Track Phone Honor 7x

Sometimes a nuisance happens during which smartphones are lost or stolen. What to do in this case? In the article, we will take a detailed look at how to find Honor‘s phone if it is lost or stolen.

Track Phone Honor 7x

Activating the device remote control function

Google took care of such situations and developed a special system that allows you to remotely control your smartphone and find out its location. The search procedure is provided free of charge for all Android users. But, initially, the user must activate the option. It is recommended to do this immediately after purchase:

  • Go to the Google Play market and check for updates on installed Google services.
  • Open. Google Settings.
  • Go to the “Remote Use” section.
  • Make sure Remote Search and Remote Lock are activated. The first option will allow you to further familiarize yourself with the location of the device on the map. And the second paragraph makes it possible to block the phone from your Google account.
  • For the operation of “Remote Search”, you first need to provide access to geolocation in the “My Location” section.
  • Next, follow the link. and sign in to your account. We recommend using your Google Apps profile. The system will redirect you to the My Devices page.
  • Select the desired device.
  • The program will demonstrate the location of the phone.

If you want to erase information from the phone remotely, you need:

  1. Select the desired device.
  2. Click on “Lock Settings”.
  3. Next, “Submit.”
  4. At the top of the screen, click on the notification.
  5. Check the boxes next to all parameters and activate.

You also need to make sure that a specific option is activated:

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Select the Security Privacy tab.
  • Near “Find device”, move the slider to “On”.

How to find a Honor phone if lost

One of the most unpleasant situations is the theft of the smartphone or its loss. The chance that the person who found it will return him is minimal. But, there are several ways in which the user can find the device. Below we will consider in detail what to do in such situations.

Call to number

How to find a Honor phone if lost? You can just make a call to your mobile. Perhaps the phone is near you, and you will hear a melody, or the one who found will be a respectable person. Make an appointment with him.

Despite the chance to find the loss, there is a minus in making an outgoing call. After all, if you really dropped it in a public place, then passers-by, who do not differ in good intentions, can hear the call.

Google Account Search

The effective method is considered to be searching for a mobile account with Google. The main thing is to configure and authorize in your Google profile, as demonstrated at the beginning of the article. We’ll learn how to track a Honor 7, 8x, 9 Light, 10 smartphone or other Huawei phone model.

Track on Android site

Instructions for finding a gadget through the site:

  • Stop by.
  • Log in and select the desired device from the list.
  • The system will show the mark on the map where the phone was last located.

If a network, for example, mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, works in a lost smartphone, then you can remotely:

  1. Send a call.
  2. Lock device.
  3. Start cleaning.

Call through Google search service

You can find a Honor phone through a special function in the service. call via Google search. The advantage of a call using the presented system is that the program will maximize the volume of incoming calls. This method will increase the chance to find a smartphone if you lost it at home or nearby.

Device lock

A lost phone can also be locked through the application. Log in to your Google account on another smartphone. After selecting the desired gadget in the list, click on the appropriate item.

If you have any questions or have complaints. please let us know

Initially, it is recommended that you set a complex password so that no one can unlock it except you.

Device cleaning

The third method available in the system is data cleaning. Remember, after this procedure is performed remotely, the Google account will also be deleted on the missing phone. That is, you will lose access to it through the service. The instructions for implementation are the same. You need to enter the profile, select the device and follow the prompts of the system, choosing the appropriate item. “Cleaning”.

Alternate Search Options

There are other options for searching. But, methods are ineffective and only in rare cases can bring results. Pay attention to the sites with ads and do not forget to write a statement to the police.

Leaving your own ad with a request to return the phone to Avito or in Vkontakte groups will not always be a good decision. Indeed, on the Internet there are many scammers who will take advantage of the current situation and try to deceive. If you got a call and offered to return your mobile phone only after payment by money transfer through the terminal, then do not agree.

How to act in case of theft of the gadget?

Some are interested in the question. what if the gadget is still stolen? First go to your Google profile and block. The chance that the attacker did not turn off the phone is small, but worth a try. Then go to the police to write a statement.

What to do if the phone is switched off or there is no internet connection?

If the smartphone is not turned on and there is no network connection, then you can find it by IMEI. This is a special code with a length of 15 characters. To find out this number, dial a combination # 06 #.

The code is required to be provided to law enforcement officials who will send a request to the mobile operator for information about the SIM card. Cellular companies on satellite will find the location of the smartphone.

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