Tricolor TV Connection Diagram For 2 TVs

The Tricolor company keeps up to date and is developing rapidly, and the pace of technology development dictates new rules. An innovative solution for the company was the introduction of the multiroom service, which allows you to watch Tricolor TV channels on two TVs.

Tricolor TV on 2 TVs, a good solution for the company. Since the opportunity appeared, bypassing all the inconvenience with the connection and the dependence of the picture on different TVs from one receiver, connect one set and enjoy watching your favorite TV and radio broadcasts.

In order to activate the multiroom service, you need to purchase a set of equipment, which includes the server. GS E501 receiver and the additional GS C591 prefix.

Tricolor TV Connection Diagram For 2 TVs

This kit gives you the opportunity to watch the Tricolor TV channel package on different TVs, and what is important, you save money on the purchase of an additional set of equipment for a second TV.

Key Features

The set of equipment includes:

  • GS E501 receiver, aka server
  • GS C591 Background Receiver
  • Cable for connection

The main receiver is equipped with two independent tuners, so the connection diagram for the correct operation of the kit is slightly different from the classical one. A convector with two outputs is required. Pull one cable to the main receiver and connect the other to LNB2 to the input labeled LNB1.

Receiver. the server has one module for a smart card, channels are decoded through it. This solution allows you to connect Tricolor TV using one subscription to two TVs at once.

The secondary receiver, in fact, plays the role of an auxiliary device, which provides a signal to the second TV.

GS E501 GS C591 have independent HDMI outputs, and the ability to connect the receiver through the European standard SCART. In addition, there are USB ports on board that can be used to flash the receivers when there is a need for an update.

The main receiver is additionally equipped with a second USB port, which expands the capabilities of the device in terms of viewing multimedia from a USB flash drive.

The server. the main receiver and the optional GS C591 set-top box. have one remote IR sensor each, which is very convenient. You can hide the set-top box behind the TV and put a small sensor in the foreground. Switching channels and working with the remote control will be carried out in standard mode.

Installation and Connection

When connecting and configuring, the multi-room kit does not take much time, the standard connection procedure, except for the need to configure a local network for the second set-top box. An Ethernet port is used to pair the main receiver and the GS C591. There are two ways to connect the consoles to each other:

  1. Set local network
  2. Connect receivers through a router

We will not consider the second method, since it becomes necessary to purchase additional equipment.

In the first case, it is necessary to compress the network cable with RJ45 connectors and connect the server to the second set-top box. In the settings, you must select the appropriate type of connection.

When you do the pinout of a network cable, an important point is the correct connection of all wires. The network cable is crimped as standard, in other words, it is connected in a direct way, excluding all cable crosses. The pinout diagram is shown in the figure.

In the receiver menu in the settings, you must turn on the server, in the settings of the additional set-top box, “connected” should be displayed.

At this stage, you can search for channels and enjoy watching Tricolor TV on two TVs. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in setting up. The main thing is to approach business with responsibility and show a little patience.