The TV spontaneously turns on the causes of samsung. Failure of power supply

What to do if the TV turns on and is spontaneously off

TV with LCD displays sometimes prone to spontaneous disconnection. To figure out why the TV turns on and immediately turns off, the cause of the problem should be identified. It may consist in internal breakdown, incorrect settings or the effects of negative factors.

spontaneously, turns, causes, samsung

Some TVs react to extraneous radiation if there are devices with an infrared port nearby (old mobile phones or laptops). Sometimes they can even respond to a signal from a neighboring apartment if they use a similar TV model there.

Often the reason is a violation of the rules of use and the effect of the human factor when the technique was damaged or falling. The body of the liquid crystal screen has increased fragility, therefore it requires neat circulation. There are times when pets gnaw out wires, or a rosette or remote.

Broken remote control

Often such a breakdown is associated with non.working buttons on the remote control remote control. If the keys were damaged or locked, a spontaneous shutdown of the TV occurs.

First of all, it is necessary to check the batteries inserted into the inner compartment of the remote control. If the charge is left, then the PDU is able to distribute chaotic signals that the TV perceives as a command to turn off.

It is also recommended to inspect the power button on the remote control and the television receiver itself. If she is stuck or sinks, this explains the independent shutdown of the TV. You can disassemble the remote control and clean the microcircuit from the dirt. If the problem is not fixed, you have to buy a new remote control.

Sleeping mode

Most TVs have a timer. If you configure the planned shutdown, TV will begin to go into sleep mode after a given period of time.

Such a function could be activated by accident. randomly pressing the corresponding buttons or if the children played with the remote control. To turn off the sleep timer you need to open the menu by going to the settings section. Next, select “System”. point “Time”, find a timer and drop it.

Moisture and dust accumulation

When pollution is on the surface of the system board, this leads to overheating and breakdown of semiconductor elements. As a result, the TV itself turns off so that there is no closing.

To avoid overheating and the appearance of sparks, it is recommended to periodically cleanse the details of the television receiver of dust particles accumulations. The procedure consists of the following points:

  • De.energize the equipment and expand it to the back to yourself.
  • Use the screwdriver unscrew the screws and remove the case.
  • Taking a brush or vacuum cleaner with a brush, carefully clean the contaminated surface.
  • Screw the screws back and turn on the TV to check the correction correction.

The liquid oxidizes the contacts, leading to a possible short circuit. In this case, they will need to be cleaned of accumulated deposits and re.break the corrosion of the path of the board or clean them with an alcohol solution.

The jump in the tension

Voltage drops are one of the common reasons for the spontaneous shutdown of TV and reducing its operation. When, when electrical engineering in the network, sharp interruptions in the current supply occur, this becomes a threat to its functioning.

For this, protection against probable jumps is provided, built into the design of the TV. There are electrical appliances to stabilize voltage and sources of uninterrupted power. They allow you to protect home equipment from sudden voltage drops.

Faulty control panel

In some cases, the buttons can fall on the TV-approval panel. To exclude this factor, you should inspect the body. On some models, the button should be fixed, in other cases, to click and return to the previous position.

If the control panel works incorrectly, and clicks on the buttons do not work, you have to contact the master.


Self-shutdown of TV can be triggered by the formation of cracks on the inverter, due to which there are malfunctions in the operation of the equipment. The reasons are voltage, overheating, faulty sockets, moisture or mechanical damage.

You can repair on your own if there is experience. First you need to inspect the modules, food outputs, and also make sure that the integrity of the contacts. If necessary. remove mud deposits, dust and traces of corrosion.

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact a specialized center for repair.

Power Supply

To diagnose the cause of the arbitrary shutdown of TV, check the operation of the block indicator in standby mode. If there is a reaction to pressing buttons on the remote control, but at the same time the LED flashes or extinguishes, this indicates a serious breakdown of the element and the need to contact the workshop.

If the indicator does not respond at all, the problem is hidden in the malfunction of the power supply. Externally determine the malfunction by a bloated fuse or the presence of Gary.


The obvious reason for the shutdown. the fork is not unscrewed in the outlet. As a result of this, the television receiver begins to heat up, the risks of a short circuit increase. Either the technique, due to lack of energy, switches to the protective regime.

Another probable reason is a violation of the integrity of the cable, as a result of which the equipment is overheated and disconnected. To check the outlet of the outlet, you should connect the cord to another power source using the extension cord.

Incorrect configuration

The cause of arbitrary shutdown is also the wrong setting of functions. In many televisions, by default, automatic shutdown has been installed with prolonged inaction of the user while watching TV.

To exclude such probability, you will need to go into the settings and deactivate the option of auto shutdown.

Firmware update

Television devices that have a Smart TV function need to be periodically updated by. If the technique began to work with interruptions, you need to check the system settings and try to reinstall the software. If necessary. to discharge to factory parameters.

Prevention of frequent malfunctions

To increase the life of the TV, you must follow the list of the rules:

  • periodically wipe the dust from the display and surface of the case;
  • monitor humidity in the house;
  • remove extraneous objects and indoor plants located nearby;
  • regularly clean dust in the room;
  • get a voltage stabilizer;
  • press the remote control buttons without effort;
  • Do not install suspicious applications on Smart TV;
  • regularly check the output of new versions of software;
  • Do not subject the TV to physical influences;
  • With prolonged downtime. take a fork from a socket.

Compliance with simple rules will help prevent mistakes and protect you from unnecessary expenses for equipment repair.

Possible reasons

Here are the main factors that cause spontaneous technology behavior:

  • Problems with the power grid. It can be a faulty outlet, network jumps in the network, damage to the network cord.
  • Settings of TV settings. You could accidentally press “something wrong”, and now the TV works in its mode, turns on and turns off, according to the entered data.
  • Accumulated dust inside the TV. She can close contacts. It may also be a reason to get moisture into the device.
  • Failure of certain parts of the device (power supply, power circuit, etc. D.) or a remote control.
  • Problems with a router, Internet network, antenna and other external devices.

Some of these problems can be done without outside help, but others, perhaps, will require the intervention of the master.

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What can you do it yourself?

There are problems that do not require specific knowledge and devices. We will tell you what to do if the Samsung Smart TV TV itself turns on and turns off.

Failure in the settings

This is often found. It happens that by carelessness you (children, guests, elderly relatives) accidentally went into the settings and pressed some kind of function. Go to the TV settings and find the function of “sleep timer” there. If he is active, then it is he who turns off your TV. With inclusion. similarly. Look in the settings, perhaps the function of turning on the TV at a certain time is activated there. After you disconnect these functions, the device will function normally.

If the problem arose due to your Smart TV, then a specialist will help you, who will understand why he himself turns off and turns on, will recall and upgrade your device if necessary.

Failures in the work of external devices

Sometimes independent turning on and off the TV can depend on the malfunctions of external devices, such as the remote control, router, antenna, etc.

Remote controller

Check the operability of the remote control. Try to replace the batteries with fresh ones, check if some buttons are flooded from accumulated dirt from the accumulated dirt. Perhaps this is the problem.

At the same time check the filing of the infrared signal from the remote control to the TV. The naked eye these rays are not visible. But there is such a Focus: turn on the phone camera, direct the remote control and click on it. On the screen you can consider a signal emanating from the infrared sensor.

Wi-Fi router and antenna

You can look for the reason for the “inadequate behavior” of the TV in the router and the antenna. You need to go into the settings of these devices and check, perhaps there are violations there. For example, “sleep mode” is included. That is, the TV will respond with inclusion at the moment when the Internet connection resumes. Such problems are possible in case of interruption in the transmission of the network signal.


There are ventilation holes in the TV body through which dust can penetrate. No matter how carefully you wipe the technique, it attracts dust. When the dust accumulates excess, it can close the contacts, which will lead to the incorrect operation of the device.

To solve this problem, you can try to vacuum the TV. To do this, disconnect the device from the network, put the vacuum cleaner closer, bring the tube (after removing the nozzle with a brush) to the ventilation holes close and turn on the vacuum cleaner at full power.

Important! In most Samsung brand models, these holes are very convenient for cleaning from dust.

Take a few minutes along all holes. Thus, of course, you will not get rid of all dust inside, but you will collect most. If the cause of the TV of the TV was precisely in dust, then the method should work.

  • Open the body and climb into the TV in order to vacuum more qualitatively. Some parts accumulate electricity and remain under voltage even when the TV is turned off. You can hit you with an electric shock, and in addition a processor will fail if, for example, a hand touched the board. Even if you wait a day to avoid shock, and yet you will climb to vacuum and wipe the inside of the TV, you can inadvertently tear the microcircuits, erase the marking on tiny details. What if it’s not about dust at all? You only complicate the work of the telemaster.
  • If moisture got inside, do not try to solve the problem yourself. Only in the service center the masters can call and check all the details, boards and other filling, since corrosion of contacts will invariably lead to the failure of the TV.

The most common problems and ways to eliminate them

After a detailed inspection, it usually becomes clear what exactly happened. Further actions depend on a specific situation. The following will tell you how to act in various cases.

Cyclic reboot of the Samsung TV

Sometimes, instead of starting to work, the TV after turning on is included in the endless reloading cycle. This situation may occur when using Smart TV. It is associated with the improper operation of the operating system. Most often, the cause is improper firmware. Its installation can occur in such cases:

  • Users must use official firmware from the manufacturer. Some of them can be prone to experiments and download unverified ones on the Internet, counting on the receipt with their help of additional opportunities. The use of such firmware is associated with a significant risk. When installing them, there is a possibility that the TV will not be able to work due to the errors contained in them.
  • When an update is carried out, you must wait for the end of the procedure. If it is interrupted, then this most often leads to serious problems in the work. One possible option is to obtain an endless reboot when trying to include.

If the user intends to experiment with non.standard firmware, he should use only reliable sources to download them. When using them, it will take a lot of risk.

If he takes the standard firmware from the manufacturer’s website, then he is guaranteed to receive a properly working operating system. Installation must be performed in accordance with the instructions contained in the technical documentation for the Samsung TV and the Smart TV prefix.

Connected devices, as a reason, why the Samsung TV does not turn on

Sometimes the TV does not work, but at the same time it can be considered completely serviceable. The probable cause of the problem may be the work of attached devices. For example, we can talk about problems with the prefix Smart TV. To check, you need to turn off additional devices and try to turn on.

If the TV works normally, then you need to connect additional devices one by one to find the cause of the problem. Then you will need to do it repair.

The indicator flashes, but the TV does not turn on

When trying to turn on, the indicator can start flashing, but nothing else happens. The most common cause is the malfunction that relates to the power supply. This may have several reasons, the most common of which are listed further:

spontaneously, turns, causes, samsung
  • When connecting the wires, there is loose contact. This may be due to damage to wires or contacts.
  • May be faulty power source. He either does not apply voltage to the TV or does not meet the technical requirements.
  • Sometimes the inoperability is associated with damage to some radio components on the board.
spontaneously, turns, causes, samsung

In the case under consideration, it is first necessary to carefully check the wires and contacts, and if necessary, repair them or replace them.

To repair the power source or replacing the necessary radio components on the board, it is better to contact a specialist. Often the cause of such a breakdown is voltage surges in the mains.

Samsung TV does not turn on, but the red light bulb blinks:

No image

In this case, although the TV turns on, the user still sees the dark screen. Sometimes this happens after the device has already worked for some time in normal mode. The reason for this situation is the incorrect operation of the television screen. In particular, we are most likely about LED backlighting.

To clarify the cause of what is happening, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • Send a flashlight ray to the screen. In the case when the sound is present, and the screen will remain black, you can be sure of damage to the matrix used.
  • If pale and vague silhouettes are visible during the light, then we are talking about a malfunction of the backlight.

The user in both cases will need to replace the screen. will be available if the user is well versed in working with electronic circuits. If this condition is not fulfilled, then a more deliberate decision will be an appeal to a specialist.

The remote control broke

If nothing happens when you press the remote control buttons, one of the possible options is that this device does not work. This may be possible for the following reasons:

  • You need to check the performance of the batteries used. If necessary, you need to replace them.
  • It is possible that the remote control has stopped working. In this case, you will need to find a replacement for him. In this case, you need to first find out which type of remote control is suitable for the TV used.

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If you can’t find a suitable option, you can use your smartphone for this purpose by downloading and installing the appropriate program on it. As a result, the user will be able to use his gadget to work with the TV.


In some cases, the TV is not launched, however, it is completely efficient. This may be due to the wrong choice of the device activity mode.

In order to check this, you need to clarify in what mode its work is carried out. In standby mode, for example, a red light bulb can constantly burn.

One of the options may be the installation of a demonstration regime. To clarify this, you need to open the main menu with the remote control panel and go to the section that is dedicated to working with various TV operating modes.

If Standby was previously selected, it is necessary to get out of it in order to activate the possibility of viewing television programs.

When it is necessary to call a specialist

After analyzing the situation, the user can find out the most likely cause of breakdown. In certain cases, he will be able to repair independently. Its capabilities depend on the type of malfunction and his knowledge and skills that can help in repair work.

In the presence of hardware breakdowns, it is better to immediately call a specialist from the service center. He will conduct diagnostics using special equipment and eliminate the malfunction by repair or replacing the damaged assembly.

A modern TV is a complex device that has electronic control. If the corresponding signals are not transmitted as it should, then it will not work.

An example of such a situation will be that the signal from the processor may not reach one of the units of the device. In this case, the inclusion of the TV will not happen. Repair of such breakdowns is a difficult work, which is not possible to perform for a simple user.

When contacting the service service, you can be sure that the performance will be restored.


The reason for the inclusion of the TV may be faulty software. The assembly of the firmware or a new version of the software may contain a large number of errors and failures, which leads to incorrect operation of the power system.

If the TV turns on at night, then this may be due to automatic search for updates. For convenience, it can be turned off and turned on only if you need it, indicating the required installation time.

After updating software in automatic mode, a beta version of firmware with failures can be installed on the TV. Because of this, flickering and spontaneous inclusion of the device begins.

User and factory TV settings may also be lost. in this case, you need to turn off the auto reinforcements. You can do this using several actions:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Go to the “Installations” section and select “Help”.
  • In the window that opens, select the system update option.
  • Using the remote control, turn off this function.

After turning off the auto.reinforcements, you can only install a new version of the firmware manually. To do this, you need to go to the main page of the TV manufacturer site and find your device model.

Then download the official archive with files for updating and move them to the internal memory of the TV using flash drive or Wi-Fi. Next, you need to start the downloaded file and confirm the installation.

Non.working or swirling buttons

In addition to software failures and voltage jumps, a fault of buttons on the device case may also affect the independent turning on the TV. These are the control buttons located on the front, lateral or lower part of the TV receiver.

Sometimes they can break or start to fall asleep, which prevents the TV correctly control and causes its random inclusions and off. To identify the cause, you need to conduct an independent diagnosis:

  • Make sure that on the TV there is not activated protection mode from children that blocks access to hardware buttons. You can check the option of the option through the main menu of the device settings.
  • Check that the necessary voltage comes to the button. Regardless of the TV model, this indicator should be in the range of 2.5-5 V.
  • Check the serviceability of the central chip of TV. In some cases, it can be damaged by a statistical voltage. To solve the problem, you need to replace the chip with a new.

You also need to check the mechanical serviceability of the buttons. If the power button does not respond to a single press, but regularly works for long.term retention or swaying, then it is sunk and it is to be replaced.

You can check the operability of the button using the tester with the resistance measurement option. In the pressed state, the resistance indicator of the button must be zero.

If the TV model is so outdated that there is no way to change the button on it, there is an option to replace it yourself. It is necessary to separate the upper part of the button from the device case and clean the contacts of contamination.

In the same way, it is necessary to clean the contacts of the part of the button that remained in the housing. Next, you need to fix the plate with cleaned contacts inside the button, in turn burning plastic latches with a warmed soldering iron.

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Recommendations of specialists

In order not to encounter problems in the future, you need to take care of competent care of equipment in the present, namely:

  • Electric appliances should be away from places of high humidity, including from aquariums, window sills.
  • Dust should be removed from technology constantly, without bringing to its large accumulation.
  • The shutdown process must be carried out not only by pressing the button on the remote control, but also by pulling the fork from the outlet. This will protect the TV from blocking the inclusion button / shutdown, as well as from voltage drops.

The TV turns on and immediately turns off spontaneously after turning on, the reasons and what to do:

It is worth taking care of the technique, do not beat, do not quit, do not break, do not press too much on the buttons of the remote control.

Complex breakdowns

If the Samsung TV itself turns on and off, you will have to think about more serious consequences. Sometimes this behavior is caused by low signal reception frequencies. Often, this is why the TV works this or that time.

For example, one television channel can work perfectly until the device itself goes into waiting mode. On another channel, such a story will be observed when there is not enough frequency, so the device works only a couple of minutes.

The cleanliness of the device

If the Samsung TV spontaneously turns off and turns on, you should think about cleaning the device. Few users understand that it is necessary to take care of any technique. Dust or dirt can harm. Therefore, it is important to care for the TV regularly.

What can harm ordinary dust? It is difficult to call it an effective conductor, but even a small amount can be enough to close the contacts. Therefore, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner or a spray spacecraft.

If you have never engaged in cleaning the TV, it is better to invite a specialist. But you can do everything yourself: just remove the rear panel and carefully clean the device board.

Other causes of problems and ways to eliminate them

To find out the cause of the breakdown, you need to read the instructions. to determine how many flickering is responsible for.

If it is not possible to identify the cause yourself, you should contact the service center.

Prevention of the problem

If the TV began to turn on or off independently and this is not caused by internal wear of parts or external problems, then often such breakdowns can be avoided.

  • Connect the TV to the stabilizer to prevent voltage surges and, as a result, replace the burned parts of the TV;
  • Pull the fork fork from the outlet at the moment when the device is not operated;
  • Regularly clean the dust and dirt under the TV panel.

The problem is in the inverter

Another no less common reason for self.shutdown is all kinds of problems associated with the inverter power chain. The usual cause of such breakdowns when the TV itself turns off is the occurrence of small cracks on the board.

  • constant tension changes;
  • strong heating;
  • the action of a high level of humidity, temperature changes in the process of long.term operation;
  • breakdown of capacitors or places of connection of elements and areas of the printed circuit board, as a result of which the TV itself decides how to work.

The last malfunction is quite serious, it can be eliminated in the service center by a master specializing in television repair.