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Twisto promotional code offers you PLN 50. You can then invite your friends to join Twisto and earn PLN 50 for each successful referral when they use your Twisto promo code.

A Twisto referral code gives PLN 50 to the godson and PLN 50 to the godfather every time the godson uses the code. To activate the promotion, either click on the referral link, or copy and paste the Twisto promo code when you sign up at Twisto.

Earn PLN 50 when you invite a friend to Twisto with your referral code. You can find your promo code in your Twisto account, search for things like: Invite a friend to Twisto, Invite a friend to Twisto, Earn rewards on Twisto, Twisto referral code, Twisto promo code, Earn rewards on Twisto

It’s basically the same thing. Both codes offer users rewards. The difference is that a Twisto promo code is usually a code created by Twisto to encourage existing users to buy something. Where Twisto referral code. is a code that offers PLN 50 to an existing customer who invites friends and family by giving them PLN 50 when registering at Twisto.

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Where Revolut can be useful

Revolut card will be useful to anyone who at least sometimes spends money that is not in the currency of their income or savings. If you have only Euros on your card, for example, you can profitably pay both offline and online in pounds, zloty, rubles, hryvnias, etc.д. Say “No” to the stupid recalculation of the value of the British Amazon, American eBay and other sites!

You can travel around the world and not bothering with the issue of commissions to pay in local currency, withdraw local currency. With the free plan, the monthly ATM withdrawal limit is 200 €, with a 2% fee above that, which is still a bargain. The main thing is not to forget to select on terminals and ATMs to conduct transactions in the local currency. In general, do not forget about the 3 golden rules of withdrawing money from cards.

I haven’t done it this way, but you can try to top up Revolut with a Russian card in euros. if you succeed, you can then withdraw them at the actual exchange rate of the Central Bank to a Czech account in krons. This would be a profitable way to send euros to the Czech Republic.


An app that allows you to manage payments in your online store.

WayForPay Android App, Developed by WayForPay LLC, is in Finance Category. Current Version. 1.1.5, Released On 2018-09-18. According to Google Play WayForPay has reached more than 20 Thousand Installations. WayForPay Currently has 103 Ratings with an Average of 3.1

WayForPay is an app that allows you to manage payments in your online store from your cell phone. The app is available to all online merchants and freelancers who are registered with WayForPay. Follow this link to register for the service.

The WayForPay mobile app has all the features you need for an online merchant (merchant) to comfortably control and manage your online payments in-store.

In WayForPay you can:- Control and analyze online payments;- Confirm and refund payments;- Create invoices;- Accept payments;- Get detailed information about your clients;

Additional Features:- Login to Personal Cabinet on desktops using QR code reader;- Fingerprint-based login on supported models;- Push notifications about successful/unsuccessful payments;

Developed by wayforpay payment

We are currently offering Version 1.1.5. This is Our Latest, Most Optimized Version. It is suitable for Many Different Devices. Free APK Download from Google Play Store or any other Versions We Host. Also, You Can Download Without Registration Or Login.

We’ve Over 2000 Available Devices For Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, Google, OnePlus, Sony, Tablet. With so many options, You can easily choose the Games or Software suitable for your device.

This may be useful if there are any restrictions by country, or any restrictions by your device in the Google app store.

Alfa-Bank, Beeline and MasterCard announced the launch of payment services based on NFC technology

Alfa-Bank, Russia’s largest private bank, Beeline (VimpelCom Ltd.), a provider of communications services, and MasterCard International Payment System (NYSE: MA) have announced the launch of NFC-based payment services using Beeline SIM-cards with an innovative technology for mobile payments via Mobile MasterCard PayPass

Alfa-Bank’s mobile payment solution involves installing a special bank application on SIM cards and allows Alfa-Bank clients to make purchases and pay for services instantly by connecting their NFC-phones with Mobile MasterCard PayPass technologies to a PayPass reader for cash payments. desk.Transactions are processed by Alfa-Bank’s processing center on the basis of SmartVista Suite advanced software solutions.

Currently the service is available to a pilot group of Alfa-Bank clients. To install the new SIM-card fits a wide range of cell phones and smartphones that support SIM-oriented NFC technology. In particular, when testing the project, we used smartphones of the HTC One line, which were originally designed for such a simple but high-tech mobile payment service.

The funds will be debited from the client’s bank account to which the bank card number recorded on the SIM-card is linked. The SIM-card is as secure as a bank card with a built-in microprocessor.CHIP.

Thanks to the bank application installed on the SIM-card, all the advantages of services provided by both the mobile operator and the Bank are preserved. With the help of Mobile MasterCard PayPass payment technology it is possible to pay “with a single touch” at the points of sale by putting a cell phone to the PayPass terminal.Paying for purchases contactless is convenient, fast and safe. any payment up to 1000 CZK does not require entering a PIN-code or signing a receipt, if the sum is exceeded, the client has to confirm the payment by entering a PIN-code. Staying always in touch with mobile operator Beeline, bank customers can quickly and safely pay by card in any retail outlets which support MasterCard PayPass. contactless payment method.

“We believe in the future of contactless payments, so we develop and test various high-tech products and services.Today we have launched a prototype product using NFC technology together with our partners in an innovative project,” said Alexei Korovin, head of retail business unit at Alfa-Bank. “We believe that the most important thing is our customers’ feedback and experience in making payments, and the above technology makes them fast and pleasant.”.

“We believe NFC is a promising technology and hope it will become widespread in the future. It is important to note that it is being developed by companies from different industries in close cooperation.We suppose that SIM-centric NFC technology on the basis of which payment service in cooperation with Alfa bank and MasterCard is realized is the most convenient for users and optimal for all companies, involved in forming of NFC ecosystem of services”. said Viktor Markelov, VympelCom Product and Business Development Director

“The MasterCard PayPass technology has become a real revolution in the field of cashless payments, because nowadays the cell phone, for example, along with the bank card, has become a tool for cashless payments.In today’s dynamic world, payment banking technology is expanding into completely new formats, and new players are entering the industry. We are glad that the project of Alfa-Bank and Beeline was launched in the Russian market, and now Russians have one more opportunity to use cashless payment. in Russia and in any other country to make purchases safely, quickly and conveniently” said Andrey Makarov, Head of Market Development for MasterCard in Russia.

“We are very pleased to support Alfa-Bank in providing advanced solutions that can improve the quality of life of its customers.Implementation of this project together with MasterCard and Beeline is an important step on the way to building an integrated interaction between the telecommunications and banking sectors that will help to create the most comfortable access to all financial services regardless of time, place and way of communication. Our cooperation with Alfa-Bank is aimed at development of cashless payment system and creation of the most convenient, innovative and secure products and services,” Vasily Grigoryev, general director of BPC Banking Technologies, says.

These SIM-cards were developed and produced in cooperation with Oberthur Technologies, a leading global developer of NFC solutions based on smart cards.

Bill payment options | Bell MTS

Pre-authorized Direct Debit. Your account amount will be automatically withdrawn from your bank on a due date each month. To register, call 204-225-4249 or, if outside Manitoba, 1 888 689-7073.

Pre-authorized credit card payments. your account amount will automatically be charged to your credit card on the due date of each month. To register, go to the registration page or change your pre-authorized credit card payments.

If you have an outstanding balance at the time of registration, Bell MTS will automatically debit the outstanding balance. To cancel your pre-authorized payment plan, call 204 225-4249 or, if you are outside of Manitoba, call 1 888 689-7073.

For more information, contact your bank, credit union, or other electronic bill payment provider.

Business customers using wireless and telephone

When setting up Bell MTS as the recipient of the payment, select the Bell MTS service to which you have subscribed, as the type of your account.

Choose Bell MTS Business as a payment recipient. For customers interested in paying via wire/bank transfer, please contact eft. [email protected] to set up your payment.

Make sure you have a Bell MTS Express number, which can be found on the front page of your Bell MTS account. Call 204 225-4249 or, if outside Manitoba, 1 888 689-7073. Select Bell MTS service for payment and follow the voice prompts for billing.

Business Wireless Phone customers

You can send a check or money order to Bell MTS number. Make sure you have your account number on your check or money order, and have a receipt attached.

Bell MTS Box 7500 Winnipeg, MB R3C 3B5

Internet and TV business customers

Write your account number on your check and send it to Bell MTS Inc.Please include a payment and transfer form in the return envelope provided.

Bell MTS Inc. Payment center for customers P.O. Box 3650 Don Mills Station Toronto, ON M3C 3X9

Please use alternative ways to pay bills in case the postal service fails.

Wireless and business phone users are logged in.

Login for Business Internet and TV customers.

alfa bank | Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad banks, bank news, mortgage, credits, deposits, news of Kaliningrad, favorable exchange rates.

In Internet-bank “Alfa-Click” now it is possible to issue a virtual card to the account of credit and consumer cards. Previously, only current or payroll account holders had this option.

Virtual cards are designed exclusively for Internet payments. The card is unique in that it can be issued online and used immediately for payment, as it has no tangible carrier.

By April 2010 our clients had issued about 50 thousand. of virtual cards. The average limit amount chosen by the clients is 500.

During February-March 2010 there were over 30 thousand transactions by virtual cards. Most of the spending was on Paypal. 38%, while 12.5% went to music, games and software, 7%. to pay for train and air tickets, and the remaining 42.5% went to other goods and services on the global network.

A virtual card can be issued in Alfa-Click: a virtual card with the data required for online payments is created in the online bank, which allows you not to disclose the details of the main card. The client himself chooses the maximum limit of the card at the time of creation of the card, above which it is impossible to spend money on it. over, the client can block or delete the card at any time. Virtual card technology, for example, allows you to issue a card to pay for a specific service, which is a high degree of protection against potential fraudsters.

Alfa-Bank. Kaliningrad Banks Directory

Now it is possible to pay with “Mir” cards using SoftPOS ” Payment business

This technology allows to use an Android smartphone with NFC-module as a mobile terminal without any additional equipment.

Thanks to SoftPOS it is possible to pay for goods and services by contactless cards, and also with the help of mobile payment services Mir Pay and Samsung Pay. The technology will also allow businesses to respond more flexibly to customer needs and accept payments almost anywhere without the use of additional equipment.

Currently three acquiring banks. Sberbank with Tap on Phone application, Russian Standard Bank and Otkritie Bank. already support such solution for acceptance of contactless cards “Mir”.

“Today, more and more Russians are choosing a contactless method of paying for purchases in stores, paying for transport fares, and paying for goods on delivery. By the end of 2020, the number of contactless interbank transactions by Mir cards in various categories had more than doubled compared to January. We are sure that this topical solution will allow the holders of Mir cards to use the usual contactless way of paying for everyday purchases in a larger number of retail outlets. And retail outlets will be able to provide a wide audience of holders of national payment cards with a secure way to pay by contactless card without installing additional equipment. a retailer just needs to download the appropriate application from the acquirer bank from the application store, get registered in it, and start accepting payments,” commented Dmitry Buvin, commercial director of the Mir payment system.

“SoftPOS payment technology is interesting and relevant to business representatives from different fields. the restaurant segment, courier delivery organization, charity and so on. It is a very advantageous solution for small business owners in accordance with the 54-FZ, and it is not even necessary to buy an acquiring merchant. The technology is mobile and simple, because SoftPOS smartphone is able to accept bank cards without any limitations. And we are proud that now it is also possible to pay with the Mir card”. said Inna Emelyanova, director of acquiring department of Russian Standard Bank.

” and more of our clients abandon paper money, preferring cashless and contactless payment, which has proved to be the most convenient and safe way of making purchases. Thanks to the development of payment services such as Tap on Phone, the ability to accept contactless payment is becoming available to small businesses in the shortest possible time and without a significant financial burden,” said Dmitry Malykh, director of the Acquiring Division at Sberbank.

On smartphone, with installed payment acceptance application from acquiring bank, you can pay by contactless card “Mir” within the established limit on the amount of transactions without entering PIN-code. And also to pay for purchases using mobile payment services Mir Pay and Samsung Pay, to which the Mir card is linked. For such transactions, the amount of purchase through the app does not matter, as the transaction is confirmed by the cardholder on the smartphone using a password, fingerprint or other method.


Payment methods

In this section (picture below) you can create and manage your payment methods.

twisto, allows, google

Online store on Joomla

Creating an online store in Joomla with HikaShop, more than 60 payment plugins are available from HikaShop developers and more than 150 payment plugins from other developers. A more up-to-date list can be found in the developer’s help in “HikaShop documentation. Payment plugins” section. You need plugins to create payment methods based on them. Here are some of them:

  • 2 Checkout
  • 2Checkout inline
  • Accosapg
  • Adyen
  • AlertPay
  • AliPay Direct
  • Allpay
  • Alphabank
  • ATOS SIPS (for French banks)
  • (AIM and SIM)
  • Banca Sella
  • Bank transfer
  • Be2Bill
  • Beanstream
  • Becopay
  • Besteron
  • Billplz
  • Bitaps
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoinpay
  • Blockchain
  • Bluefin
  • Bluepaid
  • BluePay
  • Borgun
  • Braintree
  • CardPay
  • CardSave (Hosted and Direct)
  • Cardstream
  • CCBill
  • CECA
  • Cetelem Spain
  • Check
  • Cielo
  • Clic and Pay
  • Cofidis Czech
  • Cofidis Hungary
  • Cofidis Slovakia
  • Cofidis Spain
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • CoinPayments
  • ComGate / Agmo
  • ComNpay
  • Credit Card Payment CSOB Gateway
  • DHD Media
  • DotPay
  • DotPay (Poland)
  • Ecard
  • Electroneum
  • Emporiki bank
  • ePay
  • eSelect Plus / Moneris
  • Eservice
  • Essox
  • Eurobank
  • eWay Australia
  • eWay Rapid
  • FastSpring
  • FirstData Global Gateway
  • FirstData Global Gateway e4 (via API)
  • FirstData Payeezy
  • FirstData Payeezy (через API)
  • G2A Pay
  • Gate2Payment
  • Ginger Payment
  • Google Checkout
  • Google wallet
  • GoPay
  • GoPay Inline
  • GP WebPay for KB
  • Hello bank! / Cetelem Czech
  • HomeCredit
  • HSBC (CPI)
  • IcePay
  • iDEAL
  • Ing Psp
  • Interklassa
  • Intuit Innovative Gateway
  • Ipay88
  • iPayDNA
  • iVeri (South Africa)
  • JCC
  • Kaznachey
  • KeyClient
  • Klarna
  • LemonWay
  • LiqPay
  • MALL Pay
  • MercadoPago
  • MIGS (дляBendigo, Commweb и ANZ egate)
  • Mobikwik Wallet
  • Mollie
  • MolPay
  • Monetico paiement (CM-CIC)
  • M’Pesa
  • National Bank HPS
  • NetGiro
  • NETS
  • NewebPay
  • Nextpay
  • Nochex
  • Ogone
  • OKPay
  • Pagseguro
  • Pasat 4B
  • Pay With Amazon
  • Pay2Go
  • Paybox
  • PayDollar
  • PayDollar AsiaPay
  • Payeezy
  • Payeezy Hosted Page US
  • PayFast
  • PayGate
  • PayJunction
  • Paylane
  • Payline
  • Payline Data (через API)
  • Payment Express (PxPay и PxPost APIs)
  • PaymentSense
  • PayMill
  • Paypal (Standard)
  • Paypal Adaptive
  • Paypal Advanced
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Integral Evolution
  • PayPal Plus
  • Paypal Pro
  • PayPal REST
  • PayPlug
  • Paysafecard
  • PaySec
  • PaySera
  • Paystream
  • PayU
  • PayU Czech / Poland
  • PayU India
  • PayU Latam
  • PayU Poland
  • PayU Romania
  • PayU Turkey
  • PayWay Sinergia IGFS
  • PayZen
  • PayZone
  • Pesapal
  • PesoPay
  • Pin Payment
  • Platron
  • POLi payments
  • PostFinance
  • Privat24
  • Purchase Order
  • QuickPay
  • RaboBank OmniKassa
  • RealEx
  • Redsýs
  • Remita
  • Robokassa
  • Saferpay
  • SagePay
  • Secure Trading
  • Sermepa
  • ServiRed
  • SiamPay
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • Sofort
  • SOFORT Überweisung
  • Spgateway
  • Square
  • Stripe (obsolete)
  • SVEA
  • SwipeHQ
  • Systempay CyberPlus / SP Plus
  • Takepayment plugin
  • Targetpay plugin
  • ThePay
  • Total Web Solutions
  • Tpay
  • TripleA
  • TrustPay
  • Twisto
  • Ubrir
  • United Bank
  • USA ePay
  • VirtualMerchant
  • Viva payments
  • VoguePay
  • WebMoney
  • Webpay Basic (Chile)
  • WebToPay
  • WeChat
  • Western Union
  • Westpac API payway
  • Westpac NET payway
  • Winbank
  • WorldNet TPS
  • WorldPay Business Gateway
  • WorldPay Global Gateway
  • Zarinpal
  • ZipPay ZipMoney
  • Bank transfer (without automatic change of order status)
  • Credit Card (data collection for manual order processing)
  • Pay with points (compatible with AlphaUserPoints)
  • Payment upon receipt
  • UKa (Yandex.Cashier)
  • YuMoney (Yandex.Money)

When creating/editing a payment method (picture below), the set of available options may differ depending on the plugin that was used to create the payment method. The figure below shows an example of a payment method based on the LiqPay plugin.

Besides the LiqPay specific settings, you can set the name of the payment method, description (displayed on the order placement page), icon (picture), fixed or percentage markup for the chosen payment method and tax. You can also limit the payment method to certain countries, delivery methods, currencies, postal codes (you can specify a range), and user groups.