. After the device has entered the mating mode with the phone, you can start listening to music.Connection via Bluetooth to install the connection, you need to perform several actions: connecting headphones via NFC NFC for Android requires only a few actions: the connection permit to the telephone so that the devices can connect, it is important not to forget to consent to connect the headset.How to connect AirPods to AndroidarPods are universal headphones that are connected even to a laptop. In the case of the Android system, the setting process is almost no different from the iPhone: how to connect headphones to the phone on iOS?The action algorithm when connecting wireless headphones to the device on iOS is similar to the connection with Android.The inclusion and preparation of the headphones of the dependence on the headset model you need to make sure that the device is charged and ready to work.Connection via Bluetooth to establish a connection, you need to perform several actions: features of setting up headphones of different branding that different brands of headset have the same principle of operation, the operation process may have their own characteristics.AirPods.assinants from the Apple brand can be controlled by gestures that the user sets at his discretion. The device is also successfully activated by voice and double touch, and turns off the sound when one of the headphones is taken out.The JBLBC.wire set of this brand also supports the control control. In addition, the case is equipped with an LED indicator, which displays the charge level, the absence/presence of the connection and turn on/off the device.TWS ISSNOUGHTHING OF THE FAITHERS OF THIS brand implies a similar procedure for action. But if, for example, the user wants to drop all the settings, for this it is enough to hold the touch button for 30 seconds, waiting for the appearance of the red-blue indicator color.Xiaomiairdots implies a separate connection of each headphone, which can cause difficulties. To configure the headset, you need to get the headphones, reset the settings, holding the button on the box until the light indicator appears, then insert the headphones back again and take it back again. With the right order of action, the device should be available for connection. It is recommended to connect the right headphone first (in the Bluetooth phone section), and then the left headphone, holding the button on it until the signal appears. As soon as the devices are synchronized, all indicators will go out.Samsungartarting from Samsung maintains an automatic phone connection, so setting does not differ from AirPods.Possible problems and solutions to wireless headphones is a fairly simple procedure, however, difficulties can occur when setting up and synchronizing devices.There is no connection if the user did everything according to the instructions, the gadget may not appear in the “Available Devices” section on the phone. In this case, you need to perform the following actions: the device does not find the fact that the phone “does not see” the headset can be several: to install the connection, you need to charge the gadget with the headphones, bring the headset closer to it and, just in case, restart both devices.Only one headphone problem works often if the headphones were not taken out of boxing and, as a rule, is solved by the following simple actions: the sound of sound can be lost: it is worthwhile to make sure that the option of obtaining an audio signal is chosen through the headphones, delete new programs that can be removed, which can be removed that can be selected. became the cause of problems with sound transmission, and restart both devices. If this does not help, contact Support users or send a gadget for diagnostics.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Android

The connection of the smartphone with the headset is provided through different information transmission technologies. However, the simplest and most popular option is the Bluetooth module. In standard mode, the signal retains stability if it is transmitted to a distance of up to 10 meters. The latest technologies allow us to count on a confident technique and on a much greater distance. Some inconvenience can create equipment equipped with a radio module, for example, microwave ovens, multicooker, powerful radio transmitters.

The manual is suitable for all models and brands of smartphones that function on the Android platform. Minor differences may be due to a feature of the mobile device integration.

Inclusion and preparation of headphones

Bluetooth headphones are not always able to provide high.quality wireless communication. But if you correctly configure and calibrate the headset, you can get good support for voice and sound even on the most budget models.

  • Before connecting headphones to the phone, you need to charge both devices. Otherwise, they may be disconnected at the time of mating or during use;
  • As soon as the charging indicator goes out (or, conversely, shines with even light), you can proceed to the procedure;
  • At the first connection, the phone and headphones should be in the immediate vicinity of each other, at a distance of about 1-2 meters.

The intricacies of the connection, synchronization and further operation are indicated in detail in the instructions that are included in the device, however, in most models, the principle of connecting wireless headphones to the Android phone is not very different.

Connection via Bluetooth

Universal step.by.step instruction provides for certain actions. Therefore, you need to do the following:

After the conjugation process is successfully completed, the headphones will be ready to work.

Connection of headphones with NFC chip

“NFC” is one of the varieties of modern technologies of wireless data transfer between two devices. Its difference is the lack of the need for physical conjection. It is enough to bring the devices to each other to a distance of 2-10 cm so that the built-in chips can transmit and read the necessary information.

You can connect the headphones to the smartphone via NFC in a few minutes if you take the following actions:

  • Go to the “settings” on the phone;
  • Activate NFC. The inclusion procedure on devices with Android depends on the version of the OS. On iOS, the function is in active mode constantly;
  • Turn on the headset and wait until it is ready to work;
  • Unlock the smartphone, and then attach the rear panel to the mark with the name “n-mark”, which is located on the outer headphone lines;
  • When a notification appears on the phone screen with a request to confirm the connection, you need to choose the option “yes”.

After that, the device synchronization will occur, and wireless headphones can be used.

��How to fix “No Sound from Headphones��” issue in Windows 10

Is it possible to connect AirPods to Android

Despite the fact that AirPods are created for apple devices, connecting this headset to the smartphone with Android is possible and will not differ from the conjugation algorithm for conventional wireless headphones. The main condition for performing synchronization is the presence of the Bluetooth module, through which the transmission of the audio signal is performed.

For greater convenience, you can install additional applications on the phone, for example, Airbatty or Assistant Trigger. With their help, the device will determine whether the headphones are inserted into the ear, after which the audio will automatically begin to broadcast. The only disadvantage of using AirPods on Android is the lack of access to functions such as:

  • Voice Assistant Siri;
  • interruption of the record after the headphone is extracted from the ear;
  • charge control and energy consumption of smartphone.

Connection of headphones of different brands

The initial acquaintance with the wireless headphones of any brand should begin with the solution of the problem with the connection. Today it is not enough just to stick a wired headset plug into the smartphone connector. It is necessary to go through the connection and settings procedure for two devices. Depending on the brand of the manufacturer, it may differ. Nevertheless, to figure out how to connect a Bluetooth acceur to Android is not so difficult.

headphones, wireless, connect, bluetooth, sound

Connecting wireless headphones Honor

The following sequence of actions is provided for connecting the wireless headset of the well.known brand:

The successful connection can be guessed by indicators: the red light should go out, and the blue of the blinking should turn into even and continuous.

Connecting wireless headphones JBL

JBL wireless headphones are connected to a mobile device using Bluetooth technology according to a standard scheme. Those who first purchased an accessory of this brand will need to fulfill the following:

If the headphones are connected to the device not for the first time, synchronization will be performed in automatic mode. You can also watch the video instruction.

Connection TWS IS headphones

In a similar way, you can connect the TWS IS headset. The manual is relevant for modifications i11s, i7s, i12. The algorithm is simple:

  • On the headphones you will need to activate the radio module;
  • On the phone through the “Settings” menu or a fast access panel, turn on the program via Bluetooth;
  • Wait until the smartphone finds available devices;
  • From the list, select the model by name and resolve the conjugation.
headphones, wireless, connect, bluetooth, sound

If the connection is successful, the blue indicator will begin to flash. If the devices could not synchronize, you need to restart the headphones (for this you need to press and hold the power button), and then repeat the process.

After performing the restart of the headset, press the power button and hold it until the sensors begin to blink alternately in red and blue.

Connecting wireless headphones Xiaomi

Connecting a wireless headset of a popular brand provides for the abolition of its pairing with other devices, and then perform the following actions:

  • Disconnect the headphones. press the power button and hold it for 5 seconds;
  • When red LED indicators light up, re.squeeze both keys for 15 seconds. sensors should start blinking alternately in red and white light.
  • Keep the power button again (no more than 2 seconds.) so that the left “liner” find the right one, and their synchronization occurs.

When the preliminary setting of the headset is completed, you can proceed to the conjugation of it with a smartphone. For this, as in previous cases, you will need to complete the standard connection procedure.

Connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones to Android phone

Wireless headphones began to appear more and more often in articles on our blog. And today I will show how to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth to the phone under the control of the Android operating system on the example of Xiaomi. Although the instructions, and then the owners of any smartphones can listen to music. the algorithm of actions is identical for Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Redmi and others. Despite the difference in the characteristics of various models True Wireless (TWS) of the liners with the set and microphone, they are all connected to Android and iPhone according to the same principle. Therefore, this manual will also be universal for all types of “Headset”, whether it be pathos JBL, Marshall Major, Sony, Samsung, Apple Airpods or the inexpensive Ifans i9s, i10, I11, I12 or Elari Nanopods C aliExpress. But the settings for listening to music and calling calls on the phone via Bluetooth communication, depending on the modification, will differ, so for each of them we have made separate articles on the pages of the blog.

Before you start using, let’s see how to turn on wireless headphones at all. It’s about connecting a headset phone that works by TWS communication (True Wireless). This means that there are no wires between them at all. They are connected by Bluetooth 4 or 5.0 both between themselves and with the phone. At the same time, only one of them, leading. And the second works through the first, creating a stereo sound.

Therefore, when you took out the headphones out of the box, you need to start with the fact that you can turn it on and synchronize them with each other. In different models, this is done in one of two ways.

  • Manually is an obsolete type, in which you need to simultaneously click on functional buttons on each headphones. Then they will interconnect with each other, and then you can already connect them to the phone.
  • Automatically. this method is used on all wireless TWS headphones of the latest generations. The bottom line is that both modules are spaced from the plant, and as soon as you got them out of the case, they are immediately interconnected and are ready to work with a smartphone.

Which type is used in your model, you need to learn from the instructions that are included. But you can understand without it. if immediately after inclusion in them is a voice notification of the type “Pairing”, then they are already synchronized.

Disconnect a column or other headphones from the phone

Now let’s look at several errors associated with the phone itself, because of which he does not see or does not connect to a wireless headset or column. Most often there is a situation when the smartphone is already connected to other headphones or an audio device for Bluetooth. The fact is that most models can simultaneously work with only one sound.reproducing device. And as we already know, when Bluetooth on the Bluetooth smartphone, he can automatically connect to the last headset or column on which music was played from it.

Therefore, you must first go to the Bluetooth settings on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS and turn off the current connection.

Or even remove headphones or a column from memory

After which it will be possible to connect a laptop or smartphone to the right wireless headphones

Reset the phone settings

Rarely, but it happens that because of some mistakes in the operating system, the phone does not allow certain headphones or a wireless column in memory. And each time Bluetooth is connected to them, while others do not see. Then you can try to drop the smartphone itself to the factory settings itself.

Bluetooth Headphones Connected but No Sound | Here is How to Configure & Fix

Similar errors can occur in the user when the smartphone does not see a Bluetooth column. We will talk about them separately.