Transfer data from one phone to another

Synchronize data

Go to Settings, Data Usage, click on the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and make sure Auto Data Sync is turned on.

How to quickly transfer all data from an old Android smartphone to a new one

Switching to a new smartphone can be quite tricky. Android has some advantage over iOS when it comes to tight integration with cloud services, but Google has all the necessary ways to easily transfer all data from your old phone to your new one.

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You will of course have to rely on Google services, but with Android Nougat and newer, moving your personal information can be easier than ever.

Transfer photos and music

Photos are becoming one of those things that absolutely need to be transferred from one phone to another, and Google has created a fantastic way to do this in its Photos app.

Available for all phones, this is the most convenient photo management option, guaranteeing side-by-side backups, so if you’re not using it regularly yet, this needs to be fixed. Go to settings in the sidebar and click “Recover and sync”. If the switch is blue, then everything is working properly.

When it comes to music, there are two ways to move. If you are already subscribed to a streaming service like Spotify, Yandex.Music, Google Play Music, or Apple Music, just go to the app on your new phone and sign in to access your favorite songs.

But if you’re not a subscriber, Google Play Music can still help you get what you want by letting you store up to 100,000 tracks for free. To use this, you need to go to the Google Play Music website, sign in to your Google account, and install the Music Manager app on your computer. After selecting a ringtone source, the application does most of the work, downloads whatever it finds, and adds it to your music library in the cloud. Large libraries will take a little time, but in general, the process is simple and fast.

Then, when you enter Play Music on your new phone, all your tracks will magically appear. You can save these songs to the cloud or download them to a new phone so that you can listen to the tracks no matter how strong the signal is on the device.

Backup options

Before you do anything else, you need to make sure your old phone is connected to your Google account. This feature is almost certainly enabled, but it’s worth heading over to the Google tab in Settings to make sure.

Next, you need to find your phone’s backup settings. Pixel and Nexus devices have a Backup & Reset option under the Personal tab in Settings, but the location varies by phone brand. The easiest way to find this is to enter “backup” in the settings search bar.

How to transfer apps and other data from Android to Android?

Transfer all apps to a new phone

Mail, calendar and contacts

If for some reason it is impossible to use Google Drive backups, there are several other methods available to transfer this data to a new phone.

The easiest option on this list is mail. Gmail users simply sign in to their Google account, enter their username and password, and then simply download their favorite apps. In addition, there are many apps like Newton, Blue, Mail that will contain multiple accounts synced with one login.

Google also covers people and appointments, even without a proper GD backup, any entries entered into Calendar on the old phone will automatically appear on the new one as soon as the app is opened. The same can be said about contacts saved in your Google account.

Restore your backup

After creating a backup, select it on the new phone, and you will be presented with a list of all applications from the old phone.

If you only need to transfer applications, you can always find and install them on a new device in Google Play in the My Applications. Library section.

Remember to first sign in to the Google account you used on your old device

Pixel and Nexus phones have Google Drive backups, which can back up multiple content types, including installed apps and related data, call history, device settings, calendar entries, contacts, photos and videos, and, exclusively for Pixel phones, SMSmessages.

On other phones, you need to find a backup of your data. By turning it on, in blue, you can send data, apps, Wi-Fi passwords and various phone settings to Google’s servers and prepare to upgrade to a new phone. Thus, you do not have to re-enter passwords in the networks you have already saved.

There is also a second radio button called “Automatic Repair”. If you reinstall a previously deleted application, it will restore data and settings.

Since backups work through Google Drive, there is a Backups option in the app header or sidebar. Inside is a complete list of copied settings by the current phone. By clicking on it, you can find out when the last backup was made and which applications were included in it.

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What about photographs? Copy via the cloud!

If the most important thing for you is not to lose your photos, then you should take care of their synchronization with any cloud service. Of course, you can just copy all the photos to your computer and then transfer them to a new smartphone, but the clouds will save you even if your phone is lost or stolen. Your photos will always be at hand.

There is one “but” here: the Apple iCloud service is available only on iOS gadgets. Therefore, if your move includes an Android smartphone as one of the links in the chain, it will not work for you.

It is best to use the Google Photo service. 15 GB are given completely free of charge, and if you allow it to compress photos to 16 megapixels, then the volume of the cloud will be unlimited for you. Just download and launch the Google Photo app, log into your Google account and allow the app to sync your photos. Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi and wait for all the photos to upload.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

You can use Google Backup to transfer contacts, organizer data, and photos from iPhone to Android.

  • Download the Google Drive app from the App Store.
  • After launching it, you will need to enter your Google account information. If you do not already have one, create one using your computer by entering in the address bar. You will need this Android account anyway.
  • When you are logged in, open the menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner.
  • Now in the upper right corner, find the image of the gear and click on it. An additional menu will appear, in which there will be an item “Backup”.
  • Choose what data you want to back up, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and plugged in, and click the big blue Start Backup button at the bottom.

After the backup is complete (this step may take several hours), it’s time to move on to your Android smartphone.

  • Turn it on and when the gadget asks. set it up as new or restore data, select the second option.
  • Next, you need to connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network. On the next page, select where your backup is located. “Copy of data from the cloud storage” or iPhone. Specify iPhone, and then click “Next”.
  • Now you need to enter your username and password for your Google account and accept the terms of the privacy policy. After that, continue to set up your Android smartphone. data will be recovered in the background.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

The easiest way to transfer all data from one iPhone to another is through iTunes. There is also the option of creating a backup in iCloud, but if you did not expand the storage volume for money, then 5 GB will be available there. this may not be enough, especially if you have been using a smartphone for a long time and you have a lot of photos.

  • Launch iTunes on PC or Mac, click on the smartphone icon in the upper left corner. In the “Backups” section, make sure that the checkbox is on “This computer” instead of “iCloud” and click the “Create a copy now” button.
  • When the backup is completed (it may take a long time), below this button will appear the inscription: “Last copy:”. and then the time of its creation will be indicated in the format: today at XX hours.
  • Now take your new iPhone and insert your SIM card into it. At startup, it will ask you if you want to restore data from a backup.
  • Options will include “from iCloud copy” and “from iTunes copy”. Select iTunes and follow the onscreen instructions. The smartphone will ask you to connect it to a computer with iTunes installed, and then on the computer itself you will have to choose which copy you want to restore.

The advantage of switching to another iPhone using iTunes is that all your apps and accounts, as well as wallpapers and ringtones, will also be transferred. Basically, you get exactly the same smartphone, but in a new case. Except that the location of application shortcuts on desktops can get confused.

How to transfer data to a new smartphone, even if it has a different system

You have a new smartphone and do not know how to correctly transfer information from the old one? We explain how to do this, including “move” from iOS to Android or vice versa.

Changing your smartphone to a more modern model is a great solution. The main thing is not to lose anything when “moving”, that is, to correctly copy all the basic information from one device to another. Understanding. how to transfer contacts and data to a new smartphone.

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android

NFC can be used. If both devices support this contactless technology, you just need to turn it on and use the Android Beam function (look in Settings). Of course, devices need to be kept close to each other.

Another option is to create a backup. Suitable if you have problems, for example, with the Internet or you have not used synchronization with Google.

  • Go to Google Play, download the “Google Drive” application, launch it and log in (enter your username and password from your Google account).
  • Click in the upper left corner on the three horizontal stripes and in the drop-down menu click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Backup” and leave your phone connected to Wi-Fi and charging. The backup can take several hours. However, if your photos have already been synced with Google, then in a couple of seconds everything will be ready.
  • Turn on your new Android smartphone, select data recovery from backup and enter login / password from your Google account.
  • You can continue to customize your phone and even use it, and the data is restored in the background.

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How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

If your friends still persuaded you to “change your religion”, and to their delight you decided to leave the Android world for Apple devices, a reasonable question will arise about transferring data not just to another smartphone, but to another ecosystem. But do not worry: with our advice, you will be able to see in practice how simple and easy everything is.

  • First of all, download the Move to iOS app from Google Play, which was developed by Apple itself. The program works in tandem with the iPhone, so you need to run it when you bought and unpacked a new “iPhone”.
  • Launch this app on your Android smartphone and turn on your iPhone. The latter will offer to set it up as a new smartphone or restore it using data from another gadget. Select “Transfer data from Android” and click “Next”.
  • A six-digit code will be displayed on the iPhone screen, which will need to be entered into the Move To iOS program on an Android device.
  • Enter the code, and the program will automatically find the iPhone and start transferring data.

As a result, your Google account will be transferred with all content (contacts, calendar data, notes) and photos. Also on the “iPhone” will be installed free applications that were available on Android (if any).

The data of these applications, however, will not be transferred. however, the developers of some applications and games allow data to be copied through their own cloud.

How to Transfer Data from Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft stops developing smartphones and PCs on the current version of mobile Windows. It’s time to move somewhere. Contacts and organizer data can be transferred to your Google account, and your photos are probably already in OneDrive. Microsoft’s regular cloud service, also available on iOS and Android. If you set up a Microsoft account on a Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile smartphone and your mobile device had access to the Internet, then your data is synchronized with the Outlook web service.

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android

Modern smartphones are no longer solely a means of conversation for a long time. These devices are used to store contacts, addresses, photos, take notes, track weight, make purchases, etc. Given the importance of modern smartphones, in the process of changing this device, you will need to transfer data to the new phone.

You can use standard tools or third-party services to successfully transfer photos, contacts, addresses and apps to another Android phone. It is also possible to transfer basic information manually. Each of these options has its own pros and cons. Therefore, the choice of a suitable method should be approached with the utmost responsibility. Otherwise, there is a risk that telephones will need to be repaired in Ufa. To avoid this situation, you should adhere to the recommendations below.

Standard ways to transfer data from Android to Android

The standard way to transfer important information from one phone to another is using Google services. Using these services, you can transfer:

Transfer Data Android to Android 2021

  • list of contacts;
  • Photo and video;
  • messages;
  • applications;
  • any files stored in the smartphone’s memory;
  • search history in the mobile version of the Chrome browser.

Portability depends on the type of smartphone and the version of the Android operating system. Data transfer from Android to Android cannot be performed if it is copied from a later version to an earlier version. To use this feature, you must have a Google account. The presence of “accounting” allows you to transfer 15 GB of multimedia files to the cloud storage on Google Drive.

If the user doesn’t have an account yet, he can create one pretty quickly. To do this, you need to go to the “Accounts” section in the settings of your smartphone. Next, you need to select “Add Google Account”. After that, you must strictly follow the instructions of the Account Creation Wizard.

Next, you need to activate the backup. In most Android devices, the required section is called “Recovery and Reset”. In this section, you need to activate the backup option and select an account. To restore the copied information on a new smartphone, you must additionally activate the “auto-restore” option.

To transfer multimedia files, you need to go to the Google Drive storage and click on the “Add” button. After that, it remains only to indicate the exact path of the location of photos and videos. Uploading multimedia content to cloud storage will start automatically.

Third-party services for transferring data from Android to Android

Transferring data from phone to phone can also be performed using third-party services. Applications such as CLONEit or X-Transfer can be used for this.

X-Transfer Data Transfer

After that, you need to connect smartphones to each other via QR codes. Next, a scan of the old device will be performed, as a result of which the application will demonstrate all the data to be transferred to the new smartphone. The user only has to select the desired data and copy. The transfer lasts no more than 10 minutes.

How to transfer data manually from Android to Android

It remains to add that the days when transferring data to another phone caused huge problems are gone forever. Today, there are enough ways to keep all the necessary personal and contact information, despite the purchase of a new smartphone.