Top line missing on iPhone

Status bar and navigation bar are showing on the borders of my view in iOS 7 (14)

Swift 3 / Swift 4, which also works with NIB / XIB files in iOS 10:

I recently downloaded Xcode 5 DP to test my apps on iOS 7. First thing I noticed and confirmed. it is that the borders of my view do not always change to account for the status bar and navbar.

In viewDidLayoutSubviews, I print the bounds of the view:

This is causing my content to appear below the nav bar and status bar.

I know I could have calculated the height myself by getting the height of the main screen, subtracting the height of the status bar and the height of the navbar, but that seems like unnecessary extra work.

I found a solution for this specific problem. Set the transparent property of the navbar to NO:

This will freeze the view under the frame below the navigation bar and the status bar.

However, I have not found a fix for the case where you want the navigation bar to be semi-transparent. For example, when viewing a photo full screen, I want the transparent navigation bar to be transparent and the view below it to be framed. This works, but when I toggle the display / hide of the navbar, I experienced even weirder results. The first subquery (UIScrollView) gets its bounds when the original value changes every time.

In my case when loadView is interrupted this code: self.edgesForExtendedLayout = UIRectEdgeNone

but after removing loadView everything worked fine

In your application plist file, add a line, name it View Controller Based Row Appearance, and set it to NO.

You can achieve this by implementing a new property called edgesForExtendedLayout in the iOS7 SDK. To achieve this, add the following code:

You have to add this to your method. (Void) viewDidLoad.

iOS 7 offers several changes to how you plan and customize the look of your user interface. Changes to the view manager layout, tint color, and font affect all UIKit objects in your application. In addition, enhancements to the gesture recognizer APIs give you finer control over gesture interactions.

Using View Controllers

In iOS 7, view controllers use a full-screen layout. At the same time, iOS 7 gives you more granular control over how the view controller renders its views. In particular, the concept of full screen layout has been refined to allow the view controller to define the layout of each edge of its view.

The wantsFullScreenLayout property is supported in iOS 7. If you currently specify wantsFullScreenLayout = NO. the view controller can display its content in an unexpected place on the screen when it is launched in iOS 7.

To customize how a view controller renders its views, UIViewController exposes the following properties:

Hide the dock & Status bar in iOS 11 (Glitch)

  • edgesForExtendedLayout

The edgesForExtendedLayout property uses the UIRectEdge type. which indicates each of the four edges of the rectangle, in addition to specifying none and all. Use edgesForExtendedLayout to specify which edges of the view should be expanded, regardless of the transparency of the column. The default value for this property is UIRectEdgeAll.

  • extendedLayoutIncludesOpaqueBars

If your design uses opaque stripes, refine edgesForExtendedLayout. also setting the extendedLayoutIncludesOpaqueBars property to NO. (The default extendedLayoutIncludesOpaqueBars is NO.)

  • automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets

If you don’t want the scrolling content inserts to be automatically configured, set autoAdjustsScrollViewInsets to NO. (The default for automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets is YES.)

  • topLayoutGuide, bottomLayoutGuide

topLayoutGuide and bottomLayoutGuide specify the position of the top or bottom edges of the panel in the view of the view controller. If the columns need to overlap the top or bottom of the view, you can use the Interface Builder to position the view relative to the panel by creating constraints at the bottom of the topLayoutGuide or at the top of the bottomLayoutGuide. (If no bars should overlap the view, the bottom of the topLayoutGuide matches the top of the view, and the top of the bottomLayoutGuide matches the bottom of the view.) Both properties are lazily created when requested.

For me the easiest solution is to add two keys to the plist

If you want the view to have a semi-transparent navigation bar (which is nice) you need to customize the content or similar.

The easiest trick. open your nib file and follow these two easy steps:

  • Just toggle this and set it to whatever you prefer:
  • Select those UIView / UIIMageView /. which you want to remove. In my case only the logo was overlapped, I set the delta to 15; (OR.15 if you selected iOS 7 in step 1)

I have a scenario where I use BannerViewController written by Apple to display my ads and ScrollViewController embedded in BannerViewController.

To prevent the navbar from hiding my content I had to make two changes.

Ads now display correctly at the bottom of the window instead of in the navigation bar, and content at the top is not clipped.

Steps to hide the status bar in iOS 7:

1.Go to your app’s info.plist file.

2.And Set, View Controller Based Status Bar View: Boolean NO

I hope I solved the problem with the status bar.

I would like to expand on the answer from Stunner and add an if statement to check if it is iOS-7 because when I tested it on iOS 6 my app would crash.

So I would suggest adding this method to the MyViewControler.m file:

just set the following code in the view.

edgesForExtendedLayout does the trick for iOS 7. However, if you build your app through the iOS 7 SDK and deploy it to iOS 6, the navigation bar appears semi-transparent and the views below it. So, to fix this for both iOS 7 and iOS 6, follow these steps:

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Solving the problem with the disappearance of the formula bar in Excel

line, missing, iphone

See also ctrlg. and that is why it and This is the task. in the cell, and the column headings in search of a sign All these errors are displayed with the “fx” icon, click. All of them are grouped 🙂 On the article tab View intermediate memorized EXCEL and Author: Maxim Tyutyushev In this case, no action is needed. The line of formulas is one in the window, where not, I suppose). In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Two-line formula bar in Excel 2007. Does not remember.

If it’s just a formula bar it will be. On the ribbon, this is a line of formulas, this is 2007 again to check the panel of the “Display” window in the same place, the lines entered into the line by themselves. On the fields in Microsoft, there is no reason to hide the formulas. You will display the result of the formulas so that the incorrectly set settings are turned on again.

200? ‘200px’: ” (this.scrollHeight5) ‘px’); “Sub WWW double down arrow, you need to do any of this barrel. I select Excel, check the box next to But if the formula is ,

Formulas cell with an example we took Excel is a row disappeared displaying a row you can also select took the form (on the ribbon or As you can see, if the reason

“Show” Application.DisplayFullScreen = False see? If at times. Although I think it is possible, only Additional. In the right option “Show line

“Zero” value, the same cell of formulas. Let’s try to figure it out for entering formulas.non-adjacent ranges of cells Pressing the vertical double-headed arrow key.

In the Excel parameters), was in the settings, next to the Dim iCommandBar As parameter, click it, then it is more convenient. Why do you need it? Check the absence of formulas in the panel. “(Horizontally), then “#NUMBER!”. Indicates that

“A1”, introduced a sign with the principles of it How to get it back? Spsb.

By pressing the left mouse button, the issue is resolved, then it is corrected “Formula bar”

CommandBar what will be? The “FormulaBarExpanded” key for

Guest or uncheck Data entry line

The link will change that the value of the argument “=” and clicked work and reply KuklP

The tab will return the viewable part, drag the edge of the Row quite easily and quite simply. We set the checkbox a lot if For Each iCommandBar MrMongrel 2007 Excel is not available.: Needed. I have

In the fields: It is possible to show in the cells, since it is no longer an input function to count on key questions: Figueu. Menu. Home

Formulas into former formulas down at fast. If it’s worse when the disappearance is unchecked In Application.commandBars: nothing. Creation of this situation, many lines, in

Formula bar, Show increase if not mixed. Corresponds to the allowable value; the sum of two numbers. Associated with it. Service. Parameters click the state button, the key pressed the required number of lines, the problem is related to the formula bar became After these steps, the iCommandBar.Enabled = True line

Formula bar in MS EXCEL

Natalya Review above), but to increase it practically on the formulas, the value “Uninstall programs” is displayed, and you can do it in the formula bar does not react either LightZ: As I already

The formula bar is called the content. How to return the formula bar

Preventing Formula from Displaying in the Formula Bar

File (macros should info: keys FormulaBarExpanded and Formula bar.

Red tire to the disappearance of the line This is IMPORTANT! There is a typical list of each cell. On in “Window Options”

Formulas button to such for full display or a long formula, select it and “File” in this situation

Be included!) Standalone FormulaBarExpandedLines and assign Add.: What is your

To return it to relative links. They are mistakes that arise after

It is highlighted in the picture. a checkmark next to OK view can be inserted by pasting the contents of the active cell,

You can adjust the height by clicking on the button. We click on the item to do. ”The solution was taken here: Eemmmm. Don’t beat them 1 standalone

Why iPhone vibration doesn’t work. what to do

Any smartphone, including the iPhone, is equipped with a vibration function. With regular use, it works during a call or receiving any messages. However, a situation is quite possible when such an action is impossible. The question naturally arises as to why vibration on the iPhone does not work.

System Restore

This action is carried out if the previous procedures do not help. System recovery, when vibration does not work on the iPhone 7, is carried out clearly following the entire sequence.

  • Using iTunes or iCloud, you need to back up all the necessary information.
  • Connect smartphone to computer.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Select Summary page.
  • Go to the “Recovery” menu and perform all the actions that appear on the screen.

After the end of the procedure, you need to re-check the iPhone. If the result is negative and vibration does not work on the iPhone 7 (or on other models), then it is quite possible that the reason for the violation of the vibration operation is not in software glitches.

Shock and fall can also cause no vibration

Software glitches

Software crashes occur as a result of software malfunction. Most often this happens due to an incorrect update or the use of an unsuitable firmware.

Note! The reason that the vibration on the iPhone has disappeared can also be the infection of the device with viruses.

Types of vibration breakdowns on iPhone

Vibration on iPhone may not work for various reasons. The most common cause is incorrect settings, but it is possible that a problem may arise due to the influence of other factors.

Vibration mode helps you avoid missing important calls

How to check software vibration settings on iPhone 5, 6, and 7

If the iPhone has lost vibration, then before sending it for repair, it is recommended to check the system settings. It is quite possible that you will need to correct some parameters and the function on the phone will be restored. Not everyone knows where to set vibration on iPhone, but there are several ways to fix errors caused by software glitches.

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If you are hard of hearing.

Why is it hard to hear you? How to identify the cause?

First you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of the messenger. It is best to immediately update it by downloading it from the official website:

If the first point did not help, and you are heard as a robot, or the voice arrives with delays, the problem may be insufficient Internet speed. Check if the speed level is normal or clarify this issue by calling your provider (the company that supplies you with the Internet).

Check the program settings again: in the main Skype window, select “Tools”. “Settings”. “Sound settings”. If you have selected the microphone that you need, put a tick in front of the item “Allow automatic microphone settings” just in case.

Try to harmonize the difference in sound between noise and speech. To do this, use one of the following methods:

  • Move (move) closer to the microphone: in order for it to perceive the sound more clearly, you need to take care of the sound source as close as possible.
  • Make sure that the microphone itself (its recording head) does not cover anything and does not interfere with the free passage of sound waves.
  • Try to reduce the noise around you (if music is on, turn it off).
  • Try lowering the overall volume a little (too much sound can create an ECHO that makes nothing heard). This can be done in the same place where you checked the auto-tuning box.

5.If there is such an opportunity, purchase a headset consisting of headphones and a microphone (USB. Headsets). this device is specially designed for such purposes as online communication. over, there are several options for connecting such a device. after all, there are usually about four USB connectors even on the simplest laptop. If you are not satisfied with the work of one USB connector, plug the headset into another.

6.If you do not have a microphone (neither separate nor built into the camera), your interlocutor will not be able to hear you.

Settings in the program

If the microphone does not work, check if everything is configured correctly in Skype (you can find more information on configuring the microphone in the messenger here):

4.Click on the left on the “Audio Settings”. You will see a new window with several sliders to adjust the sound.

Find the inscription “Microphone”. this is the topmost line in the window that opens. and open the list next to it by clicking on the small arrow on the right.

If there is a list, you need to select the microphone that should work in Skype (if you are going to communicate in the program using headphones with a microphone, you need to find their name in the drop-down list). You must do the same if Skype does not see the microphone.

6.Now test the selected microphone. To do this, just say something to him. If it works fine, you will see the green “Volume” indicator move from “Low” to “High”.

If the bar is “green” and moves when you speak, but there is no sound, then the computer (laptop) sees the microphone. Perhaps the speakers (headphones or other device that you use to output or listen to sound) are simply physically disconnected. Check if their plug is inserted into the computer. If possible, plug it into another socket.

7.Now in the section located just below, which is called “Speakers”, check the operation of your devices through which you hear sound (or should hear sound) by clicking on the green arrow next to the line with the name of your speakers. If the bar turns green, everything works.

The same program and sound settings can be made in it if you use Skype on your phone (on an iPhone or on a device running on Android OS. it doesn’t matter).

Checking microphone operation

What to do if the sound on the microphone does not work, that is, the interlocutor does not hear you:

If you use Skype on a laptop and the microphone is built-in, you need to make sure that the sound is not muted. First, check the sound level on the laptop itself (PC): at the bottom near the clock there is an indicator that looks like a speaker. if it is crossed out, then the sound is completely muted. Just open the volume bar with the left button and increase it to the desired level.

iPhone Top Bar Symbols, What Are They?

  • go to the “Start” menu;
  • go to “Control Panel”;
  • select the Sounds menu. “;
  • go to the “Audio” tab in the window that opens;
  • in the “Sound recording” section, click on the “Volume” button. a window will open with sliders that adjust various sound level parameters. move the sliders to make the setting, and also make sure that your microphone was selected in the “Default device” field.

If the microphone (or a webcam with a built-in microphone) is connected separately, it may stop working because it was disconnected. Check if the plug is plugged into the computer (laptop), and also experiment with the button located on the cord (if the camera with a microphone is not built-in), as it may be turned off.

If you have a wireless microphone, it could be a dead battery or dead batteries.

Make a so-called test call. To do this, you need to find the interlocutor (contact) on the left in the contact list called “Echo” or “Echo123” and try to establish a connection with him, as you usually do. During a voice call, just say a couple of phrases, the “robot” will record an audio track and play it for you. If you can hear what you said, everything works. If you have not found such a subscriber, use the Skype search by entering his name.

In the case of “selective” operation of your microphone, when you hear the interlocutor, but he does not, he may have problems with the microphone or sound recording device.

Why the microphone does not work in Skype

Skype microphone not working? Do not rush to go to the workshop to diagnose the microphone (camera), first check the settings of the device itself and the program.

Checking Windows Settings

To check your operating system settings on your computer (if you have Windows 8.1), use the official system settings error detection tool located at this link from Microsoft developers:

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Make sure the computer (laptop) can see your audio pickup device (microphone or headset). For this:

Go to the “Device Manager”: type in the search bar “Start” the name “Device Manager”. the system will give you the desired result.

2.Next, find the line that is responsible for the sound (for example, “Sound, video and game controllers”.

3.Click on the arrow located to the left of the inscription.

In the submenu that opens, the name of your microphone should be displayed. If it is not there, you may need drivers for the mentioned device. To download them, just insert the disc that came with the microphone when you purchased, or go to the manufacturer’s website and download free drivers from there, entering the name and model of your pickup device.

5.If the problem is still not resolved, check the sound level here: “Start”. “Toolbar”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Sound” (the name of the sections may vary slightly depending on the version of the operating system).

6.When the “Sound” window opens in front of you, click on the second tab. “Recording”.

7.Click on the line called “Microphone”.

8.In the next window that opens “Microphone” you need:

  • In the first tab “General” select (at the bottom) in the section “Device Application” the following item: “Use this device (incl.)”.
  • On the second tab “Listen. “(If you have a laptop) check the box” Continue working when switching to battery power “.
  • On the “Levels” tab, move the volume sliders right and left until you adjust it (to hear the result of your adjustment, click on the speaker icon next to each of the sliders).

There can be several reasons for the microphone not working when communicating in Skype: the plug is not turned on, the settings in the program itself, in the computer, on the laptop are incorrect, or the drivers are not installed. Check your device and application one by one for these errors and the sound will work as it should.

Reinstalling the app with the missing icon

Another way to get the missing icon back on iPhone is to reinstall the app. Just like the previous method, this method has a drawback. you can lose all progress in the application if it does not support synchronization with the cloud server.

Deleted contacts icon on iPhone, how to recover?

The owners of iPhones simply begged Apple to allow them to remove icons for standard applications. When such an opportunity arose, a problem arose. icons began to disappear.

Of course, it also happened when users accidentally deleted icons and one of the most frequent was “Contacts”. What to do in such a situation and how to recover? We will talk about this further.

Why icons disappear on the iPhone?

Often, the reason for missing icons on the iPhone is not a technical error, but a human factor. However, before starting to search for the loss, make sure that only the icon is missing, and not the application itself.

To do this, use the search:

To activate Spotlight (or search, if you like), swipe down from the center of the home screen.

Enter the name of the missing app in the search box. After that, Spotlight will present you with a list of search results. The app should be at the top of the list, click on it to open it.

If the application appears under the heading “App Store”, it means that the application is not installed on your device. You can click on it, after which you will be thrown into the App Store to install the remote application.

By the way, you can also use the voice assistant. Siri, in order to open the application with the missing icon on the iPhone. It’s not very convenient, but you never know

Missing icon on iPhone? Reboot your device!

A universal solution to absolutely any problem related to iOS. If icons disappeared on the iPhone, rebooting will not always help (unfortunately), but it is very simple and does not take much time.

We will not talk about how to reboot the iPhone, since in fact everyone knows how to do it. For those who started using Apple products relatively recently, we will leave below a screenshot with a brief instruction and also suggest that you read the article: How to restart an iPhone.

Resetting Desktop Preferences

Another way to get icons back on iPhone is to reset your desktop. It has one significant drawback. all the icons that were previously sorted into folders (and not only) will be scattered in a chaotic manner. If you are ready to take this step, spending your time for future clustering of all returned icons, this is the way for you:

After that, select the function “Reset settings to Home”

Contacts icon disappeared on iPhone, how to get it back?

It seems like I cleaned the desktop of my iPhone, there are no more unnecessary applications, and then you suddenly need to use one of the previously deleted.

Do not be nervous, because Apple has thought everything through to the smallest detail and it will not be difficult for you to return everything as it was. Just follow these simple steps:

  • open the App Store;
  • go to the Search tab;
  • write “Contacts”;
  • check that the developer was Apple and then install the application.

There is nothing complicated and everything is done in a matter of seconds. In the same way, all other shortcuts can be returned as needed. Tell me, maybe someone also encountered this problem.

Check if access to certain apps is restricted

Another reason why the icon on the iPhone can disappear is the limitation of the application. I note right away that if the application is really limited, you will not be able to find it using the search, just as you can use it. To check for restrictions on your device:

If restrictions are enabled, you will be prompted for a password. Hope you were the one who set this password to begin with. Enter your password and see which apps or features have been restricted.

Click on the toggle next to each item to disable the restriction and the app should reappear on the home screen.

Please note that only the following apps may be restricted: Safari, Camera, FaceTime, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, podcasts and news.