Transferring Data to iPhone XR

Methods to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

Depending on your convenience, you can use one of the instructions below to transfer data from one device to another.

Using the Quick Start feature

If the old and new devices have versions of the operating system iOS 11 and higher, then you can use the “Quick Start” function.

  • Put old and new devices side by side.
  • Start a new device (settings must be reset to factory defaults).
  • Select the language on your new phone.
  • When a notification about “Quick start” appears on a new device, a window about synchronization with a new smartphone should be displayed on the old one.
  • Please confirm. Quick Start prompts you to use your Apple ID to set up. If the continue setup button is not pressed, turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • The animation should appear on the new iPhone. Press the back covers of the smartphones together and wait for the message about the end of the process.

It is important to keep the devices as close to each other as possible so that the data transfer process goes without errors.

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It is advisable to keep the Wi-Fi connection active throughout the entire process and make sure that the smartphones are more than half charged beforehand. These two actions allow the iPhone to load photos, applications, music and more into memory at one time.

Transferring data via iTunes

In this method, you will also need to use a computer.

  • Connect your old phone to your computer.
  • Launch iTunes. If an outdated version of the program is installed on the computer, then you need to update it.
  • Create a backup by clicking on the “Create a copy now” button in the “Browse” item of the device settings in iTunes.
  • Wait for the end of the copy creation process.

Next, you need to transfer the copy to a new device.

  • Start a new device. Settings should be reset to factory defaults. (The welcome screen should appear. If not, refer to the last instructions in the previous paragraph).
  • Customize your new phone to your liking until the Apps & Data screen appears.
  • Select “Recover from iTunes Copy”.
  • Connect your new smartphone to a PC that has a backup of your old device.
  • Select a new device in iTunes.
  • “Recover from copy”.
  • Select the copy you need (navigate by date).
  • Once the restore is complete, you can complete the setup of the new device.

Transferring information using iCloud

Using iCloud to sync data is one of the easiest ways to get your purchased phone ready for everyday use. It is only important to take into account the fact that a new smartphone must have a SIM card installed.

Before porting data, you must create a backup copy of it in the phone’s memory. To do this, connect your old iPhone to the network using Wi-Fi. You also need an Apple ID account. Now you can start directly creating a copy.

  • Open the device settings menu.
  • Find the item “iCloud” there.
  • “Backup copy”.
  • Switch the “iCloud Backup” slider to the active position.
  • Click “Create Backup”.
  • Wait for the end of the process without disconnecting the device from the Internet.
  • Start a new smartphone. A window with greetings in different languages ​​should appear (if the device has not been configured yet). If the screen does not appear (that is, the device is already configured), then you need to reset the settings to the factory settings. Instructions for resetting the settings are below.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network, connect to it.
  • Next, customize your smartphone to your liking until the item “Programs and data” appears, in it select the line “Restore from a copy of iCloud”.
  • Sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID account information.
  • Select the copy of the data you need. To select, you can navigate by the date of its creation.
  • Wait for the end of the download process without disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

If you need to restore the settings to factory settings, then do the following sequence of actions.

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to “General”. “Reset”. “Erase Content and Settings”.

How to Transfer Data to New iPhone. All Methods

If you are considering this article, congratulations, most likely you have become the owner of a brand new iPhone and so far you are just figuring out the functionality of the desired acquisition. The initial question that needs to be resolved now is transferring all data, contacts and settings from your old device. In this article, we will analyze the question of how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone in simple and convenient ways.

Thus, transferring data from one iPhone to another is easy. You just need to choose the most convenient transfer method and perform a series of simple actions. successful settings!

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone via Cloud Service

Supports: files supported by the service

allows you to transfer data from Android to iPhone or vice versa wirelessly over a network connection if you have enough space and are using the same account. Services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, OneDrive and others are useful for moving content from old Android device to new iPhone.

Step 1. Download and install Android and iOS App from Google Play Store and App Store.

Step 2. Log in to apps with the same account.

Step 3. Download the content you are about to transfer from your original device, namely your Android phone.

Step 4. Check the content of the app on the iOS device and upload it to the iPhone storage if needed.

Move to iOS. dedicated data transfer application

The easiest way to transfer is to use the official Apple utility called Move to iOS and is available for download on Google Play.

The main disadvantage is that the program is not suitable for all devices. To work correctly, you need an Android version of at least 4.0, as well as iOS 9.0. Transfer data to different Apple devices. no older than iPad 4, iPad mini 2, iPod 6.

During the transfer, you cannot perform any other actions on the devices, in particular, even a phone call can interfere with the correct operation. It is necessary to disable any programs that affect the operation of WI-FI, such as Smart Network Switch. Also on “Apple” devices there must be enough memory to accommodate the transferred information.

Before carrying out the procedure, you should connect both devices to one WI-FI point.

    If you become the owner of a new Apple device, then during its initial setup, you need to open the “Programs and Data” screen, and select “Transfer data from Android”.

If the device has already been used, that is, the settings have already been made, then you will have to reset the settings and repeat the settings procedure. To do this, in the main settings menu, you need to select “Reset” and “Erase data and content”, after confirmation, all personal information will be permanently deleted. If you have no desire to reset the settings, you will have to transfer information manually without using the Move to iOS program.

  • Launch Move to iOS program on Android and select “Continue”. After reading all the terms and conditions, you must click the “Agree” button. Apple cares about security like no one else, here and here you need to get a special verification code, despite the fact that the devices are already connected to the same WI-FI network. To do this, in the program window, press the “Next” button, and now we are looking for the “Code Search” item on the screen. If you see messages about a low connection speed, then ignore them.
  • Again we take the iPhone in our hands and on the “Transfer data from Android” screen, click “Continue”. After a while, a special code should appear, which can be 10 or 6-digit.
  • The received code must be entered on the Android device and wait until the “Data transfer” menu appears.
  • Now all that remains is to decide on the desired content that you want to transfer to your iPhone. The duration of such transfer is directly dependent on the volume of the transferred content. Therefore, if you need to do everything quickly, then you should not port movies or other large things to iOS, it is better to download them separately.
  • Please note that you cannot transfer applications, they will have to be installed manually from the AppStore. The only exceptions are those applications that are available on both Google Play and the AppStore.

    An attempt to transfer to an iPhone or other Apple device may fail if the connection between devices is interrupted, for example, due to network problems, it is also recommended to connect the devices to power to eliminate the risk of running out of battery power.

    If the transfer process was interrupted or the data was not saved correctly, then you need to erase the result, reboot both devices, and start all over again.

    Transfer Data from Android to iPhone with SHAREit

    SHAREit is a great app that can be of immense help in moving data between different phones wirelessly. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. It transfers files quickly and does not require mobile data. You can use it to transfer apps, videos, photos, music and files between phones. Taking “Video” as an example of data, we’ll walk you through how to transfer data from Android to iPhone using SHAREit. Follow the instructions below:

    • Install and open the app on Android and iPhone. You can download it here.
    • On your Android phone, your data will be in different folders in the file manager. So, click “Submit” and then go to “Videos”.
  • Select the video and click “Submit” again.
  • On iPhone, tap Get. On Android, tap your iPhone avatar to connect and activate transfer.
  • When the process is complete, you can enjoy your data on iPhone. And you can use the same method to transfer Android files to iPhone.

    completely transfer all data from Samsung to iPhone using Move to iOS

    You can move data from Android to iPhone using the Move to iOS app. Keep in mind that you need to run Android 4.0 and later. Meanwhile, your iPhone must be iOS 9.3 and later.

    If you want to transfer data from Samsung to iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, you can ignore this issue. For starters, you’d better plug your Samsung and iPhone into power. By the way, check if WI-FI is turned on.

    • Download and install Move to iOS app on both Samsung and iPhone.
    • On your new iPhone or iPhone with factory settings, find Apps and screen data.
    • Click the Transfer Data from Android option to iPhone.

    Accept data transfer quickly on Android

    • On your Samsung phone, launch the Move to iOS app.
    • You will be prompted to access all Android files. Click Accept to continue the process.
    • Go back to your Android phone, click Continue followed by Agree and Next on the Find Your Code screen.

    Move data from Android to iPhone after setup

    • On your iPhone, tap Continue on Move from Android screen.
    • Wait until a ten-digit or six-digit code appears.
    • Enter the code for your Samsung. data transfer screen appears immediately.
    • Go to your Samsung, select the content you want to move to iPhone.
    • Tap Next to start transferring data from Samsung to iPhone.

    MobileTrans. Copy Data to iOS (Recommended)

    MobileTrans. iOS Data Copy is an excellent software launched by Wondershare that allows users to securely copy content to iPhone or iPad with one click. No computer or windows use required. Just connect Android and iPhone with OTG cable and start copying data without rebooting your newly created iPhone.

    Supported devices:

    • Compatible with IOS 5.0 or above, iCloud 8.0 or above, and Android 6.1 or above.
    • It is extremely user-friendly, allowing information to be transferred between devices with just one click.
    • The application is very easy to use and straightforward.
    • Transfer rates are impressive.
    • Supports over 3000 devices.
    • It does not degrade the quality of the data.
    • The trial is free but offers limited options for users. To access the full version, you need to pay a certain amount per month.
    • There is no way in the software to select a specific file. It only allows you to transfer the entire folder.

    How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

    You can easily download MobileTrans. IOS Data Copy to your Android device by clicking the link below:

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    MobileTrans. Phone Transfer

    After installation, transfer data from Android to iPhone!

    • Transfer more than 15 kinds of data, including calendar, contacts, text messages, photos, notes, videos and more, between two mobile devices.
    • Supports over 8000 devices running Android, iOS or Windows.
    • Transfer without erasing data in the source phone.
    • Absolutely safe and reliable, because it is transmitted without a network.

    Find out how Mobiletrans can help you quickly move files from your first device to a new one.

    You need to download Mobiletrans for PC. After downloading, install and run the application. After starting, click on the “Phone Transfer” option.

    Connect both devices with the appropriate USB cables and give them permission to access. After the devices have been discovered, you need to check the correctness of the “Source” and “Destination” parameters. If the position of the devices is not correct, click “Flip” and it will be adjusted accordingly.

    In the window you will find the Start button. Click here. This option will initiate the process of transferring your data from the source device.

    Method 3: Transfer Data from Android to iPhone Using Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

    There are online services that allow you to share content such as photos, music or videos, contacts and other data with other people. But, if you need to share other types of files, SendAnywhere is a highly recommended service for this purpose.

    SendAnywhere is a program available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and as a Chrome extension. It is also available as a web version for platforms such as Blackberry. To send and receive data using SendAnywhere, all you have to do is follow these steps:

    • Download and install the SendAnywhere app on both devices. You can get it here.
    • Copy or move files from the file list of the Send menu to another folder.
  • Select the files you want to copy or move.
  • Go to the Edit Menu Copy list in the lower right corner Select the destination folder to copy or move your file to.
  • How files are transferred

    Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

    There are several methods for transferring data from Android to iPhone: through proprietary software or cloud services. Details about each option and its features.

    Why you might need a data transfer

    • switching to Apple products;
    • sharing files, contacts, accounts.

    Installing Move to iOS

    • connect both gadgets to one Wi-Fi access point;
    • put the devices on charge so that they do not turn off in the process.

    Note! The operation is performed when the iPhone is turned on for the first time or after it has been rolled back to factory settings.

    • numbers, bookmarks saved in the browser, all media except audio tracks are subject to transfer;
    • this option allows you to transfer your email account from Android to iOS;
    • some of the free applications will be ported to the smartphone, paid projects and active subscriptions purchased in the Play Store will not be transferred.

    Cloud services

    After downloading the files to the virtual disk, they are downloaded to another device. You can use a universal service, for example, Google Drive is used:

    • Open the software and click on “”.
    • Select “Download”.
    • Expand the “” curtain.
    • Navigate to the file folder.
    • Select the file and wait for it to be added.
    • Download Google Drive on iOS.
    • Log in with the account you used to log in via Android.
    • Open the “Files” tab labeled with a folder.
    • Expand “” below the document.
    • Click “Open With” if you need to view the document through a third-party application.
    • Select Send a Copy to expand the photo or video.
    • Among the available options, select “Save Image / Video”.

    Via iTunes

    Proprietary program for transferring data from Android to iPhone:

    • After downloading the software to your PC, connect your Android device to your computer using a cable and mark it as MTP. Alternatively, use Shareit.
    • Port files to a new or separate directory, unplug your phone.
    • Connect to the iPhone system unit. Launch iTunes and click on the device icon.
    • Drag the files to copy to the appropriate section of iTunes.
    • Tap “Synchronize”. Files will be moved to internal storage.

    Important! On Mac, to access the memory of gadgets on Android, you need to install Android File Transfer.

    The operation takes up to 3 hours, depending on the selected method and the data transfer rate between devices.

    How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone XR