Transfer Data from Android to Android Samsung

Super backup

A good option, besides SMS, it also recovers many other important data from your device.

Phone clone

Works on many models of devices, copies: contacts, messages, calendar, notes, photos, call list.

clone phone

Allows you to transfer music, videos, photos, contacts, SMS and other data.

On the current device we do:

You must have a Google account created and connected to the device. Go to the settings, open the section with accounts and see if it has been added, if not, then do it. Go into it and set the checkboxes for all or only the necessary items to the active position. Click on sync so you don’t have to wait for it to happen automatically.

If you are using a smartphone with Android version up to 8. In the settings, open the “Restore and reset” section (it may have a slightly different name if you use a third-party launcher). And enable the data backup option in it. Add your booking account here.

Activated auto-recovery function. in automatic mode, it will set up a new phone with the specified account in the same way as the old one was configured and transfer data from the backup.

On newer OS versions starting from Android 8, go to the settings in the “System” section and then open “Additional settings”. The backup item will be here. open it and enable the function of uploading data to Google Drive, if it is not done by default. Then click on “Start copying”.


Allows you to make backup copies of messages and restore them if necessary.

Transfer Data Android to Android 2020

Via computer via USB

Connect the device to your computer, and transfer the folders with the necessary files to your PC or laptop. Then copy them back to your new phone. You can transfer in this way: music, photos and other images, downloaded data and other multimedia.

Also, almost every manufacturer of devices based on this OS has its own application that allows you to make a backup copy of the device and transfer data to a new one. For example, Samsung has Smart Switch. But there is practically no point in using them in data transfer, only if other methods do not work. It is better to use them for their intended purpose. creating a backup of the current device.

What happens if you turn off synchronization?

If you turn off sync, your computer will still have bookmarks, passwords, history, and other settings available. … After you turn off sync, you will be signed out of all other Google services, such as Gmail. Open Chrome on your computer.

How to sync Samsung phone?

How to choose what information to sync with your account

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select Accounts & Backup or Cloud & Accounts.
  • Select “Accounts”.
  • Select an account, in our example, select a Google account.
  • Select “Account Synchronization” if you have one.

How can two phones sync?

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Click Accounts. If this item is not there, click Users & Accounts.
  • If the device has multiple accounts, select the desired.
  • Click Sync Accounts.
  • A list of Google apps will open.

What does it mean to enable sync?

Synchronization is the exchange of data between browsers on your devices. For intermediate data storage, the Yandex server is used, where information is transmitted over a secure channel, and passwords are encrypted.

How to transfer all contacts from Android to Android?

The easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to Android is manually. Copy the contacts of your old Android phone to the SIM card: go to Contacts on your phone, tap Options Settings, select Import / Export Contacts and tap on the Export button. Select the SIM as the export destination. May 17, 2018.

How to transfer data from Android to Android using CLONEit

  • Install and then run apps on both phones.
  • Activate Wi-Fi. On the old phone, click on the “send” button, and on the new “accept”.
  • Wait for both Android devices to establish a connection.
  • Select the files you want to send and then the appropriate button to confirm

Transferring data to a computer

A convenient method of transferring data in case the old device is damaged. the screen is broken or the sensor does not respond.

Transferring files using a memory card

If the old and new smartphone support the installation of MicroSD cards, it is enough to transfer the information to the drive, and then install the card in the new device.

Important! Do not use this method if the Adoptable storage function was activated on your old phone.


  • Open the settings of both devices.
  • In the Bluetooth section, move the toggle to active.
  • On your old phone, prepare files for sending, select and click on the “Share” button.
  • In the new window select “Bluetooth”.
  • Activate discovery on your new device.
  • Wait on the old phone for the name of the new device to appear, and then select the device.
  • If necessary, confirm the receipt of files on the new Android smartphone.


  • Create a Mi account if you haven’t done so before. Direct link to registration page.
  • In the system settings, open the Mi account section.
  • Accept the user agreement, allow access to the service.
  • Enter login and password.
  • Check the type of data you want to save and then create a backup.

Transferring data from Android to Android via Google services

  • To create a backup, the presence of Google services and an account is required.
  • Recovery options are affected by device type and Android version. File transfer is not feasible or only partially if data is transferred from a later OS version to an earlier version. For example, from Android 7.1 to 4.1 or 5.0, etc.
  • For multimedia files, Google Drive cloud storage is used. Base disk size. 15 GB.
  • Application settings are copied to the server no more than once a day. In this case, you need to connect the Android device to the mains and Wi-Fi. Also, do not use the phone for a couple of hours. If the device is inactive for 14 days, Google will delete the app data after 60 days. The term is automatically extended when activity is resumed.
  • Backup for some applications is not supported, since the developers have not activated this option.

Creating a local backup on MIUI firmware

Local backup, does not save multimedia files: music, videos, photos, voice recorder recordings, etc.

MTP connection and screenshot

If your Android is recognized by the computer as a flash drive, you can copy files to it or vice versa to get the necessary data, then you can do this. We connect the device to the computer and take a screenshot of Android on the PC, go to the Android files, go to Pictures / Sceenshot or DCIM / Screenshot and see what is on your screen. If the screen reacts, then click where we need to, if not, then use the external keyboard or mouse, from the method indicated above.

Transfer Notes via Outlook to iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer. Launch iTunes and sync with your device.
  • In the left pane, select the Information section, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Sync with. Select the Outlook service from the suggested options.
  • Click on the Synchronize button.
  • Log into your Outlook account on your Android device to view your notes. If there are no notes, download notes via computer and transfer to Android.

Transfer Data Android to Android 2021

Synchronization error

Sometimes it happens that the proposed algorithm of actions does not give results. What to do in case of errors and sync failures?

It is enough to check that the phones are connected correctly. To do this, you will have to return to the “Mail, Calendars, Addresses” section on the iPhone. Here you need to open the data transfer settings and look at the SSL field. If port 443 is written on the line, it is recommended to use a different method of transferring contacts (which will be discussed later). Usually SSL is filled in automatically. If this did not happen, write 443 to the corresponding line and save the changes. After that, the user must follow the previously suggested instructions.

Transferring music. Import mail

When using Gmail, no additional manipulation is required. Since the information is automatically synced with your Google account. If you are using a third-party mail service, you just need to download the corresponding client on your Android smartphone and log in. Information will be automatically loaded at the first synchronization.

Importing browser bookmarks

When using Chrome or another browser, synchronization is done automatically. Therefore, it is enough to download the browser and log in to get a copy of the bookmarks. If you need to transfer bookmarks from Safari, you should use the iCloud service.

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Samsung Smart Switch 2020. Transfer ALL Your Data, FAST!

Connecting to a memory chip (Service Center)

If the Android device is in very poor condition and it is not possible to reanimate it, but you need to extract the data, then you need to find a service center that can connect to the memory chip and extract all the data.

Copying data using ADB (if you have Root)

If you have Root rights and there is USB debugging, then you can try to recover the data as follows:

  • Launching the Windows command line
  • We write the adb shell commands su cd /data/data/com.Android.providers.contacts/databases/ and look for the contacts.db or contacts2.db file.Copy this file cp contacts.db / sdcard to the phone memory using the command
  • We connect the phone as a flash drive and copy it to a computer or copy it using adb adb pull /sdcard/contacts.db
  • We open this file through the service