Tvs Samsung Vs Lg Who Is Better

Tvs Samsung Vs Lg Who Is Better

Who produces the best HDTV: LG or Samsung? Philips or Sony? We hear these questions all the time. And so, if these questions are so general, then why are the answers to them so different ?! The problem is that similar queries are too wide. Answer in one way or another and you can easily be considered a fan of a particular brand. You cannot just say that “producer X is the best.” It will just not be right. Right in what? In everything? We don’t think so.

We have determined that anyone who asks such questions needs a quick jerk in the right direction, or maybe specific recommendations for the search. With this in mind, we decided to push one brand against another in the upcoming series, after we exhausted as many options as possible; because the truth is that different manufacturers have different characteristics and understanding of these characteristics will help us make our choice. Go!

LG vs Samsung

No, it’s not a mistake that we started with LG and Samsung. These two North Korean manufacturers compete terribly with each other. Espionage, theft of information and slander are all elements of rivalry. And at the same time, as it may seem like fierce competition, it has an intense impact on the invention of innovations. and that’s great! LG and Samsung may be rivals, but they are both at the top of their game. The rivalry has led to some different approaches to the design of televisions and technology.

Aesthetic design

You can say that image quality is a top priority, but you and I know that the thinner and more attractive the TV, the more you want it! Unfortunately, Samsung and LG are almost an eye for an eye in this area. Here are a couple of examples from each manufacturer for clarity:

Samsung F8000 and LG LA8600 were the top models for both companies. As you can see, both televisions have extremely tiny bezels and very thin profiles. The LG stand is bent forward in a U-shape, while Samsung stands for the back of the TV, forming a gentle curve. The LG stand swivels; Samsung doesn’t. Otherwise, these are two striking TVs.

Going down to the Samsung FH6030 and LG LA6200 models, we see more and more similar. The width of the border is approximately the same, but Samsung uses a traditional rectangular stand, and LG uses a semicircular stand with a departure. The depth is also very similar. at Samsung it is only 1.9 cm deeper than at LG.

Again, LG and Samsung are really similar “from head to toe” in their respective lines. Which one is better is a matter of personal preference, not brand superiority.

Image quality

For LED and LCD TVs:

The groundless statement in this case will be absolutely inappropriate, but based on our experience, we can safely say that Samsung TVs have the best black level, while LG has the best color rendering quality. Screen coverage (matte and glossy) tends to change from model to model, so here we can not judge. However, we can say that Samsung‘s LED backlight is slightly superior to LG. Of the many reviews of top models, Samsung has less luminosity around the edges than LG.

For plasma TVs:

Judging by the pace of development of LG TVs, the technology of plasma TVs is at the extinction stage. While LG is rapidly moving from plasma to LED, Samsung has spent a lot of time developing competitive plasma TV models. But if you still like the image quality of plasma TVs. then you should compare Samsung and Panasonic.

Smart tv

Recently, the LG smart TV interface has shown tremendous improvements and there is every chance of getting significant improvements in the next few years, but for now we are leaning towards Samsung’s Smart TV interface. But then again, this is a purely personal preference, you may not agree with us.

We like the way Samsung divided the Smart TV interface into 5 separate segments, a beautiful graphic shell, and a more colorful appearance. Samsug also supports free widgets for IPTV, while LG does not. And this is very important. In general, Samsung was and remains the first in terms of the functionality of Smart TV. Samsung accounts for the lion’s share of third-party applications, unlike LG, Philips and Sony. Samsung is much faster and less buggy. Firmware update is invisible to the user. But you need to be careful if your Samsung TV is not officially imported into Ukraine. After the update, you may need to unlock the Samsung Smart Hub.


We sincerely hope that this article will at least help you make a difficult choice between the two giants of technology. Samsung and LG. Whatever choice you make, our experts are always ready to help you with setting up a Samsung smart TV or installing programs on LG Smart TV.