Touchscreen Controller Iphone 6s Replacement

Touchscreen Controller Iphone 6s Replacement

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone 6s and features of their repair

Repair iphone 6s. This is a complex of diagnostics and troubleshooting actions. At Royal-Service, we guarantee high quality work and the shortest possible time to restore the functions of your phone.

Replacing glass and display on iPhone 6s

This problem occurs most often because any of us in a hurry or through negligence can miss the phone. Mechanical damage is one of the main causes of broken glass and display malfunction.

If you see external defects, but the sensor is working properly. need glass replacement iPhone 6s. Our professionals will clean the iPhone from the remnants of the latter and glue a new glass.

In the case when there are image defects and the phone does not respond to commands. We are replacing the iPhone 6s display.

Sensor on iPhone 6s out of order

Have you noticed that the phone “slows down”, responds poorly to pressing and executes spontaneous commands? So, under the influence of moisture or shock, the Touch controller stopped working correctly. To fix the damage, you need to repair the touchscreen iPhone 6s replacing the chip with a new one.

Replacing the battery on iPhone 6s

Today is one of the “top” problems. It arises through the use of non-original chargers of poor quality. In this case, we offer battery replacement.

If the phone is very hot, it cannot recognize the charger or does not work without a network. the reason is the power controller. Its repair includes soldering the chip on the system board using special tools and equipment.

The Home button on the iPhone 6s does not work correctly

If you have problems with the Home button. it is being restored. To do this, experts will replace the button and cable from the button to the processor.

Sound or speaker does not work on iPhone 6s

Perhaps the most “annoying” problem, because living without communication is very difficult for us. Typically, damage occurs through dust in the housing. But possible causes could also be moisture, shock, damage to the sound chip, or software malfunctions.

We begin the repair by cleaning the phone. In case this did not help. it is necessary to change the loop itself. It all depends on the degree of pollution and the time during which the phone worked in this condition.

Network, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi not working on iPhone 6s

The phone does not see the network, but does the sim card work? So, the reason is the communication modem. By the method of accurate soldering, professionals will replace the damaged chip with a new one.

Wi-Fi malfunctions occur through the Wi-Fi module. We advise you to start solving the problem with Bluetooth with the correct flashing. If the breakdown still remains. IPhone 6s diagnostics will help determine the exact cause. Most often, these are problems on the motherboard.

Camera Issues on iPhone 6s

We all love to take beautiful photos. If you want to take a photo, but the camera does not focus, the photo programs do not work. this is a clear sign that there is a problem with something. Typically, the reasons may be:

moisture in the case;

crashes in the program.

In our service center, specialists will conduct free diagnostics and troubleshoot.

IPhone 6s won’t turn on

Do not raise a panic and say goodbye to your phone. The cause of this failure may be a system error. Try to press and hold the Home and Power button for 10 seconds. If the iPhone still does not turn on. You need the help of specialists. Failure options can be a burnt processor, a battery or a power controller, a short circuit on the system board, etc.

We will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and, after establishing the cause, we guarantee you the restoration of the iPhone 6s.