Transfer Data to New Samsung Phone

Samsung Data Transfer to transfer data from phone to phone

A convenient tool that allows you to transfer files from one smartphone to another is the “Samsung Data Transfer” program. It allows you to transfer data, call logs, text messages, photos, videos, music, documents and applications. It supports both data exchange between Android devices, and between Android and iOS, and essentially iOS devices.

Let’s see how you can transfer information from Samsung to Samsung using this program:

1.Install “Samsung Data Transfer” software (Windows, Mac) on your PC;

Install the program on your PC

Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on the old and new gadgets. This option can be found in your phone settings;

Make sure USB debugging mode is enabled on gadgets

Connect both Samsung phones (old and new) to PC with USB cable;

Make sure that the program correctly recognizes the old device (on the left of the screen) and the new one (on the right). If the devices are not recognized correctly, use the “Flip” button at the top to change the location;

Click on “Flip” if necessary

4.You can check the “Clear data before copyng” checkbox on the right on the new device if needed;

Select the data to copy from the old gadget to the new one (in the center of the screen). Then click on the “Start Copy” button to start the data transfer process. Select data to copy

After completing the copy procedure, the marked data will be transferred to Samsung.

Troubleshooting Samsung Smart Switch for PC

Some people have complained that Samsung Smart Switch for PC crashes or doesn’t work on their device accidentally. If you are facing some problems, follow the tips below to fix it.

Check if your mobile device is supported by Samsung toolkit.

If Smart Switch doesn’t detect your phone, update your Samsung drivers or reinstall it.

Reinstall Samsung Smart Switch for PC on your computer or update your software.

Be sure to allow Smart Switch to access your PC.

Check if there is enough space to open and operate Smart Switch.

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Transfer any data you need to Samsung via Bluetooth

Transferring data using Bluetooth is not the fastest and most efficient method of transferring data. But if there is no stable Wi-Fi connection nearby, Bluetooth transfer can be the panacea you need.

  • Turn on Bluetooth function on both Samsung devices;
  • Connect the old and new gadgets using a password to establish a connection;
  • On the Samsung source device, select the target file such as contact, picture, video, note, and more;
  • Click on the “Share” button and select Bluetooth;
  • Select Bluetooth transmission
  • Select a new phone to send files;
  • Accept the uploaded files on the target device.
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It comes in handy: how to transfer an image from your phone to your PC.

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How Smart Switch works in practice?

The easiest way to represent this is with a simple example. Let’s say there are two smartphones:

A). New Galaxy S 4 smartphone. bought a few days ago.

B). Galaxy S III. the smartphone that has been used so far.

WITH). Both devices must have an active NFC component and, of course, the Smart Switch app installed and running.

D). Now all you need to do is hold both smartphones together, confirm the connection and select the desired data in the program. Finally, click “Transfer” and confirm the transfer.

SHAREit. Free Data Transfer Application

SHAREit is a free application for transferring files between Android phones. To transfer data from Samsung device to Samsung device, make sure the sending and receiving phones are connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot.

Use the functionality of the “SHAREit” application

To transfer something from Samsung to Samsung follow these steps:

  • Install “SHAREit” on both gadgets;
  • On your old phone, tap on “Send”;
  • Select the items you want to transfer. Then click on “Send” again;
  • On a new Samsung phone, tap on “Receive”;
  • Complete the file transfer process.

Alternative for Samsung Smart Switch for PC

If your phone is not compatible with Smart Switch, we suggest that you try the best alternative for Samsung Smart Switch for PC, Apeaksoft Phone Transfer.Its main features are:

  • Transfer data from Android to Android, iOS to Android, Android to iOS in one click.
  • Do not damage existing data on both source and target devices during data transfer.
  • Use a USB cable to sync data between smartphones, which is much faster and safer.
  • Keep original formats and quality when transferring data between smartphones.
  • Support for various types of data such as photos, videos, music, contacts and other documents.
  • Compatible with a wider range of mobile devices including Android devices from Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Google and iPhone X / 8/7/6 / 6s / 5 / 5c / 5.
  • Also, it is available for Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 / XP and macOS 11.

In short, it is the best way to sync data between smartphones.

How to transfer data between smartphones with the alternative for Samsung Smart Switch for PC

Step 1.Install alternative for Samsung Smart Switch for PC to computer.

Install Apeaksoft Phone Transfer on your computer. Connect your old phone and new device to your computer using USB cables. Enable USB debugging on your phones. It will recognize your devices as soon as it opens the app.

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Make sure the old phone is in the Source Device field and the new device appears in the Target Device field. If not, click the Toggle button to fix it. There are several types of data in the main interface such as Photos, Contacts and Media. You can choose the data types you want depending on your requirements. To keep the existing data on the target device, uncheck “Delete selected data on target device before copying”.

Step 3.Transfer Data with Alternative for Samsung Smart Switch for PC.

Finally, click the Start Copy button to start the transfer process. When this is done, click “OK” in the results window and open your phone to check the success of the data transfer.

Methods for transferring data on Samsung smartphones

There are several ways to transfer information from one Samsung device to another. using the proprietary Smart Switch utility, synchronizing with a Samsung or Google account, using third-party programs. Let’s consider each of them.

2 Best Ways to Transfer Data Using Samsung Smart Switch (2020)

dr. fone. Switch

A small utility from Chinese developers Wondershare, which allows you to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another in just a couple of clicks. Of course, the program is also compatible with Samsung devices.

    Enable USB debugging mode on both devices.

Then connect your Samsung devices to your PC, but before that, make sure that the correct drivers are installed on it.
Run other background. Switch.

Click on the “Switch” block.
When the devices are recognized, you will see an image like the screenshot below. On the left. the source device, in the center. the selection of the categories of data that need to be transferred, on the right. the destination device. Select the files you want to transfer from one smartphone to another and click “Start transfer”.

Samsung Smart Switch 2020. Transfer ALL Your Data, FAST!

Be careful! The program cannot transfer data from protected Knox folders and some Samsung system applications!

As with Smart Switch, there are restrictions on the type of files that can be transferred. In addition, dr. fone. Switch in English, and its trial version allows you to transfer only 10 positions of each data category.

Smart Switch

Samsung has developed a proprietary application for transferring data from one device (not only Galaxy) to other smartphones of its own production. The app is called Smart Switch and comes in the form of a mobile utility or software for Windows and Mac OS desktops.

Smart Switch allows you to transfer data via USB cable or Wi-Fi. In addition, you can use the desktop version of the application and transfer information between smartphones using a computer. The algorithm for all methods is similar, so let’s consider the transfer using the example of a wireless connection via an application for phones.

On Galaxy S8 / S8 and higher devices, the Smart Switch is integrated into the system and is located at “Settings”. “Cloud and accounts”. “Smart Switch”.

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In the window for selecting the OS of the old device, check the item “Android”.

On your old device, click on “Connect”.

  • You will be prompted to select the categories of data that will be transferred to the new machine. Together with them, the application will display the time required for the transfer. Check the information you need and click “Send”.
  • Confirm receipt of files on the new device.
  • This method is extremely simple, however, using Smart Switch you cannot transfer data and settings of third-party applications, as well as cache and save games.

    Transferring data from one Samsung device to another

    Synchronization with Samsung and Google accounts

    The simplest possible way to transfer data from one Samsung device to another is by using Android’s built-in data sync tool with your Google and Samsung service accounts. This is done like this:

      On your old device, go to “Settings”. “General” and select “Back up and reset”.

    Within this menu item, check the option “Archive data”.

    Go back to the previous window and tap on “Accounts”.

  • Wait for the information to be copied to Samsung cloud storage.
  • On your new smartphone, log into the same account where you backed up your data. By default, the automatic sync function is active on Android, so after a while the data will appear on your device.
  • For a Google account, the actions are almost identical, only in step 4 you need to select “Google”.
  • This method, despite its simplicity, is also limited. you cannot transfer music and applications installed not through the Play Market or Galaxy Apps in this way.

    Google Photos If you only need to transfer your photos, then the Google Photos service will perfectly cope with this task. It’s quite easy to use.

    • Install the app on both Samsung devices. Enter it first on the old.
    • Swipe right to access the main menu. Select “Settings”.
    • In the settings, tap on the item “Startup and synchronization”.
  • After entering this menu item, activate the synchronization by tapping on the switch. If you use multiple Google accounts, select the one you want.
  • On the new device, sign in to the account you turned on sync and repeat steps 1-4. After some time, photos from the previous Samsung smartphone will become available on the currently used one.
  • We have reviewed the most convenient methods for transferring data between Samsung smartphones. Which one did you use?

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