Tik tok enter the computer. Online without downloading

How to enter the TIC current through a computer online

The mobile application Tik Tok has already been using more than 500 million. human. Not everyone heard about this Chinese service, but perhaps his other name was hearing. It was previously called Douyin. For various reasons, many users prefer to install such programs on computers and laptops. It is impossible to do this directly, t. to. The application is focused on mobile platforms. Therefore, various Android emulators are used. And today we will consider how to enter the social network TIK current via PC online, and which tools will help in this.

Tik Tok is a social network that at the time when it was called Douyin could be compared with Vine. The mobile application very quickly became popular in Asian countries and its creators decided to expand the distribution zone. They renamed the social network into TIK TOK and launched it in the App Store and Google Play stores, but without the possibility of entering PC.

The Chinese decided to seriously take up their product and easily eliminated a serious competitor in the world market. the Musical service.Ly. The creators of the new application did not engage in the self.development of their brainchild, but simply bought at the end of 2017 a rival company for 1 billion. And already in August the next united it with Tik Tok. In the new product, the Musical service integration is saved.LY with small changes.

The new Chinese social network was intended mainly for adolescents and quickly gained popularity thanks to bloggers. Having registered in it, it is possible to record music clips without special equipment without special equipment. Of course, it is more convenient to use social networks through a mobile device, but the application also starts on the computer using the NOX and BlueStacks and BlueStacks, which we will consider further. It is possible to install other emulators, but the above are the most popular.

In addition to recording short.term videos, TIK current provides the opportunity to conduct a full.fledged account, monitor the creativity of famous bloggers and other users of social networks.

How to start a tick current through Nox App Player on a computer

Recently, it became possible to log in in the musical application of TIC current through a personal computer in virtual mode. For this, a special form is used on the official website of the program.

If for certain reasons this cannot be done, then the Android emulator is installed and then the entrance to Tik Tok is executed from its PC. Most likely, difficulties using social networks through the official site are related to the fact that the developers are engaged in improving the online client.

Emulators allow using mobile applications on computers. After all, directly from the App Store or Google Play, a program designed for smartphones or tablets cannot be installed.

Consider how to install, for example, NOX App Player:

  • We are looking through the search line in any computer browser how to download this emulator on a computer.
  • Select the latest version and install.
  • After the end of the process, we go through the emulator in the Play Market and look for Tik Tok.
  • We install it as usual with other applications for a mobile device.
  • Now we launch the installed program on the computer. The menu resembles the Instagram integse and intuitively clear.
  • To continue work, you need to register an account via mail or phone number or execute input using social networks online.
  • Tick ​​current will ask for permission to access personal data and after that will allow you to enter the account.

The official account provides access to all applications.

Step.by.step instructions for various devices

You can view the materials of the social network Tik Tok without downloading and authorizing from a mobile phone, tablet, computer and laptop. However, it is worth noting that the media platform is adapted only to smartphones. Therefore, we recommend that you view the videos on mobile devices.

Instructions for phones. You can view a ticktot on a smartphone through a browser and application. First, consider how to use a social network without downloading and authorization through a browser:

  • Open the main page of the social network Tiktok.com. A random video will appear in the window that opens, which is currently included in the list of “recommended”.
  • To go to the next video, scroll down the tape down.
  • Do not want to watch everything in a row? Then click on the icon with the image of a magnifying glass and use the search engine. You can switch to pages of different people, view the materials on hashtags or content with a certain melody.
  • You can also send videos to friends. To send a link to the video, press the arrow icon and select one of the available methods of sending.
  • If you want to change the language of the intense? Then open the menu by clicking on the button in the form of three lines in the upper left corner, scroll at the opening page at the very bottom and select the desired tongue.

If you want to have access to a larger number of functions without authorization, then you still have to download the application. As in the case of the site, you can view the tape of the recommended content and look for the necessary videos through the “Interesting” section. The difference is that now you can not only send your friends to your friends, but also save to your device. In addition, there is an opportunity to record and edit the video, both your own and someone else’s. True, it will not work to publish it without creating a personal profile.

This instruction is also applicable to tablets.

Instructions for computers. recently, to visit Tiktok without authorization on PC, users had to use various emulators. Fortunately, today you can watch videos in any browser. To do this, follow the step.by.step instructions:

  • Put into the search line the address of the main page of the social network Tiktok.com. A tape of recommended content will appear in the window that opens.
  • Without authorization, you can watch random videos and send them.
  • Unfortunately, the search for accounts is available only by name. Therefore, if you want to find a particular tiktoker, then enter his nickname.
  • To change the tongue, click on the button in the upper right corner and select the “Languages” section.

This instruction is also applicable to laptops.

If you want to have a maximum of capabilities in the TIC current, but do not want to register, then just download a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet. Of course, without an account, in any case, you cannot like likes, add rollers to favorites, communicate with other people, post and delete your own videos. But it will be convenient for you to look for interesting content, as well as download it to your device. If you don’t want to install the application, then see the content through the browser.

On March 6, it became known that Tiktok will suspend the spread of new content and maintaining direct broadcasts in the territory is only a partial limitation of functions, and not blocking the service, so everyone can continue to use social networks, having limited opportunities. The company promises to resume a full package of services as soon as such an opportunity arises.

What can you see without downloading the tick current

The following functions are available for users who are not authorized in tick:


enter, computer, online, downloading
  • The ability to use the section is interesting. to look for tags, scan tikcode;
  • On the main page you can watch the most popular videos;

Many people of such functionality will be quite enough to use TIC current. No need to register and log in in the application, unlike the same Instagram.

It is a pity that the developers did not make it possible to use the social network in the browser without downloading it to their phone.

Why is it worth downloading?

Download and use. Of course, not everyone will record their dancing and upload, but others are interested in how many people are dancing and fooling around. This is probably why the new social network has gained such popularity. According to the Apple rating, recently, the application was included in the ten most popular in free iPhone applications:

  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Instagram
  • “Sberbank Online
  • Telegram Messenger
  • YouTube
  • In contact with
  • Yandex.Taxi
  • FaceApp
  • Avito: Ads
  • Tiktok

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How to launch a full version of Tiktok on a computer

Another option to open this social network on PC is to adapt a mobile application through an emulator. The finished version will not work, so certain knowledge will be required in the device of some software.

To get the opportunity to enter the account and interact with it, you will need to adapt a mobile application under PC.

Download special software and take care of safety: install the antivirus and check all installation files for the presence of malware, which can harm the system or steal personal data.

enter, computer, online, downloading

    Install an emulator interacting with Android (for example, Noxplayer or Bluestacks, load them only through proven links).

After these actions, the application will be displayed in the emulator window with the usual functionality. The computer does not affect the interaction with Tiktok: the system can read the code and simply displays the same thing, but through the software.

Why do not download the computer version of “Tiktoka

The only possible option to download the official Tiktok on PC is to install an emulator with which to adapt the application to Windows or other operating system. If there are proposals on the Web download “Ready Tiktok”, most likely this is fraud, and software contains malicious code.

Dubious programs can offer the user to log in: do not do this so as not to transfer your personal data to the hands of scammers.

To avoid serious consequences, always install an antivirus that protects the operating system, and do not download files on doubtful links that are not confirmed by the official developers of the social network.

Nastya and Watermelon with a fictional story for kids

The computer version of Tiktoka is a convenient function for those who do not need to use all the functionality of the social network. For example, this option of interaction with Tiktok does not occupy a phone when Android is needed for important calls, and sometimes does not discharge such a valuable battery, and the window with the site can always be left to work in the background, if you need to be distracted.

However, for the full use of the application, a classic mobile option will still be required, t. to. The developers made the main emphasis on him.

How to add video to tick through browser

Downloading video into tick current from a computer is problematic, but you can try. To make loading it is necessary:

  • Enter the official website of the program. If such an action cannot be performed, then you can download and start the Android emulator, and then use the store to download the application.
  • If the application has already been installed, then you need to enter and log in, and then click on the “” button “.
  • Go to the gallery located in the lower right corner.

The most difficult is the installation of the editor itself.

Which videos are prohibited to upload

Before you download the video, you should understand which content is allowed to download. If you post a video that does not meet the requirements, then you can get to the ban. They can block the following videos:

  • content associated with a terrorist orientation, their promotion and promotion;
  • video containing dangerous actions or motivation for them;
  • unreasonable aggressive behavior;
  • spread of things that are prohibited on sale on the territory
  • Propaganda of gambling.

How to publish a video from a draft

Not all TIK current users know that the video can be saved in a draft, and then upload them to the network. You can perform such actions as follows:

  • Dials can only view account users;
  • On the left in the lower corner is the signature “Draft”. You need to click on it to open draft notes;
  • click on the desired publication;
  • It remains only to click on the publishing button and the video will appear in the overall access.

TIK current Chinese network gaining rapidly popularity. Many are registered on the network to earn extra money by constant viewing by users of personal videos. To effectively promote the video, you need to be well familiar with the integration and platform capabilities. And also understand the functionality of the application. Additionally, you need to consider the utility, interestingness of clips.

Where to download and how to install

First you should figure out how exactly it is planned to work with the application. There are 3 different options:

Unfortunately, there is no “adult” version. Therefore, you will have to be content with the work in the mobile application of the Tiktok or use one of the proposed solutions.

Each case requires its own algorithm. To install a mobile tiktok, you must go to the official website of the developer or Play Market (in the case of using the device with Android), respectively, the App-Store for iOS. We load, install, enjoy.

To go to the Tiktok on PC, you can use any browser. To do this, you need to get to the page of the social network https: // www.Tiktok.com/ru/. Next, the transition on the tabs is performed. In the upper left corner is the main menu button, by pressing it you can go to the sections “for you”, “Interesting”, “News”. For full use of the application, an active account is required. Or it is permissible to do even easier: immediately press the “look” button (upper right angle).

Finally, by installing the emulator, users get the opportunity to work on PC exactly like on a mobile version. The installation of a tiktok itself is simple and will not cause difficulties. First, download some Android emulator. For example, andy. In addition to “Andy”, it is permissible to use any of these programs: Memu, Appatize, Bluestacks, Xamarin Testflight, Nox App Player and Mobione (for iOS). They are practically identical in functionality, easy to install, use.

Registration and entrance to the ticktock through a computer

In order to fully use the advantages of Tiktok on a laptop, PC, you need to enter the previously created account. Or register in the application. Depending on the goals set, you can go to the social network website online or install the program on a computer. It is recommended to use the emulator. This is an almost complete alternative to the mobile version.

Working with Andy emulator

First you need to go to the official website of the developer, https: // www.Andyroid.net, and download the installation file. The advantage of “Andy” over others is that it is suitable for all existing platforms, including Windows, MacOS.

When the emulator is loaded, you should start the program. The starting window is very similar to the “native” desktop Android.

Next, you need to go to Play Market, install a tickto. Before contacting the Play market, authorization in the Google Account. If it is not, you should create a new.

We load the ticktok, the installation is automatically. There should not be difficulties here. After authorization in the application, you can fully use the agent: not only to watch, but also create your own videos. For the normal operation of the emulator, restrictions on the requirements for the system are established:

  • AMD or Intel 2-core (or more powerful).
  • Support for virtualization.
  • The amount of RAM. at least 3 gigabytes.
  • Free space on a hard drive. 10 gigabytes.
  • Video accelerator supporting the OpenGL library version 2.1 and above.
  • Windows 7, 8 operating system.1, Ubuntu from 14 and above, OSX 10.8 and above.

Then your pleasure by viewing, creativity (after all, at the same time you can create your own videos) nothing will hurt. After installation, we work with a tiktok as usual. The advantages of such a step are obvious: using a large screen, a full.sized keyboard is more convenient. And the battery of your favorite smartphone will save the charge longer.

If there is no desire to load the tickte (problems with the installation of an emulator, there is not enough space on the hard drive), there is always the opportunity to get to the page in the browser without downloading the application. The advantages of this option are unconditional. you can quickly go without downloading, watch fresh videos. And the disadvantages are in limited functionality: you can not read, leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the rollers.

How to enter the Tiktok with PC

Popular Chinese online site attracts a large number of users. The application for smartphones has been developed, but you can use the program on the computer.

Web version

You can see what is on the site of the new one through the official website in Russian. Type in the search line of any browser Tiktok.COM, and you will open direct access to the web version. To visit your office, click the “Enter” button in the upper right corner.

  • According to a QR code. In the mobile application, find “interesting” and click on the scan button. Pull the camera on the QR code shown on the computer. Confirm in the Tick-Toke entrance on your smartphone.
  • Using a phone (e.mail or by name of the user). Select the country’s code and enter the mobile number (email or nickname). Indicate the password or send a confirmation code. Simplet the captcha.
  • Through VK. To do this, you need your profiles to be connected. Enter your own account in the application. Click the “Change profile” button. Indicate your login and password from the social network.
  • By Google, Apple. If you have an account on these resources, then your actions are similar to the previous.

Using any entry option, you will get access to your page. Click on the proposal of “watch the profile” in the upper right corner. Now you can add a video and view the tape.

Appendix for a computer

The developers have not yet resolved the issue of the computer version of Tiktok, so do not trust the offers on the Internet, which are covered by an official source.

Invasiveness can lead not only to the loss of the account, but also to problems with the operating system of the device.

Mobile app

To create a virtual Android environment on a computer or laptop, you need to install an emulator.

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But resource.intensive programs will not work on a weak device.

  • The operating system-Microsoft Window is not lower than the 7th version;
  • processor. dual.core AMD or Intel;
  • HDD. 5GB free space;
  • RAM. at least 2GB.

The most popular free emulators are BlueStacks and Nox Player. They do not differ from each other in terms of installation.

Go to the official website of one of the programs and press the download button.


Tiktok is available on the computer and thanks to Google Chrome. This extension improves the appearance of the web version, making the application similar to mobile. Although search, subscriptions and recommendations appear on the main page, the functionality of the system does not change. You cannot leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев and use the “Search” line.

Is it possible to watch a video in Tiktok without registration, and how to do it

The social site “Tiktok” is very democratic.

TIK current allows you to look for an account of the author without registration.

If for some reason the user does not want to leave his data, he can still:

You can get acquainted with new videos without registration on a mobile phone and PC:

When installing the application, it is not required to undergo mandatory authorization.

To watch the video, click on the point “Home”, then contact the “recommend” section.

Web version does not have more functionality. Just press the “watch” key.

How to go into profile if you forgot the password

For entering the account, the password is required, but the developers left users a small loophole. How to enter the TIK current account if you forgot the password:

  • Turn to other social networks. This will work only if the AKK was tied to a third.party service. You need to find it among the authorization proposed on the page and restore access.
  • For many, the second option will be more preferable. to remember the phone number, mail or at least the user name.

Enter the phone is easy. The code will come to the entered number, after the user will be able to get into his profile.

When entering through the mail, you will need to click on the button “Forgot the password?”, Which is located right under the second line.

How to go to the account if it was blocked

Developers with special attention monitor compliance with the rules of service. All dubious tick current accounts and users that violate the user agreement will inevitably wait for blocking. Under the “arrest” fall:

  • spamers;
  • scammers;
  • plagiators;
  • users creating illegal content;
  • Tickcraries inciting hatred in the community.

If the participant in the system receives a ban, then he loses the account forever. Everything that the user can see is red message containing information about the reasons for the blocking. The blocked profile will not be returned, so immediately read the service rules to avoid sad experience.

Now you understand how to go to the old account tick current. PC versions of the application definitely have disadvantages, but still it is better than nothing.

How to enter the application using a computer

It should immediately be noted here. the application of the social network Tik Tok was not created for computers. It was focused on mobile devices. In other words, for the computer, the developers of this have not yet done anything. Therefore, the only normal option would be to use a specialized android operating system emulator program.

One of these emulators beloved by users is Bluestacks. There are more flexible settings, the ability to change the expansion and version of the operating system. To launch the tickts on the computer, you must do the following:

  • Install Bluestacks latest version.
  • Run the emulator and enter it in Play Market using your current profile on the phone.
  • Find the Tiktok application there and install.
  • After that, it remains only to start it and start using it.

An important point: Users note that the application is far from always working normally, since it was created for mobile devices without any hints of installation or emulation for working at the computer. Therefore, if stability and quality of work are needed, it is better to use the phone.

From all this, we can conclude that in the world very imperceptibly for many states has its own small social network, designed for fans of small videos with a musical background path.

At the same time, the popularity of this application is how high is that users, without even installing it, are already familiar with the creations of its users. And in order to use the program it was easier, you can install it on your computer.