Two Ways To Install The Google Play Market On Meizu

Two Ways To Install The Google Play Market On Meizu

In 2016, Meizu decided to abandon the installation of Google services on its products. Thus, users were left without a play market for Meizu. Of course, many were worried about the question of why this happened and how to correct the situation on their own. Is it possible to manually configure the phone so that it runs the Google Play Market on Meizu?

Today there is a solution that helps to ensure that the Meizu market can be launched. There are exactly two main ways to configure this option: either using the installer, or through the ARC file in the application.

We invite you to learn in detail about how to install the Play Market on Maysa. After reading our article, you can understand how Google Play is installed on Meizu smartphones.

We put Google services on Meizu phone through the installer

In the new models of Meizu phones, users install Google Play for free and without additional applications. You need to configure this feature as follows:

  1. We go to the “Best” application on the desktop. You can also go to the “Hot Apps”.
  2. We see a list of available programs. Here you just need to find Google services and choose their installation.

Please note that these applications are downloaded and launched only when the Internet is connected. If the Internet disappears, the system does not download the program. The application will be installed in just a couple of minutes, so if you don’t get any kind of error, you will receive it very quickly on your phone.

Immediately after you received the downloaded file and the application was installed, the system will prompt you to restart the phone for the updates to take effect. You need to do this only 1 time during the initial installation of the application.

Install Google services on Meizu through an ARC file

If for some reason you could not install Google services through the installer, and the question of how to fix their absence is relevant for you, you can use the fallback option. To do this, we need an ARC file, with which the Play Market can also be installed.

This file must be downloaded to a computer from the Internet, and then put it on your phone so that the application you need is installed directly in the gadget.

  1. Download the program, which can be done, for example, in our file storage.
  2. We allow the Android system to install programs from unknown sources. To do this, go to the settings, and then follow the tabs “Security”. “Unknown sources”.
  3. We connect the smartphone to the computer and transfer the program from it to the phone, choosing a folder convenient for this.
  4. We launch the application from the phone, starting the installation of Google-services.

If you did everything right, you could fill a blank spot in your knowledge on how to install the Google Play Market. When the question of how to install the Play Market has ceased to be relevant for you, you can delete the auxiliary installer from the phone’s memory.

Problems with the Play Market

If you encounter any difficulties while working with Google Play, or there are obvious problems in the functioning of the application, then reinstalling it can help. For these purposes, it is most convenient to launch the Google Installer through the Hot Apps application and first uninstall Google services, and then reinstall them.

At the end of the procedure, restart the phone and try again to enter the Play Market. Usually in such cases, the problem can be fixed and failures will no longer bother you.

If you figured out how to install the Play Market, and the program even starts, but does not allow you to download other applications, then you can try adding an alternative Google account. Perhaps the problem arose was related specifically to your profile, and not to the software settings of the phone.

Sometimes, by default, phones have a lock on the use of mobile data to download third-party programs. For this reason, programs on the Play Market may not load. The situation is fixed as follows:

  1. We go to the “Applications” section through the settings.
  2. We select the category “Download Manager”, from there go to the tab “All”.
  3. Click “Erase data”, thereby clearing the memory.

It is not known whether Meizu will supply phones with pre-installed Google services in the future, but in any case, now you know how to fix the problem of their absence. If none of the methods helped you, read our other article What to do if the Google Play Market on Meizu does not open