Transferring chats to Android WhatsApp from iPhone. Results

HitsApp from iPhone to Android: All available methods

Sometimes “moving” from one smartphone to another is not so simple-in one device there may be a large number of valuable information. In particular, the transfer of WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android may be needed in full. with the entire history of correspondence, attached files, voice messages, contacts, etc. We will tell you how to make full data recovery and partial, separate chats.

The standard method for restoring the messenger data from the old device on the new one is impossible to use in this case: you cannot back up with the iPhone on the Google disk, and from the Android it will not be possible to perform recovery from iCloud. Therefore, intermediary programs are the only way to fulfill the full transfer of all WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android. This can be, for example, “Restore Social App (iOS Android). Pricing Plans” by DR.Fone or “Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp to Android Transfer” by Backuptrans.

True, such a transfer of the history of WhatsApp from the iPhone on Android has a couple of not very pleasant moments:

  • All services that are really working and safe for OS smartphones are paid. At the moment (2019.) the cost of a licensed program starts at 20.
  • These programs belong to foreign developers and are not Russified. Although in general the average user will be able to understand.

This refers to the complete restoration of the stories of all your correspondence, calls, the list of contacts, etc. D., and not a simple transfer of WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

How to carry out a transfer

As an example, we describe the work through Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp to Android Transfer. How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, the necessary actions:

  • Downloading and installing iTunes version not older than 12.0.
  • The transition to Android to the “USB debugging” mode (settings → Additionally → Developer mode → Turn on “USB debugging mode”)
  • IPhone connection to iTunes.
  • Creating a backup copy of the messenger on the iPhone. It is made according to the standard scheme, as if we “moved” to another iOS device. WhatsApp → Settings → Chats → Copy → Create a copy.
  • Connection of both devices (Android and iPhone) to a computer via USB ports.
  • Working with a computer and smartphones connected to it. Here, to postpone the WhatsApp from the iPhone on Android, we follow the Backuptrans prompts.

Please note: if in Android you do not see the point “Developer mode”, use another method. Settings → Information about the phone → Information about the software → several quick touch to the line “assembly number” → back → for developers → Turn on the “USB debugging mode”.

Chat export to e-mail

We’ll make a reservation right away, there is also no question of synchronization of data here. This is only a way to save correspondence in WhatsApp and attached investments, with the ability to view them from another phone. in our case from android. But in some cases, this option may be optimal.

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android separately, using e-mail:

  • Enter the iPhone in WhatsApp.
  • Open the “Chat” tab and open the desired dialogue.
  • Click in the name of contact.
  • A list of available actions will open, among which you need to choose “export chat”. To transfer the WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android.
  • The iPhone will spend a few seconds on the request processing for a few seconds, and then a list of services will appear on the screen that you can send data. Choose sending a message by e-mail.
  • Indicate the post address. the same mail service that will be used on Android.
  • Click “Send” to postpone the WhatsApp correspondence from the iPhone on Android.

It can also be the “Letter of yourself” button. it all depends on the version of your iPhone.

To the address indicated to you. mail will come a letter with an investment in which the history of correspondence will be located. Then it remains only to go to the mail client on Android and open this message.

Chat export to other services

This will be the same procedure that is described for export by e-mail. Only you can choose any convenient service from the proposed. these are social networks, other postal services, instant messengers, etc. D. Since we are talking about how to transfer the history of WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, then we choose the place to choose such that it has access to the smartphone on Android.

Please note: in some social networks and messengers you can send messages to yourself. That is, in order to postpone WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android, you choose, for example, the export place “Personal messages of. and the addressee through the search line indicate yourself (named Profile). Data is exported, and in the “Messages” section in your VK profile, a dialogue appears with you as a sender.

(3 simple ways) how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Over the past few years, the iPhone has not been impressed a little, but still retained exorbitant prices. It is not surprising that so many people began to move from iOS to Android. If you are one of many people who have recently switched to such a transition, and wondering how to transfer your WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, you are lucky. We have listed three detailed methods of data from WhatsApp to iPhone on Android.

Why do people face problems when transmitting WhatsApp from iPhone on Android?

On the phones Android WhatsApp performs a backup of data on Google disk, while, as you can imagine, the iPhone does it on icloud. Therefore, you cannot access WhatsApp files from your iCloud account on your Android phone when switching from iPhone to Android.

There are three main methods. All of them seem difficult, but we defeated the stages and tried to make the process as simple as possible for understanding.

WhatsApp from the iPhone on Android using WhatsApp Transfer

As ‘Anywhere Door’ for your data WhatsApp Transfer can transmit any WhatsApp from the iPhone on Android, with iPhone / iPad on iPad / iPhone, with Android on Android. (Support of more than 7000 mobile phone models).

Here are instructions for transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

transferring, chats, android, whatsapp, iphone

Download and install WhatsApp translation into your PC. It works both on Mac and Windows. Win download mac download win download mac download after installation you will see this social application parameters in the upper line menu. Click it and select WhatsApp module after connecting both phones to a computer or Mac via a USB cable.

Please note that in order for this process to work, you need to follow the instructions on the screen to enable the USB debugging on your Android phone.

Make sure both phones are correctly defined in your WhatsApp program. When you click the “Pass” button, your WhatsApp data on your iPhone will begin to quickly be transmitted to the Android phone.

Depending on the size of the WhatsApp data, this process can take several minutes. You should also know that any messages that are already on the Android phone will not be deleted.

HitsApp from iPhone to Android using Wazzapmigrator

Wazzapmigrator. The most downloadable application for whatsApp to Google Play. Basically, this application takes all the data of the iPhone WhatsApp and converts them into the format, which can read Android Phone.

This paid application costs 6.99 US dollars. But this is the right way to ensure the transfer of WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android if you follow the instructions step by step.

However, you need an auxiliary software to do this, and the procedure is quite complicated. Want to take a shortcut?

Here’s how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android using Wazzapmigrator:

IPhone data backup on PC using iTunes

Make a backup copy of your iPhone on a local PC in an unpleasant format. To do this, when backup iPhone on the computer using iTunes, just remove the “reserve copy” checkboard.

You will need to download iTunes Backup Extractor to your computer. This will help you get to know WhatsApp files in the iphone backup and extract them. We recommend that you use the ‘Ibackup Viewer’ that for free.

You can also select the IPhone Extractor ‘, which is free until the 4 files are removed (enough to download the WhatsApp backing file).

Eliminate the data of Chatstorage.SQLite, AKA WhatsApp on your computer

With Ibackup Viewer, you can extract WhatsApp files from the backup of iTunes. Your chats will be stored in the following place:

Appdomagingroup. Group.Net.WhatsApp.WhatsApp.Shared. Chatstorage.SQLite

Appdomagingroup. Group.Net.WhatsApp.WhatsApp.Shared. Media (it will be in the form of a folder, copy the entire folder)

WHATSApp data transfer to Android

After extraction, you can import the history of WhatsApp (Chatstorage.sqlite) with PC on Android in various ways.

-By USB with a standard copy of Windows with a USB drive for Android

After postponing WhatsApp from PC to Android you will also need to download ‘Wazzapmigrator to your Android phone from Google Play.

The final stage

Connect your Android phone to a computer. He will show you internal files. One of these files will be the Waszapmigrator folder, copy the files previously extracted from the iPhone using tools mentioned in step 4, in this folder and click the playback button on Android. Then you can allow the application to do your job and do all your WhatsApp messages with your iPhone on your Android phone.

Although this application is the most downloadable application for the WhatsApp to Google Play, this process does not seem simple and is not always the most reliable way to transmit WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android.

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android using the Restore Social application

Restoring the social application is recognized as the most effective way of importing WhatsApp with iPhone on Android, as well as on iPad / iPod Touch / Android devices.

In addition to IOS WhatsApp, to restore the social application can also create backup copies of other social networks, such as the history of the Line / Viber / Kik / Wechat chat, with only one mouse click only.

Here are some steps that will work in whatsapp iPhone on Android:

HitsApp transfer from android to iPhone for free

The transfer of correspondence in WhatsApp is not very convenient. But this is better than nothing

We will be honest, the method of transferring WhatsApp, proposed by the messenger developers themselves, is not only not simple, but not too obvious. For example, it is completely illogical to expect that the WhatsApp application is needed after transferring data, not before, and all chats will recover automatically after authorization with the desired phone number.

Where at this moment correspondence is stored, which can take up quite a lot of space, it is not very clear how it is not clear what will happen to it, if you do not install the WhatsApp client, but leave everything as it is. I doubt that the system will automatically delete saved temporary files, and will continue to store them until the moment of full reset.

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As practice shows, in the process of the WhatsApp chat transfers, not all of those that can be transferred are tolerate still. The history of calls, for example, will remain on the old device, like your user name. So the list of those to whom you have ever called will have to be restored from memory. Not to say that this is a big tragedy, but in general the moment is not very pleasant, given that many use only the calls for calls.

In the end, if the developers thought of how to transfer chats protected by through encryption, it is strange that they could not realize the transfer of the history of calls. Perhaps they just didn’t think about it. Perhaps they consciously decided not to do this. And, perhaps, the implementation of this mechanism required too much effort, and it abandoned this venture so as not to waste extra time and resources of the company.

Chat export to e-mail

Transfer text and voice messages, contacts, photos and media files from iPhone on Android can also be sent by sending data using the current email. To implement this transfer option, you will need to perform a number of simple manipulations.

  • Launch the WhatsApp application on the Apple device.
  • Go to the Chat tab.
  • Mark the name of the interlocutor (if the dialogue is personal) or the name of the chat (if group correspondence).
  • Go to the menu and in the list of available operations select the “Chat export” option.
  • A request for data transfer with or without media files will appear on the screen, you need to select and mark an acceptable format.
  • Among the export options, select using email mail.
  • In a special field, enter the address of the mailbox.
  • Check the correctness of the entered data and confirm the sending by pressing the corresponding button.

Now, to open the history of WhatsApp on the Android device, you will need to enter your Google account, open the mailbox and find a new letter with invested files in the tab.

As you can see, the method is simple, but has one significant drawback. The correspondence sent in this way will be stored only in a mailbox, where it can only be viewed or printed. It is not possible to import files into the memory of the new device, since both operating systems support different types of encryption.

Using special utilities

To help iOS users to solve the problem of transferring data to other mobile devices, including WhatsApp correspondence is called the multifunctional Icarefone program from the developer Tenorshare. To move, you need:

  • Download the utility to PC, connect the current iPhone by means of a USB cable.
  • In the main menu, choose the option “Reserve copy and restoration”.
  • In the list of available operations, select “WhatsApp and investment”, then start the process by clicking the “Create Copy” button.
  • When copying is over, you will need to save data on the computer. To do this, select the option “Export for PC”.

WHATSApp data from iOS to Android

In the WhatsApp application added the ability to directly transfer data from the iOS device to a smartphone running Android. This means that WhatsApp users will finally be able to directly transfer their entire database of correspondence and content from the iPhone on Android-smartphones by connecting the cable. However, using the function is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. You may even have to purchase a new smartphone.

Only owners of Samsung Galaxy will be able to transfer data from iOS to Android so far

It so happened that at the moment the messenger’s function is available only on the latest Samsung Galaxy devices. She was announced at the recent presentation of Unpacked, making accessible to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Now the function is available on all Samsung Galaxy under the control of Android 10 and above. If you have planned the transition from iOS to another Android smartphone, you will have to either wait a little while the function appears for everyone, or to fork out and buy the brand new Samsung Galaxy.

To transfer the WhatsApp data from one smartphone to another, you must use the Samsung Smart Switch application. The feature greatly simplifies and accelerates the transfer of data from the iPhone to Android, because earlier it took the creation of a backup on Google disk or iCloud. Despite the fact that the function is currently available only to Samsung Galaxy smartphones users, they plan to extend it to other Android devices in the future, it will become affordable for other users. This was previously stated by the head of WhatsApp Will Katkart:

If you want to safely transfer your WhatsApp messages from one platform to another? We are working to make it possible, starting with Samsung devices, but in the future it will be possible on other smartphones.

Why transfer data from iOS to Android

In its blog, WhatsApp said that the transfer of data from iOS to Android is one of the most popular and expected functions. The company noted that zealous work was carried out with manufacturers of devices and operating systems in order to make the function safe, accurate and eliminate the loss of data during the transfer process. Data transfer will occur using a cable, which eliminates the entry of data into a backup and to the company itself. Everything that is in the history of correspondence will be transferred: messages, images, voice messages and videos.

transferring, chats, android, whatsapp, iphone

Now the transfer of data between devices will occur faster and without loss of data

To transfer the WhatsApp data between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, you will need the USB-C-Lightning cable. It comes complete with new iOS devices. It is worth paying attention to the applications and versions of WhatsApp, which should be installed.

  • On Samsung Galaxy: Smart Switch 3 application.7.22.1 and later versions, as well as WhatsApp or higher
  • On iPhone: WhatsApp version or higher.

Do not forget that the phone numbers should match both devices, and the new Android Smartphone should be updated to the latest version of OC and dropped to factory settings.

Through e.mail

If you need to pull out specific data from the correspondence, but it is not necessary to download it to the messenger, you can simply transfer the WhatsApp from Android to the iPhone via e.mail. For this:

Open WhatsApp on Android Smartphone and go to the chat you want to share.

Click on the icon in the form of three points to the right on behalf of the user and select “” → “Export Chat”. Specify if you want to attach media files, or there will be enough messages. If there are many files, it is better not to attach them, since mail services have restrictions on the volume of investments.

Select how the files need to be transferred. This can be done through Gmail, Telegram or any other means of communication that are on Android and iOS.

Enter the recipient’s address and make sure that you have attached all the necessary files.

After that, it will be enough for you to open the mail application on the iPhone and save the received investments. Please note that the messages transferred in this way will be available only in the form of a text file, and download them in WhatsApp on a new smartphone will not work.

ITRANSOR For WhatsApp program

If you have changed your phone number or want to combine chats from two smartphones instead of overwriting new data on top of the old ones, use the IMYFONE ITRANSOR utility. This is a simple and convenient to use application for a computer, which allows you to quickly transfer the WhatsApp data. including between different platforms. Here’s how to use it.

Download IMYFONE ITRANSOR For WhatsApp from the official website (versions for Windows and MacOS are available, including with the support of the M1 processor). Install the program and activate the license.

Connect both smartphones to the computer and open itransor. On the main page, the names of both connected devices should appear. Make sure the Android Smartphone is on the left, and the iPhone is on the right. If you use Windows, make sure that the iTunes application is installed on the computer: without it, PC will not be able to recognize the iPhone. Click Transfer.

Make sure the locator is disabled on the iPhone. To do this, open the settings, click on a dick with the name of the profile and go to the locator section. Here you need to translate the switch at the “Find iPhone” function in an inactive position. Confirm the action by entering the password from your Apple ID.

Save a backup of WhatsApp on the Android Smartphone, following the instructions on the screen.

After that, Itransor will install a special version of WhatsApp on the Android Smartph. Confirm the action (without this the transfer will not work), then start the installed program. Allow her access to multimedia, enter your account and confirm the recovery of data from a backup created in the previous step.

When the recovery ends, Itransor for WhatsApp will begin to transfer data to iPhone. In the process, the smartphone will reboot.

When a message about successful transfer appears on the screen, you can turn off both smartphones from the computer and start using WhatsApp on iPhone.

WhatsApp History with iPhone on Android with iCloud

A distinctive feature of WhatsApp is that you can always make a backup copy of your history, including chat messages, contacts, profile images and multimedia sent through the platform. This allows you to create backups every day, every week or even monthly. You can also refuse backup. To restore WhatsApp-Backup with iCloud on Android, you must first allow WhatsApp to periodically create backups of your data on iCloud. This requires the following steps.

Step 1, open WhatsApp on your iOS device, and then setting up.

Step 2, continue the chat. and then a chat for backup.

Click on the back to allow WhatsApp to create backup copies of all your chats in iCloud.

To restore WhatsApp-resigned copy from ICloud to Android, follow the following actions.

Step 1, install WhatsApp on your Android device and log in to the same account used on your iOS device.

Step 2, WhatsApp usually provides a hint to restore messages from a backup, displaying a backup copy of the message.

#WhatsApp data transfer from iPhone to android (Samsung) official (move chat to android)

Choose to restore the restoration of your backup story. Be sure to carefully follow the restoration instructions.

ICLOUD Chats of WhatsApp to Android using Switch Mobile Transfer

The second option that you have is a special program designed to transfer WhatsApp from iCloud to Android. This solution is more effective and can be used to facilitate data transfer between different platforms. Switching a mobile translation is one of these programs that can help you transmit WhatsApp data between iOS, Android, Symbian and even Windows Phone platforms. He can also restore from various backup copies, including Google, BlackBerry 7 /10, ICLOUD, ITUNES Kies and OneDrive back to your phone. To transfer WhatsApp from iCloud to Android using Switch Mobile Transfer is relatively easy and you need to perform the following steps.

Step 1, download, install and run the Switch Mobile Transfer program on your PC or laptop.

Step 2, after opening, connect the Android device to the computer using a USB cable.

Choose to restore from backup copies of the service, and then select iCloud, this will invite you to enter your iCloud. Mobile Transfer switch allows selective / partial recovery or complete restoration.

Step 4, continue to enter icloud and then restore your WhatsApp story from a backup copy.

Switch Mobile Transfer will allow you to choose the path for storing the received messages. Select your Android device. The program works with all devices running Android 9.0, and you do not need to have both devices (iOS and Android) to restore WhatsApp history.

Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer

The easiest method is to trust the specialized software that will do all the work for you literally a few clicks. For example, Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer will help both transfer whatsApp from Android to Android, and when the transition between different systems. which we are interested in in this case.

First you need to prepare the Android Smartphone-enter it into the USB debugging mode. To do this, click 8 times to the Android assembly number (or miui, if you have Xiaomi or Redmi) to enable the developer mode. After that, in the settings for developers, turn on USB debugging. The exact location of the menu items and their name may differ in smartphones of different manufacturers.

Next, download the iCarefone for WhatsApp Transfer from the official website (there are versions for Windows and MacOS). Install the application and run it, also do not forget to activate the license.

On the main page of the application, select the service from which you want to transfer. In our case, it is WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Business, Kik, Line, Viber and WeChat are also available.

Connect both devices to the computer using USB cables and make sure that they were recognized correctly. The order matters: on the left there should be an old device, on the right. new. In this case, it is an iPhone and Android Smartphone, respectively. Click “Transfer”.

Wait for the end of copying data with iPhone. Waiting time depends on the number of your correspondence, attached files and cable data transfer speeds. Do not disconnect the smartphones from the computer in the process, otherwise you will have to create a copy again.

When the corresponding window appears on the screen, enter the phone number that you are going to use for WhatsApp on a new device.

Wait for the data transfer to the target device.

After that, you can disconnect the smartphones from the computer. On the Android Smartphone delete WhatsApp. Next, download the application again from Google Play and configure by entering the phone number indicated in the previous step. When a proposal appears to restore data from a backup, agree to do it.

Ready: You have successfully transferred all correspondence and media files to a new device. If you used different phone numbers on two devices, they will still remain available on the old one in case you decide to use it again. If something goes wrong, you can try it again, since all the originals will be saved.

Transfer through a backup copy

Option for those who are ready to spend a little more time and do everything on their own. This method will work if you decide to change the operating system, but save the old phone number. That’s what you need to do.

Make a backup application data on iOS. To do this, open the settings in WhatsApp, select the “Chats” item → “Reserve Copy” and click “Create a copy”. When everything is ready, delete the application from the iPhone.

transferring, chats, android, whatsapp, iphone

(NEW) How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from Android to iPhone (Official Free) 2022

On the Android Smartphone, download whatsApp from Google Play (if you already have an application, delete it with all the data and download it again). Next, follow, using the same number that you had on the iPhone. When there is a message about the availability of a backup, select “Restore” and wait until the chats and messages load on the device.

This method may cause inconvenience if you planned to leave the SIM card in the old device and use the new Android Telphone with another number. In addition, you will not be able to save data on both smartphones, unlike the first method. Nevertheless, this is also a simple and effective way to transfer the WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android.

Found a working method to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

It seems to be in the yard 2021, and in WhatsApp there is still no official way to transfer all the chats from the iPhone to Android and vice versa. While Telegram allows you to log in to any device and immediately gain access to correspondence, its main competitor seemed to be stuck somewhere in 2010. According to rumors, in the future, WhatsApp still plans to allow its users to transfer all the correspondence between Android and iOS (when it will be, there is a big question), but so far there is no such solution, you can use methods of transferring chats.

While officially there is no such function, you can use applications

Transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Android and vice versa offer specialized applications, but everywhere they ask for money, which is not surprising if we take into account the lack of an official way to do this. However, it is not clear whether this method works at all, but to pay money for an application, which is not a fact that helps, few people want. We decided to test how the WhatsApp transfer works, on the example of the new Apptrans application: this is a special utility for transferring applications from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

The Apptrans app is available four main sections:

This application is a real combine for working with applications

  • App Transfer. used to transfer applications from iPhone to Android and vice versa;
  • App Restore. allows you to restore applications data. For example, to restore WhatsApp data from a backup of iTunes or from Google Drive on the iPhone (the only application that can);
  • App Backup. performs backup both all applications and individual data;
  • App Install-allows you to install applications, as it has once been able to do it.

We are interested in the opportunity to transfer WhatsApp chats from one phone to another. We connect two phones and select the “App Transfer” menu. Android phones should be converted into USB-laying-for this the application provides convenient step-by-step instructions for a wide spectra models, including Samsung, Huawei, as well as instructions for various versions of Android.

Connect both smartphones and turn on the debugging mode on Android

Your iPhone (or any other smartphone from which the data will be transmitted should be indicated on the left, and your new phone. the one to which you send messages. should be shown to the right. If not so, press the Switch button to switch them. Then you need to click “Transfer Now”, and then select whatsApp. It will be necessary to purchase a Pro version, in free this functions will not work.

At this stage, we had to buy a paid version

The most interesting begins here. First, the application will ask you to make a backup copy of WhatsApp chats on a new device, even if they are not there. Strange, but come on. After that, another version of WhatsApp will be installed on the phone (the utility will do it automatically), which will need to be accessed to the storage to restore data.

The application itself will install a special version of WhatsApp during transfer. Then it can be removed

Restore a copy of your chats in the custom version of WhatsApp, after which Apptrans will begin to transfer chats from one phone to another.

The application will make a backup and begin to move the chats

Surprisingly, despite all the unusual process, as a result, all WhatsApp chats along with invested files, photos and videos were on a new device.

It seems that at first it seemed somehow difficult, but thanks to the hints that can constantly be seen on the computer screen, no questions in the process of transferring chats arose. If something is not clear, you can always use the instructions from the developers.

Given that the official method of whatsApp correspondence from the iPhone on Android is not, on the contrary, it is really cool.

The minus of the program is a paid base. The annual subscription on Apptrans will cost 3 100, while subscription for 3 months costs 2,800. With such a pricing policy, if you really need to transfer the WhatsApp chats, it is better to take it for a year at once. At least we checked this application, and it really works (which is even surprising, to be honest).

However, some Apptrans functions are still available in the free version. For example, the ability to make a backup copy of the application or restore data from a backup program.

Some functions are also available in the free version

So the application should be tried, even if you do not need to transfer any chats. It is convenient that it is available both on Windows and Mac.