Turning On The Iphone

Iphone Activation Problems and Solutions

I will describe the problems that I encountered when activating my IPhone 5S, as well as their solutions.

  1. If you do not remove the factory film from the phone, then it is almost impossible to press the “Home” button (round, on the front, bottom of the phone). Therefore, when the phone was automatically locked, I had to press the power button (on top of the phone).
  2. Lack of Wi-Fi required a computer.
  3. Since I had an old version of iTunes, I couldn’t connect my phone to my computer. I had to download and update it to the latest version first.
  4. To update iTunes, you must close it, otherwise it will not update, but will give an update error.
  5. To remove a fingerprint, you need to remove the factory film, otherwise nothing will work, since the sensor does not recognize it from under the film.

These are the problems I encountered during the stage of my activation and first launch, I hope my experience will allow you to avoid them.

I also advise you to look at the “Apple support” page, there are already many answers to problems with activation, link: http://support.Apple.com/kb/ts3424?Viewlocale=en_GBlocale=en_GB.

Basic iPhone settings

After turning on the device, you will see a welcome message in various languages ​​on the screen. Now, with a slight movement of your finger, from left to right, we swipe along the bottom of the screen.

Greeting on iPhone 5S

Then we select the language we need, it can be any from the list.

Choose the language we need on the iPhone 5S

In the next step, choose a country.

Next, we need to connect to Wi-Fi or connect our device to a computer / laptop (PC) for further activation.

Choosing a Wi-Fi access point

If you have Wi-Fi, then select it from the list and enter the password. For those who do not have it, you will need activation via iTunes on your PC.

Preparing to activate iPhone

Iphone first turning on and activating iPhone 5S

Before we start the first activation, we need to prepare in advance so that the process goes smoothly and without errors.

What we need:

  1. At least 20-30% charge.
  2. Internet access via Wi-Fi or via PC / Laptop with the latest version of iTunes and internet connected.
  3. Nano sim card.

If your device is completely discharged, take a USB cable and connect it to a computer or an electrical outlet using the adapter that comes with the kit.

If you have Wi-Fi, then check that it is available and you have Internet access.

If not, then you will need your computer or laptop, which will be connected to the Internet. You need to download and install on it (your computer) the latest version of the iTunes application from the official website, link: http://itunes.Apple.com/.

After the preparatory steps, you can start activation.

Connecting the phone to the computer and continuing the activation

We will need our USB cable and a computer / laptop (PC). We connect the cable to the iPhone, and then to your PC.

Connect iPhone to computer

After that, on the screen of your phone, you should see a picture as in the photo below:

Iphone connected to PC

The first thing to do after connecting is to enable or disable “location services”. They are required to use GPS, Google maps, etc. You can enable them now or later, after installation. I decided to turn them on right away.

At the next step, we select the item “set the phone as new”, since this is our first activation and we have nothing to restore yet.

Select the item set the phone as new

Move on. Now we agree with the user agreement by clicking on the “Agree” button in the lower right corner.

Agree with the user agreement

For iPhone 5S owners, there is one Fingerprint Setup item that can be performed immediately or postponed until later. I decided to do it right away, if you too, then click on “Set Up Now”

Installing a fingerprint

Now we need to press and release the “home” button several times (about 10-20), as shown on the screen of your smartphone. If you did everything correctly, you will see a picture and a message like mine in the photo below.

Installing a fingerprint

Since we have installed a fingerprint, it means you need to set a password. After all, we will not always have the opportunity to film it. For example, you may be wearing gloves or with a dirty finger you need, you never know. Therefore, for convenience, there is a digital combination that must also be set and memorized.

The next and last step is “diagnostics”, i.E. You need to decide whether or not to allow the phone to send data to Apple servers. It can be both error data and some others. I decided not to do this, and, accordingly, I chose “Don’t Send”.

After that, you will see the long-awaited “Welcome to iPhone” greeting on your screen! This means that you have successfully installed and activated your iPhone! Congratulations!

Welcome to iPhone

If something didn’t work out for you, then I advise you to take a look at the problems that arose during my first launch, as well as see where I told everything in detail.

Iphone Activation

We will activate the iPhone with a SIM card, and accordingly, activation will consist of the following steps:

  • Turning on
  • Basic settings
  • Computer connection and activation
  • First start

IMPORTANT! If your phone is locked, then to activate you will need a SIM card of the operator to which it is locked!

Iphone first turning on and activating iPhone 5S

Today we will turn on and activate our iPhone for the first time, in my case it is the iPhone 5S. I will tell you in detail how this is done, as well as point out the errors and problems that I encountered while activating my iPhone.

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Let’s walk you through how to turn on your iPhone and activate your new phone step by step.

1. We take out our iPhone and PC cable from the box.

2. Download and install a special iTunes program on your computer.

3. Insert the SIM card into the phone, turn it on using the Power button, connect the phone to the computer through the cable that was included.

4. Most often, iTunes starts automatically. If not, run the program manually. She herself will offer to activate the device. We confirm the request.

5. We leave the iPhone alone and wait for the activation to occur. While there is no activation, the device displays a pending message. While the process is in progress, you can get acquainted with the capabilities of the device that do not require communication, for example, with a camera, importing photos, menus, etc.

6. When activation is over, try calling. If everything is in order, the phone will dial the number. This means that the full functionality of your iPhone is included.

How to turn on iPhone 4s

For this generation of iPhones, the activation process has been greatly simplified. Using a computer has become unnecessary.

How to turn on iPhone without using iTunes.

1. Insert the SIM card, turn on the phone using the “Power” button.

2. Choose a familiar interface language: Russian-Russia

3. The phone asks if you will allow him to determine the location or not (this will be needed later to use maps, check-ins on Facebook, etc.). If these functions are needed, then we allow.

4. Then the iPhone will ask for a WiFi connection. In principle, this step is optional. It can be done later, at any time. We still need the Internet to send information to Apple about the successful activation of the device, as well as for the operation of various online services such as iCloud and iTunes Match. For the same purposes, you can successfully use the local operator’s mobile Internet (3G / GPRS).

5. Now the iPhone will register in the mobile operator’s network, receive the necessary settings for MMS, SMS. If you previously had another iPhone, you will be offered to restore the previously saved data from a backup. And if the iPhone is new, then you need to select “Set up a new device”. In general, after that the phone can already be used fully. Further steps are in principle optional, but highly desirable.

6. Again, you need to connect to the Internet and sign in with your Apple ID (this is a personal account for all Apple services). If you don’t have one, then you need to create a new account. It’s free and easy.

7. An agreement appears that must be accepted (it would be nice to read it first), then turn on (or not turn on) the voice assistant.

8. Whether we agree or not for Apple to run diagnostic reports, click the “Get Started” button. That’s all, actually.

Do not forget also that you can activate iPhone 4s using iTunes.

How to turn on iPhone if the On button does not work

If you hold down the power button long enough, but the phone does not respond, then the problem is most likely in the upper loop where the button is located. Then the headphone jack, the volume buttons, and the silent mode switch will have problems.

Perhaps the power button fell through, equaling the height of the body. You need to check: maybe the fasteners are cracked or the screws are loose.

In any case, if the button does not work, then the phone must be carried to the service. It is better not to open it yourself.

How to turn on your iPhone and start using it

So, you have become the proud owner of a brand new product from a well-known “apple” company. How do I turn on my iPhone and how do I start using it? Iphones of all generations are turned on as standard. Using the Power button located at the top right of the phone. The same button is responsible for locking and unlocking the phone.

But even after switching on, it is often impossible to use an iPhone. In order for the device to start fully functioning, it must be activated. If you bought a phone from one of the major mobile operators such as MTS or Megafon, then most likely it will already be activated. But if not, then this operation can be done without problems.

How to turn on iPhone if it is frozen

To do this, you need to use the forced reboot mode: simultaneously press and hold down the “On” buttons (above) and the “Home” button (the only round button under the screen). The phone will then turn off. If you turn it back on, it will take longer than usual to reboot, but problems will be automatically corrected.

How to turn on iPhone 3G

On the main page of the screen, you need to click “Settings”. “Basic”. “Net”. In the next window, swipe over the slider. Click the “Enabled” position opposite 3G.

When the 3G protocol is used, the information is loaded faster, but the battery power is also consumed faster.

What causes a breakdown

In total, there are five buttons on the iPhone body, of which two are the volume control, one is for returning to the main screen. One more. To control the call modes and, finally, the remaining one. To perform the functions of locking the touch screen and turning on the device.

There are many reasons why the lock button does not work:

  • Power button is physically damaged (broken).
  • The loop connected on the board does not work (breakage or incomplete contact).
  • The main board of the smartphone gets wet, which means the loss of conduction contacts.
  • Reasons related to malfunction and errors in the operating system.
  • Often breakage occurs due to excessive pressing. You can continue to use the iPhone, but this will significantly reduce the comfort of work.

Turning on iPhone using the charger

You can turn on the smartphone when the lock button breaks down using a simple but proven method. For this, a charger from the device is used:

  1. Connect the charger, preferably the original one, to the power source.
  2. Leave the device for a while: 10 to 30 minutes.
  3. After reaching a certain level of charge, the system will automatically turn on the iPhone. If this does not happen after an hour, you should check the health of the charger, as well as the power source.

If the button breakage is caused by errors in the software, press the key combination for a deep reboot. Simultaneously press the buttons “Home” and “Lock”, and then hold them for about 15-20 seconds. The completion of this operation is the appearance of the Apple logo on the home screen.

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How to turn on the iPhone if the Home button (lock) does not work

There are a hundred wrong actions that can cause various damage to a smartphone. Despite the quality and reliability, Apple devices can be damaged due to carelessness. According to the rating of calls to the service center, the breakdown of the lock button is considered the leader. Few people know that using a smartphone with such a problem is still possible. The developers have provided several ways to turn on the iPhone if the lock button does not work.

Turning off iPhone via iOS

In order to turn off the iPhone without the lock button, the developers have provided the Assistive Touch program built into iOS. To unlock this feature, find the “Settings” icon (gray gear) on the main screen, then go to “General”, then. “Universal access”.

Slide the switch next to AssistiveTouch to the right so that it turns green.

An icon will now appear on the lock screen. If you click on it, the iPhone control menu will open. We select the item “Apparatus”, and then hold down the button “Screen lock” to turn off the phone.


Despite the possibility of using an iPhone with a damaged lock button, it cannot be operated in this way for a long time, because this will damage other electronic components of the gadget. Try to make repairs as quickly as possible.

How to set up Internet on iPhone?

SIM cards of most mobile operators are sold with a connected mobile Internet: the user just needs to install the card in his iPhone, and access to the network will immediately be available to him. However, it is still necessary to know how to configure the Internet on an iPhone manually, otherwise, in the event of a system failure and deleting network settings, the user will be left without access to a significant number of functions. Neither checking mail nor downloading applications from the AppStore will be available.

How to turn on mobile internet on iPhone?

First of all, you need to clarify whether data transfer is activated in the iPhone settings. To do this, go to the “Cellular” section in the “Settings” menu.

Then check the two sliders “Cellular Data” and “Enable 3G”. Both must be in active position.

If the “Cellular Data” toggle switch is not turned on, the iPhone will be able to access the Internet only if it is present in the Wi-Fi distribution area. Turning on 3G is also highly recommended. Otherwise the smartphone will use the EDGE standard. The maximum download speed that can be achieved when connected to EDGE is 474 Kb / s, but you should count on 50 Kb / s. Needless to say, this is too slow internet?

It is very easy to find out which standard the data is transmitted through. Just look at the top of the screen. Operator name can have one of two icons: 3G or E.

The second is evidence of data transfer via EDGE. Therefore, the letter E terrifies all lovers of fast Internet surfing.

If there is neither 3G nor E in front of the provider’s name, then the mobile Internet is not available. There are two possible reasons for the lack of a network: either the “Cellular data” slider in the settings is turned off, or the coverage is very weak.

After you check the toggle switches, you need to clarify whether the mobile connection settings are entered correctly. This is done like this:

Turning On The Iphone

Step 1. In the same section “Cellular”, scroll down, find the subsection “Cellular data communications” and go to it.

Step 2. Pay attention to the “Cellular data” block. 3 fields must be filled in here: APN, username, password.

The following parameter values ​​are valid for leading operators:

Turning on for the first time or how to activate iPhone?

Hello! Let’s talk about what any person faces after purchasing Apple mobile equipment. The article has been prepared for novice users of the apple company’s products, and experienced people will only smile after reading this note. After all, they have understood everything for a long time and they will tell you why waste time at all and describe this simple and intuitive process.

However, as I can tell from my own experience, some people don’t know what to do after first turning on their iPhone. And many are also willing to pay money to get them done right and “load the iPhone as correctly as possible.” This instruction is for them. By the way, completely and completely free! 🙂

As an example, I will consider activating the iPhone 5s, on other Apple devices everything happens the same way.

Press the power button. The screen lights up with a welcome message. It can be in any language, so when you see hieroglyphs, don’t be alarmed.

Swipe your finger across the screen, a language and country selection menu will appear.

Now we need access to the Internet, there are three ways, any will do. If the Internet is connected on the SIM card, we choose to use cellular communication.

Another option, Wi-Fi networks, we connect to them.

If the previous methods do not work, you can always set up the iPhone using iTunes, first download and install iTunes (read how to do it here), and then connect the phone to the computer using a cable.

In any case, you need to install a SIM card, otherwise we will see such an inscription.

We are waiting for a few seconds.

Congratulations, we have activated the iPhone with you, it remains to configure a few parameters.

Geolocation services (what it is and how to use it). Since many functions and programs are related to map services and navigation, I recommend enabling this item.

Setting up iPhone. On this screen, we see three positions:

If this is your first “apple” device. Feel free to press the first option.

The next step: setting up an Apple ID is an account in the system (you can learn more about it here), and you must create it, but you can do this later. All the intricacies of registering an Apple ID are detailed here. And in this instruction for turning on the iPhone for the first time, I skip this point.

We accept the license agreement. We have no way out 🙂

And, since in this article we are considering the activation of the iPhone 5s, and, as a reminder, it is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, they ask you to configure it too.

And the last point (finally!). We are asked. Do we want to send diagnostic data to Apple, I choose to send. Why not help improve products and services? 🙂

And that’s it, the first activation of the iPhone is completed and it is ready to work!

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Hooray! Now you can fully use the device!

Well, the instructions for activating the iPhone 5S turned out to be quite large. But the author of the article has nothing to do with it. Apple is to blame for everything, it was she who delayed this procedure so much 🙂 However, there is nothing complicated in it. A little attention and everything will work out!

Iphone 4, 5, 6 or 7 won’t turn on. Power adapter

A fairly common problem that the iPhone 5s does not turn on is a situation with a power failure. The user, even when connected, may not see any reaction of the smartphone, but often they do not even suspect about such a banal solution to the problem as charging.

The iPhone owner needs to connect it to the charger, no matter what power source: 220 V network, car or computer. Do not be alarmed if there is no immediate reaction. With deep discharge, for example, when the phone freezes, it takes time for the charging indicator to appear. It is worth waiting at least a few minutes, this is usually sufficient. It is better to charge for 1 hour and then try to turn it on, do not forget about the previous method, it is still applicable. Sometimes the process does not start, this can provoke various mechanical problems.

What can affect charging:

  1. Check the cleanliness of the connectors, remove all kinds of foreign objects and dirt with a needle or brush;
  2. Make sure that there are no kinks in the wire, probably there are interruptions;
  3. Check the tightness of the contacts, perhaps the wire does not enter completely, then you will have to determine the reason for this;
  4. We strongly recommend using original chargers. Lightning cables from Chinese manufacturers overheat during operation, may have insufficient power to charge or practically no power;
  5. Sometimes the power or charging controller fails, then you will have to use the services of a service center.

What to do if your iPhone won’t turn on?

The iPhone is not an eternal device, although it breaks down a little less often than Android, but still it is not uncommon, then the question arises of what to do if the iPhone does not turn on. Gadgets often break down, freeze and stop responding to user actions. Often the reason is mechanical or external damage to the device, but this is not always the case.

Why iPhone won’t turn on?

It is not worth thinking about why the iPhone 5 and any other model does not turn on for a long time if it was externally exposed to undesirable influences:

  1. Perhaps the smartphone was dropped into the water, even a short immersion or rain can provoke a short circuit and refusal to work. If the phone was really drowned, you should not turn it on right away, on the contrary, turn it off and put it off to dry. After 1 day, try to turn it on, so the probability of restoring its work is higher, otherwise a short circuit will occur at startup and the smartphone will be unusable;
  2. Mechanical damage. The iPhone, falling from a height, often takes a hit on the display, and the insides are less likely to suffer. There is no way out except to give the smartphone for repair;
  1. Freezing. Batteries are afraid of prolonged exposure to frost, and at one point they lose all their charge due to a chemical reaction. You need to warm it up in your hands and then try to start it, you will most likely have to charge it.

In these cases, it is possible to eliminate the malfunction only at service centers. There are a number of other reasons that lead to freezing, some of them are quite easy to eliminate.

Iphone has turned off and won’t turn on. Forced start

If the iPhone 5s turns off and does not turn on, you should use the function that forces the smartphone to start. The method is relevant for those cases when the smartphone is frozen at some stage, perhaps only a black screen is shown, but the backlight is working, or after switching off, the phone stops turning on. However, the procedure does not clear the device data, so it should be used initially. For each version of the iPhone, there is the same key combination, only in the latest 7th model it is different:

  1. Hold down the Home button and the Power button at the same time. The hold time should be more than 10 seconds, usually up to 20 seconds. Then the Apple logo appears on the screen in the form of an apple. This option works for all versions except iPhone 7;
  1. A separate, more familiar approach is used in the new version, you need to hold down Power and the volume control, namely the volume down button. Similarly, you need to hold until the action on the screen begins.

The problem can be fixed by this method, but there are several additional methods.

How to turn on your iPhone if it won’t turn on?

It happens that the iPhone charges, but does not turn on, especially often it reaches the logo and freezes at this moment or turns off. In this case, you can apply recovery mode. To use it, you need to have a computer at hand. It is highly desirable that the iPhone has already been connected to it beforehand, and the PC has been added to a trusted source of connection, but this may not be useful.

The recovery principle is as follows:

  1. Connect your smartphone and computer;
  2. Launch iTunes;
  3. Perform a forced restart of the device. Home (for the 7th version, the volume down button) and Power;
  4. A message will appear on the computer screen allowing you to restore the operation of the iOS system, you should click on “Update”.

In this case, an attempt will be made to install the operating system without erasing the files. It may be necessary to completely restore the iPhone to factory settings. Then in iTunes you will have to go to the main tab and click “Restore”.

Ultimately, if the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or any other version still does not turn on, you need to contact technical support. They will remotely provide instructions on how to fix the problem, if this does not help, then they will direct you to the service center closest to you. This will mean that the problem is of a technical nature and the user is powerless here.

If the smartphone was used with care and charged with original chargers, then most likely it will be possible to restore its operation using the described methods. Otherwise, you will have to give the device to experts.

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