Transfer of a telephone book from Android to Android

How to transfer contacts from an old phone to a new (Android). Backup contacts


We began to live at a time when the information, storing on the phone or PC, began to cost more than the iron itself. In general, this can be attributed to contacts in the notebook.

And when buying a new phone, one of the first tasks that you have to face is just transferring contacts from the old apparatus. If you have quite a lot of numbers (more than 20-30)-then the manual version can be raised immediately, t.To. It will take a lot of time, and you can easily make a mistake and confuse the number.

In general, it is much more convenient for this task to use special. Android system for import/export notebooks. About several options for its use and there will be this note.

After the transfer (backup) of contacts, duplicate often occurs. T.E. Repeating lines with the same phone number. They are easy enough to remove them, in one of my notes I showed how to do it.

Methods of transferring contacts

Methods of transferring numbers there are many. Some of them require a USB cable or Bluetooth function. Let’s talk about them below.

Simple data transfer methods from Android to another gadget:

  • Using a personal computer and Micro USB cable;
  • Use applications, additions and services from Google;
  • Make the export of contacts to Android via Bluetooth;
  • Save numbers on a memory card;
  • Save the list of subscribers in memory of SIM cards.

We will analyze in more detail how to transfer contacts from Android to Android at minimal time and labor. A person who has not previously performed such operations will be able to cope with the following methods.

Memory card

Saying this is the easiest way. In fact, it is not always the case, but it is worth mentioning it. In the application of the same name, click “Three Points”. And reserve all names (export item for SD card). The saved file is transferred to another smartphone or tablet. Open in any way, the system itself will determine and unzip the format file.VCF

Using the Google account

To throw off all the necessary numbers from one device to another, you can use the Google account and virtual cloud space. In it, they are preserved and become available for 30 days after removal. You can make changes to the synchronized Google account when the device itself is not at hand.

Using the function is simple: select the Gmail menu and the “Contacts” folder (or Phonebook). You will need the option “Select a phone book”, where you need to set a parameter like a file and save it. Now all the rooms will automatically go to the smartphone with Google Drive.

Using Yandex disk

Yandex.Disk. Another method of copying data from Android devices using a personal computer. It is convenient to use a virtual cloud, since you can access it at any time of the day, even from a third.Party device.

Yandex is installed on the mobile mobile.Disk. After activating the account and copying information from the old apparatus, we launch the program on the new gadget and enter the same account. This action can be performed by the team.

Menu. Settings. Save information (occasionally “moving from phone to phone”)

The program can request a special code sent to the user earlier through a notification or SMS. It must be correctly introduced and confirmed by synchronization to continue it. When the data export is over, the program will notify the sound signal.

Yandex.The disk does not need to be removed after transfer, since the application serves as entering the cloud space. You can also enter the disk through the browser.

Import to Mi account

Suitable for Xiaomi. The manufacturer from the plant puts his own firmware with pre.Installed services. With their help to drag people will not be difficult. Open the “settings” and select “Export \ Import” and follow the instructions of the master.

Synchronization in Google

You can save personal data when changing the firmware using Google synchronization. This method is the easiest, since a person does not need to download other applications or utilities.

The fact is that all Google services installed on the mobile phone are automatically synchronized with the cloud. This allows you to use imports on Android without much difficulty.

To use it, select the “Accounts”. “Google” menu item in the smartphone settings. Then click on the mailbox and install the flag opposite the “Contacts” item (in some cases it is called “Export/Import”). All personal data will be saved in the Google Cloud of Account.

transfer, book, android

Transfer via Bluetooth

Users who have built this function into a smartphone can use Bluetooth to transmit data to transmit data. To do this, activate data transfer on both devices. Then, on the phone from which information is transferred, they begin to search for a new device in tinctures.

Open “Contacts” and mark the numbers to be transferred. All data necessary for the user are transferred through Bluetooth.

By synchronization with PC

If all the described methods are not suitable for some reason, then you can transfer contact information through the USB cable. Android data synchronization will occur instantly after installing a special MobileDit program.

Instructions for transferring personal information:

  • Download the program from the Internet through the official site by clicking the download button. The program is distributed free of charge. After downloading the MobileDit file, we copy the contents of the Crack folder to the application installation folder. We open the utility and install the drivers.
  • We launch the program, set the “phone. Connection via cable”. On the mobile apparatus, we allow synchronization with PC.
  • In the left panel of MobileDit in the “Contacts” menu, click “Export”. File type. CSV.
  • The program will offer to choose a way for storage. The file needs to be given a name and save it in the folder.

The file with contact data is saved on PC. Now they need to be transferred to a new smartphone and correctly install. To do this, in the same way, using a USB cable, a new device is connected, press the “import” button instead of export and select a saved document with the extension of CSV. We are waiting for a couple of minutes and everything is ready!

Other contacts import options

Other options for importing personal data on Android include Bluetooth. The method is suitable for those people whose phone book is on another mobile phone, but there is no access to the Internet.

On both devices you need to turn on the Bluetooth function and connect them with a password through “Find the phone”. Then, on the mobile phone where the information is stored, select the necessary positions of the book and transfer them by selecting the menu “Send contacts”.

On the second mobile phone, you need to confirm data transfer and wait until it is completed. Improve the resulting file to the phone book.

How to transfer contacts from an android to a computer via mobileedit

Mobiledit is the program that you have to cook in advance. After downloading it, try to unzip on PC and install. Then copy everything that is contained in the folder with the name Crack into the program folder.

transfer, book, android

Further, the program will offer to install the drivers, and you will need to confirm this action. Just don’t forget to choose your manufacturer. As soon as the utility is installed, select the Phone-Connection Cable item. After the request is displayed, click on the SYNC. It may be such that you will meet another name, but the difference is insignificant, because it is necessary to simply confirm synchronization.

After the work done, activate USB debugging. Select by setting a checkmark opposite the “USB debugging”, after installing all the settings of your device and manufacturer. For this, you need to enable the developer mode.

Next: on the left on the panel should appear the “Phonebook” tab. Click on export and check that the specified type of file is exactly CSV. Mark the place and name where file storage will be stored. That’s all, now you can just connect the USB wire to the smartphone and start the transfer using a section called “Import”.

We transfer contacts to the SD memory card (flash drive)

For this method you need a working flash drive with a small volume of free memory. First you need to save a file with numbers on the map. Then insert it into another smartphone and unpack the created document in the file manager.

  • Click on three points, go to the menu “Pass visible contacts”;
  • Put a mark next to the numbers that need to be placed in a file. Press on OK;
  • Indicate the SD card as a transmission method;
  • Allow the note book access to media files. Click OK to confirm the export of numbers to a separate file;

What method of moving contacts is optimal

Earlier we examined a lot of options for synchronizing the phone with Android phone to transfer Android contacts. But what method is the best. We will try to answer this question through the prism of whether the contacts from the button phone on Android or from one smartphone to another are carried out.

For a button phone

For owners of button devices, the best option is to transfer contacts from the SIM card to the phone. To transfer the contacts from the button phone on Android in this way, you will need to make sure that all numbers are saved on the SIM card. If this is not the case, you will need to independently transfer all subscribers to SIM through the settings of a standard caller.

Next, it remains to insert SIM into a new device and transfer contacts from the SIM card to the phone. If you have the opposite situation and the transfer is carried out from the smartphone to the “button”, then we suggest returning to the beginning of the article where we talked about how to transfer contacts from android to SIM card.

How To Transfer Files From Android to PC With USB Cable. Phone Not Connecting To Computer Via USB

Also, for synchronizing the button device with a smartphone, the following methods look good how to synchronize phones:

  • Transmit contacts via Bluetooth;
  • Use a memory card;
  • If the “button” has the possibility of creating a VCF file, use one of the methods given earlier in the material.

Using one of the proposed options, you can easily make contacts from Nokia on Android, even if the previous device was a button. But the owners of sensory devices are available more ways to transfer contacts from Android to another device.

For a smartphone

Owners of smart devices are not limited in the options for transmitting rooms. But it is most convenient to transfer Android contacts via Google from the phone. Also, the backup is a good method (how to make a backup, we said earlier). This is generally the perfect method, for example, for those who are looking for how to transfer contacts from samsung. The fact is that in this case not only numbers are transferred, but also other files, and the procedure is launched immediately after the new device is turned on. It remains only to follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

On a note. All other options are available to owners of smartphones, but they differ in varying degrees of convenience

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to transfer contacts from the phone to the computer for further movement to the new gadget. At the same time, you can, for example, copy contacts from Honor to the device of another brand through the transfer of the VCF file, which works even without installing additional programs.

Backup of contacts on a memory card or SIM card

In the old versions of the “Cloud” operating system, synchronization may not be available. In this case, you can throw off the contacts on the microSD- or SIM card. In the future, you will place the card in a new smartphone, after which import the entire phone book.

Open the device menu.

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Select the Contact application.

Go to “Settings” (in some smartphones for this, you first need to press the “Option” button).

Select “Import/Export”.

Choose where exactly you need to copy the contacts-on a SIM card or memory card.

On devices with a more modern version of the Android operating system, you can not only copy the contact details on the SIM card or Microsd, but also send them to yourself through any messenger or e-mail, create a VSF file for export. Instructions:

Step 1. Launch the “Contacts” application and click on the icon in the form of three points. In the menu that appears, select “Import and Export”. If there is no such line, then first click on the “Settings” item.

Step 2. Select “Export to Memory” to create a VSF file with all contacts, which can then be copy to any device. Confirm the action by pressing “OK”. The resulting file can be copied to another Android or PC.

How to Transfer Contacts From Android To Android

Step 3. Select “Send contacts”. The “share” window appears with the help here indicate the appropriate application from the list with which you want to send contacts (for example, a messenger or mail client).

Using this method, you can also copy contacts to the second SIM card.

With a desktop

Data between different devices can be synchronized using third.Party programs and personal computer. Often this method has to resort to if there is any damage on the old apparatus. For example, the screen is broken, there is no Internet connection or a memory card is not extracted, and personal data must be saved. To do this, install a file manager on a PC. Such a program can be downloaded on the network. Often it comes with android. For some smartphone models, a standard PC observer is suitable. The principle of action is simple: we find the folder with the contacts and copy it to the desktop desktop. Then we drag into a new device in memory. Next, go into the contact directory and import files through the “Import and Export” function. After the files take their correct location, the folder with the contacts can be deleted.

As you can see, make contacts from android to Android is very simple. But in case something happens to your smartphone, we advise you to set an account for synchronization in advance. This application takes little place in the memory of the device, when updating data does not spend a lot of resources, but in the case of the loss of the smartphone it will serve as a good service.