This Device Is Locked Xiaomi What To Do

On the network you can find many custom firmware on various devices. Some can be installed without problems, others cause errors, because the device is protected or for other reasons. When installing unofficial firmware on a Xiaomi smartphone, users are faced with the message This device is locked, how to unlock it and install the necessary software. read on in the article.

This Device Is Locked Xiaomi What To Do

Message on Xiaomi smartphone This device is locked Xiaomi

Check if the bootloader is locked

There are several options for checking Bootloader status. The following verification method works for Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3, for the rest you need to verify it yourself.

    Open your device’s settings.

Xiaomi device settings

  • Lower the list to the very bottom and find the line “About the device”.
  • The “Core” item must be clicked quickly several times.
  • A menu will open before you, select “Software version”.
  • Here, look for the item “Fastboot lock state”, open it and find the status of the bootloader. Lock means that the bootloader is locked, unlock. respectively, unlocked.
  • The following instructions for checking the status of the smartphone will be determined on Windows. Your mobile device must be in fastboot mode. You need to press 2 buttons at once. the power button and the lower volume (decrease) on the phone. Further:

    • connect the device to a PC using a USB cable;
    • on the computer, call the input line by pressing WINR;
    • enter “cmd” here;
    • at the command prompt that opens, type “adb” and ENTER.
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    With the bootloader locked, you will see the status: Device unlocked: false. When it is unlocked, the status will change to true.

    Get permission to unlock Xiaomi

    With the message This device is locked Xiaomi, we need to get permission to unlock. To do this, go to, here you need to select one button, there are no more links in this window. The page should appear in English, if the text is in Chinese, follow the instructions below:

      in the next window, enter your data. password and email address;

    Logging into the Xiaomi website in some cases for users opens immediately the download page of the program we need, in other cases the site offers to fill out a form. enter your name in it;

    Data entry on the site

  • indicate your country;
  • enter mobile number;
  • write the reason why you need to unlock your smartphone.
  • Enter the reason here in Chinese, for this, use the Google translator at You need to indicate your model, and also write that you need to unlock the smartphone to install the firmware in Russian. Now check the box that you agree to the terms of use of the program and press the confirmation button. You should receive an SMS message in which there will be a code, enter it in the appropriate field on the website and select the “Next” button.

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    A window will open in front of you, containing the text in Chinese stating that the application was successfully created and sent. The processing time sometimes reaches one week. You need to periodically go to the site and check the status of the application. Usually, an SMS arrives when your application is moderated, but it may not be. When you have permission, you need to download the program. This can be done at

    Unlock Xiaomi device from This device is locked

    Now the program needs to be placed in the device’s memory. Then open the item “Update, go to the menu, select” Select file “and specify the program that you placed on the device. It is better to copy this file and other important data, since all the device’s memory will be erased after installing the firmware.

    1. Turn off your device as follows: simultaneously press the power and volume buttons until Fastboot mode appears.
    2. Connect the smartphone to the computer via USB.
    3. Run the downloaded Mi Flash Unlock utility, confirm that you accept all responsibility for the installed firmware.
    4. In the next window, enter the registration information on the site (or Mi account). password and identifier (ID).
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    Login to Mi account

  • To log in, click the green button to enter.
  • In the next window you should see the inscription. “The device is connected”, then select “Unlock” and wait for the process to complete.
  • Now you have the opportunity to install Root rights for your device, change firmware, install updates using Mi Flash, since the bootloader is unlocked. To make this clear, you can open the bootloader status window, as we did above. You should see: device locked: true. Now we know for sure that the protection is removed for any further manipulations with the smartphone, and you will no longer see This device is locked messages in Xiaomi. But be careful with third-party firmware, you must choose them carefully, otherwise you can get a lifeless “brick” from a working device.