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Our rating for goods category TVs with voice control is based on 1541pcs. reviews. We took into account all the characteristics, pros and cons of each product indicated by real owners. Among the many brands (LG), we have chosen 10 best models of 945pcs. goods in the category TVs with voice control

TV LG 50UM7300

We offer to study all the pros and cons of the buyers in the reviews of the product LG 50M7300 TV

Useful reviews of the owners

If you find fault, then the inner in memory is not enough for recording. You need to use a flash drive. There are few useful applications in the smart, probably only YouTube and Ivy.

Great model. I chose for a long time. As a result, he waited and took at a discount for 30600 rubles with delivery to Ryazan. Smart works fine, the image does not slow down on high resolution, color and sound perfectly. There is nothing for that kind of money. I recommend.

Characteristics TV LG 50um7300

TV LG 32LM6350

We offer to study all the pros and cons of the Buyers in the reviews of the product LG 32LM6350 TV

Useful reviews of the owners

Good color reproduction (eyes on the forehead do not climb from excessive colorfulness), brightness, there are no lights, which was very pleased, solid functionality, Magic Remote remote control. for this a separate respect in general. Very light, so if you need to hang on the wall, then it will withstand cardboard.

Legs. the only problem. It makes no sense to make a “goat’s pose” on 32-TV TVs, when even in TVs of a larger diagonal there is one leg in the center, which greatly simplifies its placement, and then.

voice, gestures, smart, android

I am satisfied with the TV. I specifically chose without the fierce Android, where everything hangs, or arbitrary problems are happening, in most cases, without the user. In the specifications on the official website and other sources to the TV there is a point that there is support for True Motion (apparently they wrote and forgot to wipe it). She is not. I, like a meticulous, wrote in support about this. In support, they first said that it is in the settings, and when repeatedly, that it supposedly automatically turns on, and removed it from the settings so that the TV did not lag. Dear company LG, if you read me, why are your hard workers in support so brazenly lie? What’s the point of this? What is the problem to say, as is? Well, there is no function, they were mistaken, it happens. No one is going to throw slippers for it. Can not be so. Otherwise there are no complaints.

Voice control. what is it and why is it necessary

Equipment management with the help of voice allows you to simplify the performance of some tasks. turning on, turning off and changing settings.

Voice teams help replace the remote control, which is constantly lost, may fail or stop working due to the saturated batteries.

The list of such models begins with TVs with a voice control of 32 inches and ends with models with a diagonal of more than one and a half meters. And their functionality allows you to look for a suitable gear, change the volume, brightness and contrast, connect to the Internet, run the video recorded on the drive and the application installed on the device.

Voice control is possible after connecting special consoles of the SMART boxing type to the TV, but models with a option have greater functionality and effectiveness of recognition. The technique recognizes the voice commands, comparing them with the information laid in memory, and performs the appropriate actions. And, although you can control the TV only if the noise level is lower than the average, the recognition efficiency is quite high.

TOP-6 models

Having examined the features of the TVs that are controlled by the voice, we selected the best Smart TV models with voice control in early 2019. Their list includes 6 options with the most popular diagonals. from 40 to 60 inches.

Samsung UE40MU6450U

The UE40MU6450U model from the famous Korean manufacturer received a 40-inch LCD panel that supports 4K resolution and an extended dynamic range of HDR.

To connect external devices, the TV has 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI connectors, and for the antenna. a special input. The design of the television receiver includes a wireless module and a tuner DVB-T2.

Sony KD-55XE8096

The features of this Smart TV with voice control are a 55-inch diagonal and a resolution of 4K-3840×2160 pixels.

The model is equipped with two speakers with a capacity of 20 W and supports several digital television standards, including satellite and etheric.

At the back and side of the model are 3 USB connectors, 4 HDMI entrances and Ethernet port for wired network connection. Although you can connect with the Internet using a wireless network.

Among the advantages of the model, it is worth noting:

  • good color reproduction and stylish design;
  • a convenient remote control and the function of voice search;
  • 4K resolution and HDR support;
  • many ports and connectors.
  • not too high sound quality, which is why it is recommended to connect external acoustics to the TV;
  • small problems with the operating system, due to which the television receiver can freeze a little;
  • Unknown drive menu.


The TV received a classic LG design. silver in front and black hull, frame around the screen and a rectangular stand.

The resolution of the 47-inch matrix TFT IPS is 1920×1080 pixels. To connect additional devices, 47LB652V has 3 USB and HDMI connectors.

The disadvantages of the device include:

Panasonic TX-55FXR600

A 55-inch model with a resolution of 4K received 3 HDMI at one input USB 2.0 and 3.0, as well as all the necessary modules for connecting to the network and other devices-Ethernet Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The sound is provided by two 10-watt speakers, although their quality is still noticeable lower than home theaters.

Samsung UE55KS9000U

The UE555KS9000U XRU TV is characterized by a large number of connectors (4 HDMI and 3 USB), high contrast and brightness, the presence of built-in Wi-Fi and a curved screen with a diagonal of 55 inches.

LG 60uj634V

Model with a diagonal of 60 “may show an image in 4k format.

  • outdated control panel;
  • Problems with the work of the Tricolor satellite card;
  • Reloading when using Wi-Fi for Internet setting.

Which operating system is better?

The capabilities of the operating system determine the lion’s share of success when choosing a device. If it does not work stable, then the ownership of the TV can turn into torment.

To date, there are many OS options, but there are only 3 giants, choosing which you definitely will not lose. It:

This operating system is installed in their Samsung TVs. She has a popular and convenient integration, easy to deal with it, it will not be difficult. The advantage of this system in its execution, the apps with applications are on a pop.up panel in the lower part of the screen. The panel does not cover the image and we can use it in the process of viewing without interrupting. This OS supports the connection of any smartphones, regardless of Android, or iOS. Applications in this OS are grouped as recently used and often used. But there is one minus, it does not support all codecs, which means that we will not be able to reproduce some videos with external memory, well, it will not work to install applications.

This OS is installed by the manufacturer LG. It is not much different from Tizen has a high speed of work, a rich integration and multitasking mode. But her application store is scarce, although it has many necessary and popular services. You can also connect other gadgets to the TV. This OS has one property that the location of the icons on the panel sometimes changes by itself. But this is rather a chip than a drawback)

You can call it an exact copy of the OS for smartphones. The advantage of this system is that it can be installed on different TV models. Here, application icons are on the main screen, also the Android TV system has a large number of settings, a rich selection of applications in the store and you can install applications with external memory. Again, there are disadvantages: there is no multitasking regime, the integration is difficult and high demanding on the “iron” of the TV and the volume of RAM.

To date, Android TV is the most distinguished system of smart TVs, which allows us to adjust and use the TV as individually as possible

What is important to pay attention to when choosing a smart TV, except for its OS?

Pay attention to the diagonal of the screen.

It is important that you should be at a distance from the TV, which is 3 times higher than the height of the screen for HD and 1.5 times viewing for 4K. Often buying a TV, we are guided by a price segment, we want to either take more and not save, or vice versa. But if you pay attention to the recommendations and choose by distance (for example, at a distance from the eyes to the device of 4 meters, a diagonal of 55 inches or more is suitable), then when viewing you will truly enjoy the process.

The type of screen also has not a little value.

The comfort of your eyes largely depends on this.

  • TN is the most affordable matrix, while the viewing angle leaves much to be desired. But it is more high as others. the response is only 1 ms.
  • IPS is an option that is installed in most devices. The viewing angle is excellent, there is practically no distortion. But-the response time is 4-6 ms, which is compared for a long time, and there are also ranges on a black background, which can be very annoyed when viewing. A feature of this technology is a slight contrast, which indicates a low depth and saturation of black color;
  • VA. a matrix with high contrast and an excellent response, is ideal for games. There are no lights here, but the viewing angle fails, the juiciness is lost. The subgroups of this martica are: S-PVA, PVA and MVA
  • QLED-Thanks to Nano-Cristals, they collect more light and increase the color palette even with high brightness. If simple, then this is a modified LCD display. This name is used by Samsung, LG called it Nano Cell, and Sony. Triluminos.
  • OLED is a matrix consisting of individual LEDs emitting light. Such models do not need backlight, and the OLED panel has high contrast with black color. OLED technology uses organic LEDs that create an image. The thickness of such TVs is small, but the quality of the matrix is ​​very high. What affects the price of devices. Here we will find excellent color coverage and contrast, and rich black color.

This characteristic is responsible for black saturation. Purely technically, white are deducted from black areas. And the transmission of the image of the image directly depends on this. Of course, the higher this parameter, the better.

Update frequency and HDMI version

This characteristic is responsible for a comfortable viewing of dynamic scenes. In this paragraph we also follow the rule, the more the better. The frequency of 120Hz, the maximum common frequency of 60Hz, is considered ideal today.

In this regard, they always take into account the HDMI version to connect external sources.

  • Port HDMI 2.0 created for transmitting 4K images with a renewal frequency of 60 Hz. Data transmission speed can be 18 GBPS.
  • Port 1.4 cannot convey more than 30 Hz. Transmission speed is limited 10 GBPS.

The issue of demand could be relevant, but the history of the development of content itself put everything in its place. As it turned out, the technology is interesting, but did not justify itself, so meeting Smart TV with support for a three.dimensional image became almost impossible. Therefore, we will not stop in detail.

  • HDREADY (1280 × 720) is a fairly outdated format, but at the same time ideal for the etheric TV, for viewing on TVs up to 32 inches. Such options are chosen for the kitchen, cottage or undemanding tasks.
  • FullHD (1920 × 1080). still the most popular permission for the video. Many channels and films are popular in this format. Many budget small televisions (up to 43 inch) have this resolution
  • 4K UltraHD (3840 × 2160). the most perfect resolution today. Excellent clarity of the picture and a sufficient amount of content has already been created. Plus many modern games go in this resolution.
  • 8k (7680 × 4320). still a rare bird in the total mass. Little content, and very not budget.

HDMI is one of the most demanded intensees at the moment. It would be better to have more these connectors. Minimum 2.

USB. an integration for connecting external drives and periphery in the form of mice and keyboards. Well have at least 2 such connectors.

Digital Optical Out is a great option for displaying high.quality sound to external devices. Used to fully transmit an audio road of the film home theater and soundbaras.

Ethernet. RJ45 Network Inte Weep to Get the Internet. Used subject to poor Wi-Fi reception. Gives stable speed characteristics to him immobilized work.

Wi.Fi is a popular method of obtaining the Internet on Smart TV. Take a look at Wi-Fi ranges that have TVs. Ideally, if there is WiFi6, just excellent if there is 5GHz, and not bad if there is 2.4 gHz. As practice shows, if we want to watch 4K content without a cable, we need a good tariff plan and 5GHC Wi-Fi.

Much depends on the size and thickness of the TV. After all, it is necessary in every year that becomes a thinner body of TV, enter the speakers that do not particularly become thinner. On average, TVs with a diagonal of 43 inches have two speakers from 8W each. There the more, the more, of course, better. Excellent if there is an opportunity to evaluate the sound quality. The best models are options with an integrated subwoofer, stereo equipment and voice control, although many prefer to immediately purchase a good soundbar. In the total mass, all TV models have plus minus the same sound characteristics.

Inte Weep and other important points.

The TV integration should be easy for perception, understandable, convenient and also important control panel. Pay attention also to energy consumption, whether there is an energy saving mode in the model. Pay attention to the amount of memory, both operational and constant, formula 2/16GB, respectively, is now considered ideal. It’s also great when there is the opportunity to control the TV from the phone. How often, we crouching on the sofa, we understand that we left the remote control somewhere outside the reach of our hand, and again I don’t want to get up again. Or the remarks of children have gone somewhere, you can look for a long time, and the phone will help out and do everything you need here and now. An excellent item is the presence of Bluetooth on the TV. Because thanks to him you can connect many external sound systems and headphones. I also recommend watching the HDR function. the function of the expanded dynamic range, mainly available on 4K.TVs. In films and games, the picture is the most juicy and contrasting, changing the brightness of certain sections of the image. I extremely recommend choosing a TV with HDR10 function, because it is it that allows you to convey to you the image that the director wanted to show.

Hyundai H-LeD65FU7003-Yandex TV, 4K

This model works on the Yandex TV platform, respectively, supports the function of the voice assistant Alice, which is the button on the remote control. In general, the basis of the platform is Android Open Source Project, but there is an advantage. integrated Yandex services. That is, thousands of both free and paid films are available to the user.

Essential and cable channels can be watched online by connecting via wi-fi. Management is implemented by a complete remote control or through the Yandex application installed on a smartphone.

This 65.inch TV TV supports 4K resolution and HDR10 technology, so you can not worry about the quality of the image. For the sound in it, a couple of speakers of 10 watts are responsible for it, which provides stereo sound. There are all the necessary functions: DLNA (compatibility with other devices), video recording, Timeshift (for the “stop” broadcast), sleep timer, protection against children.

  • diagonal 65 inches at this price;
  • Ultra HD 4K;
  • digital tuner;
  • simplicity of settings;
  • A clear, detailed picture;
  • Dolby Digital decoder.

Qled Samsung QE555Q77AAAU. image processing, improved AI, 120 Hz

South Korean company is not in vain considered one of the best for the production of TVs. There is something to boast of this model:

  • Quantum 4k Lite processor. The chip scales the source signal, pulling it before the resolution of 4K. It is also responsible for optimizing sound quality depending on content;
  • Dual Led. Double backlight technology, with which contrast becomes clearer and more precise. This is achieved by optimizing the color tone of the backlight adjusted for content;
  • QLED (quantum points technology). The colors displayed on the screen look many times juicier, while stable color rendering is preserved, regardless of the level of brightness;
  • Quantum HDR. The image is visible in the image, while the optimal contrast is provided. And with the HDR10, the black shade became even deeper, detailing and color rendering improved;
  • Wide viewing angles. No matter what side you look at the screen, the picture will remain clear, without distortion of colors;
  • Adaptive picture. No need to configure the same brightness of the screen, the TV itself will do everything, adjusting to the conditions of viewing and content;
  • Spacefit sound. The sound itself is optimized, depending on where the TV is installed: on the cabinet or wall. The sound quality is also provided by the function of intellectual noise reduction and the AVA system, which distinguishes the voices of the actors;
  • Motion XCelerator Turbo. With an update frequency of 120 Hz, any games launched on the TV will give new impressions. No delays and blur;
  • TAP View. Touch the TV frame with a smartphone. and the image is transmitted to the large screen.
  • Quantum points technology QLED;
  • screen 120 Hz;
  • a set of functions that improve the quality of the image;
  • The interior function of Ambient, with which TV easily fits into the interior;
  • sound following the object on the screen;
  • Game modes.

How to choose a TV with Smart TV function?

Smart function is usually realized through Wi-Fi. Ideal standard 6 and 5. Wi-Fi 2.4 is good and is supported by all devices, but frequent failures on the network. Other characteristics of the TV are also important.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a TV with a Smart TV function?

  • Operating system. The most common is the Android OS. It is compatible with various models, provides a wide selection of content, applications and settings. There are other options:

Webos (LG). Multicipant, but there are not enough applications.

Tizen (Samsung). Convenient interaction, support for any smartphones, but not all codecs are available.

Less commonly there are operating systems Linux, Saphi, Harmony OS, Salute TV. Problems are with limited functionality, the number of applications and the convenience of the intense.

LCD (LED). Classic with EDGE LED LED lighting (cheaper) or Direct LED (no light lights).

OLED. based on organic LEDs, energy economical, but more expensive than the rest, the main minus in the potential burning out of pixels.

QLED (with LG Nanocell). the average price, a wide color range, there is no problem with burnout, but not deep enough black.

TN. The cheapest, fast response, but the viewing angles were pumped up.

HDR10. The format is back compatible with HDR10.

HLG. Great format for broadcasts, there are distortions in scenes with mirror glare.

Active HDR. dynamic metadata are used, the image parameters change faster in accordance with the state of the current frame.

Dolby Vision. premium format for cinemas, uses dynamic metadata.

Voice control. Different assistants are used, applications.

voice, gestures, smart, android

Timeshift (pause and rewinding) and recording video from the TV.

HDMI. the number of ports and the version that affects the speed of transmission (for 4K is needed 2 is important.0).

USB. connecting drives and peripherals, preferably at least 2 connectors.

The rating of the best TVs with Smart TV function

TOP-15: The best TVs with Smart TV function in 2022

The best Smart TV TVs in terms of price and quality ratio

№ Name Description Price
one. LG OLED48C1RLA 2021 The best TV with Smart TV function 1900
2. Huawei Vision S 55 High-quality 55-inch TV with Smart TV function 915
3. Philips 43pus7505 Good 43 inch Smart TV 850
four. Sony KDL-49WF805 Reliable TV with SMART TV from Sony 700
5. BBK 55lex-8361/UTS2C Good 55-inch TV with Smart TV function 655

The best Smart TV TVs based on Android AOSP

№ Name Description Price
one. TCL 55C828 2021 QLED The best Smart TV based on Android AOSP and 55 inches diagonal 1300
2. Xiaomi Mi TV EA50 2022 High.quality and modern TV with Xiaomi Smart TV 710
3. Harper 58U750TS 58-inch Smart TV based on Android 660
four. VITYAS 55LU1204 Relatively inexpensive Smart TV 585
5. Polar Polarline 65PU51TC-SM Good 65-inch TV with Smart TV function based on Android AOSP 770

The best inexpensive TVs with Smart TV function in 2022

№ Name Description Price
one. LG 32LM6370PLA 2021 The best budget TV with Smart TV function 466
2. Samsung UE-24N4500 Best inexpensive Smart TV with a diagonal 24 inches 450
3. LG 43un68006la The best Smart TV with a diagonal of 43 inches 550
four. LG 24TN520S-PZ 2020 LED High-quality 24-inch with Smart TV function 450
5. TCL 43P728 2021 LED High.quality 4K TV with a diagonal of 43 inches 510

TOP of the best TVs with Smart TV

TV controlled by gestures and voice

In 2011, Samsung launched more than thirty new TV models on the market, most of which are a fundamentally new type of device. Smart TV. Now they not only show television programs or films, but also provide Internet access, turning into real entertainment centers, communication and exchange of information. In their functionality, TVs are now quite comparable to smartphones.

The Smart TV-2012 line has stepped even further: thanks to the system of interaction Smart Intection, TVs became controlled by gestures and voice. In addition, they have a face recognition function. Why is it necessary? Smart Intraction provides the user with the most convenient and effective way to manage a home entertainment system.

You can simply say “hello” and activate the function of voice control, while increasing the volume level with the movement of the hand. You can turn on or off the TV, start selected applications or look for information on the Internet, pronouncing commands in one of 30 languages ​​that are supported by technology.

You can view the pages and choose links in the web. Browser. The camera monitors movements in the foreground, and two directed microphones instantly recognize the voice. A special noise reduction technology helps to separate background noises from user commands.

Search for films, working on the Internet, uploading applications, watching a video or communication with friends have never been so comfortable.

TV controlled by a smartphone, gestures and voice

Samsung Smart TV is able to again collect all family members in front of the screen in the living room thanks to a set of unique services:

The section “Family” allows users to sort photos and enjoy their viewing on the big screen. Family members can also leave notes and reminders, wherever they are, using a phone, tablet, PC or TV.

Section “Fitness” allows users to connect the TV to the Samsung smartphone via Fitness mobile application. They can also connect to Libra with Wi-Fi support to monitor their weight change, and use the built-in TV camera to create a virtual mirror to correctly perform exercises.

The section “Children” with an understandable child offers many programs and games with the possibility of control by parents.

TV controlled by a smartphone, gestures and voice

Fans of the video appeared even more reasons for watching TV in 2012. During the total amount of more than 1,400 applications, Samsung Apps has become a leading platform for television applications, opening access to a wide choice of video from leading manufacturers. In addition to popular applications, such as CNBC Real Time, ESPN Scorecenter, Hulu Plus, MTV Music Meter, Netflix and Time TV, new applications in 2012 include Angry Birds, Discovery Channel, M-Go from Medinavi, Bravo from NBC, The NBC, The Daily and I Love The 80’s Trivia from VH1.

The Samsung “Explore 3D” service is designed to solve the problem of a limited number of available 3D content and watch an image in three-dimensional format not only through a satellite plate or a Blu-ray player. The application offers various films in 3D format, including trailers for films of world famous studios, music clips, films and cultural and educational programs. Now the service menu is available about forty videos. In the future, the amount of content will be increased.

The Samsung Smart View application allows users to broadcast the image from Samsung Smart TV TVs on their mobile devices. Users can also use this program to control the functions of Samsung Smart TV.

The Smart View app is to watch TV available throughout the house. One family member can watch television on TV in the living room, while the other watches the same program on the screen of a smartphone or tablet PC samsung, for example, in the kitchen.

Samsung Smart View is a free application available for the Galaxy S II smartphone and a number of other mobile devices in the Android Market store.


Many doubt that a television with voice control can be better than a TV controlled from a remote control or buttons on the screen. Technically, voice management is sometimes realized through the use of Alice or Assistant Google. Similar intenses are either initially built into TVs or added separately. Voice management is possible both in relation to the programs and the device itself as a whole.

It is usually used to start, turn off the receiver, as well as to adjust the settings.


Start a review of voice control with voice control is appropriate with the Samsung UE40MU6450U model. The screen with a diagonal of 40 inches is able to demonstrate a 4K level picture. The most wide HDR range is provided. External devices are connected through 2 USB ports or through 3 HDMI connectors. Structurally provided for the DVB-T2 standard receiver.

Implemented Ultra Black’s advanced technology. It allows you to eliminate the glare created by external lighting. Traffic transmission is especially clearly due to the Motion Rate methodology. It is supported even very subtle contrasts due to Mega Contrast technology. The processor scales the picture up to Ultra HD.

  • increased saturation of black color;
  • scrupulous transmission of shades of colors;
  • support Dolby Digital, DTS;
  • output power of sound 20 watts;
  • the ability to broadcast the sound by Bluetooth;
  • implementation of Wi-Fi Direct;
  • The presence of an analog tuner.

Another attractive Korean development. LG 47LB652V. The model is designed as part of the traditional design for LG design. After 2 speakers, a sound of a total capacity of 10 watts pours. TFT IPS type matrix is ​​47 inches issues a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

The quality of the matrix does not cause complaints from users, but sometimes the picture is slightly darkened in the corners.

If you need a TV with a diagonal of 55 inches, you should pay attention to the Panasonic TX-55FXR600. Resolution also reaches 4K levels. 3 ports of HDMI are used. Ethernet, Bluetooth integrations are implemented. The sound is given by a couple of speakers of 10 watts.

  • a decent sound quality (although it is still weaker than in a full.fledged home theater);
  • Support for the FreeView Play service;
  • relatively small screen brightness;
  • The TV does not support the DIVX codec.

And the next model again belongs to the brand LG. We are talking about TV LG 60uj634V. He has an active HDR. Smart TV is based on webos 3 OS.5. The audio system is fully consistent with the level of Dolby Atmos; Panel resolution. 3840×2160 points.

Other technical features are as follows:

  • True Motion technology;
  • frequency 50 Hz;
  • resolution Ultra HD Premium;
  • Dolby Vision;
  • sound power 20 watts;
  • DTS decoder;
  • Magic Zoom option;
  • Virtual reality option (360 VR);
  • Quick access Access;
  • Additional control from a smartphone (when installing the LG TV Plus application).
voice, gestures, smart, android streaming services of video broadcasting

You will find additional information about Smart TV technology in the article “Smart TV. Connection of TV to the Internet “.

Voice control in Smart TV TV

Suppose you want to become the owner of the Samsung UE555ES7507. You will receive 30 voice commands requested by the manufacturer. All filled commands will be displayed on the screen. Naturally, the television does not recognize the names of the TV channels, the “cross” on this function immediately begins to become brighter :). Switching channels is carried out using the pronunciation of the words “next channel” or “previous channel” until you find the right. An alternative option. you can name the number (if you, of course, remember it), under which the channel is saved.

As for the volume adjustment, the “repetition. mother of teaching” works here. you will need to say several times “louder” or “quieter” to achieve the result. As a result, to manage the main functions of the TV, the standard remote control for the winnings, since it takes place.

Voice control will delight you when using the Internet, as a search query can be voiced. A clear pronunciation of the teams will allow the TV to process requests unmistakably. This function takes place in all the latest models of the Smart-televisors of the middle and higher price range.

Control in Smart TVs

Smart TV TV control system

In addition to voice management, Samsung built a camera into the upper part of the case, which makes it possible to interact with the TV with gestures. This function is activated by a short wave of the hand, so you can not be afraid of false works. The gesture control system allows you to move the pointer to the desired point of the screen, and the menu items are activated by squeezing the arm into a fist.

Alternative to gestures

All top models of SMART TVs includes an additional remote control with a gyroscope to simplify navigation: “air” mouse. A certain analogue of the controller for the WiI gaming console: it is worth picking up it, as a pointer appears on the screen, which can be moved by hand and thus select and open the menu, switch channels and view websites. The main features control buttons: volume adjustment, channel selection, on the remote control is easily detected to the touch and have a thoughtful location. I think this solution is more reliable compared to the gesture management system. Smart control technologies are constantly being improved and developed. Currently, new smart TV models are able to recognize whole sentences and complex gestures with their hands. Today, more and more manufacturers are implementing in their Smart TV models the voice control function. Successful integration into televisions of the ability to manage the vote is carried out by Samsung since 2012, in 2013 other manufacturers decided to follow it. I note that during 2013 Samsung has significantly optimized this technology:

  • Smart TV began to respond clearly to teams
  • better understands full.fledged user offers
  • increased accuracy of recognition of the movement of the audience’s hands.

As for LG, in 2012 the company began to produce Smart TVs with the equipment of voice control and gestures, which, but this function has been implemented through the branded remote control. Magic Remote. Improving this accessory allowed him to understand entire phrases. One of the innovations in Smart models from LG televisions has become available to control of the finger movement, and this functionality is ensured thanks to the HD camera built-in in the frame. Since the beginning of 2013, the Panasonic top.end Smart TVs have been offering a similar ability to control the voice through the remote control.

Multimedia functions Smart TV

Modern TVs with the Smart TV function provide wired or wireless (through Wi-Fi router) access to various multimedia contents on the Internet. All models support access to special services providing video rental services, and also display additional materials transmitted via TV channels (HBBTV function mentioned earlier). Among other things, Panasonic and Philips TVs are able to create lists of recommended TV transmission, and Philips, in turn, can even find a film in the online rental, focusing on your addictions. At the same time, this TV Smart TV uses for calculating the TV transmission you already watched and films. Of course, this function can be turned off.

TV receivers of modern smart TVs

All modern Smart TV models are equipped with receivers to receive digital cable, satellite or etheric television, including HDTV. In some cities, HDTV transmission in DVB-T2 format can be watched using a standard antenna for taking digital TV. You can familiarize yourself with the coating map on the official website of the federal program for the development of digital television in the functionality in Smart TV

Even a relatively inexpensive Smart TV TV reproduces content in three.dimensional format. Smart TVs can include up to 4 pairs of polarization 3D oks. One of the reasons for the generosity of the manufacturer is the cheapness of this technology. Active shutter.type glasses are somewhat more expensive. True, I prefer polarization technology. Why, read 3D in the heading.

Transmanding on Smart TV

For example, take the function of recording transmissions on a USB drive is largely useless function, since watching gears is possible only on the TV on which they were recorded. Plus the inability to record content from private channels, which can really be worth it, not to mention the fact that all popular programs are available on YouTube and Rutube, after a short period of time.